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[Drama 2012] Strongest K-pop Survival

babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


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[Ch.A] Park Yoo Hwan,Go Eun Ah, ZE:A’s Kevin, Jewelry’s Eungjung
K-Pop - The Ultimate Audition or Strongest K-pop Survival

TV Show: The Strongest K-POP Survival
Revised romanization: K-POP Choegang Seobaibeol
Hangul: K-POP 최강 서바이벌
Director: Lee Jung-Pyo
Writer: Moon Sun-Hee
Network: Channel A
Release Date: March 19, 2012 --
Runtime: Mon & Tue 20:50
Language: Korean
Country: South Korea
"The Ultimate Audition" is about the episodes that surround idol stars where Ko Eun-ah has to dress up like a man and pose as a male idol.

Park Yoo-Hwan - Kang Woo-Hyun
Ko Eun-Ah - Ji Seung-Yeon
Kwak Yong-Hwan - Kwon Ji-Woo
Kevin - Kang Chang-Min
Kim Eun-Jung - Ria
Hong Kyung-Min - Management company CEO Jang Hyun-Seok
Park Hyo-Joo - Team leader Han
Ali - Teacher Park
Maeng Se-Chang - Jang Tae-Kwon

JYJ Park Yoochun's Brother Park Yoo Hwan to Portray K-Pop Idol

JYJ Park Yoo Chun’s brother Park Yoo Hwan has finally made the lead of a drama. (He has appeared in three different dramas) The interesting part about his upcoming role is the fact that he will be portraying an idol star.

The K-Pop drama that Park Yoo Hwan will be appearing in is titled “Ultimate Survival” and he will play the character “Woo Hyun.”

Woo Hyun is a part of the idol group “m2” and is currently one of the leaders of Hallyu. On the outside it appears like he is cute and receives the love of female fans. However, inside he does not care about fans at all and has a “rough” personality.

Due to the fact that Park Yoo Hwan needs to portray an idol star, he needs to show his dancing and singing skills. C-Jes Entertainment stated, “In order for him to absorb the role of an idol star, he is currently receiving training for singing, dancing, and boxing. 


Park Yoohwan, Go Eun Ah, ZE:A’s Kevin, and Jewelry’s Eungjung finalized for K-Pop drama, ‘Strongest K-pop Survival’
The cast for the nation’s first K-POP drama ‘Strongest K-POP Survival‘ has officially been finalized.

Actor Park Yoohwan will be playing the role of fictional idol group ‘M2‘ leader Kang Woo Hyun who captivates Hallyu fans with his killer smile and unique charms.

His character is a top idol that looks polished on the outside, but possesses a violent and selfish personality off the stage. Park Yoohwan is famous for being the younger brother to JYJ‘s Park Yoochun and has starred in major projects such as ‘Gyebek‘, and ‘Thousand Days’ Promise‘ only a year after making his debut. He has showcased some raw, emotional acting abilities in ‘Thousand Day’s Promise’, being selected as the ‘Most Anticipated Rookie of 2012′, and he is sure to display his strong acting skills in ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ as one of the main characters.

Actress Go Eun Ah has been selected to play the role of pianist ‘Ji Seung Yeon‘ who dreams of becoming a hip-hop legend. Go Eun Ah has starred in her share of movies, drama series, and variety programs and is receiving much love and support from viewers. Not only is she beautiful and possesses the perfect figure, she is also hilarious, which adds to her overall appeal. In ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’, Go Eun Ah will be playing the role of an average tomboy who is born with a talent and a passionate soul. She unexpectedly ends up cross-dressing as a male to join the all-male idol group.

ZE:A‘s Kevin will be playing the role of M2′s Junior member Kang Changmin who thinks the world revolves around him, and dreams of becoming a solo ballad singer.

Kevin has made his acting debut in MBC‘s Moon-Sun and through this new drama, he will prove that he is more than capable of being an idol actor. All eyes are on Kevin, as he will be playing the role of a character name Changmin who studied Voice in college, and he will have to showcase both his vocal talent as well as his acting abilities.

Lastly, member Kim Eunjung of girl group Jewelry will be playing the role of super star ‘Ria‘, a top celebrity that represents the entire nation.

Her character ‘Ria’ debuted into the K-pop scene as the leader of a girl group, but is the only one that made it to the top after the rest of the members left the music industry. Through her character ‘Ria’, Eunjung will showcase some new charms she has never displayed before. This is her first attempt at acting, and she is determined not to disappoint.

The first episode of ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ is scheduled to air on March 12th through Channel A.

Source & Image: HK via Nate




  • wonnie17wonnie17 Posts: 203Member


    yey a thread woooooo!!!!
    i am actually anticipating this! :) i love park yoohwan and kevin :)

    i'm so in! :D
  • babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


    edited February 2012
    [News] 120227 Yoochun’s brother Yoohwan transforms into band leader
    [img]http://i44.Richard Simmons/b6qdcg.jpg[/img]

    With a masculine charm similar to his older brother, JYJ‘s Yoochun, actor Park Yoohwan is taking big steps into the idol world.

    Park Yoohwan will act as Kang Woo Hyun, the leader of popular idol group m2 on Channel A‘s ‘Strongest K-POP Survival‘.

    As many fans adore Yoohwan for his innocent looks and eye-smile, his new rugged look for this new role has people turning heads

    Park Yoohwan explained, “This is my first time as the main character so I filmed with both excitement and fear, but it was lot more fun than what I had expected. Woohyun is a very alluring character. Even when I act, he’s alluring and all the viewers will fall for him.”

    He continued, “Most importantly, this work is not only acting, but is expected to show brilliant performances and songs. Even though I am lacking, please expect a new Park Yoohwan.”

    Playfully, Yoohwan pondered aloud, “What if people really misunderstand me as Kang Woo Hyun, as having a split personality?”

    ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’ will explore the dreams of idols we have fallen in love with and their true stories. It will air its pilot episode on March 12th on Channel A.

    Source: TV Daily via Nate
    credit: allkpop
  • HeLLAsianHeLLAsian at PARISzzzzPosts: 73Member
    ahh i didn't know it was Mir's sister in the lead female ^^
    haha this drama is full of "family star link" !

    I am so impatient to see Yoohwan in an Idol image and to hear his voice ^^
    I wonder if he will sing with a low voice like his bro !!

    Cheer Up ♥
  • babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


    edited March 2012
    [News] Park Yoochun helps his brother Park Yoohwan for his upcoming drama

    Park YooHwan, being the main lead for the first time, singing and dancing is a requirement for his role as an idol star. And the person who had been supporting him behind the scene was his elder brother. Representative from his entertainment company stated "If (Park YooChun) had some free time, he will go through the script with his brother, he will also give opinions and suggestions to his performances on singing and dancing. TV station said: If we compared the role of YooHwan as an idol star in the drama to his brother in reality, it will be very interesting"

    Cr: 暖日呀呀
    C-translation by twendy85jyj
    Reup Info by XiahDerTod
  • wonnie17wonnie17 Posts: 203Member


    oh... was kevin removed from the list? haven't seen any pics of him after the cast release :(
  • ilovemassuilovemassu Posts: 10Member
    edited March 2012
    wonnie17 wrote on 02 March 2012 - 10:54 AM:

    oh... was kevin removed from the list? haven't seen any pics of him after the cast release :(

    been wondering about this too..but still hoping he's still on board....
  • fieza1871fieza1871 Posts: 570Member


    dont they have a teaser for this drama? How can u chose? Yoohwan drama gonna start 2 days earlier than Yoochun. I hope there will be a team to sub this drama
  • babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


  • biruCHOCOLATEbiruCHOCOLATE Kuala Lumpur, MalaysiaPosts: 129Member


    kind of cliche....reminds me with a You're Beautiful..... :ph34r:
    maybe it worth to watch....looking forward park yoohwan acting...
    never see it though....never watch thousand day's promise and gyebaek....
    he's kinda cute...just a little bit skinny compare to micky yoochun....
    go eun sooo cute...seen her before!!!!
    :wub: thanks for making this threads.... :wub:
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  • arjoonarjoon Posts: 110Member


    when this drama will air ???????
  • bluewhiteskybluewhitesky Posts: 10Member


    edited March 2012
    arjoon wrote on 07 March 2012 - 02:09 AM:

    when this drama will air ???????

    Release Date: March 12, 2012 --
    Runtime: Mon & Tue 20:50

  • Roro_TaeRoro_Tae Posts: 492Member


    edited March 2012
    K-Pop - The Ultimate Audition will  be postponed to premiere on March 19.
    - - - THREE DAYS - - - 
  • babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


    edited March 2012
    New Drama "The Strongest K-Pop Survival" Releases Teaser Poster


    A new Channel A drama, "The Strongest K-Pop Survival," has announced its strong cast and has revealed a teaser poster.

    The cast consists of Park Yoo Hwan (JYJ Park Yoochun's brother), Go Eun Ah (MBLAQ Mir's sister), Kwak Yong Hwan and nine others. In the revealed teaser poster, you can catch a glimpse of Park Yoo Hwan and a slightly revealed Go Eun Ah and Kwak Yong Hwan. The others all have their backs turned. 

    Everyone in the poster shows off their lengthy bodies in their all-black attires, which gives off a fierce aura. Park Yoo Hwan especially catches the eye due to his strong eyes and facial expression. He is to take on the role of Kang Woo Hyun, who is the leader of a popular Hallyu idol group, "m2." Many are curious as to how he will portray this character. 

    Eyes are also drawn to Go Eun Ah, who shows off a boyish charm in this teaser. She will play the role of Ji Seung Yeon, who transforms into a guy for the drama.

    Sources from the drama say, "Many actors and actresses will be showing a new side that no one has ever seen before through this drama. There will also be skilled rookies that are joining the cast. They all gathered together with great passion and energy. We hope that the viewers will be satisfied."

    "The Strongest K-Pop Survival" will air on March 19 for the first time.
  • babyfaceyoochunbabyfaceyoochun Posts: 824Member


    edited March 2012
    Yua & Jisu with M2 members & leader Park Yoohwan for ‘Strongest K-POP Survival’

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