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Tattoos...Black vs. Colour vs. White vs. UV?

aphrodisiacalaphrodisiacal Posts: 71Member


edited February 2012 in beauty & fashion
How do you guys feel about black, white, coloured and UV tattoos? which would you prefer and why? what are some factors to consider?


  • PhrolickPhrolick 650Posts: 168Member
    All my tattoos are black and grey... I feel that if I do them in color I have to do all of them in color, and that's just too color book-ish for me so I rather do all black and grey ya dig?
  • -Mikki--Mikki- TorontoPosts: 379Member


    i do like colour, but i think black grey and white is better. Colours tend to fad and shows the age of the tattoo way easier. Plus they are way more costly.
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  • reinleereinlee Posts: 226Member
    I don't have any tattoos and I don't know much/anything, but I notice that when tattoos fade, the colored ones are the most obvious and it's easy to tell that the color's a bit off.
  • duh123duh123 Posts: 1,379Member


    i don't like the color tatttoos. i find that the longer you have them, the greener they get over time and i hate the look of that. that's usually what i associate wartime tattoos with. then there's the maintenance expenses to think about if you ever want to touch them up.

    i have a hard time liking a lot of tattoos because i find them a bit tacky but it really depends on how it's done. the ones i dislike the most are the color ones.

    i think black is nice. i also like white ink but i think i read that those fade easily depending on people's skin type.
  • ChristinaisweirdChristinaisweird Posts: 2,147Member


    If it's a certain design, I would prefer color if I think it is suitable. tattoos does fade, why not make it superb while you can!
    Or if it's just words, lettering, or phrases then non-color.
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  • lovelyvivilovelyvivi MarylandPosts: 110Member
    i think it depends on what your getting cuz if your getting sumthing, for example, a butterfly or flowers, those my opinion wud look better colored.

    ive been thinking of getting a black or grey tattoo or colored sleeve and ive decided on the colored cuz it shows my personality a lot more and it fitted well with the design i drew up.

    and everyone saying colored is more expensive or fades fast, usually tattoo places have free touchup for the year or so and most places charge by the hour. so it wouldnt matter if colored or not. just how big and detailed of the tattoo.
  • deadgiveawaydeadgiveaway Southern CaliforniaPosts: 535Member
    ^Agreed. Whether the tattoo is done in color or black ink shouldn't matter when it comes to the cost. What makes a difference are the size, details, and location of the tattoo.

    All tattoos will fade over time, especially when exposed to UV rays. I generally prefer tattoos in color, but I also really appreciate beautiful shading in black and grey. I have a tiny script tattoo on my wrist, in just black ink. The lotus flower by my hip is outlined in black and shaded in pink and purple. My last tattoo is an unfinished peacock on my back; it is just the outline so far. I think it would look good shaded in black, but since peacocks are so vibrant and colorful, I feel like I have to do it justice by having the shading done in color.

    Of course it is all just personal preference. What is most important is that the recipient of the tattoo loves it :)
  • elysium.elysium. Posts: 932Friend of Soompi


    I would love colored tattoos, but unfortunately they are harder to remove if you decide to get rid of them in the future. I'm sure my grandkids seeing a huge tattoo on their grandma's back would scare them. LOL... black would be safer in my opinion. :D
  • PandaAgendaPandaAgenda Posts: 327Member


    Easier to match :]
  • StandingWaywardStandingWayward Posts: 81Member
    Color fades a bit and black&gray fit with any clothes colors:)
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    I prefer black... but white is even hotter.

    ^___^ I'm gonna tattoo Bigbang on my back. lol jk.
    Feel free to follow. 
  • Crystal1010Crystal1010 Posts: 99Member
    I would like black. I think it'll last longer and not easy to be bored with :))

  • aphrodisiacalaphrodisiacal Posts: 71Member


    edited February 2012
    wow i've never heard of white ink tattoos...just googled it and it looks pretty cool! im really light skinned though so i don't know...

    how do you guys feel about UV blacklight tattoos as well?
  • nailbunnynailbunny YARRR USPosts: 1,318Member


    I really think it depends on what you're friend has very large phoenix and I think it really benefits from the color.
  • lilyloveslilyloves Posts: 82Member


    For UV ink, I have heard that the luminosity can fade over time and the ink in regular light can go from looking like a light yellow/white to something a little more dingy with a brown tint over time. They're also more expensive that regular ink. 

    Not a lot of tattoo artists are comfortable with doing uv tattoos since there really isn't much info on how safe they really are, I believe (?)
  • hunterhearthunterheart dokidokidoki~ Posts: 2,057Member
    edited February 2012
    I prefer colour. Depending on the tattoo of course, sometimes it can look tacky but most of the time imo it really shines.
  • sungifiedsungified ?? ??? boston, maPosts: 1,116Member
    Colored ones will always stay out more than black/white/gray ones because they're colorful. The white ones are really hard to see dependent on your skin tone. I personally love the colored ones but never on me because I'm too much of a chicken to ever get a tattoo. Maybe someday in the future when I'm completely knocked out hah.
  • aphrodisiacalaphrodisiacal Posts: 71Member


    @ hunterheart, i love escaflowne!!

    anyway ya i want a very simple tattoo. for example a flower. i either want it in one colour or white i might consider but im leaning towards one colour (duno which) or white ink.
  • Ja_NinaJa_Nina Posts: 16Member
    I have both.

    I got an tribal-tatoo with cherry-blossoms on my neck/back and its coloured :) I really like it, but my star-tatto - only black - on my wrist ....omg...I love it :D hehe

    and my skullhead under my ear is great -
    also in black :w00t:
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