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do you like to wear black color clothing?

green papayagreen papaya usaPosts: 1,826Member


black seems to look good on me
when the weather get cooler around the end of Oct I tend to wear more black clothing, plus it matches my hair color

I always liked dark colors and earth tones, never liked bright colors, I feel funny wearing bright colors, plus food stains show up more on light clothing



  • prettymepurpleprettymepurple Posts: 30Member
    LOL, agreed on the food stains part - the amount of clothing that I've ruined due to having food fall on it...

    I wear black clothes sometime though.  I personally like bright colors, but black makes you look skinnier as well, so I wear it on fat days, LOL.   Sometimes I get weird stares if I wear all black, like "who's that weird goth girl?", but if I wear a bright lip color, it balances it all out. :)
  • cherish_lovecherish_love sydneyPosts: 212Member


    black makes you look a bit skinny so i sometimes wear it

    i know a girl who wears black or white EVERYDAY, i've literally never seen her wear other colours.
  • o_o;;o_o;; Posts: 571Member


    I'm one of those people guilty of wearing only monochrome coloured clothes. It's just a lot more convenient not having to match everything since black and white always go together.
  • dreamy21dreamy21 Posts: 859Member


    edited October 2011
    I love black clothing. It's a lie that black looks boring! 
    I'm so excited for H&M's new line of clothing that's coming out next month.wub.gif Reminds me of something that SHINee or 4minute would wear because of the baggy cardigans, baggy sweatpants and leather jeans vicx.gif


  • blushblush vegasPosts: 1,738Member


    o_o;; wrote on 29 October 2011 - 07:47 AM:

    I'm one of those people guilty of wearing only monochrome coloured clothes. It's just a lot more convenient not having to match everything since black and white always go together.

    Haha, totally me! I'm guilty of buying things of bright colors and rarely wearing them because in the mornings I roll outta bed and pick monochrome outfits. I seriously love my bright-coloured clothing but it's just... all out of convenience.
  • HOSHIKO--HOSHIKO-- - - - - ♥ G-dragon's heart.Posts: 1,279Member


    Black is a universal color for anybody to wear, so of course I love to wear black color clothing! (:
    For most, it looks slimming on them and it adds such an edgy vibe.
  • green papayagreen papaya usaPosts: 1,826Member


    black seems to have more of a serious business like appearance

    bright colors are more festive looking and feeling

    for summer time fun I prefer summer colors goes with the weather

    Ive seen some people wearing black clothing in the summer and it looks like it would be so hot to wear black walking in the sun light

  • lilliumslilliums Michigan.Posts: 1,652Member


    I love wearing black clothing! It's usually my go-to color when I'm late somewhere or in a hurry...because it's easy to make outfits out of, hahaha. Or when I'm just feeling lazy. Usually I like to experiment with other colors, though.
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  • bubbletealovebubbletealove Posts: 361Member


    It looks nice with my skin tone and it makes me look slim ^^
    Color black is elegant yet sexy yet simple yet mysterious yet lovable <3 haha.

    A m e r i c a n o ;; 좋아 좋아 좋아 ♥
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  • musicsmylifemusicsmylife 714Posts: 1,387Member


    I love wearing black and grey :) I assume it's alright if I wear dark colors since all the color I need is in my reddish hair. I definitely stay away from purple and yellow just cuz it seems funky on me with my hair color haha.
  • KeayaraKeayara fizzerific AustraliaPosts: 653Member
    I love colours, but when I go through my wardrobe it's mostly black. It's such a flattering colour that when I buy clothes that come in multiple colours I always opt for black and it's kinda built up over the years. xD
  • AimikoAimiko ★ wanderlust. Posts: 1,593Member


    I like wearing black because a person can look classy without being much effort and it slims down your body too, which is always a good thing. Black is a color that looks good on me too, but I dislike wearing everything black as an outfit. Instead, I always pair up black with another color so it wouldn't look that dull.
  • b2stbaabyb2stbaaby Posts: 656Member


    I love wearing black because it practically suits almost everything!

    I think about 70% of the time, I am wearing some black on me. Even if its as little as just a bracelet, belt or shoes... black is just such a versatile colour.
  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    i used to be guilty of this, but i'm trying to break out of it by buying clothing that are lighter/have more color ^^;..
    its very tempting to go back to all black though, and i do go back to it on my lazy days..
  • bebemuibebemui hello Toronto, CanadaPosts: 3,501Friend of Soompi


    I have a lot of black clothing, plus it makes you look slim ^^, my closet is full of dark and neutral colours. But I do want to have more bright colour pieces of clothing.
  • bitter SOOweetbitter SOOweet ??? ???? NOVAPosts: 5,497Member


    as much as i tell myself that i have lots of colorful clothing, i seem to fall back on black a lot
    but black is a good color! theres so much you can do with it? HAHA
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  • greentambourine1greentambourine1 Posts: 226Member


    I don't have lots of black clothing, but I also love to wear black especially for some occasions which require a more formal look.
  • MuaRizaMuaRiza Posts: 18Member
    :rolleyes:Yes! it looks grea t on my light skin! I also love Navys and maroons/browns
  • NorthWindNorthWind Posts: 76Member
    I love wearing black clothes! It goes well with other colors and looks stylish.

    Most of my wardrobe is black but I rarely wear full black outfit, I usually combine black with white, grey or other colors. Also, combining black clothes with silver jewelry or colorful accessories is a must!
  • vivaciousvixenvivaciousvixen Posts: 873Member


    I love wearing black clothing (or any neutral shade for that matter)! :lol: I believe that it makes me looks mature and sophisticated.
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