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What Did you Eat today?

star.DUSTstar.DUST :)GUPosts: 724Member


edited February 2012 in fitness & sports
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While I was pregnant, I was forced to write down every little thing I ate. My weight just kept climbing up the scale! Before my pregnancy I ate like a bird and was worried I wasn't getting enough nutrition for the both of us.. and boy did I make sure I ate! So, I made sure I had breakfast
lunch, dinner and snacks to keep us healthy. Unfortunately, I also craved sweets! Delicious yet fattening sweets.
Which assisted on the weight gain....

It's been 4 months and I'm still not back to my pre-pregnancy weight!
So... I'm going to write down everything I ate today and the next few weeks (or more). It really helps you keep track
of what you need to cut down on or eat more of.

My Menu for 2/15/12
(I live in Guam so I'm a day ahead-- sort of like living in the future)

breakfast- oatmeal and milk
lunch- Cobb Salad (ate out)- the usual in a cobb - Water
afternoon snack- Yogurt.
Dinner- Huge homemade chicken salad- Chicken breast, cheese, crutons, lettuce (of course)- Strawberry Orange Crystal light



  • loop.statementloop.statement Posts: 62Member


    edited February 2012
    congrats to being a mommy =)

    hope you are not stressing and hope you have a lot of help with taking care of the baby (I heard from my mom's and aunts that women have hard time losing weight if they stress and (are usually) the only ones taking care of the baby).

    btw, I ate blueberry muffin for breakfast, salad for lunch, and clam chowder soup for dinner

    and I exercised.
  • stephenjinstephenjin Posts: 8Member
    I just had dinner at 11PM at Mcdonalds. I had a big mac, a double cheeseburger, a mcchicken, a serving of medium fries, and a coke.
  • ItsAlexisItsAlexis Posts: 88Member me! I been there! I made a thread about my pregnancy weight gain and loss just recently. far, I ate a bowl of honey nut cheerios with fat free milk and I ate an apple for a snack just now~

    I'm planning on eating a salad for lunch and haven't decided on dinner quite yet.
  • star.DUSTstar.DUST :) GUPosts: 724Member


    stephenjin wrote: »
    I just had dinner at 11PM at Mcdonalds. I had a big mac, a double cheeseburger, a mcchicken, a serving of medium fries, and a coke.

    lol and that's all you need for a whole TWO days worth of calories. :P

  • star.DUSTstar.DUST :) GUPosts: 724Member


    I completely forgot about this post. Thanks to the new website... I can track it alllll.

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