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Forbes Korea March 2012 Power Celebrity Top 40 rankings for 2011

melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


Who's on top?
Forbes Korea's Top 'Power Celebrity 40' ranking

Girls' Generation top list for second year in a row


February 28, 2012, 11:56am

MANILA,  Philippines – K-pop group Girls Generation topped Forbes Korea’s “Power  Celebrity 40” ranking for the second straight year. The list is based  on the celebrities’ income, influence and reputation.

Girls  Generation topped the categories of the most articles published and  number of TV commercials with 36. The girl group released “The Boys”  album last year, which sold 380,000 copies.

Boy band Big Bang  zoomed to the No. 2 spot from No. 28 last year, despite the  controversies which rocked the group including G-Dragon’s marijuana use  and Daesung’s car accident.

Solo artist IU is third, her first time on the list. Fourth is girl group KARA, which has been successful especially in Japan.
World figure skating champion Kim Yuna is fifth, dropping from third last year.

At  No. 6 is actor and singer Lee Seung Gi (fourth last year) followed by  soccer player Park Jisung, actress Kim Tae-hee, boy band BEAST (No. 40  last year), and Olympic swimming medalist Park Tae Hwan (No. 23 last  year).

Boy band 2PM is at No. 11 (from No. 5 last year) followed  by comedian and emcee Kang Ho Dong (No. 10 last year), boy band JYJ,  actress Shin Se Kyung and boy band TVXQ.

The 15th to 20th spots  are occupied by boy band Super Junior (No. 16 last year), girl group  T-ara, baseball player Shin Soo Choo, comedian and emcee Yoo Jae Suk  (No. 6 last year) and football player Lee Chung Yong (No. 7 last year).

The complete list will be published in the March 2012 issue of Forbes Korea.

1. Girls’ Generation
2. Big Bang
3. IU

5. Kim Yu-Na
6. Lee Seung Gi
7. Park Ji Sung
8. Kim Tae Hee

10. Park Tae Hwan

11. 2PM
12. Kang Ho Dong
13. JYJ
14. Shin Se Kyung
15. TVXQ
16. Super Junior
17. T-ara

18. Shin Soo Choo
19. Yoo Jae Suk
20. Lee Chung Yong
21. So Ji Sub
22. Lee Dae Ho
23. Park Min Young
24. Park Joo Young
25. Cha Seung Won
26. Kim Hyun Joong
27. Song Joong Ki
28. Park Shi Hoo
29. Lee Min Jung
30. Han Hyo Joo
31. Shin Min Ah
32. Um Tae Woong

33. CN Blue
34. Ha Ji Won

35. Lee Kyung Gyu
36. Lee Hyori
37. Won Bin
38. Rain
39. Kim Soo Hyun
40. Lee Min Ho



  • the girl who!the girl who! #LeeMinJung ♥ PeruPosts: 32,397Member


    edited March 2012
    thanks a lot for the full list ... so proud of Song Joong Ki oppa and Lee Min Jung :wub: my 2 bias on the list :wub:

    EDIT : Lee Kyung Kyu ssi is also on the list??? again??? that's amazing! He's my favorite comedian :w00t: :w00t:
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  • hito202hito202 Posts: 11Member
    WOWWWWWWWW ><!!!!!
  • changyluverchangyluver Posts: 75Member
    if only SHINee had made a comeback in Korea
    hopefully they have new korean songs rather than just continuing with their japanese debut ect...
    but i love them still....
  • HOSHIKO--HOSHIKO-- - - - - ♥ G-dragon&#39;s heart.Posts: 1,279Member


    No 2NE1? D:
  • mimi26mimi26 Posts: 1,459Member


    Wow, Park Min Young is at 23. You go girl! :)

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  • jjeennyyccaajjeennyyccaa Manila, PhilippinesPosts: 431Member


    CN Blue on its way to the top!!!kekeke

    Mc Yoo jae suk should be higher too..
    Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.
  • Boa13Boa13 Posts: 22Member
    What TVXQ and Super Junior 15th and 16th ? :o I cant believe it
  • mitsu252mitsu252 MinminlandiaPosts: 383Member


    Minyoung ranks number 23...... You go girl..... Yay! :)
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