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What Did you Eat today?

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While I was pregnant, I was forced to write down every little thing I ate. My weight just kept climbing up the scale! Before my pregnancy I ate like a bird and was worried I wasn't getting enough nutrition for the both of us.. and boy did I make sure I ate! So, I made sure I had breakfast
lunch, dinner and snacks to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, I also craved sweets! Delicious yet fattening sweets.
Which assisted on the weight gain....

It's been 4 months and I'm still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
So... I'm going to write down everything I ate today and the next few weeks (or more). It really helps you keep track
of what you need to cut down on or eat more of.

My Menu for 2/15/12
(I live in Guam so I'm a day ahead-- sort of like living in the future)

breakfast- oatmeal and milk
lunch- Cobb Salad (ate out)- the usual in a cobb - Water
afternoon snack- Yogurt.
Dinner- Huge homemade chicken salad- Chicken breast, cheese, crutons, lettuce (of course)- Strawberry Orange Crystal light


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