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★彡yg ♪♬♪ The Official Big Bang [빅뱅] Thread ver. 2



  • LadyBeeLadyBee seeing you standing there.. Posts: 252Member
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    [CAPS] Seungri from YG Family Concert Making DVD


    as tagged || 마늘 + 광주의자랑 @ DCVI
    .. cause I can't stop thinking 'bout you boy ♥

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    kminoko wrote on 25 March 2011 - 01:53 AM:

    I'm a new fan of BigBang, and saw YGeshop had some of the limited items.

    but I was wondering if anyone can help me with is.
    I tried to purchase the items, but I cant proceed to the payment as this message was show.

    "Microsoft Internet Exploer 외의 환경에서 이용하시려면 KCP 플러그인을 설치하셔야 합니다. 확인을 누르시면 플러그인 다운로드창이 호출됩니다. 설치후에는 반드시 브라우저를 재시작 하십시오."

    what does the above message means?
    is it true that YGeshop need to use Internet Explorer,
    well I'm a Apple Mac user, not windows.  so does it mean i cant purchase?

    I tried writing to the customer centre, but they didnt reply me >_<
    I'm pretty anxious about the closing date for the items i want

    Please i hope someone can help me out.
    Thank you.

    That's just saying, " If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, you need to install KCP plug-in. Please click Yes, then you will be able to install. After installing, you must re-open your browser."  I think they didn't reply you back because you wrote in English? I also asked something, but I received a reply in a few hours. I know it's pretty hard for non-Korean to use Korean online shoppping malls. It's very annoying when I have to install about 5 programs to make a payment or ect. Most of the websites only accept credit cards issued in Korea. Anyway, I can help you out easily since I do a lot of online shopping, specially for Korean stuff. This has nothing to do with my bussiness though  Just email me:
    Get Korean products from Korea! Free translation service.
    Fashion items, K-pop, Gmarket, Wigs(shipping free), Cosmetics, and many more.
    We deliver(5%off) INTERNATIONALLY!/ Payment methods: Visa/Master cards, Paypal
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    Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

    Credit: 06251804@YT
    please don't steal my icons and banners without my consent. thanks!
  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


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    G-Dragon, Yoo In Na-why they don’t have a cut in the CF which is filmed together?


    Yoo In Na who has been active in filmming drama and other areas of showbiz has filmed a CF with G-Dragon. The mutual characteristic of them is they are both ‘fashionista’ and this is the first time these two stars appear together. However, in the CF, there is not even one cut that they are filming together which has attracted attention.

    On 16th, according to the advertising agency, TBWA, G-Dragon and Yoo In Na appear in the G Market’s new advertisement ‘OMG’ (Oh My God) which has been being broadcasted since the start of this month, where they exclaim about the service and customers' benefits while enjoying shopping.

    Originally, G Market and the CF producer have planned that G-Dragon and Yoo In Na should film most of the scenes together. In order to carry out the plan of the CF,they have tried to adjust the schedules of the two stars but was not successful. At the end, the wish of shooting the ‘couple’ shots were dashed and they had to film their parts individually.

    Having to film a film, deliver live broadcast on TV entertainment show at night coupled with her filming a drama,Yoon In Na really has a busy schedule. Although she has tried twice to adjust the schedule to fit GD’s. their available time slots still cannot fit each other.

    The thing that the producer of the CF worried most is G-Dragon is also very busy due to the recently resumed activities of BIGBANG, their concerts and their starting of activities in Japan, he might not be able to finish the shooting. However, the real situation is totally different.

    Since they are both very busy; therefore, the related staff said, ‘G-Dragon is busier than a big model.’ And ‘In Yoon Na is a trend now.’

    A staff said, ‘at the end, we have to give up our favourite scenes but their fame is big enough to bring good advertising responses which can compensate that.’

    Source: Asiaevia bbvipz
    Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
    (Thanks to chiffonlau@ twitter for contribution^^)

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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    [PHOTOS] 110519 More photos of G-Dragon for G-market


    C: 비율. @ DCinside
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  • pearlchupearlchu Posts: 14Member
    i like this movie.:) they should make a movie again.;)
    aww,why are you so handsome TOP and seungriii...XD
    B! I! G! TO THE BANG!
  • mup_nhoxmup_nhox Posts: 2Member
    oh. Gaho is cute. I love it and I also love boss. do you know Boss?
  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    [PHOTOS] 110609 More photos of G-Dragon for G-market


    source :G-Market via teambigbang
    shared by: 大头头不大_ @ baidu
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  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    [PHOTOS] 110612 More photos of G-Dragon for G-Market


    C: happyrichlife @ ameblo
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    It's a Sharpie you say like sharpay (i'm not sure about the spelling though oh well tried my best)
    Ruth A.
  • shinhdeplolshinhdeplol εїз Woήdεŕ ßαηg ツ Cυвe fαмïly ♔ Posts: 45,051Friend of Soompi


    [INFO] New G-Market event?


    C: 必미 @ DCinside

    Can someone translate what the banner says? :)
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  • bettechaibettechai ♥♥♥♥T.O.P♥♥♥♥ Posts: 298Member
    hi ... ive register in ygeshop but until now there is no confirmation regarding and everytime i log in this comes after... --> unledmj.jpgpls help thanks
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    I know this is too late ㅋㅋㅋ but I’ve been backreading my friend’s blog and saw this again xD

    Source & Credit:

    Current condition: My feet are dead, my wallet is near-empty, but my spirit is soaring high. Reason for such condition: Big Bang and their Big Show.


    This is something that we had wanted to do, but tickets got sold out (or so they said) and are only available through sellers who jacked up the prices.nono.gif But some friends told us to try our luck at the venue, so we did. Charity, Lou and I, together with our Korea-based friend Cris braved the non-stop rain to see the last night of Big Bang’s Big Show concert at the Seoul Olympic Gymnasium. I can’t say I’m a fan of Big Bang; I only know two songs in its entirety, while the rest, I just know that they’re Big Bang songs but I don’t even know the titles. But I’ve wanted to catch this concert because I’ve seen their past Big Shows on DVD and I was impressed. Besides, if I am to rank the idol groups based on my preference, Big Bang is No. 1 on my list.

    Another thing is, eversince we arrived here and we tell people that we wanted to watch Big Bang’s concert, they automatically assume we’re Big Bang fans. err.gif Here at the hostel, at Muju Resort, they always end up playing Big Bang’s latest mini-album for us as soon as we mention the concert. And then there’s the fact that their latest single is blasting everywhere in Seoul, and I mean EVERYWHERE. To say that Big Bang is HUGE here is an understatement. Behold, the evidence:


    That seething mass of humanity is just a small part of the entire crowd that lined up under the cold rain. And mind you, the population is not just limited to teenaged fangirls. There were quite a number of ‘matured’ ones (mostly from Japan) and quite a number of males, too.

    We checked the ticket counter to see if they still have VIP or S tickets left and surprisingly, they still do. We got our tickets and then looked for our line. Can I just say, I’m suuuuper impressed at the logistics that they employed for this? They brought in the crowd one section at a time. Since there are no seat numbers in the VIP area, you have to look for your section based on your ticket number, line up there and wait for your section to be called. There were lots of ushers and security staff who guided the crowd to where they should go.

    Now here’s the thing: photo and video taking was strictly prohibited once the show has started. Cameras were allowed in, but you won’t be allowed to use it. Charity got apprehended once when she used her phone to take footage. One guard approached her and told her to delete the files. At first she thought she was being asked to step out of the venue, so she was like, “please don’t ask me to leave, I came all the way from the Philippines for this!” Well, not really, but you get the drift. Needless to say, I never even dared to touch my camera after that. It was only during the final moments when everyone was already taking footage that I managed to take a couple of shots, but with the seething mass of humanity pushing, shoving and trying to get near to where any Big Bang member is, there is no way anyone could take a decent photo. Cris was able to take some better shots, though. I’ll just upload them later once he sends them to me.

    Here’s an important note: If you’re going to watch a Big Bang concert, try to avoid the standing area if you can. It’s one thing to be in the middle of people who are taller than you. Add to that the fact that (1) the Big Showstage wasn’t too high, unlike, say, Super Junior’s Super Show; and (2) the Big Bang boys aren’t exactly tall themselves. shutup.gif And then there’s the fact that these taller audience members were carrying lightsticks, which, by the way, could be a deadly weapon. I almost got impaled in the face by a VIP crown lightstick courtesy of the girl in front of me who waved it as if she was all alone in the moshpit, not caring if she’s going to hit the person behind her. For the most part of the show, particularly when the group was performing on the main stage, I couldn’t see a single thing. Park Bom of 2NE1 had a guest appearance but I only saw her in the flesh for about two seconds because that was the only time she went to the extension stage. I just contented myself with listening to the crisp audio and watching them through the super-clear LED screens. So every time all or anyone of them would go to the extension stages - which were just a good 8-10 feet away from us - we would try to absorb everything of Big Bang that we can.

    Also, we realized that it pays to have come from a humid tropical country like the Philippines. We are so used to heat and humidity that we were able to stand almost 3 hours being stuck in the middle of a moshpit crowd. One of the reasons why we ended up so near to the stage even if we didn’t arrive early at the venue is that a lot of the fans in front were not able to stand the heat and went out of the concert hall as early as the 4th song. We who are experts when it comes to heat were even wearing our coats. I took off my scarf and coat at around the middle of the concert.

    Random observations and whatnot:

    1. I’ve always had this impression that Big Bang’s latest songs are too electronica for my taste. But during the concert, I didn’t mind at all. In fact, I found them to be really good. Tonight and Hands Up are still ringing in my ears until now.

    2. The big surprise to me is how handsome Seungri is.exclam.gif When they went to the extension stage to make their opening greetings, the one nearest to me was TOP, and beside him was Seungri. I first looked at TOP (naturally) but then Seungri caught my eye and I completely forgot about TOP after that. Really, with TOP’s massive sex appeal, it would take a lot for anyone to overshadow him. But Seungri did. Looks-wise, that is.

    3. TOP’s sex appeal comes out once he starts performing. Especially during the GD-TOP segment where he was wearing a green suit and glasses. He’s super bad-Richard Simmons there. Side note: TOP was the one whom we saw up close the most. At some point, I got too tired of seeing his face that I wished the ones who hardly go to our section - Daesung and Taeyang - would switch places with him. razz.gif Such wish came true because during the encore, Daesung and Taeyang stayed at the ramp nearest to us and we saw them REALLY up close.

    4. I think the even bigger surprise is… Daesung is actually handsome in person. surprised.gif Photos and videos do not give justice to his real facial features. His face is not as wide and ‘cornered’ as it is in person. And of course, he’s such an awesome vocalist. He only had one solo number but he kicked butt there.

    5. WE ABSOLUTELY LOVE G-DRAGON.arrow.gif ‘Nuff said. Side note: You know how he looks so feminine in photos and videos? In person, he’s as masculine as TOP. Maybe even more masculine. Side note 2: When the group went to the S and R areas to be closer with the fans, GD even let the fans touch his face. I think someone was even able to kiss him.

    6. Surprisingly (again), Taeyang is so… flat. shutup.gif It’s actually a bit disappointing as we were expecting so much from him because… well, he’s Taeyang. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a very good performer (all of them are, actually). But unlike his co-Big Bang members, he didn’t look larger than life on stage. No, I don’t mean literally and no pun intended.

    7. Superb stage set-up, superb light show, superb effects, superb choice of songs, superb gimmicks (that thing where they went all the way to the R section to be up close and personal with the fans there was a nice touch), superb audience interaction. Obviously, I have nothing bad to say.

    8. The Secret Garden parody was soooo hilarious even without subtitles. lmao.gif Of course, we all saw the drama so we could relate. The kissing scene between Seungri (who parodied Oska) and TOP (parodying Gil Ra Im in Kim Joo Won’s body) elicited loud screams from everyone because it wasn’t a lame smack. TOP really kissed Seungri. It should be on YouTube any moment now because this portion was shown at SBS during the Big Bang special that they aired after the concert. (Edit) I saw the version shown at SBS and the kissing scene was censored by putting a heart over their lips. In the concert, it was shown in its full glory on the LED screens.

    9. Special shout-out to their back-up dancers who were not only really good, they also LOOK REALLY GOOD (”walang tapon”, as we would say it in PH). The lead female dancer has a strong resemblance to Sung Yuri, while one of the male dancers look like SG’s Han Tae Sun. This particular dancer had us under his spell that we totally didn’t realize that Big Bang was already at the extension stage.

    Basically, the only thing that ruined the experience for me was the fact that I did not see most of what happened at the main stage. But that didn’t in any way affect how good the show was, overall.

    Here are a couple of photos that I managed to take. I will upload Cris’ photos later. PLEASE CREDIT THIS BLOG IF YOU’RE GOING TO RE-POST AND DO NOT HOTLINK THE FILE. THANK YOU!



    SOurce :  Pau Unnie’s fan account

    Original post out for more pics)

    Shared via 062518 @ tumblr
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    [PHOTO] 110617 New promo photo for STAYG event


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    G Dragon: The name goes beyond a trend and becomes a brand... Becomes the BEST BRAND!
  • monetaa_bbmonetaa_bb Posts: 10Member
    Thank you Leslie_lei for this thread! Mine's a long post as well..

    Well once upon a time, my friend asked me to put songs on her new phone so I took it home. She already had some songs on her phone and one of them was Haru Haru by BIGBANG. Once I heard my friends talking about a song called Haru Haru but I was shy to ask about it. I decided to listen to it and I liked the piano intro. I thought the song was Japanese because I didn't know what K-Pop was at that time. I really liked GD's voice and the chorus was catchy. I continued putting songs on my friend's phone but I kept thinking about how good Haru Haru was so I decided to send it to my phone and enjoyed the pleasures of Haru Haru.

    One other day, I was playing with my other friend's phone and I looked at her videos. One video caught my eye and it was called Wedding Dress by Taeyang. I overheard my friends talking about the song and they said that the singer was hot so I wanted to check out the video.

    I watched the start of it and I saw Taeyang by the piano and I thought WHOA HE'S HOT! and watched the rest of the video. I was teary at the end of the video because of the ending. I really liked the song so my friend sent it to me. I also really liked his voice so my friend sent me Only look at me and Baby I'm Sorry. That day I found out that he was in BIGBANG.

    After a while, I watched more videos of BIGBANG and also listened to more of their songs. I liked BIGBANG so much that my friend gave me all of the BIGBANG songs she had and that's how I became hooked to BIGBANG. And also how my bias is Taeyang. :P
  • dolce_vitadolce_vita Posts: 13Member
    Thank you so much,leslie_lei, for the thread. I always wanted to know how the other soompi VIPs got to like Big Bang and share my story too.I will be as short as possible.

    I started out with watching dramas at first and more specifically Jdramas-Hana Kimi,Kurosagi and so and so and finally my favourite Hana Yori Dango.So I watched it like thousand times and then I found out there was a Korean version too and decided to check on youtube for fanvids to see if the actors will appeal to me.The first video I watched was with 2NE1's song ''In The Club'' and I really really loved it.So I started searching for other 2NE1 songs and the first one i saw was the newly-released Lollipop featuring no other than Big Bang =)

    After I heard the song I was completely mesmerized-so many colours combined together and it still suited them and then the red HOTNESS of TOP,the crazy afro-korean HOTNESS of GD,the american-korean-looking HOTNESS of Taeyang with moves to kill,the adorkable charming smile HOTNESS of Daesung and the blue cuteness with R on his chest that is Seungri (I forgot HOTNESS) was wow simply breathtaking how these strange people took me out with a single blow.

    I listened to Gara Gara Go, then Haru Haru then Lies and Last Farewell and in a day I was in love with them.I had become a VIP so fast I couldn't take a breath of air ;D I liked other Kpop groups after that and for a while was into Kpop as a whole but that quickly changed.I have liked BB's every song from the beginning and to this day the love I have for them only grows whereas my love for Kpop faded into blackness. So yeah I love BB from the depths of my heart and that will not change,to me they are something precious that I will always hold on to.

    Big Bang is not just another Kpop group.Big Bang is a trend.Big Bang have changed the way of Kpop music so many times and has contributed so much to it I think they should receive an award for that.Big Bang is one of a kind,something Papa YG himself said that he will never be able to create again.Big Bang is creation,it's a huge explosion which led to the creation of our universe the way it is today.Big Bang is a myth,something which appears once in a lifetime and I am proud to have been present and to have seen this Big Bang in action.Big Bang is forever VIP and no matter what the antis say Big Bang will always be on top of the world to us VIPs....

    Peace ^^
  • Chasing-A-FairytaleChasing-A-Fairytale Posts: 1,288Member


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    I discovered Big Bang when I first heard Taeyang's song " Wedding Dress"
    At first I thought he was a solo singer from the start but then I found out he was in a band called Big Bang. I typed the band name into the search box on Youtube and the first song that caught my eye was Haru Haru. I loved every bit of the song and started listening to their other songs such as Love song, Tonight, Lies, etc. Now, I am hooked onto Big Bang. ;) My favorite member has to be T.O.P. ♥
  • rectitude*rectitude* SUNSHINE ♥ Posts: 7,320Friend of Soompi


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    The first time I saw a picture of Big Bang through the internet was either late 2007 or early 2008, but I was no longer interested in K-Pop during that period so I didn't care. However, I did join Soompi in 2008 because of my friend who recommended a lot of fanfic stories. During August 2008 when they released "Haru Haru," I saw a lot of people writing it in their Soompi signatures so I got curious. I decided to give them a try because it wouldn't hurt. Plus, I figured there must be something amazing about them if so many people seem to like them. "Haru Haru" wasn't my favorite song, but I did find it to be unique in comparison to other K-Pop songs. With that in mind, I decided to look up their songs. The first two songs that popped out were "We Belong Together" and "Forever With You." I ended up liking those two songs a lot.

    Although I didn't become an immediate fan, I began to look up youtube videos of them. I remember seeing their Making of Haru Haru and a lot of other random clips. Their personalities were really adorable and enjoyable. From there, I began to look into their music and got to know them - I was hooked. I especially enjoyed Seung Ri's cute personality and loved Tae Yang & Dae Sung's vocals. (Now, I have come to love all of them with Tae Yang being my bias. ;D) Through watching "Family Outing," I became a bigger fan because I completely adore Dae Sung in the variety show. Also, the realization that G-Dragon was the little boy who rapped in all those YG Family videos got me more interested, too - I never did notice Tae Yang in the MVs until I became a BB fan. What I didn't realize was that I will still be a fan about four years later. My love for K-Pop groups usually don't last for long, but Big Bang made a difference for me.

    That is how I became hooked with Big Bang - the five most amazing guys ever. ♥
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