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What language do you think in?

leehyori2leehyori2 donut king supports KONY 2012!Posts: 395Member
I was discussing about this the other day and realized I think in 'English' rather than my 'Asian' language.
It was seriously difficult for me to think in my own language even though i can speak.
This is probably because I was born and raised in Australia where 'English' is mostly spoken.

What language do you think in? Or can you think in both language? Share your reason too :)!


  • haydefhaydef Posts: 65Member


    Most of the time English. Second is my mothertongue & third (especially when I'm angry), I usually think in Japanese. :mellow:

  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    Mostly English. I sometimes have the odd thought in Japanese. When I'm drunk though I always think in Japanese... >_>
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  • MusvalMusval FinlandPosts: 133Member


    I think in Finnish most of the time since it's my native language. But sometimes I've caught myself thinking in English even though I don't use it in everyday conversations at all. :| I tend to think k-pop related things in English, since I mostly talk about Asian music online and in English.
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  • The_UsernameThe_Username Posts: 460New Member


    I think in English with Barry White's deep voice.
  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    English!  Maybe one day I'll be good enough at another language to think in it!
  • fred2265fred2265 Posts: 95Member
    Yes, I think mainly in English.
  • hayashi_01-94hayashi_01-94 Posts: 126Member
    Me too I'd prefer English as always
  • desirae810desirae810 Posts: 9Member, New Member
    English being my native language that's the language I think in, but I've taken French for 4 years and there are those few times when French then the English translations pops in my head.
  • paradicezparadicez YeoNiversePosts: 3,247Member


    edited February 2012
    I think in English. And sometime I think in Vietnamese, but that's really rare.
    My thoughts in Vietnamese are not process completely. It's hard to think in another language rather than English XD
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  • jintokijintoki Posts: 45Member, Friend of Soompi
    edited February 2012
    During my waking moments, I usually think in Korean and Japanese the most. When I'm with English speaking friends, I will think more in English.

    However, the majority of my dreams are in English!

    So, a better question would be: "In what language do you dream in?" since that is your subconscious and all :blush:
  • druelladruella Posts: 56Member
    I think in English, but sometimes I dream in German. unsure.gif
  • sabchysabchy sloveniaPosts: 1,131Member
    english all the time
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  • LiSAiSViPx3LiSAiSViPx3 「b1a4 ; be the one, all for one♥」 Posts: 711Member
    English . I don't think I've ever though in another language before .. except when I'm in Mandarin class .. o-o
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  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I think in Taglish = Tagalog+English. Sometimes I think in deep tagalog words that I couldn't even pronounce properly -_-
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  • CourtkneeCourtknee Posts: 1,316Member
    English. Everyone speaks English! It just catches on.
  • Jen.Jen. Posts: 1,363Member


    English. :mellow:

    I don't remember ever not thinking in English.
  • leyavleyav Posts: 11Member
    Most of the time I think in English.  After all.. it is my first language.  wink.gif
  • princessberryprincessberry Posts: 218Member, New Member
    hmmm, mostly in english, unless im watching some cantonese or mandarin drama, then i might think in those languages haha
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  • ArodwenArodwen Here. There.Posts: 77Member
    I think mostly in English because to survive in America, you must know English and since the typical US citizen only speaks English, I've completely immersed myself in the English language.

    When I go to Chinese websites, watch Chinese dramas, or read anything in Chinese, I think in Mandarin but the thoughts (if spoken out loud) sometimes are translated into English xD

    Lastly, when I'm speaking with my parents and other Fuzhou immigrants/dialect speakers, I think and speak in Fuzhounese.

    Every now and then, I get the odd thought in German.
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