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Question about how to wash this Jacket

eledoremassis02eledoremassis02 NJ!Posts: 838Member
edited March 2012 in beauty & fashion
I got this Jacket today and I was interested on how to wash it (selves are PVC and so are the black pockets and the white is cotton).

What the directions say is:

Highest water temperature: 30°C
Do not bleach
Do not dry clean
Dry in shaded area (out of sunshine)

My question is, can I use a bleach pen on the white area without it effecting the PVC (like hand washing the stained area)? It's not dirty yet, but I am wondering just in case

Thank you!


  • ~ BunnyliciouS ~~ BunnyliciouS ~ Mum OregonPosts: 26,455Friend of Soompi


    just test it on a hidden area, like on the edge of the side or back part of the jacket.

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