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Do you like to share food?

GreenTeandSASHIMIGreenTeandSASHIMI Posts: 269Member


edited March 2012 in food
Random question but today i was making myself a pack of instant noodles then suddenly my older sister comes along and asked if she could have some so i was like sure and then she just freaking eats so much of it!! I don't know why i'm bothered by sharing food like noodles, etc. But i'm fine with sharing food that you pick, like chips, candy, popcorn etc. But i just HATE sharing food that you get with chopsticks, forks, spoons like noodles, rice, etc. I don't know i just cannot keep my eyes on how much they take and i start getting kind of frustrated but of course i don't say anything because it's rude if i do but i secretly hate it
call me greedy but near the time of the month people who touch my food will DIE in my thoughts lol

im relieved that i'm not the only one who doesn't like to share food.. lol this afternoon i was pissed about it so i didn't know whether this was normal or not



  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    Generally a couple of my friends pick out a few pieces of my lunch (I don't mind if its one or two bites but if its over you better give me some of yours)
  • AceFonduAceFondu CaliforniaPosts: 377Member


    Basically.. If i bought the food... i aint sharing..

    I am really greedy with my food because i bought it so i want to eat it and enjoy the satisfaction of course not share it and then have to go buy something else again because it didnt fill me up.. lol

    If i share some of my food, you'd better be sharing some of yours also :D

    But most of the times.. i would offer my friends some of my food... because i feel like i need to but i dont like it when someone just stares at my food and expects me to ask because they are staring at it... -______-

    Also if I go out in a big group.. I would not buy food at all until we all get hungry and go eat out because they would be all up on your food lol or snacks that you bought...

    In conclusion.. NOPE! I dont like to share my food ^^~
  • dukenukemdukenukem Posts: 57Member
    No unless i know they would be willing to share some of theirs with me.
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    I don't necessarily "like" to share food.. I ask because it's polite. Or, I might "like" to share my food because I might not like the food too much.
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  • princessberryprincessberry Posts: 218Member, New Member
    hmm, I don't mind sharing at all. Unless I am really hungry, then I might have forgotten to offer.

    Or else, I will just ask if anyone wanna share :D
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  • SaseumiSaseumi Juliette Posts: 216Member
    I don't mind sharing actual meals because I have such a small stomach and have to be seriously starving to make a dent in a normal adult portion size. If it's a snack or only a small portion I'll be stingy but normally it'll be mutual sharing so it's alright. x)

  • -Kai--Kai- Posts: 40Member
    i always share my food even if i'm super hungry ^^"
    but when it comes to my siblings they're just like beasts so i usually don't share with'em lol
    therefore i don't eat much so i got no problem with sharing food rolleyes.gif
  • _unnie_24__unnie_24_ ?KHJ & SS501? Posts: 776Member
    I don't usually buy on campus. I pack my own sandwich. So im sure my friends wouldn't wanna have a bite...
  • b_pab_pa igloo ;DPosts: 223Member
    I don't mind at all cos I'm always a food-sharer. I would readily share food with close friends and family. And they do the same for me.
  • leehyori2leehyori2 donut king supports KONY 2012! Posts: 395Member
    i always share my donuts! im fine sharing dishes as well :) if your a slow eater, then ill everything including banchan :D! hohohoho
  • *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.**.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* chocaholic.x Posts: 3,604Member


    Depends on how expensive that food is, who the friend is, how big the proportion is (I used to hate sharing my little packet of tiny teddies :( ) and how hungry I am.
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  • AS1AND0LLAS1AND0LL Posts: 1,272Member


    I'll share my food, sometimes it depends who it is.. I have friends who ask for a bite but it ends being the entire thing ya know? Can't always share lol.
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    Share food?

    Haha, you're talking to a guy that sets up booby traps around his refrigerator.

  • Dazzle and DestroyDazzle and Destroy zBanned L.A, HongKong, TokyoPosts: 5,232Friend of Soompi


    HAHA, this is me everyday!! My husband always steals my food(he gets a nasty pinch in return), NEVER EVER steal from a pregnant lady!!! LOL
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  • green papayagreen papaya usaPosts: 1,826Member


    edited March 2012
    if Im eating a Whopper, fries, drink from BK, no I wont offer you a bite, but I always carry enough money to offer to buy a friend a hamburger meal, I never let a friend go hungry

    if I have a pizza or large family sized bag of chips & salsa, I will offer you some

    or if your a guest at my house, I'll offer you a meal

  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    edited March 2012
    i don't mind sharing meals. (okay, maybe i have to make an exception for mcdonald's fries... those are like gold to me.)

    i REALLY mind sharing dessert. and people always want to share dessert at the end of a meal. they're like, "oh, i'm so full, i can't possibly have a whole dessert but i'll just have a few bites of yours," and next thing you know, your pie is gone. i always encourage people to order their own dessert.

    man i sound greedy and selfish!

  • ayasharaniceayasharanice Posts: 1Member
    [font="'Comic Sans MS"]i like to share food^^ why is it that i like it? for the simple reason that its lonely/sad to eat by your self...isnt it great if you could share what you have w/ the people that you like (like your friends, your family)...its not that you feed and feel full w/ your stomach...rather it feels good w/ a full heart right^_^[/font]
  • poezapoeza Posts: 12Member


    i shared my foods but not like a chunk of chicken thighs though
    maybe cookies, doughnuts, crackers
    i've always save the best part for last
    and i hate it when someone steals that part or disturbs me enjoying it eventhough its my hubby >=D
  • endeavorendeavor Posts: 4,021Administrator


    If I'm extremely hungry I probably won't share otherwise I usually don't mind sharing as long as there is enough for more than one person.
  • ThuthiiiiThuthiiii Posts: 41New Member


    i hav to admit tht i am a tiny person and i looooove foood bt i wud never share myfood with my sisters...looooool
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