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High Rise Jeans.

azn&luvitazn&luvit U.SPosts: 75Member


where can i find them?
Anyone know or own a High Rise skinny jeans?
if so, where can i get them. Also, what about for petite people? (im 5'1)
Preferably like shops that i can find in Malls please but if there are online one please list those too.
Thank You!


  • dreamy21dreamy21 Posts: 859Member


    I got my high rise skinnies from Lucky Brand.
    Real good quality.
    It sucks though cause nowadays all these skinny jeans are way too low and you can see everyone's underwear. .-.

  • bonsaiteabonsaitea USAPosts: 790Member


    You should try a department store like Macy's etc.
  • sanjonijisanjoniji Posts: 113Member


    Urban Outfitters and Forever21 seem to always have some high rise skinnies.

    Urban has a whole section just for high rise jeans [url=""]here[/url]. Although beware they are expensive. Try checking the sale section from time to time.

    Forever21's jean section can be found [url=""]here[/url]. High Rise jeans aren't as abundant here but I will say that most of Forever21's jeans aren't "hiphuggers" which is why I tend to always buy jeans from them.

    Oh and both of these stores can be found in malls. If you can I would go there because their sizes can be tricky so trying them on would be ideal.
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  • emmuiemmui Guelph, ON, CanadaPosts: 156Member
    Top Shop on has some high rise skinnies.
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    Definitely Urban Outfitters. They have all these high-rise jeans's like the "urban look". I bought a pair of high-rise Levi's for about $7 at UO a few years ago and I'm petite as well.
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  • azn&luvitazn&luvit U.SPosts: 75Member


    Thank You Guys!!
    I am going check out those websites.
  • Chasing-A-FairytaleChasing-A-Fairytale Posts: 1,288Member


    American Apparel has tons. Pricey though.
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