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Follow me and I will follow you- blog

bbpanidabbpanida Posts: 231Member


edited December 2011 in general discussion
Only those who are willing to follow others
I have noticed that a lot of people are posting their blogs in the  "Post Your Personal Blog" post in hoping to have others follow them.  However, I feel that a lot of people post without really checking out  other blogs. And  a lot of the time, the blogs gets lost in the crowd.

So I am starting a new "follow me and I will follow you".  Every one must follow at least 10 people above you. You may follow more than 10 if you wish.

And in the case that this topic is new- we must follow at least 10 people below us. 

I will start

here is mine
Survery -Survey- USA/AUS/CAN/INTL-US website and Asian Wholesaler


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