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What are your favourite apps?

WingedbunnyWingedbunny Posts: 606Member


For any phone
I guess you have apps for nearly anything nowadays! Personally it's getting hard to find nice ones just by browsing around so i think it would be a cool idea to list your favourite apps and list what they do! That way you don't have to browse around endlessly and aimlessly

So what is your favourite app?

I personally love the standard apps for twitter and msn but i´ve grown attached to my weather app because the weather here can change so rapidly. Other than those i have some game apps because the standard games on my phone are not exactly fun to play!


  • IonNukeIonNuke USA / TaiwanPosts: 980Friend of Soompi
    If "Area Mail" is an app then it warns you of disasters on the phone. Too bad its functions are not supported by a lot of carriers outside of Japan :(
  • serenityx3serenityx3 60초면 충분한 story Posts: 424Member
    Angry Birds is def. one of my favorite apps.
    I just have a lot of game apps. :P Haven't found any other apps that really catch my attention.

  • AiMangoAiMango honeypunch. 519Posts: 2,197Member
    edited May 2011
    My faves on my iPod touch:

    Marron - basically sticky pics using iOS
    Pigshot - haha kinda outdated now but I still play it
    Tiny Wings - the new angry birds
    Angry birds - durr
    I find that I cant play iOS games for more than 30 min though.. they get boring.

    Skype - they still need some tweaks, but they have video calling now : )
    P Tracker - for my period XD
    LiveJournal - I use LJ as a diary, so when Im on a long bus/subway ride I use this, then post it later when I have a wifi connection.
    Maps - sooo useful!

    and of course Facebook - their mobile apps actually have a bunch of issues, well FB even on web has a lot of issues.
  • WingedbunnyWingedbunny Posts: 606Member


    Yeah my app for facebook is kind of messed up! It keeps shutting down itself. I'd love to have a app for tumblr that works though. I found one but the reviews were horrible..
  • Zom.BZom.B District 12Posts: 258Member


    Pocket God
    Sky Burger
    and Tap Tap Revenge 4
    tumblr | alice
    boom shakalaka
  • BukAlanBukAlan Posts: 454Member
    for my iPhone:

    Kakao talk
    Mail - Standard feature but OMG, so useful!!!! love how it beeps everytime i get mail.
    Camera+ - makes sharing pix on FB so much easier
    Seoul Metro - you put in what subway stop you want to start/end and it maps it out for you. So useful!!!!!
    oto - it lets me call my family in the states like its calling someplace local
    Crosswords - cost $9.99 but its so worth it if you're a crossword player
    Translator - useful when trying to talk to korean girls in hangul  =)
    USAA - banking on the go
    SoundHound - love this app, tells you the name of the song thats playing
  • BishieAddictBishieAddict Over the RainbowPosts: 4,500Friend of Soompi
    Where's My Droid - used it couple of times already
    Ringdroid (?) - love making my own ringtones
    Google Map
  • akanesanakanesan wonderlandPosts: 423Member


    words with friends
  • PieSauruSPieSauruS Posts: 97Member
    edited July 2011
    Beautiful Widget
    The Impossible Game
    Fruit Ninja
    Death Worm
    SmartKeyboard(for korean :D)
    Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game (like a truuee asian :])
  • JiiiaXinJiiiaXin Posts: 250Member
    Angry birds
    Paper toss
    1to50 < lol

    Also apps i cannot life without are
    Android Booster

    I also really like
    Money wise
    Shazam and barcoo
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  • likunglikung PerthPosts: 15Member
    -Cut the Rope
    -Words with friends

    Apps essential for my daily survival: :lol:
    -Air Video (I can be in bed streaming watching all the dramas/movies streamed from my pc to the iphone)
    -Splashtop remote
  • nathaniellimnathaniellim Posts: 27Member
    -PLANTS VS. ZOMBIES!!! (i don't get it.. don't nobody play this game anymore??)
    -And that thing my mom has which turns her iphone into a credit card (which they've had in asia for centuries) and the other thing my mom has which controls the central air conditioner at home and the directv app which enables us to set the recorder even though we're not at home..

    You spelled favourite that is sooo cool.. you must be from europe lol... ur so awesome w00t.gif
  • blueorangeblueorange Posts: 104Member


    im running on symbian but so far my favorite apps are:

    - Gravity (you have to pay for it, but there are cracked ones out there..) coz it lets me check facebook and twitter at once and you can post pictures, to

    - monopoly - very addicting game

    - angry birds for symbian s60v3

    - ebuddy

    - crypto - to hide files you don't want other people to see :)
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  • damyoungjidamyoungji Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,245Member


    The app that a lot of Korean celebrities use to take pictures these days =) Don't know how to type it on my laptop though! haha

    But I discovered it way before a lot of Korean celebrities started using it, and some of my Korean friends started using it because of me XD
  • Aaron.DAaron.D Posts: 13Friend of Soompi
    edited July 2011
    For my iPhone:

    Google+ - Lil buggy at the mo' but considering it was just released, it's quite impressive.
    BeejiveIM - My favourite messenger.
    RemoteX - Controlling my PC from my bed lol
  • SUMM3RxBABiiSUMM3RxBABii NYPosts: 3,260Member
    Angry Birds/Rio/Seasons
    Bounce Bullet
    Fruit Ninja
    Food Spotting
    Yelp (only for iPhone, the BB one sucks)
    Pulse 87 NY
    Tap Tap Revenge
    Free People, MAC, AE, HCO, A&F, Smashbox, DKNY, Guess, more!
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  • OhNoel09OhNoel09 Posts: 122Member
    the app to check gas prices. $3.20 for a gallon? yes please!
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    android user.

    tumblr app
    words with friends
    puzzlebobble (it's just bubble bobble...the arcade game with the 2 dinosaurs)
    who wants to be a millionaire 2010 (fun to play with friends)
    fruit ninja
    facebook (not so much newsfeed is like all out of chronological order o_O but useful for chat)
    astro (for backing up and installing apps u didn't buy...)
  • dot1qdot1q The Mysterious One New YorkPosts: 2,463Friend of Soompi


    Have tons of favorite apps but if I had to name the absolute essentials which I use every single day, multiple times a day, and can't live without... Evernote (by far!. I wouldn't know what I would do without it) and Pulse. Everything else could be replaceable by an alternate app if necessary (although not desired/preferable but expendable). :)
    I am NOT an admin. :)
  • Jang PilmoJang Pilmo Charlotte,NC East Coast&#33;&#33;&#33;Posts: 534Member
    so if you only had one choice and only needed one APP on your iPhone, which one would you keep???
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