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[OFFICIAL] Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) Thread #4



  • 13infamyss13infamyss 13___Junki Posts: 5,471Moderator, Friend of Soompi


    ^Super Junior defeating their own selves. How cool is that? LOL!
    Congratulations. Mr. Simple entered the Taiwan chart so fast. I remember it took awhile for Bonamana to get into charts last year. so I thought you had to have a Taiwan CD Version first before you get into the chart.
  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    ^ LOL, I know right? It'll be amazing if Mr. Simple surpasses Bonamana :D

    Mr.Simple version B tracklist: 트랙리스트

    2. Mr. Simple
    3. 오페라 (Opera)
    4. 라라라라 (Be My Girl)
    5. Walkin’
    6. 폭풍 (Storm)
    7. 어느새 우린 (Good Friends)
    8. 결투 (Feels Good)
    9. 기억을 따라 (Memories)
    10. 해바라기 (Sunflower)
    11. 엉뚱한 상상 (White Christmas)
    12. Y
    13. My Love, My Kiss, My Heart

    via @YesungCenter

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  • doraezzzdoraezzz Posts: 1,368Member
    ^ gah new song on ver b :D

    So can we safely say that version B for 5jib will infact be counted this time round in both GDA n Gaon since their reason for not including 4jib Ver B last year was because its the same album just different cover? Be sure not to change your views n rules later >>
  • ImziImzi Posts: 509Member


    This is great it took only 2 weeks for the 5th album to become the best selling album of the year


    Credit: hanteo
  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    ^ It's seriously the Return of the Superior :D

    Super Junior Featured on the Cover of both CeCi Korea and CeCi China!

    Proved Super Junior’s Tremendous Popularity in the Fashion Industry as well!

    Super Junior, who has been gaining popularity with the 5th album title song ‘Mr. Simple,’ is featured on the cover of famous fashion magazine, ‘CeCi’ for both Korea and China.

    By being selected as a cover model for the September issue of CeCi (published both in Korea and China), Super Junior showed their popularity from not only in the music, advertising industry but also in the fashion industry.

    Especially, the September issue of CeCi is scheduled to present additional special cover of Super Junior for domestic and foreign fans. Super Junior members have transformed into thriller movie characters such as police detective, prosecutor, etc. for special photobook in the magazine so it is expected to draw the attention of fans in Asia.

    Also, the magazine is predicted to make fans excited by presenting Super Junior’s stories from time when they were preparing for comeback with the 5th album, their thoughts on overseas activity, and other episodes.

    Furthermore, before the shooting, CeCi Twitter collected questions about Super Junior from fans and it gained enthusiastic responses by receiving a large number of questions from fans all over the world such as Asia, America, Europe, the Middle East, etc.

    Meanwhile, Super Junior is performing with the title song, ‘Mr. Simple’ in earnest.

    source: facebook/superjunior





    shared by @YesungCenter

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  • rrongrrongrrongrrong Posts: 513Member


    ^ oh my, u've changed your avatar to siwon's "girlfriend"! lee soon hae is pretty, indeed :lol:

    in case anyone missed the tweetconvo, here's the news already

    Super Junior’s Siwon reveals his girlfriend: But does she have another relationship with Heechul?

    August 18, 2011 12:28 am hannacha

    On the 17th, Super Junior’s Siwon tweeted a picture with the comment, “There is someone that I love. I’m going to introduce her to you guys at last. Her name is Lee Soon Hae.”

    The uploaded picture is a doctored picture of Super Junior’s Dong Hae with long straight hair which makes him look like a girl.

    After reading Siwon’s posting, Kim Hee Chul retweets, “You dork, she lives with me!” Siwon replies to Heechul saying, “She meets up with you every night? I see a little problem in this relationship,” inspiring laughter.

    Netizens comment: “That’s a funny love triangle there.” “Anyhow, Miss Lee Soon Hae is beautiful.”

    Source: Sports Chosun from Nate

    which, of course, heechul retorted back by introducing his girlfriend, too ... hongki in a maid dress :lol:

    oh what a fun day kekekekeke

    get ready for tomorrow peops, another dose of super junior comeback starts again with mnet countdown! B)
  • 13infamyss13infamyss 13___Junki Posts: 5,471Moderator, Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2011

    [IMG]http://i52.Richard Simmons/2pq4caf.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/qr0sjt.jpg[/IMG]

    Now, this is what I'd call teasers!!!!!
    I'm all hyped up again :)
  • jae_heejae_hee Posts: 100Member
    edited August 2011
    sorry guys, i just want to share ceci magazine pics but my images cant be appeared..Do anyone know what is the prob..???
    first i did it , it appeared clearly but i edit it since i forgot to credit but lastly the image are broken..cant someone tell me what the prob..hope another elf will post so good!!
  • doodoo985doodoo985 Posts: 108Member
    doraezzz wrote on 17 August 2011 - 04:51 PM:

    ^ gah new song on ver b :D

    So can we safely say that version B for 5jib will infact be counted this time round in both GDA n Gaon since their reason for not including 4jib Ver B last year was because its the same album just different cover? Be sure not to change your views n rules later >>

    Gosh, I really hope they count version B because I really want to buy that right now! I just hope it goes with a 100 page photobook as well...Maybe SME realized their mistake last year and tried to make amends so they are making sure that this year, all versions will be counted.
    avatar credit:
  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    ^ OMO OMO!!! Wow! Version B looks so much better than Version A :sweatingbullets: But why is Teukie still wearing that wig :crazy: According to @sinyi88, it's front and back covers... Is the concept Rambo? LOL :lol:

    Cr: @YesungCenter

    @ rrongrrong - Yep, Lee Soon Hae is very pretty :D I had a lot of laugh with HeeSiHae yesterday, lol!

    [Official Pic] 110818 Ceci Magazine September Issue

    Our boys are so hot!!!




    Donghae, I'm dyinggggggggg!!!

    Seriously Donghae, I'm dyinggggggggggggg!!!


    via @sinyi88; @YesungCenter

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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    110816 Twitter Update

    [TRANS] @Heedictator: Teukie Teukie Leeteuk
    Dongeuridongdong Shindong
    Sulli is Jinri Sulli
    I love you Kim Heechul Milky White Skin Kim Heechul


    [TRANS] @Heedictator: I intend to lose weightㅋㅋ RT @JeonSeHong Stiiiill dieting?? Sttttop losing weight~~

    [TRANS] @Heedictator: The name with which Leeteuk labelled this gesture. 'Girl Group Look'. "Heechul-ah since you're wearing sunglasses the girl group look won't come out wellㅎㅎthat*'s the pointㅎㅎ". When will I say goodbye to sunglasses..
    * Referring to Heechul's facial expression.

    [TRANS] @Heedictator: Girl Group Look 2

    [TRANS] @Heedictator: Girl Group Look 3

    [TRANS] @shfly3424: Finished filming and went with Dokteuk*~ to Handel and Gretel^^ Dokteukie who even tried to personally help at the counterㅋㅋ we took on the new menu and it's delicious ㅎㅎ



    CR: (@pastakyu for @sjworld)

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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    110816 - 18 Twitter Update

    {Trans} @ShinsFriends: Today I woke up early so I'm driving around here and there now~~^^ yoohoo~~

    {Trans} @special1004: Don't take (photo)!!!!!Ah...Oh it's Yesung's brother..ㅋㅋㅋㅋOnomnom(munching) I ate it deliciously..ㅋㅋㅋ

    {Trans} @ShinsFriends: After the broadcast of Strong Heart yesterday, (got people) came to Shindong's DraQra PC Castle and asked "(This shop) Really gives baekseolgi (steamed white rice cake)??" "Yes..We give.." "bread too??" Yes yes^^
    However...someone came in with abnormal pose and asked...

    "Is this place run(opened) by gagman Shindong??" Burst out laughing!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    {Trans} @Heedictator: Jung Jaehyung, Kim Heechul, Lee Juk, John Park. We had a fun recording for Radio Star's 200th episode special!! Jaehyung hyung is really Jaehyung hyungㅋLeeJuk hyung is really LeeJuk hyungㅋJohn Park ssi's English is really good and he is very kind and pure. but I'm vulgar..ㅇㅅㅇ


    {Trans} @shfly3424: Posting a photo that I took together with our kkoming in a long time and going to bed for the sake of M Countdown tomorrow ... ^^


    {Trans} @special1004: It's Ipod Touch!!!^^ Now I can take selca finally ㅠㅠㅋ I was using 3G during the time so I couldn't take selca, now I should use it well^^

    {Trans} @Heedictator: Younghoonie, me and Yongsukie. We ate at Yongsukie's shop/restaurant after I cut my fringe. bbu ang bbu ang (act cute's words lol) ~ㅇㅅㅇ


    {Trans} @ShinsFriends: Together with Sungmnie, double shot!!!!^^ ㅎㅎㅎㅎ


    {Trans} @ryeong9: On the way to musical after finished the pre-recording for M Countdown ^^ It's a pity that I can't take part in today's live broadcast. I'm sorry ㅠ Please cheer for me/us to do well in today's show of Temptation of Wolves!!! Ryeowook

    {Trans} @donghae861015: ELFISH have bought over 3000(3k copies) SuJu albums.ㅜㅠSeriously I was too shock until speechless when I saw this pictureㅜLast year they had bought over 10000(10k copies) ㅜㅠ Thank you so much!! I love ELF!!


    CR: @Jinn8812elf

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  • 13infamyss13infamyss 13___Junki Posts: 5,471Moderator, Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2011
    Mr Simple's 3RD WIN happened on MCountdown tonight!!! :)

    woo-hoo. Congratulations!

    jae_hee wrote on 17 August 2011 - 08:28 PM:

    sorry guys, i just want to share ceci magazine pics but my images cant be appeared..Do anyone know what is the prob..???

    What image hosting are you using? I recommend Richard Simmons or
    and remember to put around it.
    [IMG] http://www.Richard Simmons/suju.jpg [/IMG]

    ^your image code should be like this. both Richard Simmons and will give you the image code when you uploaded the picture :)
  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member



    110818 M! Countdown - Super Junior's Comeback Stage (BTS)
    CR: crazycarrotextra2

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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    [News Pic] 110818 Mnet MCountdown

    83line :wub: :wub: :wub:












    Siwon, your girlfriend's with another man. Again. :lol:












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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    edited August 2011
    110815 - 17 Twitter Update

    @siwon407: Naksan in the morning! good moring :)

    Translated by: reneee at

    @siwon407 :In the shooting (place). Sungkwangie hyung birthday suspicious look during his (our) first drama shooting. Happy birthday hyung :)

    Translated by:babiettangkoma; Shared at by: Destiny

    @siwon407 The road going to Seoul. As the last day of a long weekend comes, it’s going to be 3 hours from Kangwon-do. If it was possible, i would like to go the airport right this instant but even through pictures, like looking at a Christmas tree, my mood is getting better ^^

    Translated by:@mimilovemicky; Shared at by: Destiny

    @siwon407 :Sleeping soundless (even) in the moving car. Why? (because) I was so excited (before).. I’m still in Gapyeong. Thanks to our Yeonwoo hyung who had troubled a lot (because of us/me) I love you hwaiting!

    Translated by:babiettangkoma; Shared at by: Destiny

    @ryeong9: From today the exercise will be started again!!!!! Jongseokie hyung let’s do it Yeah~~~~~~~>< Must work hard

    Translated by:@mook_yeye; Shared at by: Destiny

    @donghae861015: Good Morning!! See u soon Beijing ELF!!*

    Shared >< Hope everyone will keep supporting. ELF who came for the fan party yesterday. Love you guys^^

    Translated by: 13elieveSG; Shared at by Destiny

    @ryeong9: Appearing >< (I look) so funny like that. . Everyone please look forward and watch ㅋㅋ Now I am an entertainer (also)?! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

    Translated by 13elieveSG; Shared on by elf101586

    @siwon407: I have found a person i love. I think it is time for me to reveal it. Introducing you to my girlfriend. This is Lee Soon Hae ^^

    Translated by: @teukiebiased; Posted at by myuchullie

    @heedictator: Your girlfriend is living with me ㅋㅋ RT @siwon407

    Translated by: @yoo_geun; Shared and posted at by myuchullie

    @donghae861015: @siwon407 If I was a girl…I would be (looking like) this??

    @siwon407: @Heedictator So I will be meeting hyung every night ah..? This is a slightly headache-giving relationship ah! ㅋㅋ

    @Heedictator: Woo wah* In any way it’s still my night ah~ Nice ppuing ppuing** ㅇㅅㅇ

    @Heedictator: My woman @skullhong @siwon407


    @siwon407: @donghae861015 no matter how I see it (you are) prettier than hyuk…

    @skullhong: @Heedictator @siwon407 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ erm

    @BoA_1105: @siwon407 @donghae861015 I just saw Lee Sun Hae’s picture, I feel that…it looks like YoonA and Amber (combined) … ㅋㅋ

    @BoA_1105: @siwon407 So you miss me ah?! ㅋㅋ Even if i went our Si Bong will be busy…); Anyway I oppose your relationship with Lee Sun Hae!!!

    @Heedictator: @BoA_1105 @siwon407 My woman

    Woo wah* = exclaiming/crying sound i guess?

    Ppuing Ppuing** = sounds similar to mehrong(:P) i think?

    Korean to Chinese Translation: (Siwon,Donghae and Heechul convo : SJ家族_SJFamily @ weibo), (Heechul, BoA and Siwon convo : 李东海后援会海世代 @ weibo)
    Chinese to English Translation: @ampburger of @Heechulfacts
    Shared on by elf101586

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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    [HD] CeCi Magazine behind the scene with SUPER JUNIOR
    via @YesungCenter

    This is sooooo good!!! Kyaaaa~~

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  • SnapSnap WinterfellPosts: 1,758Member


    110818 Twitter Update

    @donghae861015: Good morning!! Today we have M countdown!! See u soon !! We see you soon because i miss you!!

    Translated and Posted by: PhungELF (

    @ryeong9: Have a nice day. good morning ^^~

    Translated by: @13elieveSG; Shared at by : PhungELF

    @siwon407: I’m in the middle of filming in Hongdae. It’s in daytime but it’s where I could already feel the passion and heat. I used to come here often for filming a drama called ‘Spring Waltz’ in 2006 but that time’s feeling ,which has been a while, keeps popping up.

    Translated by: @2pinkninja; Shared at by: reneee

    @ryeong9: After pre-recording M!Countdown, I headed for musical^^ I’m sorry that I am unfortunately not able to participate in the live performance T_T (Wish that) Today’s performance will also do well, please give your support!!! Ryeowook

    Translated by: @13elieveSG; Shared at by: reneee

    @Heedictator: 83Line Girl group face. There are times like that*~

    *lyrics from Mr. Simple where Heechul does the girl group expression xD
    Translated by: reneee (

    @Heedictator: Thought of high school days. “Our Heechul’s fringe is getting really long huh? Bring that scissors* over” At that time, my facial expression was exactly like thisㅇ0ㅇ

    *scissors to cut the hair
    Translated by: @sujutr4ns; Shared at by: reneee

    @siwon407: I will do the shooting in the romantic city in Incheon. The really low temperatures makes everybody gets cramp bless you all :) Acho!

    Translated by: @babiettangkoma; Shared at by: Destiny

    @Heedictator: Watched ‘Temptation of Wolves’ with Henry and Zhoumi. The new appearance of Ryeowookie!! Attack on the Pin-Up Boys’ Ryeowookie keep flashing across my mind :)

    Cr: @Jinn8812elf

    @donghae861015: Siwon’s lover Lee Soon Hae went out to newspaper! Have a good love !!

    Translated by: @0203KYU0105EUN; Shared at by: Destiny

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  • doraezzzdoraezzz Posts: 1,368Member
    [+MP3] 110819 KRY singing Memories @ Ok Juhyun's Music Station Radio
    cr YesungCenter

    [+MP3] 110819 Yesung & Kyuhyun: It Has To Be You @ Ok Juhyun's Music Station Radio
    cr YesungCenter
  • jae_heejae_hee Posts: 100Member
    edited August 2011
    @ 13infamyss ..thank you for ur help..i will do like that in future.. :lol:

    ahh..seeing them in Mnet Countdown , i can feel the deep relationship between suju members.
    i really dont want eetuek cry just live happily like that...kekekkee..

    Since siwon's girlfriend with another man..ahh heechul tried not just seducing us but seducing the rival of siwon..kakkakaaka..
    hyuk si...

    Heechul si, u are cheating hongki lol!!!
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