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My Weight Loss Journal

aznlad33aznlad33 Posts: 957Member


Discovering a healthier me.
Hi, my name is Tiffany. I am 18 years and this is my last year in high school. I've been struggling with my weight now all my life along with piles of stress from personal issue.

I should've started earlier but procrastination and personal family matters didn't help at all. However, now that I'm about to start college this coming fall semester, I'm going to work hard to achieve a healthier image and body. Not because of others, but because I've finally come to realize that I need to do this for myself in order for my to become more confident when in the public eye.

I've struggled with my weight all my life and always been constantly told my those around me that "Oh, you're fat. Lost some weight", or "Stop eating so much, you're so fat", "You're not pretty, you're the fattest one". Most of all they hurt because they were from family and friends. I was young and it affected me so much that to deal with the stress and pain, I ate, and eventually that became my eating habit.

However, now that things in life are getting better, I'm ready to better myself as well. I'm overweight and I'm now ready to take control and be at a healthier weight that I am now.

It's going to be a lot of work, but I hope that with the motivations of the success stories I've read on here and the ind people on here, I hope that you guys would be able to help me through this. I'm ready for a whole new me.

Current Stats:

Height: 5ft2
Weight: 160
Age: 18

Desired Stats:

Height: Same
Weight: Around the 140 area

I am currently working on figuring out a workout regime and diet that will work for me. I should post it up soon. I am looking forward to the possible changes and I hope that by summer, I am able to have lost at least 5-10 pound to keep me working towards my goal.

I hope you all can help motivate me and give me tips as well.:)

Thank You:)


  • ChokzyChokzy Posts: 88Member
    So nice to hear you've started! Welcome into the club haha ^__^
    Sad to hear about the things people have told you. But remember: What doesn't kill you only make you stronger ;)
    Let's keep eachother motivated! I wish you all the best. I know you can do it!
    Keep us updated and we will do our best to help you~
    I just wanna be an ulzzang~ HAHAH XD
  • azn3dvietboyazn3dvietboy Posts: 489Member
    good luck! don't give up~ i'm also in the process of getting in shape/losing weight.

    cut off fast food and deep fried food....completely ( no candy or chocolate or sugary drinks)
    more greens and i guess for you....alot of cardio workout.
    but u can't burn fat without muscle so balance it out.
  • OnimalOnimal Posts: 51Member, New Member
    edited February 2012
    I'm glad your motivated, it easier to try making one small change a week rather than managing a lot of things at once, this should be doable without being taxing if you have the time to focus on one habit at a time. It's a marathorn not a sprint, a sprint only gets you 400m and a marathorn would certainly gets you alot futher, 1mile, 26miles or a even a light year ;)

    Week 1: vitamin & fish oil - get your basics micronutrients sorted. Try to aim for 1 multi-vitamin and 1 table spoon of fish oil at first. This should be the easiest habit change and you should be able to remember to take it 5 days of 7, but don't fret if you only take it twice a week, since two days a week is better than none. You may not feel the immediate benefits taking it now, but you'd certainly benefit in the long run.

    Week 2: slowly eliminate processed food to only 1/4 of what you eat by the end of the second week. You don't need to focus on calories for now. If its too easy see if you can reduce it to 1/5 of everything you eat. The 20/80 rule allows some dietary flexibility that prevent failures and drop outs in diet program.

    Exercise and calories restriction comes later, it best to master the basics before you move on to the challenging stuff, or get overwhelmed too early on with too many uncomfortable changes.
  • LittlePinky82LittlePinky82 S<3NE Posts: 709Member
    Aw sorry for the hurtful things people said to you. I didn't really have that. But one of my grandmother's (on my Mother's side) used to want me to lose weight to have a boyfriend. It hurt that it seemed that's all she cared about. At least my other grandmother was concerned about me health wise and she made sure to know that she loved me. :)  

    I think it's great you want to be healthier. I would just say instead of focusing on a diet just focus on eating healthier. That's helped me a lot. I was going to do this 90 day challenge from Blogiloties but I didn't like some of the food on there. Just gross to me. But you can check it out if you might like it.  She also has great exercise video's that are good for anyone. 

    I think it's great you're wanting to do everything for yourself and to be healthy. You have a good mindset about that. It took me sometime to get there myself. But now that I am I enjoy being healthy. I love healthy foods and going out side and walking or jogging. I love doing some cardio stuff. 

    Just enjoy the process too. It'll be tough sometimes. But it'll make you stronger not only physically but emotionally/mentally as well. I know it has me and I'm happier for that.  

    If you ever need someone to talk to about things my inbox is always open!
  • jackalan996jackalan996 Posts: 4New Member
    edited March 2012
    Best of luck for you. 
    you have to eat fruits and raw vegetables.
    don't eat health and fat foods.
    neglect oily items.
    use water mostly in a day about 6 to 8 glasses...

    Fitness Boot Camp San Diego
  • MGMG Posts: 180Member


    Oh Jesus, we're in the same boat. 5 feet somethings and 160lbs. 

    Just wanted to wish you luck with everything though! 
    I'm trying to accomplish the same thing, so I hope we'll both succeed!

    Good luck! 
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