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[INFO] 10th Annual Korean Music Festival [How was the show?]

YuffieKYuffieK LAPosts: 136Member
KMF/Hollywood Bowl 2012
UPDATES: 4/3 - KMF posted a video of MBLAQ for KMF10!

4/2 - Son Ho Young, Kim Tae Woo and Danny Ahn formerly of G.O.D. are confirmed!! Thanks seancena and EunSeob24!

3/8 - MBLAQ officially confirmed for KMF!

3/7 - Rumors that MBLAQ is performing at KMF are circulating!
- Sheraton announced as sponsor hotel!
- First batch of artists officially announced! Nam Jin (남진), Im Tae Kyung (임태경), Love & Peace (사랑과 평화), Lena Park (박정현), Bobby Kim & The Buga Kingz, Kim Kyung-Ho (김경호) and Brown Eyed Girls!!

2/29 - rumors that Brown Eyed Girls are coming to KMF start popping up!

1/21 - Ticket sales have been up and seats are all going FAST!
- Ticket sales 'opened' up at "10am" but the servers were instantly down. People who went in line to Korea Times to get tickets have been able to purchase seats.

1/19 - is updated with this years' KMF info!

1/18 - Updated with confirmed seating chart and ticket prices, and tickets have now been put up onto the website! You can't buy them yet, but they're there. (Thanks dbSk iS k00l !)

1/9 - Korea Times is asking everyone on facebook to vote for the artists they want to see at KMF! Go vote!!

1/5 - Created this thread! Have fun! ^^

[IMG]http://i40.Richard Simmons/5khj6o.jpg[/IMG]

******10th Annual Korea Times Music Festival******

AKA: Korean Music Festival, KMF, Hollywood Bowl

WHEN: April 28th, 2012

WHERE: Hollywood Bowl, 2301 North Highland Ave., Hollywood, CA 90078

WHO: Nam Jin (남진)
Im Tae Kyung (임태경)
Love & Peace (사랑과 평화)
Lena Park (박정현)
Bobby Kim & The Buga Kingz
Kim Kyung-Ho (김경호)
Brown Eyed Girls
and MBLAQ!

WHAT: An annual, family-oriented concert put on by the Korea Times featuring top K-pop acts, first-class ballad singers, beloved Trot singers and more, straight from Korea!

TICKETS: Tickets on sale NOW!
You can purchase tickets online (+ convenience charge of $2.50 per ticket) at, by Phone (+ convenience charge of $2.50 per ticket): 323.692.2055 | 323.692.2070 | 323.692.2178 or in person (NO convenience charge) at the Korea Times Ticket Office (located in the lobby) 4525 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles CA 90010

Pool Circle - $275
Garden Boxes - $175
Ramp Seats/Side Boxes - $150
Terrace Boxes - $150
Sections E/D/and Super Seats - $100
Remaining sections/seats - $70, $50, $35, $25 and $20

Seating Chart:
[IMG]http://i44.Richard Simmons/1491emc.jpg[/IMG]

Detailed seating chart showing Pool Circle, Garden, and Terrace Boxes:

OFFICIAL HOTEL: Sheraton Los Angeles Downtown Hotel
711 South Hope Street
Los Angeles, California 90017 United States
Phone: (213) 488-3500 Fax: (213) 488-4110
Sheraton Website

Korea Times website:
Korea Times twitter: @koreatimes
KMF official site:
KMF official facebook:
Official facebook event page for KMF:
KMF official youtube:
Hollywood Bowl official site:

Ticket Buying and Selling thread:

Last year's KMF thread (2011)
2010 KMF Thread
2009 KMF Thread
2008 KMF Thread
2006 KMF Thread

And here is a helpful guide to the concert! It goes into detail about buying tickets, seat arrangements, artist announcements, transportation to and from the Bowl, the sponsor hotel, and more!!
KMF Guide Part 1
KMF Guide Part 2

So who's going~? Who do you guys want to perform this year? Did you go last year?
It's right around the corner!! I can't wait!! ^^


  • x_lailaibaybeex_lailaibaybee Posts: 108Member
    Can't wait for the concert! I've had a blast the last two years, hopefully this year will top both of them since it's the 10th year. :) I'm hoping for BIG NAME artists to be going this year since they are saying it's going to be really "special".
  • YuffieKYuffieK LAPosts: 136Member
    x_lailaibaybee wrote on 05 January 2012 - 07:19 PM:

    Can't wait for the concert! I've had a blast the last two years, hopefully this year will top both of them since it's the 10th year. :) I'm hoping for BIG NAME artists to be going this year since they are saying it's going to be really "special".

    Yeah! I'm super curious as to whether they'll do special things this year or not~ :o
  • AceFonduAceFondu CaliforniaPosts: 377Member


    I think thats what they said last time but it wasnt anything special, same old same old. haha. Well i just hope infinite or Miss A comes, Thats all.. 1 rookie and 1 big idol every year right? infinite is a rookie group :D
  • chickyl3abychickyl3aby <3 <3 <3 SeattlePosts: 2,277Member
    Super excited to go again! We already booked our plane tickets. I hope there's a good line up! 

    Ticket sales start on my birthday! tongue.gif
  • rectitude*rectitude* SUNSHINE ♥ Posts: 7,326Friend of Soompi


    I'm very excited for this year and I'm hoping they have a great line-up because it is their 10th anniversary - they better make it special. However, I'm sure I'm still going to have a great time even if some of my favorite artists aren't coming. (=
  • alasamalasam NYC Baby&#33;Posts: 741Member


    i was afraid they would pull a date change like last year and didn't buy my plane ticket right away. And between yesterday and today it just moved from $299 to $454! :crazy:
    The only good high is an Epik High.


  • lizzie23lizzie23 Posts: 11Member, New Member


    BIG BANG!!

    I think I speak for a lot of the VIPs out there when I say- come to America and we will treat you well ;) kekeke

    But seriously, please? your music would definitely be appreciated here, so why not come to KMF '12 and show everyone in LA what you guys are capable of?

    And shouldn't KMF's 10 annual concert go out with a BANG?!... of course I mean BIG BANG!<3

    love always and forever,

    a faithful VIP.
    VIP for LIFE
  • toomuchsmilingtoomuchsmiling 으아하하~ Southern CAPosts: 3,776Member


    i feel like KMF is exaggerating about it being "super special" this year since it's the 10 year?

    like ya they'll do something special, probably give out great prizes but artist list? :/
    not so sure...i mean i sure HOPE so cuz i'm considering to go this year since it is their 10th year but again, mola.

    Always Keep the Faith DBSK-4ever
    -동방신기--Girl's Generation--Super Junior--Shinee--CN Blue--BIG BANG- 

    EXO! We are one!!! 사랑하자!

  • EunSeob24EunSeob24 편은미 (Eunmi Pyon) Eureka, CAPosts: 1,984Member, New Member


    edited January 2012
    Can't wait for this year's Korean Music Festival!!! This year I'm gonna try to get pool seats because super seats were a bit far considering that you couldn't really see the artists. :(
    In 2011, I wasn't really satisfied with the line-up. There was only like 2 or 3 artist I liked, but I wasn't a HUGE fan of them. But the concert ended up being REALLY fun! No matter who's there.
    I know a lot people are expecting or doubting that this year will be BIG since it's the 10th annual. I sure hope it will be bigger because of all these kpop/korean concerts that has happen for the past few months or so. Plus there was a lot of negative comments about the Last year's Korean music festival line-up. So hopefully they listen/read the fans feedbacks.
    But I'm gonna go, no matter who's there. I mean if you are TRUELY a KPOP FAN you would still go no matter how much you don't like the line-up.
  • kfashionistakfashionista Posts: 42Member, New Member
    I hope they do something huge as far as line-up goes considering it is the 10th anniversary, but I'll be going regardless.  I had a blast when I went in '10!
    image - the who, what & wear of Korean entertainment!
    follow for updates! @k_fashionista
  • joemama23joemama23 Posts: 26Member
    I can't wait for this!!! I have never been to one I supposed to go to the '10 one with B2ST but my friend bailed so hopefully this year it won't be like that and some good acts come that will be awesome ^_^
  • YuffieKYuffieK LAPosts: 136Member
    Did you guys see the poll they have on the official facebook? Korea Times is asking everyone which artists they want to see the most at KMF!! Everyone go vote! I voted for so many artists... lol!!
  • _FallenLeaf__FallenLeaf_ Posts: 6Member
    So excited for this year's KMF!! It's their 10th year so I hope they do something special. No matter which artists go it's still really fun.
    Going to camp out and try to get a garden box. If anyone wants to share with me and my best friend pm~

  • KrazimKrazim The Krazi Soompier SomewherePosts: 844Member
    It would be nice to see 2Ne1, Tablo, Miss A, f(x), SHINee, INFINITE, or MBLAQ to come. It would be a major place if Brown Eyed Girls or DBSK come! Hehe, love them! But nevertheless, I would enjoy my time there. I did last year. ^^
  • Wingless.DreamsWingless.Dreams My unseemly promise to forget you makes me cry again USA :)Posts: 3,033Member


    edited January 2012
    :( It's on my birthday... I would go, but I keep changing my mind.
    Sigh. @____@!!!! It's going to be my 21st Birthday. AHHH. *go crazy* Maybe I'm too old now to go, I remember first going to HB in 2008. Yesung came :D i was happy hahaha.

    I wish to see IU <3 PLEASE. and FT Island (LOL if I do go, it's always expensive :()
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  • shandi_shineeshandi_shinee Posts: 24Member


    I'm really hoping for B1A4, Block B, Boyfriend, and/or Infinite to come this year~ I would include U-Kiss, but I doubt they'd bring them back a second year in a row. :\ And my other bias groups aren't popular enough to come, so yeah. xD
    Can't wait for this concert!
    B1A4 | MR.MR | Demion | VIXX | AlphaBAT
  • ItsAPillowPetItsAPillowPet Posts: 11Member, New Member


    Does anyone know if it's worth it to camp out? Me and my friends really want pool circle seats this year tongue.gif
  • ticklemepinkzticklemepinkz CA, "U SA"Posts: 263Member


    Does anyone know when they will be announcing the performers? I really want to go but I dont' want pay for the expensive seats if none of the performers are the ones that I like... you know?
  • AceFonduAceFondu CaliforniaPosts: 377Member


    edited January 2012
    ItsAPillowPet wrote on 15 January 2012 - 01:29 PM:

    Does anyone know if it's worth it to camp out? Me and my friends really want pool circle seats this year *quoted image*

    Definitely worth the camping out for great seats. I know it will be hectic during the actual ticket sales and i bet online would crash like last year.. :wacko:

    ticklemepinkz wrote on 15 January 2012 - 07:30 PM:

    Does anyone know when they will be announcing the performers? I really want to go but I dont' want pay for the expensive seats if none of the performers are the ones that I like... you know?

    They usually announce on march, but even if your favorite artists dont come.. like all the other posts said.. its definitely worth going and seeing up close. You would always have a blast no matter what and would definitely not regret a thing but you would regret not having a closer seat :P Also, you can resell your ticket if you'd like.

    Remember guys, its for all generations, not called an "Idol Festival"
  • 91DLG91DLG Posts: 110Member
    I have a question regarding section D and E seats. I know that entire section is filled with benches, but when you buy tickets for it, are you given a specific row to sit in? Or do you just sit which ever row you want to? Someone online said that I should get there early (if I buy section D/E tickets) so I can get the best view, but I'm not too sure what they meant. 

    If you guys could help me out, that would be great! Thank you for reading!
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