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[Soompi Debate] Plastic Surgery; Love it or Hate it?

PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy.Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


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We've come to find that plastic surgery these days is pretty much socially accepted (especially in the K-pop world). Are you against the idea? Find it acceptable? If so, how much is too much? Does this screw with our perception of beauty? The list goes on and on.

Plastic Surgery; Love it or hate it?

All members are welcome to assert their points and counterpoints.  Feel  free to express your views without worrying whose opinions are  better.

No bashing nor flaming. There is no need to be rude.
Elaborate rather than just stating your position briefly, and stay within the topic.

Who would like to start? :)


  • Malice_KaiserMalice_Kaiser The Real ? Posts: 12,072Member


    I don't think plastic surgery is wrong. An adult makes the choice to do it, and it's not harming anyone else. However, I do think it's a bit absurd seeing as how many women become addicted at begin showing up in "plastic surgery gone wrong" articles. I think the fact that women (and men!) ever feel the need to get plastic surgery in the first place is really upsetting -- it's all societal pressures to be perfect. Of course plastic surgery can really turn someone's life around for the better too, if they have a deformity or something like that.

    I won't judge people who get plastic surgery. It is not for me personally.
  • Mr.AnnonymousMr.Annonymous Posts: 3New Member
    I don't hate it but I don't love it.

    If you are going to get plastic surgery, do it because you find it necessary. If you feel that you want to get pretty then do it by all means, its your choice. However too many plastic surgeries are not appealing.

    It's a major turn off to see a girl with 150 surgeries on her face because she didn't feel pretty enough.

    Natural beauty is what I search for, not a barbie.

  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    edited February 2012
    I don't judge those who get plastic surgery done. For some it's a huge self-esteem boost and can change a person's life for the better. However having said that, I just sincerely hope that everyone who does end up going under the knife has tried their absolute hardest to accept what they didn't like about themselves. I hope that getting plastic surgery had become almost a necessity for them to regain their self-worth, not just something they decided to do on a whim.

    It's just really sad that a person's self-hatred for their own body or face, most likely largely influenced by societal norms, can push them to undergo such drastic measures. Again, I don't judge those who get it done- I just hope that people don't treat the decision lightly and that they put in their best efforts beforehand to accept the features they so desperately want to change.
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    I don't really mind those people who want plastic surgery or who has done them. If they think it would improve their selves then I would support them. It's their choice and life anyway. 
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  • 5kiana5kiana Posts: 38Member


    I think plastic surgery is fine if it is something YOU really want. Not something someone feels pressured to do in order to look a certain way. That way is usually a current trend of beauty which could change in years to come.

    I think people who are perfectly beautiful end up getting surgery unnecessarily. I think too many celebrities are pressured into it by their managers/companies. They "need" a certain chin, nose, eyes. We are all unique which is what makes human beings beautiful! Celebrate our differences!
  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    I don't mind palstic surgery itself, within boundaries of health. If you are having surgery for purely cosmetic reasons that are having a negative impact on your wellbeing, that's another issue.

    However my biggest gripe with plastic surgery is people that will not admit that they've been under the knife. I think that is what contorts peoples perceptions of beauty. People who lie about not having plastic surgery blur the boundary between natural and unnatural beauty, which can severely effect peoples self-esteem about their appearances.
  • maharu.maharu. We can be so perfect. Posts: 4,360Member


    I feel like wanting to improve your own beauty is not wrong. But conforming to a set standard, thinking that that's the only beauty is a problem.
    So I don't like plastic surgery. I mean if someone got it, I'm just thinking, "Instead of getting it because it's so accessible and considered a beauty standard, why not work with what they have?"

    I feel also the problem is that because plastic surgery is so readily available, people may find it easier to hit up a surgeon and 'fix' their problem and not really consider the consequences it may lead.
  • zoomiloveyouzoomiloveyou Posts: 69Member
    I would say hate it, but i really don't.
    There's no need to change you're appearance just because you want to become more beautiful, but i believe it  should be done if necessary, and by necessary i mean if the person is disfigured or has an accident.
    Too much would be getting almost you're whole face rearranged and you look completely different.

    I'm not against the idea, I won't judge if they get plastic surgery,  
  • vtsproutvtsprout Posts: 10Member
    To undergo plastic surgery - or not to - is a personal decision. I don't think I have the right to judge anyone on it. 

    That being said, I feel that plastic and reconstructive surgery can be a beautiful thing. Breast reconstructions, face transplants and skin grafts all fall under the realm of plastic surgery. 

    Regarding, however, the influx of people utilizing the techniques of plastic surgery in order to improve their own appearances as they see fit, I am more concerned with the influence of the media in making people question their self worth and appearance than with plastic surgery itself.  I hope people will be able to realize that the media should not be able to dictate what they should be. :/
  • HelloloverHellolover Posts: 68Member
    maharu. wrote on 06 February 2012 - 08:55 AM:

    I feel like wanting to improve your own beauty is not wrong. But conforming to a set standard, thinking that that's the only beauty is a problem.
    So I don't like plastic surgery. I mean if someone got it, I'm just thinking, "Instead of getting it because it's so accessible and considered a beauty standard, why not work with what they have?"

    I feel also the problem is that because plastic surgery is so readily available, people may find it easier to hit up a surgeon and 'fix' their problem and not really consider the consequences it may lead.

    I agree with a lot of what you said but at the same time I'm also on the fence about surgery.

    I don't like the fact that everyone gets surgery to look the same. This set standard is getting so generic.

    I think surgery is more acceptable if maybe you just alter one or two things, so you still look like your self but an improved version. Everyone has imperfections and in some cases they can be more extreme like uneven eyes or a big wide nose you don't like. Something like that can make you very unhappy, and if you can't learn to love them then its ok. I remember a girl in my primary school who had a big witch nose and she got bullied so much that she got surgery as soon as she was old enough to. I don't blame her because if it was me I'd hate to have that nose :(.
  • qbqb Posts: 4New Member
    I think it's okay. It's your life, live it however you want.

    Although, I do find it odd that a lot of people who get it are already beautiful.
  • Niikki25Niikki25 Posts: 3New Member
    I don't have anything against plastic surgery. In fact, I think I can understand why people do it. There is too much pressure about being beautiful and stuff. I'm not saying I would do it, I'm just saying I understand why. But I'm not saying I wouldn't do it as well. In fact, undergoing plastic surgery requires a lot of thinking. We need to think about its risks and stuff.

    But just like everything in life, balance is needed. If you become too obsessed with plastic surgery and start correcting every little thing in your body, that's not healthy. You can't undergo plastic surgery just because. 

    I'm taking korean classes and my teacher actually talked about plastic surgery in Korea. It was when Suju's Kyuhyun admited that he did it and I told a friend of mine that he had just admited that and I could see that she was kind of disappointed. I think I can understand her feelings although mine are completly different. Like I said, I have nothing against plastic surgery.
  • chinchillableschinchillables Posts: 95Member
    I don't understand the whole concept of people doing this. It often leads to them looking worse than they did before with a new shiny weird like texture on their face like they are wearing a plastic mask... wait... they kinda are. O_o
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  • HeartedHearted *Insert witty phrase* Posts: 1,007Member


    I don't find people are wrong to do it, it's ultimately is there choice. What I do find wrong is for people to judge them if they've had plastic surgery or not.
  • littlemermaid_littlemermaid_ UKPosts: 73Member


    I personally have nothing against plastic surgery..I mean its up to an individual to decide whether they want to have plastic surgery or not. Just because someone has plastic surgery, it doesn't actually change who they are as a person - as in personality wise. I understand why people have plastic surgery, and it's mainly because of the media. Imo it pressurises people too much to meet the standards of their 'beauty' which is different to everyone else's definition and vision of beauty, but because it's in the media 24/7 it in a way, forces people to see beauty as being ultimately 'perfect', making people desire to look like celebrities, which leads them to do plastic surgery. The media also knocks off people's self esteem to a lower level, by portraying celebrities as flawless, which also once again pressurises people to plastic surgery to be 'flawless', 'perfect' and 'beautiful'. But anyway back to the point, I have nothing against plastic surgery because at the end of the day, I'm not going to judge people to be my friends just based on their looks, I don't care if my friends had plastic surgery because it won't change who they are, they will always be the same person to me whether or not their appearance changes. :)

  • &lt;3StrawberryPocky&lt;3&lt;3StrawberryPocky&lt;3 Posts: 1,107Member


    edited February 2012
    qb wrote on 06 February 2012 - 03:11 PM:

    I think it's okay. It's your life, live it however you want.

    Although, I do find it odd that a lot of people who get it are already beautiful.

    I feel the biggest reason why people who are already attractive/beautiful get it is because they become so self-conscious of their appearance. The way most find out they're attractive is from society's reaction to them and the compliments they're given. The more compliments you hear about your looks, the more you find yourself setting higher standardsto fulfill the expectations of others. With so much emphasize on their appearance, they probably begin to focus so much on their looks, they start seeing the minuscule imperfections on their face. Once you realize something is there, it stays in your mind in one form or another, and soon it amplifies over time the more conscious and concerned they get of their appearance. I think this just goes for any extremity of the spectrum (either really attractive, or very not attractive) who are forced to become so self-conscious about their appearance.
  • PROshinigamiPROshinigami Posts: 258Member
    If the plastic surgery made the person who got it done better looking and they are happy with it - it's good!
    But if it john teshed up and they look worse after the surgery, it's bad.

    & as long as they don't lie about/deny getting it done, that's perfectly ok.

  • Yishi_xYishi_x Posts: 56Member
    edited February 2012
    I'm definitely not 100% comfortable with the way I look but it's something that just is not for me. I don't agree with people who get it but don't actually need it, however I think it's alright for functional reasons or to remove disfigurement, but to enhance/fake your assets in order to conform to what society perceives as beauty is something I do not feel that comfortable with. I feel like it is taking the easy way out. Of course, people are not born equally "pretty" and there is a ton of pressure to be "beautiful" to be successful, but...I really do believe that people can learn to become comfortable with the way they are, or to learn how to enhance what they have without going through such an invasive procedure. 

    Maybe I'm just too naive, but that's just how I personally feel about the matter. I won't pretend that I don't make internal judgments ~ I know I don't have the right to do so, since it is someone else's life, not mine. Despite that, if they were a friend, if they asked me then I would tell them my opinion/judgments in a "it's not for me; that's just how I think" kind of way, but would ultimately still support them...unless their personality undergoes a surgery for the worse afterwards...!
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  • AnimeuverAnimeuver Posts: 298Member, New Member


    Personally, I'm not against the idea, but I won't do it on myself. The main reason people actually want to have plastic surgery to change parts of their body is because they lack confidence in that certain area. Like a little complex. If doing plastic surgery can help to boost your confidence, why not?

    Getting obsessed with plastic surgery is another thing though. If they made their choice, I'd respect their choice, but if someone ask me about getting somewhere done, I'd probably advise him or her just not to over-do it.

    As for screwing society's norm of beauty...well, I find the society's ideal a little screwed already. I've meet more than enough ladies wanting to loose weight when they're already stick-thin, because they like being thin. And I've been asked by a classmate of mine why I don't want to lose weight when I'm in the fit zone with a healthy BMI. The perception of 'beauty' nowadays tends to shift towards the thin, lean bodies than a healthy looking body with curves. Funnily enough I've seen more than enough people online talking about how they prefer to have curves, but offline, starts talking about further diets. Talk about irony.

    Of course, with plastic surgery we now have the option of becoming someone we want to be; the question is whether you choose to be someone you are or somebody of your ideal features. There's no right or wrong answer, really, but I do find it sad that more and more people feel the inferiority complex and decide to go under the knife because they're not as pretty as the cover girl, or someone else said they look better with changes. :(
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  • RitaRita Posts: 253Member


    I think plastic surgery is alright. People can do whatever it is they want to their face (or body). Even if they look like completely different people, that's alright too.
    You know why? Cause at the end of the day, it honestly doesn't affect me. I won't end up with their nose, or lips, or eyes. 
    What matters is how that person treats you. Perhaps in the past they were very self-conscious and depressed about their looks... and if I would have met them then, it's possible that I would have noticed their lack of self-esteem. And sometimes people that look sad/depressed all the time can be kinda annoying. So if changing their face makes them more lively, and happy with themselves and the world, and reflect that happiness with others, then good. :]

    On the other hand, if they were pretty before, and were one of those girls that want to be PERFECT. Then when they get that barbie face, and become total a holes, I probably wouldn't have liked them in the past to begin with. But whatever makes them sleep at night. lol
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