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Do you hold on to things with 'sentimental' values/ childhood belongings?

JustalilodreamerJustalilodreamer no tax for mePosts: 6,914Member


edited May 2012 in general discussion
do you throw away things easily?
Just wondering how many people are willing to get rid of their childhood belongings?

My mom and my dad's side of the family are complete opposites when it comes to 'throwing things away'. My aunts and uncles from my dad's side tend to hold on to many things from their past, they'd rather fill the entire house/basement with things that they will probably never touch again (some from my grandparents and some from other family member that have passed). However, I understand that many of these things have sentimental values and that its difficult for them to let go. I feel the same about things from my childhood/past...but my mom have always taught me to let go of things I won't use anymore because 'new' things need to come in. Sometimes my mom drives me crazy because she'll just throw away/donate things without asking and when I was younger, I used to cry over the things that had a lot of sentimental values because im easily attached to things...but now I realize that its okay to get rid of things if I wont ever use/need it again.


  • princessberryprincessberry Posts: 218Member, New Member
    I have a big box, keeping all my little things since young. Every 5 or 6 years, i will open it up, and decide do i still need it! :)

    It's like in my elementary school, ive spent 6 years collecting every single thing, report cards, little souvenirs from friends etc etc

    when i'm in high school, i will collect little things again,

    but i will open it, and tidy up the box few years letter when I have a switch in my growing life haha! like getting into high school, college etc.

    AH, and some belongings like pillows that ive been using since young, its still with me now :)

    p/s turning 20 this year lol :/
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  • green papayagreen papaya usaPosts: 1,826Member


    I slept in my baby crib until I couldnt fit anymore :blush:

    nobody knows
  • I keep my favorite childhood toys and things like my first journal

    it holds alot of sentimental value and when you get old you can reminisce :tears:
  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    My mum usually keeps a hold of old school reports/work etc for me, the only things I keep for sentimental value are signed school shirts/books that we did at the end of both middle school then high school. I usually don't keep much else.
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  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I don't keep things that I won't use any longer and only consume space in my little house. I easily throw my stuff without thinking twice and regret later on sleep.gif 
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  • hwnghannahwnghanna Posts: 51Member


    I usually think nth times whether or not to throw certain things away then decided not to because I know I will regret later on. But not until my mom started nagging (because it's consuming lots of space in my room & the house)and threw away most of the stuffs <_<
  • tinatran_tinatran_ canada! 8DPosts: 4,988Member


    I tend to keep a majority of my childhood belongings. It's cute, and almost hoarder-like. <_<
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  • suju_loveesuju_lovee Canadia Posts: 1,536Member


    I keep a good majority of my stuff animals from my childhood on my bed and headrest area.
    There's not a lot actually... At least I don't think so.

    Around Christmas time, my mom didn't have time to buy a present for her friend's kid, so she asked me if she could give one of my animals to him.

    I hesitantly said yes and had THE hardest time picking out one... They're all my fwends :3

    But she saw I was having difficulties and said never mind, then called me a hoarder. -_-

    Whatever, they're safe and I'm happy

  • Dara-chanDara-chan Posts: 185Member
    Yes and no.

    I keep a lot of special things from my past: childhood toys, trinkets and gifts given by old friends, old school work, and the like.

    But I do through out things when I realize they're not necessary (like the rock collection I made when I was five, yet I still keep my fireworks collection I started when I was nine. :blink:)

    Someday, I hope to give all my old toys and stuffed animals to my kids. Maybe they'll enjoy them as much as I did when I was little:D.
  • ichigo_no_powderichigo_no_powder VancouverPosts: 4,632Friend of Soompi
    my dad and I are both sentimental and like to keep things. my mum is the complete opposite - thinks it's a waste of room. I know that she's right to some degree but a lot of times I can't bring myself to throwing things away x.x
  • paradicezparadicez YeoNiversePosts: 3,245Member


    I hold on to my blanket that I used when I was a kid.
    & I also still have these cute art project that I made when I was in elementary.
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  • loverain.loverain. Posts: 99Member
    I used to do that back home. But since I moved to another country I had to bring the necessary stuff; clothes ; a few souvenirs and letters from friends. And every time i move I get rid of everything I don't use anymore. so no .
  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    I hold onto like.. everything that holds sentimental values or memories.

    When I was younger I'd hold onto things and throw them away after a while but now I regret throwing away some stuff, wishing I was still able to hold onto it.

    It's really hard to throw away things with sentimental value but I realize that this habit will eventually make me a horder @_@ I'm trying really hard to tear myself away from things, I've accumulated a lottt of things over the years, haha. I look back on them every once in a while to clean it out but in the end, I rarely let go of them (or end up just keeping even more stuff that I originally had -__________-)
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  • lucky.cloverlucky.clover CanadaPosts: 118Member


    Oh I'm so bad at throwing things away. I seem to think that everything is important and I just need to have it. Hey, even a theater ticket from a movie I watched seemed special to me. If I don't change my habit now, I fear I will be on "Buried Alive" when I'm 45. I have letting go issues.
  • XaniksXaniks Posts: 39Member
    I don't think I even have anything saved from my childhood :o 
    I do keep some things with sentimental values from my old relationships
  • DaisyDaisy ciel infini in his heart ♥Posts: 372Member
    I'm a really sentimental person x:
    I keep all the presents people give me, cards/letters/notes, movie ticket stubs

    it's really hard for me to throw things away T__T
  • MythnoonAMythnoonA Mi Guk Nuna Posts: 5,040Friend of Soompi


    I still have my old Snoopy from when I was little. I used him so much my dad had to replace his eyes a few times. He's messy but I don't care. I had just turned 18, and we were getting ready to move--and my mom said I could get a new one some time, and that he was old and I should throw him away. I did. But I was upset and cried a bit. I snuck him out of the garbage (it wasn't icky--just papers and stuff =p ), and I still have him in my closet. I also have my old Pooh, who is naked because his shirt got lost a looooong time ago. Also have a baby doll that my parents bought--I think I was 8 or 9, maybe 10. Have some dollhouse furniture from when I was a little older. (One doll my mother made me, and that's been repaired--and will never go anywhere.) Have a few books. Have a lot of letters from friends from after I moved. Some I'll throw out, but some I'll keep. It IS hard trying to decide what to keep and what you don't 'need' anymore.
  • ChristinaisweirdChristinaisweird Posts: 2,147Member


    I am guilty of that, I find myself a possible hoarder or I just have OCD about these things.
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  • hellopandashellopandas Posts: 28Member, New Member
    edited February 2012
    I wish I did take more care of the things I had when I was younger. Sometimes when I clean my room, I find old things and I just get caught up in reading/looking at stuff and it makes me happy~ I have a box now where I would put all sorts of memorable items like letters, tickets, medals, etc. When I have kids I'll definitely keep some of their stuff from their childhood, and when they're grown up I'll show it to them ^^
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,358Member


    I tend to keep things of sentimental value.. so I can always look back on it. Things like tickets and diaries etc. Also, my books from school - even though I don't need them anymore, I'm like "but all that time and effort!!". However, recycling is good and my dad keeps telling me to clear my stuff.

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