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Girls smoke

what's your opinion?
just as the title says, what do you think about girls or women that smoke?
disagree or agree?

share your thoughts and opinions :)


  • j'adoreAZNpopj'adoreAZNpop Posts: 1,973Member
    I think smoking is bad overall but.....I can't dislike someone just because she/he smokes. I would just stay away when they are smoking.
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  • twaybladetwayblade Valar Morghulis Posts: 537Member


    she smokes, she pokes. or so they say... and i'd be inclined to agree.
  • JiveJive Posts: 272Member


    turn off.  not a deal killer, but a HUGE turn off.
  • showoffshowoff Milwaukee, WIPosts: 865Member


    Definite deal killer if thinking of a long-term relationship.  Health issues down the road (cancer, etc), the terrible, terrible smell that'll permeate our house, car, clothes, etc, the horrible effects on her physically (teeth, facial skin, hands), etc.  Also, it speaks volumes about her self-control and desire to be a healthy individual.  My lifestyle does not mesh well with someone who smokes cigarettes.
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  • inebriatedpiginebriatedpig Posts: 18Member
    i disagree

    but it's because smoking is unhealthy, not because she's female.

    it's the same way for guys, i don't like the fact that some males smoke.

  • ayahuascaayahuasca AustraliaPosts: 1,472Member


    total deal killer, doesn't matter how hot she is. I start wheezing when I breathe cigarette smoke, almost asthmatic. When I pass smokers in the street I hold my breath until they're past me, If I'm standing near people who are smoking like at a bus stop, I move upwind of them.
  • hippocampushippocampus Posts: 327Member
    I find it attractive. But I also like girls who ride motorcycles, multiple piercings, tattoos (small), and the punk look.
  • Boomx2BrianBoomx2Brian Posts: 2,515Member


    Kinda hypocritical since I was a smoker for 6-7 years, but now that Im no longer a smoker Ive gone from indifference to turn off. The reasons are more related to not liking smoke smell in general and less to do with her. Also, I'd have a 90% of starting back up again if Im dating a smoker.
  • YUNA!YUNA! BAN COU BAPosts: 3,930Member


    If you want this from a guy's POV, my boyfriend told me that even if he sees a really hot girl, the moment she pulls out a cig then it's a turn off.

    Now for guys, I think it just LOOKS cool. I won't date him, though.
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  • iamcrazymikeiamcrazymike Union City, CAPosts: 511Member


    In general, I don't really approve of smoking. But generally if someone I know smokes, I don't say anything about it as it's their choice to make. Though, I do try to maintain a safe distance to avoid any second hand smoke. Granted for a potential gf, this would be a complete deal killer.
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  • RiderKamenRiderKamen Millkaaah! AZPosts: 1,659Member
    Dave Chappelle: "And They Stank" lol. The smell is one of the major things with me.

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  • [hF9][hF9] MauritiusPosts: 209Member
    edited October 2011
    Smoking is a huge turn-off,both for girls and boys.POINT
  • i'm lagging yoi'm lagging yo Bay AreaPosts: 508Member
    i think i'm like whatever now. smokers are everywhere some are cool some are douches but in the end it's their own choice.

    just like someone who loves eating a large pack of greasy fries for lunch and dinner everyday... it's their choice right? I wouldn't do it myself and can't agree with what they do but it's just like anything else, really.
  • o________Oo________O Posts: 568Member
    Oddly enough, I like the smell of smoke when it's coming directly from a cigarette. However, I hate the smell of smoke that has been absorbed into furniture etc.

    Unless I find every other trait of the girl appealing, it's a deal breaker for me.
  • zoomlo85zoomlo85 Posts: 253Member
    edited October 2011
    I don't mind if a lady smokes, as long as she is a good person.
    It is their choice, rather they smoke or not and wont alter my opinion.
    BUT i don't like "chain" smokers, smokers that smoke 1 pack a day. Few cigs a day is nothing.
  • NevynNevyn Posts: 237Member


    As an ex-smoker I dont care if someone smokes... male OR female.  I also think its hypocritical to have two separate rules for men and women, ie ok for men to do something, but for a woman its unladylike.  For me itd be worse if they went to Macdonalds and lived off burgers rather than they smoked, cos that burger smell really stays with you.. euwwww crazy.gif
  • DanilloDanillo Posts: 139Member
    edited October 2011
    I don't care if the person smoke - its never to late to stop.  Only is she smoke's a lot and have bad theets. But a few smoke are ok :)
  • FrogletFroglet Posts: 239Member


    I agree.  Smoking is disgusting inside and out.  It's worst when a girl smokes because there is no beauty w/ smoking.
  • RayeRaye HawaiiPosts: 357Member


    I don't find it attractive at all. When I was in high school, I remember there were a few girls from another school who would congregate in our school's parking lot and would smoke right there even if it was obviously prohibited. From that point on, I never really thought it was cool; of course, the fact that my dad would blow the smoke in my face all the time at home or while he drove also traumatized me. But yeah, I'd never date anyone who smokes. I just can't stand the smell and it causes my nose to start running. I've tried it myself a few times, but I never understood why people continually do it.
  • paintyourxtargetpaintyourxtarget Posts: 211Member
    On occasion it's fine. I couldn't deal with a chain smoker, or anyone who depended on a cigarette. Smoking even once a day on a regular basis, no. At a house party hanging out on the balcony, yes.
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