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Who are your favorite K ballad singers?

just curious :)
List your favorite ballad singers / groups! :D

my personal favorite was Monday Kizsmile.gif


  • YamachiYamachi Posts: 156Member


    Ooh! I'm a sucker for ballads!

    My favourite ballad singer has got to be the Park Hyo Shin~ (I love his voice!)
    ` because i listen to my h e a r t beat one by one . .
  • lmaolmao Posts: 109Member


    I've been listening to some Kim Bum Soo lately.
    I love Kpop
  • SvetoslavSvetoslav Posts: 87Member


    Idol groups: 2AM & Davichi
    Others: Park Hyo Shin, Lena Park, Im Jae Bum, Yoon Do Hyun and more...
    Chrissy Chou :)
  • cyndilovescyndiloves Posts: 49Member, New Member
  • doo yoodoo yoo Posts: 10Member
    k will!
  • BishieAddictBishieAddict Over the RainbowPosts: 4,500Friend of Soompi
    edited February 2012
    I don't really listen to "ballad singers", but I do listen to pop artists who sing ballads.
    Brian Joo, Fly to the Sky, 2AM, DB5K, KRY (I love Kyuhyun and Yesung's solos too), Brown Eyed Girls, SM the Ballad (temp group, but I love their minalbum).
    I've never really given K.Will a shot, but I found a few videos of him and his voice is AMAZING. I think I'm going to pay more attention to him.
  • haydefhaydef Posts: 65Member


    Hmm... Does Yeo Hoonmin count? He was a ballad singer before he joined U-KISS.
    I love his voice! It's very calm... ^_^

  • Kyuhyun and Tim Hwang <3
  • Amy_ShouaAmy_Shoua Posts: 21Member


    I'm a sucker for ballads...4Men is on the top of my list but I also really like Sung Si Kyung, Kim Bum Soo, Brown Eyed Soul...the list can go on and on
  • MC Nal YooMC Nal Yoo Posts: 5Member
    I really love the voice of Kim Bo Kyung and Navi.
  • nacyvangnacyvang Posts: 13Member
    IDK. Everyone sounds nice in different ways.
    I'm more of a variety type. 
    This is hard. Because everyone sounds good.
    Lee Hyun, You're the Best of My Life is pretty good.
    If you haven't, please go listen to it.
    Um, overall. I still can't choose.
    Everyone is really good. And their songs are either really emotional too. 
    [font="'Century Gothic"]the...NGLife.[/font]
  • bravo_my_lifebravo_my_life Posts: 221Member
    K Will. He's the man.
  • vangpakauvangpakau Posts: 915Friend of Soompi


    2AM, Davichi, Navi, Baek ji Young, Kim Bo Kyung.. i can't think of any more.
    I'm a wonderful.

  • mhine51mhine51 Posts: 25Member
    my favorite ballad singers are jo kwon,jinwoon,seulong and short 2am..
    i really love their songs..i keep listening to them everytime im in bad mood..they really touches my heart:)
    i love them ..
  • fitriahnurfitriahnur Posts: 2New Member
    2AM.. :)
  • Ninja_Star205Ninja_Star205 Posts: 6Member
    DB5K hands down!
  • oochoklitoooochoklitoo Reno, NVPosts: 684Member
    sg wannabe, 2am, fly to the sky, KRY, baek ji young, JYJ .. all amazing singers :D
    There are way too many Kpop groups to keep up with =( and they keep ruining my bias list!
    "Don't make someone your priority if they only make you an option"
  • sbloomsbloom Posts: 90Member
    That would be Sung Si Kyung!! :D
  • shanishanshanishan Posts: 13Member
    Brown Eyed Girls :D They're originally a ballad group.
  • juliachiajuliachia Posts: 101Member
    definitely 2AM. :)
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