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If you could go back in time to meet the child version of yourself,



  • starrynight288starrynight288 CanadaPosts: 1,704Member


    Oh god, here I go:

    1. Don't eat so much candy.
    2. The internet/computer is like drugs, it makes you happy but it's bad for you. You'll get addicted.
    3. Study really hard in school especially in math and science.
    4. Call out all those pinkberryes when they hurt you.
    5. Learn to perfect languages.
    5. Don't let mom cut our hair EVER.
  • Naked-FanaticNaked-Fanatic Posts: 693Member


    Get a control of your life. Don't let the others always control you for their own gain. Start thinking for yourself, not just for the others.
    And don't be afraid of failure. You'll learn from your mistakes. Sometimes it's the only way to learn. You won't get anywhere if you stay too conservative.

    You are doing very well with making yourself grow tall, strong and healthy. Your healthy routine will pay off. I congratulate you early on for that. It's one of the very few things that I'm happy about myself.
    Naked Fanatics
  • shooting_starsshooting_stars dream, write, learn. Posts: 1,290Member


    Don't give up on your art just because everyone else keeps telling you "being an artist won't make any money."
    Take getting into college very seriously...
    Keep writing, no matter how many hours of sleep you may lose.

  • suju_loveesuju_lovee Canadia Posts: 1,534Member


    Don't be afraid to do be who you are and to obtain what you want.

    Be more nicer and respectful to grandma. You will regret it otherwise.

  • Grey.DropsGrey.Drops United StatesPosts: 1,454Member, Friend of Soompi


    Stop watching TV and get off the internet. Learn to enjoy reading books and writing. Put effort into your cursive workbooks. Sharp-metal objects will only result in bad situations. There's a point where control and perfection go to far - don't ever cross that line. Stay physically and mentally healthy. Don't waste money on food. ;__;
  • HelloloverHellolover Posts: 68Member
    Pay your bills/debts as soon as you get them or theyll only escalate, and banks charge stupid fees if you go a penny over your limit grrrrr
  • kulasa4everkulasa4ever Posts: 8Member
    to enjoy every minute of life...because you'll never know if you'll get the chance to experience it again...rolleyes.gif
  • windyjessicawindyjessica Posts: 2Member
    play piano when i 3 year old i play i too late 
  • the_hero_loverthe_hero_lover Posts: 90Member
    If I could go back and meet the child version of myself, I'd tell myself, that I am beautiful, and that I should never listen to what other people say about me. Sadly, I learned that a little too late, which ruined all of my childhood memories. :) But I'm good now!~ :D
    .........the MOON that embraces the SUN..........
  • didibabez1didibabez1 Posts: 456Member


    I would tell myself "don't listen to stupid kids or your stupid so called friends, listen to your parents, they know more than you think".....
    I live and breathe So Ji Sub!!!!!!
  • marlycristymarlycristy Posts: 2Member
    Follow your heart and your dreams. Never let anyone tell you what you can or cannot do. Love yourself and then you will truly be happy.
  • pol90pol90 Posts: 39Member, New Member


    i ill tell myself , to love myself and never do anything that will do any harm for the future. Be a loveable person and dont feel ashamed or lack of confident,just do what do you think the best for u. love your parents and dont fight with them because they will not be with you in any longer period.. and please please please exercise and go on diet,because of you we will suffer from obesity
  • ebbie5ebbie5 Posts: 180Member
    Follow your dreams be true to yourself.
  • matchamuffinmatchamuffin Posts: 55Member


    defintiely working harder! especially in my studies, live young but find a passion before everything comes crashing  by and demands decisions from you.
    Make decisions, take opportunities, learn from them.
    Don't be shy, be confident and have faith in myself.
    eat less twisties and chocolates and chips coz in the future, you'll have to work your fat Richard Simmons off for them! T_T
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  • LAudreyLAudrey Posts: 46Member
    I would tell her : don't give a thought to what others tell you : you can scrap your life all alone ! :P Don't let that guy talk to you, he'll just break your heart the day he will leave you without telling you why and then come back to make you feel useless and more broken-hearted ! Never give up, if you're not a bit optimistic, then who can be ? Jia You ! Gambare ! Fighting !

    Life is what you make it, not the past that won't ever come back ! Regrets and nostalgy just make sadness and deceptions, plans for future and keeping walking, that's life !

    Being an adult sucks (work, money, social life, papers in your mailbox and hoping Prince Charming hasn't lost himself with some other girl :P) so enjoy playing with dolls and going to school ! ^^
  • WaiFanWaiFan Posts: 37Member


    1. GET OUT MORE!
    2. Read more.
    3. Play more sports.
    4. Socialise more.
    5. Be more frugal.
    6.Plan better.
    7. Ohhh, and here's the winning lottery numbers! :)
  • TVSJ18TVSJ18 TorontoPosts: 855Member


    1) TALK! Don't be afraid to express yourself, and how you feel.
    2) Be yourself, don't be someone else. Don't be influenced so easily, because once you come across that one person who like you for who you are, you want it to be the right you.
    3) Follow your morals...if you feel it's wrong, don't do it! Don't fall into peer-pressure.
    4) Someone does love you, and do find you beautiful. Find him. Don't be clingy, and don't show all of your emotions.
  • a m i ea m i e ` ★ ☆ ★ + Van. CADPosts: 201Member
    - Show more respect to your parents
    - Don't be so impulsive; think clearly before you act
    - Stop eating sugary cereal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner before it becomes too much of a habit
    - Sleep more! In the future, you`ll be so busy that getting 6.5h+ is rare
    The sun is gone, but I have a light.
  • 12stilettos.12stilettos. ▬i lust your temptation▬ Posts: 299Member


    edited February 2012
    Stop smiling even though you're hurting. Just let it out.  Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away.
    Don’t bother what people, what society, what this hard-to-please world, thinks of you. If you want to say no, then say no. If you want to cry, then cry. If you want to be angry, then be angry. Throw a tantrum, break some things, express it. You don’t have to be happy all the time. No one’s expecting you to. It’s not realistic to be perpetually happy. It’s okay to be selfish and think of yourself first. I know it’s hard sometimes, but live for yourself because you’ve been living for others all these times. It’s not making you happy. I just want you to be happy. Don’t give up now.
  • LauvableLauvable AustraliaPosts: 195Member
    Slip. Slop. Slap. And stretch every day so you can do the splits =]
    Walk on with hope in your heart, And you'll never walk alone.

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