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★彡yg ♪♬♪ The Official Big Bang [빅뱅] Thread ver. 2



  • AngelaOngAngelaOng Posts: 11Member
    Hi everyone, I thinking of sharing my story also. I am from Singapore and I first heard of Big Bang just last year over the radio station. It so happened that I tune in to radio at that time, and the radio DJ is interested in K-pop and J-pop and started to introduce a new Japanese song "Beautiful Hangover" by Big Bang (the radio dj emphasize on how popular they are then at Japan) So logically my mindset was telling me they are Japanese boyband. Also, around that period of time, there is this event in Singapore called "Korean Music Wave 2010" and through the radio, I knew Big Bang was coming. This arose my curiosity, as I was wondering what a Japanese boyband doing in Singapore for K-pop concert. But I don't bother to find out more.

    One day, my sister was watching Korean drama "I am Sam" and my sister was telling me this guy his name is TOP and he is from a boyband. As I hate to watch TV, I just took a glance at the guy whom my sister is referring to. First opinion of TOP is "bad guy look". Then I continued doing my things.(my sister not interested in K-pop either. She by chance watched Big Bang documentary without knowing what the boyband group name even though she followed through all the episodes. And all she can remember is TOP because of the drama).

    Few months later, I was stressed out preparing for my JLPT test, so I decided to search for this nice song "Beautiful Hangover" and that's how I know TOP comes from this group Big Bang and was equally surprise to find out TOP has a deep voice. At the same time, I come across their another Japanese song, "声を聞かせて". I immediately fall in love with the song and mv. Then the interest for them start to grow. I began reading the comments of the mv. And the second person I knew from Big Bang is Taeyang (as a comment in the mv reads Taeyang / Sol is the one with "hair standing up"). Also from this mv, third person I knew is Daesung, as his voice melted my heart and this coincide with another comment reads "Daesung / D-lite has a nice voice which melts my heart".. And sad to say, it took me few weeks to tell apart G-dragon and Seungri in terms of looks and voice.

    Weeks later, I discover more of Big Bang Japanese song through another source (my mind still tells me they are Japanese), and through a Japanese video clip related to Big Bang, I find out they are Korean and they are much younger than me! Even though, i feel abit embarrass of liking a boyband much younger than me, I just continue discovering more of their activities in Japan through video clips.

    Feb this year, I heard that they will be releasing their new song "Tonight" and was really looking forward to hearing it. As this shall mark as their first Korean song I ever listen. Then my friend recommend me two of Big Bang songs, "Haru Haru" and "Lies" and with "Tonight" .. I am hooked to Big Bang (my sister was influence by me as well) ..
  • SmuffySmuffy Posts: 60Member


    Everyone's stories are really fun to read =P Here's how I became a VIP =)

       Okay, so in January 2010 or December 2009, I'd joined an online forum. There was a music thread and some of the other girls were saying how great this band call 'Big Bang' was. I clicked on a link to Lollipop since I was curious, but...Before it even started playing, I quit out of it! Just because I saw the first part where 2NE1 sing 'Lolli, lolli, lollipop' not knowing that it changed! Also, I wasn't that interested in Asian music at the time. =(
       Then, one of my friends from that forum convinced me to read 'Bleach' and I got hooked on that, then I started watching the anime. After watching the anime I downloaded the soundtrack and I started to like Orange Range. I looked up some Jpop on Youtube, and I listened to that for sometime.
       In December 2010, I asked that same friend if she could suggest some Jpop bands, and she recommended Big Bang, saying they're Korean, but they have Japanese albums too. She linked me to Haru Haru and Heartbreaker and I was totally amazed at how good they were! I remembered that I had almost watched Lollipop at one point, and I would've kicked myself. I had thought Big Bang was 2NE1!! :sweatingbullets:  So THEN, I watched the Lollipop MV and...Well...I saw TOP. I didn't recognise him from Haru Haru (I thought he looked like an alien) so I was like 'WHO IS THIS INCREDIBLY SEXY MAN WITH THAT AMAZING VOICE!?' Then I saw Taeyang, who I didn't really like a lot at first, but I thought he was kind of cool (and half black), I just didn't think he was very different from American artists. Seungri was really cute and I didn't think Daesung was very good-looking but as soon as he smiled, I began to doubt that.
       I was totally dying for more TOP, so I looked up all the Big Bang videos I could. I was on a craze for weeks. I got to know all the members, and soon enough I loved them all equally AND knew all of their songs =P

  • NiwatorisamaNiwatorisama Posts: 63Member

    I was jamming to the rap when the mv came to this part.................and aLL HELL BROKE LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!w00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gifw00t.gif
  • prismaprisma Posts: 499Member


    edited June 2011
    I was randomly searching for new korean songs in youtube and clicked "Lies". I fell in love with it instantly. Catchy and nice beat. After that came "We Belong Together". I was hooked.

    I was never and am not into Boy bands except for Big Bang. I find boy bands too teeny bopper since I have a teenaged son only a couple of years younger than Seungri.

    Daesung's voice is heaven! At first i didn't like G dragon - the guy with a eyeliner. Woah! That totally changed after i listened to his song "a Boy". He sings with attitude!

    So now my faves are Dae sung and G dragon.

    Listening to Big Bang songs gives me joy, its a natural high. So whenever i fell stressed from work, i play my big bang songs to give me energy and forget about my work problems.

    Also, Because of Big Bang, I've discovered 2Ne1- love them! Fierce girlband and sings really well. Love CL. But thats another story.

    I am leading a double life here....Listening to kids a decade + younger than me. An ahjumma in love with Big Bang. If only my friends knew, lols. My children love them too bec. Of me....

  • oh`retrooh`retro ♔ vip United StatesPosts: 927Friend of Soompi
    edited December 2011
    This sounds silly, but I will always remember the day I fell in love with Big Bang. I've never been into Kpop before because I hated listening to songs I didn't understand. My friend was really into Kpop so she tried to get me into the fandom by showing me a DBSK song. No offense to them because I also love them now, but at the time, I thought the song sucked and the boyband phase was so over. During May of 2008, I was over at a friend's house and one of my friends put on Big Bang's Last Farewell. The second I heard it, I fell in love with the song. Then she put on Goodbye Baby and I loved that song too. I had thought that all Kpop songs were the same generic dance numbers, but these songs were different. I went home that day and googled/youtubed Big Bang and the rest is history. I fell in love with them and I've been a die-hard VIP ever since. Big Bang is what brought me into the Kpop fandom and they're the ones who are keeping me in this fandom. I love them, I hate them; I praise them, I criticize them; I want them gone, I want them back. I know that no matter what we feel towards Big Bang, at the end of the day, we will always support and love them.
    always keep the faith
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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2011

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  • xtlover15xtlover15 3 stars and a sun PHPosts: 21,911Member, Friend of Soompi


    edited August 2011
    Mine is really not interesting but here it goes ^^.

    I'm actually a late fan of BB i started to like them in October 2009 i guess? But i already knew them when i heard their name in Lollipop together with 2NE1.

    At first i don't give much attention to them. Its because of the episode of FO i fully knew them when Seungri is filing the place of Daesung when he had a car accident. I watched it because i'm a fan of Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 too and learned that TOP and him are best friends.

    About my thoughts when i saw them in Lies MV. Before i thought GD was a random actor there, Taeyang is the person who has the deep voice and TOP is the one who has the r&b voice and the leader. I was really mesmerized by Dae's powerful voice. While Seungri i think he looks cute ^^.

    I tried searching about them. Listened to all of their songs, watched all the programs they are involved with. Later i realized how i slowly loving them with their dorkness and individuality.

    But when i refreshed my memory i watched G-Dragon's this love mv in youtube before back in 2006 but since i was really focused with Taiwanese F4 before that's why i wasn't really into to liking other groups. I kinda have those regrets for not focusing to watch it. I guess fate have other plans that's why i am here loving and supporting them ^^.

    Hmmm about my bias. I was first attracted to TOP actually cos he is really good looking and i love the way he raps. I was so irritated watching BBTV before cos its all about G-Dragon LMAO. I was like i'm watching it to see TOP but bad timing its GD's solo activities well i ended up watching him since he is somewhat interesting and a funny person. I think what's my mistake was being curious with GD. Like in interviews he is always smiling. I was like in my mind what is his problem? why does he keeps smiling? is he crazy? robl. Thinking i have a weakness with guys who has a cute smile hahahahahaha.

    Since i'm really confused with the two of them i decided to be a GTOP bias XD. I actually love all the members equally tho ^^.Cos sometimes the other three are ruining my bias list ALL THE TIME LOL.

    Forever shipping GTOPBAEDAERI <33333.
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  • xtlover15xtlover15 3 stars and a sun PHPosts: 21,911Member, Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2011
    official upload ^^

    G-Dragon Gmarket OMG CF 'Fitting Delivery(피팅배송 편)'

    Gmarket [StayG:1st 110708] Concert Promo Movie

    Credit: GmarketZone@YT


    Credit: ji-yong@tumblr


    Credit: jiyongie@tumblr
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  • indianbreadindianbread Posts: 52Member


    I apologise in advance for the LONG story...

    I was into Kpop since 2003. After about 4-5 years of listening to Kpop, about 1 year after I started university, I started losing interest in Kpop as the music was starting to get boring and I didn't even understand the lyrics. I didn't really know much about Youtube or music shows back then so I only followed the same artists and was in the dark about new releases, hence I got bored. I told myself to never listen to Kpop again.

    One day, I was watching a video from Mychonny, a popular Australian Youtuber that I follow. He had Taeyang's wedding dress playing in the background. Even though it was a Kpop song I can't resist good sounding music so I Youtubed it....and got hooked. I listened to that song non stop for a few weeks. I had thought that Taeyang was a solo artist but it turns out he was part of a group called Big Bang upon research. I had heard of them a few years ago from my friend who told me that they were good but I didn't bother to listen to them. I knew they were from YG so I assumed they were a pure hip hop group, and I wasn't really interested in heavy Korean Hip Hop. I really regret not listening to Big Bang when she told me about them as I wouldn't have missed out on the Haru Haru promotions. 

    I don't know why, but I started watching random Big Bang performances out of curiosity. The first one I saw was Lies. I was bewildered by their 'un-idol' like looks as they say....but they were good live, and the song was good as well. I kept listening to Lies, and then I discovered Haru Haru  and fell completely in love with that song. I slowly started getting back into kpop but I was just a casual BigBang listener (I only listened to those 2 songs as I wasn't interested in Big Bang as a group). I was more interested in a few other groups who were promoting at that time but I found that over a short period of time I got bored with their music as they lacked variety and stuck to the same genre. I realised that out of all the kpop albums that I downloaded only one group's music stood out to me the more I listen and that was Big Bang. What surprised me was I liked so many of their songs from their first album until their most recent album at the time. Even the majority of the non title tracks were very good quality, even better than a lot of the title tracks from other groups.  Their music had so much variety, ranging from RnB, Hip Hop, Pop, Electronic, Rock....and they were all done very, very well. I was impressed that one group can pull of so many different genres just as well as, and at times even better, than groups who specialise in those genres. I had never liked so many songs from the one group before, and before I knew it the majority of Kpop songs on my ipod were from Big Bang. Not long after I started following their news and updates closely, and started watching their TV appearances - basically whatever subbed vids that I could find. As I got to know the members' personalities I realised that despite the incredible stage presence, charisma and swagger onstage these 5 boys are just a bunch of (hot & sexy) dorks offstage! By the time GDTOP album came out, I was a VIP. 

    Like a few of my fellow VIPs who have posted above, I got sidetracked by other groups for a bit but only Big Bang's music stood the test of time for me and maintained my interest. VIP until whenever =) 
  • lil' zenlil' zen Seoul, Mapogu,Sangsudong^^Posts: 523Member
    Guess I'll share mine too...
    I was already into K-Pop but not totally as compared to now =P
    Well mine sorta started out funny (I guess...XD)
    I used to like Se7en and he had this song "La La La" and Big Bang too came out with the same song title "La La La"
    (Was wondering why they copied him then...LOL!!!) Anyways I didn't know they were from the same company and so...
    I decided to check them out-- First person to ever who caught my eye was T.O.P but GD has since been my bias ^^v

    Since late 2006 till now I've been a fan...I manage to collect some albums here and there (bless my pockets~~) and even attended
    the 2008 Global Warning Tour in Thailand and I will never ever forget the time I was sleeping in the lounge when they were shopping next to my hotel T.T
    That was the one and only concert of theirs that I had attended. Since then my exam has always been clashing with the concert dates >.<

    Thanks to YOUTUBE and the dedicated fans I have been able to catch up with all their variety shows. My internet was really slow then...was living with only Bluetooth connected to a phone coz it was a new area but it's alright now ^---^

    I've never regretted having liked them for like around five years and will always support them until whenever ^^~~
  • JustchillinJustchillin 영원히 Posts: 1,775Member


    Oh just wanted to share mine. (:

    I wasn't really a fan of kpop before. I've always preferred jpop over kpo and i used to fight over it. =)) im into just kdramas before, i'm a big fan of kdramas (c'mon, who isn't?). The first kidol groups i knew were super junior, snsd and dbsk. Because of sis and cousin. But there was one time, early 2008, that i was sitting beside my brother while he was watching Wonder Girls' Tell Me music vid, though my attention wasn't really into the mv, i was listening to the music then i found Sohee and thought she was cute so when it was my time to use the computer i searched for Tell Me performances in youtube, and i don't call this accident, but.. fate maybe (LOL) but i clicked into Big Bang & Wonder Girls' first collab stage video (Tell Me + Lies). I didn't really realized that big bang was a group back then. Because like i said i wasn't really into kpop that time so i'm not very knowledged to it so when i saw Big Bang i thought the user was describing the WG as a 'big bang' if you know what i'm saying LMAO then i thought lies was just another WG song. So when i watched it that's when i reazlied Big Bang was a group.

    Not long after they finished performing Tell Me, Lies started playing. And that's it, after hearing the song i became automatically lss-ed by the song. After watching that very video i found myself replaying the whole perf, and the lies part again and again and i started dancing into the wave dance. "LIES" brought me to big bang. That was when i started searching a lot of stuffs big bang related. And i really really find them amazing. Soon after hearing lies i heard "Always" AND again it was another song that i became lss-ed into. So i started listening to bb songs and i'm like, gosh this group is amazing!

    After that day, the next days werent the same anymore LOL i used to open the computer, search for the new anime episode releases of manga releases, listen to jpop songs or english songs whatever. But when BB came to me all i did was to check out news about them, photos, and everything that vips do. And with just that i became a vip. p: that's why i'm very thankful of WG haha, they introduced me to bb <3
  • IceQueen101IceQueen101 Posts: 1Member
    When I first came into KPOP, I was obsessed with Rain, BoA, and Se7en. Single artist. Honestly, I knew NOTHING about the groups. Then, I discovered that my friend Adam was into KPOP too! I was  So excited!!! We talked about different groups all the time. then one day, BIGBANG came up. He initially talked about GD (this is around the time when his solo had just come out) and then he showed me videos of them back in the day to compare and contrast. "He looks so different now, right!" He was talking about GD. I thought his blonde hair was so strange to me but I stared looking at their videos to compare the too. After that, I forgot about them.

    Then later, I started looking up Rain and Se7en fanvids and I found two that I really like. One of them stared BIGBANG and them dancing in Goodbye baby and I was like "O___O OHMYGOD!!!"

    Then the other stared BIGBANG's song "With you" And that's what took my heart. I would sing that song ALL DAY and especially TOP's part. when I really like a group, I'll look up their information on Wiki and learn about them. I found myself doing this with BIGBANG and I was so excited to learn that TOP's birthday was the same day as mines and I freaked out. Even though, after wathing them so much, I had a tie bias between Seungri and TOP. (Seungri is my top bias though)

    BigBang was now officially part of my life. 

    Everyday after that I would discover new song and download them until finally I think I had ALL of them. I would watch videos and learn their personality and my MP3 was over 90% BIGBANG.

    I cried in Haru Haru.

    I laughed in How Gee.

    And thanks to Lollipop, I fell in love with them even more along WITH their Label-mates, 2ne1

    I am YG biased for good reasons. Because each and every part of YG family is Genuine to me. They love each other and love music. And in turn, as a VIP and a person, I love them.

    I knew from the beginning that the VIP fandom was a family. When I joined, I became dedicated. So now, even through their tough times, I'll support EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM.

    gossipgirl01saka9918jhezzyRaRa AvIs
  • -daydreamer76-daydreamer76 Posts: 2Member
    edited June 2011
    okay, I'll share mine too laugh.gif
    so it was the year 2009. 2009 was the year when I first heard the term kpop. This year 2ne1 was very famous in our country because of sandara park. I remember there was news about her coming back to the Phillipines  for a vacation. My initial reaction was like "why did she even bother to come back?" Yeah, I was just being mean. (mwahahaha) I didn't really care about her  that time though. But my friends at school especially my best friendand other friends, were chatting about 2ne1 and the members and i thought "woah! they even know the names of the members." So, not liking the feeling of being out of place, I searched for 2ne1's song fire. I was really not interested but because my friends like them, I liked them also and started watching their mvs on youtube. One time I came across Lollipop, because, 2ne1 was in it and a random kpop boy band named BIGBANG, I watched it. When a guy with a pink jumpsuit came out I was like "meh~ normal" then, a guy with specs came out I was like "OH GOD! he looks ugly" ( I was pretty judgmental back then. LOL ) and the other members came I  was like "yeah, whatever". I didn't really liked them and know much about them so...sleep.gif I actually thought BIGBANG ruined the mv. =.= But, for 2ne1, I started really liking them and I got really addicted. So, being the addicted fan I am, I search for their news and updates and i came across some bigbang news also. I didn't really read them but instead just look at their pictures in the articles. I thought "hm. they look aite" so I searched their pics on google... hm, NO. I searched only picture of GD because he was the only one who caught my eye. Yeah, I'm pretty biased. LOL. There was one particular pic of him that I completely fell for and I was like mnhdfjhgbhasv HIS HOT!!!wub.gif . So, from then on I saved more GD pictures in my cellphone and just a couple of bigbang, but, started to like bigbang even more. I introduced bigbang to my closest friends and they too liked them.We have different biases but I am a full pledged GD stan. I even fooled one of my non kpop friends that GD was my boyfriend and she fell for it! OMG! w00t.gif I was pretty childish too back then.So, I started watching their mvs and random funny videos which made me love them even more (especially GDsmile.gif* biased overload* ). 2009, no, i think it was early 2010 that was a year that I became a VIP, but, not really updated about them, I just knew the basics about them and mid-2010 was time I became a full pledged vip and a kpop fan. Not once, have I ever lost faith in bigbang. I'm not gonna lie here, but, sometimes I wavered a little. It was because they were on hiatus so, I kinda grew bored and got interested in other groups but, bigbang was still my number one favorite kpop band.

    BIGBANG is number one in my heart except family & friends. My love for them is out of proportion, I can't even find the right words to explain it. I love them all. Each and every one of them still, a little more love to gd. hehehe. To bigbang: I will always support you and love you no matter what. You are the best for me and no one else can compare to the joy and sometimes pain you give to me and nothing can also compare to the undying love and support i give to you!


    (out of all pictures, I don't know why but this was the one that convinced that he was CUTE & HOT at the same time)
  • NaraeStyleNaraeStyle Posts: 8Member
    bettechai wrote on 15 June 2011 - 05:16 PM:

    hi ... ive register in ygeshop but until now there is no confirmation regarding and everytime i log in this comes after... --> *quoted image*pls help thanks


    There are basically two ways to register in. Assuming you are not Korean, did you attach the image of your id? The first image is to find your ID (this ID is different from the ID, like from ID card. With Korean websites, people don't use their email to log in, instead, they can set their own ID). So, the first blank is to type your name, and the second and third are for Korean SSN. The second picture is to find your password. 1st: ID, 2nd: Korean SSN, 3rd: your email address. Overall, those are not related to you if you are not Korean. If you haven't got confirmed yet, there must be something wrong. Well, I can't ask your id so I can't do much about it, I guess. Email me if you have any more questions: (or you can consider using our service as well :))

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    [PHOTO] G-Dragon for G Market Summer Season Advertisement Picture


    Credit: 必미 @ DCGD
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  • KimJongKookieKimJongKookie Coming Soon! HoustonPosts: 5,115Member


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    D'aww just look at him. perfect and beaming with cuteness :wub:
    His hair is cute too hope he keeps it like that for awhile.
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