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help finding eye shape

onesweetflavoronesweetflavor Posts: 190Member


I can't seem to find the right way to apply eye makeup
So I've been trying to follow make up tutorials but they don't seem to work for my eye shape. I was wondering if you guys could help me figure out my eyeshape. My eyes sometimes has two folds and it makes me look like I have three lids but sometimes it looks like I have double eyelids. If you have any makeup tips, please help me out.
Sorry about the last pic, it's kind of blurry. Thank you so much for the help.
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  • onesweetflavoronesweetflavor Posts: 190Member


    anyone that can help me? please?
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  • ParappaRappaParappaRappa You gotta believe! Posts: 1,836Member


    edited February 2012
    Sorry, my reply isn't of any help but I've seriously been wondering about this too...Can't use eye makeup because don't know how to apply it correctly to my eye shape ._. How to find out..
  • jinnysarangjinnysarang Posts: 185Member
    edited February 2012
    I think you should try tightlining with either a gel liner or pencil liner..
    And extend it out just a little, following your lash line.
    I feel that it's the easiest eyelining technique for someone that isn't good with their eyeshape because you just follow your lashline..

    It's more natural looking, but if you'd like your eye makeup to be more obvious,
    you could also make the eyeliner slightly thicker and extending it out into a wing..

    You could also try out the "puppy eye" look that IU's trademark eyemakeup xD
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  • mizswtifeemizswtifee the soompi hime new york cityPosts: 1,139Member


    your eyes look like wide almond shaped eyes.
    I think makeup wise- cat eye/ winged eyeliner( thick on the other corners) will look good on you.
  • Banana PeelBanana Peel Posts: 2,153Member


    I agree with the replies here. You should definitely try out winged eyeliner. There are bunch of tutorials on youtube you can check out. I know it's hard to find the right makeup for your eye shape, but trust me, with much practice, you will soon figure it all out. I'm a monolid (I don't have any folds) so it was sooo hard for me to find the right eyeliner technique to make my eyes look wider yet not burdening. It honestly took me half a year to find the perfect technique. I watched tons of youtube tutorials and tried out many different ways of eyelining... and now I'm pretty satisfied with the way I do my eye :)

    So yeah, just try out different methods and take pictures of yourself after applying the makeup and see how you like it. And soon you will find out which suits you the best!
  • x-serendipity-xx-serendipity-x Posts: 193Member


    I agree, winged eyeliner (either gel eyeliner or liquid) would look great on your eyes, I reckon! :)
  • onesweetflavoronesweetflavor Posts: 190Member


    thanks so much for all the help! I'll try out your tips. 
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  • itcouldbeworseitcouldbeworse Posts: 19Member
    I'm no pro or anything (far from it), but applying eye makeup goes beyond just your eye shape, but how your eyes are in proportion from your face. To me, your eyes look wide, slightly almond shaped. I'm going to assume that your eyes give you kind of a sweet look.

    Some relatively simple things you can try are (like many others have mentioned) winged can do a cat eye which I think would be cute, or you could try to elongate your eyes (I've seen makeup tutorials calling it "puppy eyes") for more of a sultry look.

    There's a youtuber named cl2425 that does a lot of "elongated eye" looks that I think would suit you well.

    Also, I think you have nice eyelashes! On lazier days you could probably just get away with curling your lashes and using mascara.
  • raiizsraiizs Posts: 106Member


    You have the same eyelid type as Baek Jin Hee. When you see her in High Kick 3, it appears as if she has double eyelids when she looks up but when shes looking normally, she has monolids. That's what you have, right?
    Without makeup:
    With Makeup:

    You could go for a fullout smokey eye look. If you want a more suble look, then simply line your lashline and wing it out, that can't do harm because that's what both double and mono eyelidders do. :)
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  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    Monolid eye makeup tutorials should help you the most. They're usually the simplest and usually work for any eye type (they just look more subtle on those with pronounced creases). When you get that down, experiment and develop your own technique.
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  • twinn3htwinn3h New York CityPosts: 143Member
    edited February 2012
    I disagree with the winged eyeliner look. A lot of asian tutorials feature that and it's great if you can get it to work but if you switch between different # of folds then eyeliner application is difficult to get even (my folds/eyes are uneven and it's difficult to get the wing symmetrical).

    Try this: line the top lash line with eyeliner, set it with black eyeshadow, blend the black eyeshadow a little upward until both eyes are even and then blend out the harsh black with some brown eyeshadow for a nice gradient.

    This method works extremely well with monolids and small folds. Hope that helped!
  • xiaoru1747228xiaoru1747228 *{[Kawaii Ru]}* San JosePosts: 118Member
    i have monolids and i dont like heavy makeup mainly because my eyes are different shapes/ish and funky folds. one of them is hooded/cant see lashline and one of them is half unhooded and half i have poofy eyes... rawr

    i tightline my eyes on the top only. i use brown for daily and if i am going out i use black. i reccomend urban decay or make up forever kohl.

    i wear glasses so i usually just tightline. if i am wearing contacts i will tightline and do a TINY wing. like, .5cm off of my eye. very small and subtle and ill do one coat of mascara in black. and then ill highlight my inner corner and bottom water line in beige.

    i'd say that this is pretty fool proof. since you have pretty big eyes you really dont need heavy make up.
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