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Recent Experiences with YesStyle?

happifruithappifruit Edmonton, CanadaPosts: 337Member


To Canada?

Has anyone ordered from YesStyle lately, to Canada? Specifically, after they got rid of the regular post shipping service and switched over completely to courier?

The reason for my question is because I ordered once right after the switch, and was slapped with a $44 customs/duties charge at DHL, which never happened to me with the regular service. I was wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, and whether or not you were able to find solutions to avoiding that? I really don't want to pay close to $200 for what was orginally around $150.

Any feedback is appreciated...thanks!

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  • I Hart YunHoI Hart YunHo Posts: 1Member
    Hello, I've ordered from yesstyle a month ago and I recieved my order. Yes, this exact thing happened to me as well. My total was around 388 and I had to pay $78 for customs. I never had to pay for customs before but it might be because my total was almost $400.

    I think during the winter, customs is more strict because it took almost a whole month to get to my house. >>;;
  • mz.mamiiemz.mamiie Montreal, Quebec, CanadaPosts: 1,756Friend of Soompi
    I've been charged $26.50 for customs on my 53$ order! That's like half the amount of my order -__-

    I don't think I'll be ordering from Yesstyle anytime soon...
  • incarceratedincarcerated Posts: 44Member
    Huh, I ordered around 2 weeks ago, total (w/o S&H) was $58 and I only needed to pay around $17 S&H, and it was a DHL dude that delivered my stuff o_O
    Maybe I ordered just as they were changing the policy?

    Another thing, the buttons on the jacket I ordered fell off, so when I tried to send it back, the postage was $50 o_O
    Does anyone have any experiences with returns and exchanges? Is it usually that expensive?
  • EV-EverlastingEV-Everlasting Posts: 2New Member
    hmmm I ordered around $170 worth of clothing and I wasn't slapped with a customs at all. In fact, I ordered from three different Asian fashion sites and I haven't been charged with customs fee whatsoever. But I live in the United States and not Canada. Different countries have different import rules. Maybe Canada is a bit stricter? Why don't you buy from instead? It's Canada based and it's an Asian clothing site. Yay!!!
  • MarmiteMarmite Nagoya, JapanPosts: 17Member


    I have been ordering fro them for about 3 years all the time and never was charged anything extra!
    But last fall i ordered aobut $60 of stuff and had to pay around $30 of taxes.
    then i ordered again, about $150 and had nothing extra chrged from me.
    then i irdered about $300 and had to pay again about $120 taxes!!!!!
    i tried to figure out how to avoid it but never got any solution... they will not send stuff by EMS by request.
    It's up to them whether they use DHL or EMS =_=
    I will never order from them anymore.
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  • name?lessname?less Posts: 574Member


    I actually just ordered from Yesstyle last month and it was my second time ordering from them.. in a month haha.
    We spent over $150 the first time and didn't get charged anything. Later my friend was also worried about the customs in Canada so for our second order we placed 2 separate to 2 different addresses and STILL didn't get charged (both orders were slightly above $150) for either packages.

    We noticed though, that Yesstyle often sticks the order on the box with false prices that seem cheaper than what we payed for, so that their customs WON'T get charged. That's what we think and it seems to make sense haha.

    Oh, and apparently customs is VERY random... like, sometimes they check the parcel.. sometimes they don't feel like it so if yours was checked, they'll decide if it should be charged or not >.> so unfair but that's how it works, apparently.

    Hopefully this helped (:
  • soiiasoiia I like berries. CanaDAAAAA :)Posts: 604Member
    edited February 2011
    Yeah I got slapped with $60 of shipping and handling too. Last year when I made orders on Yesstyle, I was NEVER charge and yes, the prices were labeled cheaper than what I bought. However, since they switched to DHL, the "formal" receipt of my clothes is there so the price is the price I paid too.

    I don't think custom is random because it all depends on how your package is labeled. If it's a gift from say, your family in another country, obviously they can't charge you S&H, but if YS labeled your stuff as merchandise (which they have the right to do, since it's true), then you WILL have to pay customs.

    I'll never order from yesstyle again because while it's not really their business to "care" whether or not the consumers have to pay S&H, the fact that they switch shipping companies as they want thus making some people pay while some others do not is just a turn off. I don't like to guess every time whether or not I will have to pay an extra 30% of what I bought (heck if it were ~14% like the average taxes in my province I wouldn't complain... but 30% !?!!). Beside, yesstyle does not seem too sad to lose one of a few canadian consumers.
  • gingersnaps343gingersnaps343 Markham, CanadaPosts: 121Member


    good thing I read this before buying from yesstyle! o_0 Just informed my sis whose friend is planning on ordering form yesstyle
  • novemberfifteenthnovemberfifteenth Posts: 155Member


    edited February 2011
    I'm from Canada and I haven't actually placed an order since their changed they shipping service :/
    But my rule of thumb when I order from YesStyle is to order no more than $50 lol. Cause even in the past, I've been charged at least $20 in customs fees even when my order was only around $60.
  • ISABELLE_ISABELLE_ Posts: 58Member


    me and me sister order a huge haul of clothes,
    and got slapped in the face w/ 100$s in customs fees.


    ^ For reviews on circle lenses, YesStyle, Pacific Mall, and so much more^

  • anitazhouanitazhou Richmond Hill, CanadaPosts: 86Member
    canada customs are DEFINITELY much stricter than US's. i placed an order with wholesale-dress and it was $20 total... and i got charged $20 of customs!! they even marked the value of the package at $20 and i still payed customs. i dont even...

    i've started to deliver the clothes to my parents in china and have them bring it here when they visit me. it's slower but cheaper : P
  • jumpyroo92jumpyroo92 Posts: 7Member, New Member
    hey, just wanted to ask if people were still experiencing the customs charges with their yesstyle orders?
    they had that promotion where if you had $75+ you could get free shipping with regular mail, which was great because canada post doesnt charge
    but thats over now, and they only have the expressed shipping, for which they randomly pick DHL or EMS...
    so yeah, has anyone ordered from yesstyle lately?
  • soiiasoiia I like berries. CanaDAAAAA :)Posts: 604Member
    I wonder if it's a seasonal thing, but in autumn 2011 when I ordered on Yesstyle (with the 75$ free shipping), I didn't get taxed, but recently, I got taxed again. It seems like in winter when you order over $150 and you can express shipping, YS ships with DHL and for sure, you will pay extra.
  • jumpyroo92jumpyroo92 Posts: 7Member, New Member
    how much did you get charged? just curious
    on yesstyle's shipping page, it says that they mainly use EMS (which doesnt have the customs problem) to ship to canada, however depending on circumstances they may also use DHL or FEDEX (which always has the customs charges)
    seems like they are always using DHL to me, since everyone is getting charged
    so i wonder if anyone has gotten the EMS service lately
  • aiambestaiambest Posts: 160Member



    I don't live in Canada but I was hoping people could give me some feedback anyway.

    Everyone has commented on dhl, fedex and ems but no one has gave their opinion on dpex. My shipping agent is dpex and I'm afraid I might get charged with customs tax. Does anyone have any opinion/ experiences with dpex?

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  • chinchillableschinchillables Posts: 95Member
    I've found that with customs, it's best to order it to someone in the U.S. first and have them remove all the tags, labels, etc. and then ship it to you as a gift. Tell them to put like a happy birthday card or I missed christmas or some kind of little note in it and declare it as a gift. If possible, have them ball the stuff up and not have it too too neat and then ship it with a very low declared value if any at all. If you do it this way, generally you won't have any issues and can keep it cheap. My dad taught me this long ago. :-)
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