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[Opinions] what kind of cereal do you like to eat for breakfast?

green papayagreen papaya usaPosts: 1,826Member


I like Kellog's Corn Flakes, Wheaties, Cherrios, Shredded Wheat



  • flerwiesflerwies ?TVXQ? TVXQMAICEPosts: 106Member
    nestle's whole wheat cereal :wub:
  • moonk379moonk379 washingtonPosts: 1,248Member
    frosted miniwheat, life and honey bunches of oats.
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  • PYRITEPYRITE Posts: 15,216Friend of Soompi


    Frosted Flakes

    I don't really eat cereal anymore but if I had to, that's what I'd eat
  • JAExiLLJAExiLL Posts: 91Member


    I eat cereal in between meals sometimes, I get Special K with the strawberries
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  • supertorisupertori Posts: 118Member
    POPS! <33
    rice krispies :)
    froot loops! :)
  • xStrawberriexStrawberrie Posts: 60Member
    sometimes i try froot loop or lucky charms in the morning,
  • Chasing-A-FairytaleChasing-A-Fairytale Posts: 1,288Member


    [font="'Comic Sans MS"]I like Captain Crunch :D[/font]
  • Jen.Jen. Posts: 1,363Member


    I like Cinnamon Toast Crunch =) Or Fruit Loops and Frosted Flakes...used to love those rice krispies ones but then I got bored of them. I never liked Lucky Charms for some reason.
  • JENNUHJENNUH Posts: 871Member
    Cheerios *_* Love, love, love them! <3
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  • EyeonmodelEyeonmodel Posts: 53Member
    I like to eat cornflakes in the morning.

  • Victoria_kVictoria_k Posts: 6Member
    Frosted Cheerios! I'm not sure if they still have them or not..second favorite would be Honey bunches of oats or cheerios :)
  • Myss BlewmMyss Blewm Futbol = <3 Posts: 4,057Member
    I don't eat cereal for breakfast anymore, more of a special treat snack from time to time, so I LOVE Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Fruity Pebbles.
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  • juwieejuwiee Posts: 205Member


    nutrigrain =] its taste so good and a little bit sweet!
    sometimes i eat it for a snack aswell. its iron men food lol
  • SobayakiSobayaki Honolulu, HawaiiPosts: 310Member


    I like the Special K with strawberries. But I also like Honey Nut Cheerios too!
  • paperkamenpaperkamen Posts: 64Member
    Oh man, I was just anticipating going out and buying some Puffins cereal tomorrow. So delicious... but original or multigrain...
  • bombb_bombb_ BOMbb_ california, usaPosts: 1,283Member
    kashi..raisin bran..uhh special k with strawberries?
    id say those are my preferred cereals..
  • crisplycrisply Posts: 32Member
    Special K with strawberries, kellogg's frosted flakes, capn crunch, cocoa puffs. they're the only kinds I eat
  • xthanhhhxxthanhhhx Ji Yongs Pocket :)Posts: 708Member
    Frosted Flakes
    Cinnamon Toast Crunch

    Yummy :)

    I don't really eat cereal much anymore since Im lactose intolerant
    kinda scared on trying with soymilk lol 

  • tofuxxtofuxx brooklynPosts: 1,408Member
    special k, captain crunch, frosted flakes, honey combs, cherrios (plain and honey nut), kix
    preferably with almond milk, skim milk or plain yogurt
  • bitter SOOweetbitter SOOweet ??? ???? NOVAPosts: 5,497Member


    special K - the ones with the dried strawberries
    raisin bran
    cheerios w/ fresh bananas and strawberries
    i want some cereal now T_T
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