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Changing folders' icons on a portable HD?

bombb_bombb_ BOMbb_california, usaPosts: 1,283Member
How can i change the icon to a folder on my portable hard drive?
because if i just do the right click>properties>change icon route, when i unplug it and say, plug in a usb before my hd the drive name (like G:/ or K:/) will change and thus the folder won't know where to read the icon from, right?

is there a way to attach an icon to a folder so it will keep that icon where ever it gets cut/pasted to?
some of my folders do this and i'm not sure why...

thank you


  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    edited March 2012
    Here watch this
    I know this is to change the hard drive icon but I assume you can also do this to the folders inside the drive (by doing this inside the folder)

    I also assume it should keep the icon as well if you cut/paste it (well the hard drive keeps its icon regardless of which computer you plug it in)

    ok scratch that I just tried it and it seems it's only applicable to the drive itself not the folders in it
    I'm trying this right now but at the moment the usb/mp3 player I'm using doesn't want to cooperate

    ok update: the forum link I posted didn't work for me (somewhat). I still converted my image I wanted to use to a .ico format (there are plently of online converters) and I had my new icon image in the same folder I wanted to change the icon, though the desktop.ini file didn't work for me (I'm on W7) I was able to change it by right clicking on the folder >properties> customize tab> change icon> choose the .ico file in the folder

    I moved it from my flash drive to my computer and it kept the file icon (but on the w7 left scroll bar thingy it made it the default folder icon- <_< )
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