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Clothes Organisation

Hi, (Not sure if this is the right forum, but saw 'post room pics' thread)
At the end of the school year, all my clothes are on the floor. Part of the problem is I don't have a set organisation for my clothes. 

Currently, I have drawers, small inbuilt wardrobe (hangers) and just recently got another thing that can hang clothes I just wore for the day (cos I don't want to wash clothes I've only worn out for 1hr,etc).

Anyone share tips on clothes organisation? 
What do you find best? 
Do you organise by type of clothes (shirt, dress, skirt, shorts), use (everyday for classes, working, etc) or by colour?
Also, what clothes do you hang or fold? If you fold certain clothes, how do you fold them or do you roll them to save space?
Do you put all your winter clothes into a box during Summer, Spring and bring them out when the season arises?

Do you keep your shoes in your room? I've always been curious about this, but how do you keep your floor/whatever you put your shoes on clean? Do you wash your shoes often?



  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    I find it easier to put all my shirts in a nice big box on top of the closet. All my jeans are neatly folded alongside in two sections: the ones I haven't worn and the ones I only used for an hour. Also I put a hamper in my room for dirty clothes and another for clean clothes/clothes only worn for an hour. If I don't have time to fold them nicely and put it away, then I can semi fold it and put it in the hamper so that I can do that later.

    I hang my jackets only. The ones I use most (seasonal) are put closer to my reach. Also I put work clothes in one drawer and the opposite seasons' clothing in another drawer.

    I neatly hang my hats and belts.

    That's as much as I can do.
    Feel free to follow. 
  • melkimxmelkimx momoPosts: 6,066Administrator


    i store my off-season clothes because i don't have enough space just to put it all out there, and besides, i don't like having to sort through clothes i'm not going to wear.

    i guess your organization system should mostly depend on your setup and the kind of clothes you have/wear most often. i can't stand the setup in my place -- i live in korea, and the closets here are really weird (inconveniently sized compartments, lack of storage in dimensions people typically need). i've had to do a lot of workarounds. i wear dresses most days, so those are front and center, and i have enough dresses that i put them in rainbow order lol. i hang all shirts, blazers, and sweaters (you're not supposed to hang sweaters, but i don't have any that are so nice that i really care). i fold pants and skirts because i don't have enough rod space to hang them too. separate spaces for pajamas, socks and underwear, scarves, belts, and bras. as for shoes, all korean homes have handy shoe storage near the entrance, so i store mine there.

    this is slightly off-topic, but the one thing i do that really saves time is that i have a description of all of my outfits (which clothes and accessories i pair together). so when i'm trying to decide what to wear, i refer to that notebook and remember what i've already worn recently, or what i haven't worn in awhile. sometimes i can plan my outfits for the next few days that way. and it helps me remember what items to combine, so i don't have to spend a lot of time thinking about it. it doesn't sound like it would help a lot, but it really does. that's probably not a good sign for my brain... anyway it helps, so i'll take it!

  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    ^ :o when did you move from sf to korea?

    I think this should be in the beauty& fashion forum maybe?

    The way I organize my clothes goes:
    hang all my shirts/long sleeves (color coordinated from left to right: red/pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, black, white)
    and then I have a college-type drawer-organiser-thingie where you can hang on the clothing rack (sorry I don't know what its called haha -___________-)

    I fold all my pants/leggings/shorts/jeans/skirts and put them in separate compartments of the organiser.

    anddd I store away my off-season clothes.

    i also store my shoes in my closet cause i live with my family and they like to wear my shoes and ruin 'em, lol.
    i have a shoe organiser too that you can hang from the clothing rack so it doesn't take up space on the floor.

    i have a LOT of clothes though so my clothes still ends up strewn in my room as well :x
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  • ilovemesomekoreanilovemesomekorean JapanPosts: 1,945Member


    ^ does it get tiring to organize it by colors? Although I do love when store do it.. makes it that much easier to shop. haha. Perhaps I'll start doing that. thanks!

    I personally hate drawers. I dislike cramming everything into the drawers and then when I need something i must pull out everything. So I always go for more open alternatives. I dont always hang everything because I dont have that much space to do so. So I have shelves inside my closet and I use that to put my clothes.
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  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2012
    ^ Nope not tiring at all :) Maybe the first time you do it if you have a lot of clothes, lol.

    But after I do my laundry, I just hang them up and put them where they're aposed to be. Just a few clothings, and not that difficult to put the blacks where blacks are and stuff ^^

    Color coordinating it makes it easy to find the shirt I'm looking for or to find the right color or w/e to coordinate my outfit of the day.

    What I put my clothes on that aren't hanged aren't exactly drawers, I guess I described it incorrectly

    looks like this >>
    I, Poop-Shoop-A-Loop, are King of the [stupid people] world [which does not exist].
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  • ilovemesomekoreanilovemesomekorean JapanPosts: 1,945Member


    edited February 2012
    ^ I really think im going to start organizing my clothes like you! lol the color coordination seems very helpful. I guess the reason why I never really bothered to think about that is because I've always just folded all my clothes and put them on shelves.

    and no no you described that thing well. ^__^ I was just saying that I hate drawers. I actually have one of those things you have. I love those because they're open. and since mine doesnt reach the ground I can also have that space for other things.
    "Unless Someone Like You Cares A Whole Awful Lot, Nothings Going To Get Better. It's Not." ~ Dr. Seuss
  • mizswtifeemizswtifee the soompi hime new york cityPosts: 1,139Member


    I have a really small room and a small closet, but a huge wardrobe. I have a Winter wardrobe and a summer wardrobe. I switch between seasons and store whatever is not needed in a suitcase.

    I hang blazers and clothes that are wrinkle-prone. Everything else I fold and organize my pants and bottoms into one section. All my dresses in another section. All my tops are separated into long sleeves, short sleeves and tank tops. Within each section, I try to color coordinate as much as I can but sometimes it doesn't work out because I stack the shirts on top of each other and sometimes I can't even tell which "white" top is which.

    Recently, I added a new working wardrobe section dedicated to work apparel, since that's what I wear everyday.

    Shoes are kept outside the bedroom. You should have a small cabinet that fits your shoes. I think it's gross to keep your shoes in the same room you sleep in (since all that dirt, grub and etc that you step on)
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,117Member


    edited February 2012
    I have a wardrobe with hanging space, 2 drawers and 4 cubic shelves. So I:
    • hang my pretty tops, dresses, jackets
    • Fold my t-shirts in half and leave it on the bottom of the hanging space
    • fold non-creasy, thicker jackets and place it on the bottom of the hanging space
    • Colour code the items hanging (though I'm thinking of changing that to organising by dress/jacket/short sleeve/long sleeve)
    • Hang my belts on hooks I stuck behind the wardrobe doors (I used to just hang them with my clothes, but it'd be too hard to see when selecting outfits)
    • Another hook on the other door for random clothes I take off and lazy to hang onto hangers
    • One drawer for my undergarment, tights, berets (Have bought little compartment things for this drawer because it gets so messy)
    • Bottom drawer for my jeans, shorts and skirts. Folded neatly, placed "horizontally" so it's easy to see which one is which (instead of being on top of each other)
    • Top shelf hair accessories and random photos
    • Second shelf all my necklaces and earrings
    • Third shelf for bags
    • Fourth shelf, most likely going to be more bags (atm, random books)
    • Shoes, I'm planning to buy an underbed storage for them, probably.

    These are only for my going out clothes though. Home clothes are folded and placed in my family closet. I honestly need another wardrobe or get rid of a bunch of clothes :(

    Btw, with colour coding, I don't have a bunch of every colour so sometimes it doesn't look that great or obvious, but it's quite easy to tell where things are. It's just harder for me to find a specific black or white top since I have so many of them.

    Will post pics later.

  • hiltonclaryhiltonclary Posts: 2New Member
    edited January 2014
    I have an open window in my house where I place my daily wear clothes. Now you will think that clothes in open window will definitely leave a negative impression on the people visiting that area. To avoid this, I have purchased curtains and using it to hide the clothes. The use of curtains and blinds is the best way to highlight the essentials and to hide the non-essentials elements of the room and make it's look better. If you have a closed wardrobe with beautiful exterior then you do not need to hide them, but if it is not attractive then you should and the use of curtains is the easiest and reasonable way to make it attractive.
  • severusseverus Posts: 2,318Member


    edited November 2013
    Most of my clothes are on hangers because they wrinkle. Dresses and skirts take up one whole wall of the closet, handbags and accessories plus foldable clothes are shelved on an adjacent wall. Shirts and jackets and pants are hung on the third wall.

    Most of the time there's so much crap on the floor it's impossible to walk into...because hanging clothes back up takes forever.

    Our off season clothes are being kept in the old house...until my mom gets a bigger clothes storage space built in the basement.
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