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in 1-2 years time, where do you wish to see yourself?

matchamuffinmatchamuffin Posts: 55Member


state your dreams, goals, imaginations for the future!
I just wanted to start this year off clean with my goals. Knowing that no pain means no gain, i want to revisit this thread to see if i've made the dream become a reality.
These are the things i hope and see myself become:
1. Graduated/near graduation from University, having a proper, stable job and earning cash that i can give to my family.
2. Thin/ at 45 kg, happy and confident.
3. Better relationships with family and friends.
4. Become an outgoing person with endless topics to talk about.
5. Be willing to accept, learn from opportunities and obstacles - being fearless.

what about you? :)
I think this photo should be widespreaaaad! :D it's amazing and seriously sums up the kids of Gen-Y.
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  • followyourdreams.followyourdreams. Posts: 277Member


    Good idea for a thread! As for me, in 1 - 2 years time, I'll be half way through my degree I hope to be either...
    1. Happy single with great friends or in a steady relationship
    2. Doing really well in my degree, hopefully be on internship for a game design company or film company
    3. I hope I become more outgoing and stay genuine & true to myself.
    4. Feeling like I've made the right decision, whatever that may be.
    are you flying like you want to?

  • knockblockknockblock Posts: 3,758Member


    Life is not short. That saying is opposable.
  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    In 1-2 years, I simply hope to see myself in a mirror, and not in some newspaper obituary or missing ad on the side of a milk carton.

  • toomanytruckstoomanytrucks NYPosts: 150Member
    Married, moved into the new house and opening another office.
  • linhybearlinhybear Posts: 90Member


    1.In highschool, maintaining good grades while actually knowing what I'm learning about.
    2.Be more confident about my self and my own abilities.
    3.Carry out a healthy lifestyle; diet, relationship with others.
    4.To enjoy life.

  • zhuogeniezhuogenie Posts: 17Member
    I wish to see myself graduating college in those times. But seeing that it's hard to get into my courses this semester, I'll still be in college for perhaps a year more. But, besides school, I wish to see myself more actively involve in community services as well as having an internship.
  • monkeyinabarrelmonkeyinabarrel Posts: 1,371Member


    1. alive... (please let 2012 be a lie mayans!)
    2. in school making good grades
    3. more positive and outgoing
    4. be healthy and have more focus on things
    5. happy
  • taaaaaytaaaaay exitclosed Posts: 590Member


    rich $$$$$$$
  • cherrieruscherrierus Texas USAPosts: 1,230Member


    In 1 year:
    • Get a a job/ internship in an optometry clinic
    • Run/ bike more
    • Do stuff I've always wanted like sky diving, and zip lining

    In 2 years:
    • Finishing my last year of college
    • Accepted into optometry school
    • Cycling for a cause (100+ miles)
  • The_UsernameThe_Username Posts: 460New Member


    In 1-2 years I wish to see myself thinking about this day of January 27, so I can show myself I have good memory. Hopefully in a year or two I will bump this thread to show all of you my accomplishment.
  • o________Oo________O Posts: 568Member
    I'll either be on the verge of graduating from university, with a masters degree to follow.

    On the other end of the spectrum, I might have given up my education because I'm already sick and tired of it, effectively destroying my future.
  • orangemanorangeman Posts: 2,656Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2012
    Currently going with the flow. As a professor once said, "circle around something you like to do and eventually you'll land." I used to meticulously plan these life goals and ambitions out of fear, not because I was fearless and able to face the realities of the present. 

    I have to disagree with the second image. It does sum up Generation Y's unrealistic expectations of everything falling into place. I'm not here to shoot down hope but too much optimism clouds the brain. 
  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    orangeman wrote on 28 January 2012 - 02:34 PM:

    I have to disagree with the second image. It does sum up Generation Y's unrealistic expectations of everything falling into place. I'm not here to shoot down hope but too much optimism clouds the brain. 

    Completely agree with this statement, although the message in the second picture is optimistic and reassuring, it's not necessarily good advice.

    In about 2 years I'll probably be graduating uni (after such a long haul!) but aside from that, nothing is too certain. Hopefully happy.
  • inxomniainxomnia FunkytownnPosts: 1,377Member


    Whatever I'm doing, wherever I'd be, I hope I would be an independent, happy lady. I wish to be someone who is able to frequently indulge in my passions or likes, not stress too much, be able to listen, read or watch a good story, be consistent with my studies, give to my community and just enjoy the company of those sincere few in my life.

  • SillyyJennSillyyJenn Posts: 2,572Member


    in two years i would love be graduating from uc berkeley with a bachelors in english.
    hopefully somewhere with my teaching abroad plans and really prepared for work
    in a very steady relationship.
  • flowerpetalsflowerpetals ♔ Mcavoyeur ♔ Posts: 563Friend of Soompi
    As a published author with my book in Barnes & Nobles \m/

    As she starts to cry, mascara running down her little Bambi eyes...
  • Naked-FanaticNaked-Fanatic Posts: 693Member


    I want to see my problems solved in ways that I want them to be solved.
    I want to see a fresh new successful start.
    Naked Fanatics
  • SunniRiseSunniRise Someone... feed me. Baker StreetPosts: 3,301Member


    1. Still on Soompi.
    2. Happy.
    3. With a good job.
    4. Maybe taking a vacation in South Korea. <3
    Feel free to follow. 
  • cassiopeia1001cassiopeia1001 CanadaPosts: 2,614Member


    Ideally I'd like to just have a clue where I am going.
    But realistically, I just hope to take some classes in university that I'm actually interested in.
    Oh yeah, and get a huge-Richard Simmons scholarship. That would be immensely beneficial.
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  • karyeekaryee CanadaPosts: 427Member


    I wish to see myself in university getting good grades, with the hot bod that I've always wanted (lolololl), a loving bf, an awesome paying job, and a place to call my own. 
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