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If you could go back in time to meet the child version of yourself,

imtoghaiimtoghai Soompi Forums :DPosts: 1,561Member


edited January 2012 in general discussion
what advice would you give 'him' or 'her'?
If you can go back in time to when you were a kid, what advice would you give yourself, if any?
If you could have a few words with yourself as a child, what would you say?


I felt like I needed to add more to the post so I asked a few people on Omegle using the 'Spy Mode' feature, lol, and here are some of the answers I got:

Conversation 1
Stranger 2: wouldnt i disappear

Conversation 2
Stranger 2: "Don't drop out."

Conversation 3
Stranger 1: You'll never become Robin Hood, Batman, or Pirate
Stranger 2: be happy
Stranger 1: but if you work hard you can become some badass combination of the three
Stranger 2: because i hated my childhood

Conversation 4
Stranger 1: oh also, bet money that obama will become president. like, hundreds of thousands of dollars


  • knockblockknockblock Posts: 3,758Member


    I don't think he'd listen.
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    I'd say:::

    Make sure to accelerate faster every first day of January at around 9:15PM. :D
    Feel free to follow. 
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,358Member


    Either one of those lotto things, where I tell myself the winning numbers. Or to enjoy being a child. And try to make a really good friend, so I could grow up with a childhood friend T_T

  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    "Your dream will come true. Keep at it and do not be disheartened. It'll happen."
    are you flying like you want to?

  • rachiepoorachiepoo Posts: 17Member
    Respect yourself, and put your heart into the things you decide for yourself....

    ..... yes..... :blink:
  • MrMisterMrMister ROKPosts: 535Member
    If my current self won't disappear then I'd tell myself to be more adventurous. Don't be afraid of mistakes that won't hurt me badly because I could learn from it. And make a firm stand for yourself. Don't let people who don't know you well dictate your life.
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  • stokostoko Posts: 14Member
    "Always speak your mind, always say the truth."
    and...don't eat so much junk once you've hit puberty"
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2012
    "So what if that gawky little girl is 6 and you're 10 and she can only babble in Spanish. She obviously has a huge crush on you.  And don't be afraid of her gruff looking dad, Old Man Vergara.  He isn't mean at all and he actually thinks you and Sofia look cute together."

  • adiavoyadiavoy Posts: 2,281Member


    Don't take driving school at ________. Take it at _________. And make sure you ACTUALLY KNOW how to drive before you take a road test. It'll save you time and effort.
  • SteventStevent NorcalPosts: 2,524Member


    Smack him and say "This is for all the wrong choices you'll make along the way"

    happybubbleMMKIWIbubblyteaxgnahkCrossMyHeartandHopetoDiesavoir vivrestarrynight288typingwords.Love_LightsA_Star296Lolly~
  • happybubblehappybubble Posts: 553Member


    Set your goals now. 
    find the one who makes your heart smile :)

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  • SillyyJennSillyyJenn Posts: 2,572Member


    "watch the weight"
    but i'd be sure to tell her to get over everything because things eventually worked out.
  • MiDnite89MiDnite89 Posts: 653Member


    Lottery ticket numbers are...
    'Cause you can't change me 
    You can't break me
    There goes the world off of my shoulders
    There goes the world off of my back
  • *.:AnGeL*BAbII:.**.:AnGeL*BAbII:.* chocaholic.x Posts: 3,604Member


    Don't put such high expectations and give unnecessary stress for yourself before year 12, you'll turn out fine.

    Don't chicken out, talk.
    orange: 17 years and still going
    I was wondering why the brick was getting bigger, then it hit me.
  • secretlyjustyourssecretlyjustyours Cali <3Posts: 1,360Member


    i would say:

    dont give up, because when you grow up you're going to be happy. You're going to have friends that love you and cherish you and would do anything for you. Ignore what other people say.
  • JeremiahJeremiah Jeremiah Hat Yai, Songkhla, ThailandPosts: 149Member
    edited January 2012
    1. Stay focus on your studies.
    2. Complete your post graduation program whatever the cost is.
    3. Remember 18th April 1999, this is the day before your very best friend will get very poisoned, and you can save him.
    4. Don't fall in love, and especially get married.
    5. Play all these lotto numbers when you are eligible to play.

    If you follow steps 1-5, you might have a better life :P
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  • kurumiikurumii Posts: 107Member


    1. THINK before you act
    2. Participate in as many school activities you can
    3. Find a reason to study
    4. Live in a foreign country for as long as you can
    5. Just think!
  • halyconhalycon Posts: 34Member
    edited January 2012
    1. You should spent a school year abroad.
    2. Go outside and enjoy the day.
    3. You can only trust yourself.
    4. Start learning more foreign languages now. (I'm 17 now and god...I love languages and easily learn them however at the moment I don't have time 'cause of A-Levels)
    5. Make more but only real friends.
    6. Well....your grades are great at the moment and are still great in the future, so keep going.

  • Poop-Shoop-A-LoopPoop-Shoop-A-Loop ^ xoxo esoteric. <3 Posts: 5,510Friend of Soompi


    1. Focus on your studies!
    2. Be very cautious of boys & do not act on impulse

    I, Poop-Shoop-A-Loop, are King of the [stupid people] world [which does not exist].
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  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    Don't be shy!  Be yourself - people enjoy it!
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