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What are some things you enjoy doing by yourself?

kissez*kissez* YEAH OH YEAHPosts: 8,252Friend of Soompi


For those of us who are antisocial.
I don't want to spend my entire summer holed in my room watching movies but I can't stand to be around my friends/family for extended periods of time either.
Since I'm hanging out with them this memorial weekend, I figured I won't have to see them again for maybe a month or two (if I'm lucky).

So what are some fun things that you guys like to do on your own?
Do any of you guys travel/vacation by yourself? What's that like?

I want to take up fishing, maybe...

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  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    Geez, come to think of it, just about everything I do is by myself nowadays.
    Lately, I've liked taking long walks on my own ranging between 3-4 miles as part of my exercise routine.
    I have absolutely no problem going out to eat in a (non-fast food) restaurant by myself.
    Like bohemian sprite, I like taking advantage of early morning bargain matinees at the theater to watch movies by myself.
    And as for traveling, I went to London-Paris-Amsterdam completely on my own the past summer of 2009.

    All in all, I guess I tend to embrace doing things on my own because the whole planning out and preparation - for whatever occasion it may be - is entirely my own. There's no having to wait on a person to get ready, concern if a person expected to meet you is going to be late, or unexpected/unforseen changes in plans that are predicated on the whims of somebody else. Granted, experiencing something can oftentimes be best enjoyed when in the company of other people - but on the other hand, I cannot remember an outing that was completely ruined as a result of being alone. Which is to say, if you're alone and things don't happen to go as envisioned, you can always salvage the outing by making a solo decision at the drop of a dime.

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  • larislaris Posts: 1,825Member
    The gym and walks in the city are great. I go to a different gym than most others at my university, so it's great not having to start a conversation and having your workout interrupted. Also, walks around the city even by yourself are fun. If you're in to people watching be sure to get the newspaper so it doesn't look that way.

  • HERMITHERMIT Posts: 10,642Friend of Soompi


    edited May 2011
    laris wrote on 29 May 2011 - 07:36 AM:

    If you're in to people watching be sure to get the newspaper so it doesn't look that way.

    Oooh, rather than a newspaper, I usually just have my cell phone out to make it look like I'm texting or playing a game or something.
    That way, if a cute girl walks or jogs by, I could even snap a quick picture or maybe make a video clip.

    Wait, is that people-watching - or just stalking?
    Never mind. (Probably doesn't even count as doing something by myself since there's probably about 6 other guys in the park doing the same thing as me.)

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  • SonnenscheinSonnenschein Posts: 77Member
    reading  books, just the book me music and a good glass of wine or tea ;)
  • chilovesjjchilovesjj EnglandPosts: 876Member


    edited May 2011
    I'm a figure skater so that's my favourite thing to do by myself :) Any kind of sport or physical exercise that doesn't require other people would work. It's great for your body, for your mind, and I found it vastly increased my confidence as well.

    I went to Japan by myself on a whim when I was about 18, and it was one of the best weeks of my life. I felt like I really grew a lot, it matured me and made me feel more in control. I'd definitely recommend it, everyone needs to do something crazy like that at least once!
    I split with my bf of 3 years recently, and I'm thinking of doing something similar, I've always wanted to go to Korea and haven't really been on holiday since I started dating him so I might just jet off in the summer and see where my mood takes me! You have so much freedom when you travel alone, you can go wherever and do whatever you want. :)

    Aside from that, I sometimes take a day to go to a place and just wander around taking pictures. Even if it's somewhere I know quite well, if you walk around by yourself you'll notice things that you don't see when you walk through it talking to friends etc.

    I like shopping on my own, I dislike shopping with other people as you have to go into shops you hate, not spend as long as you'd like in the shops you love and it's just generally a pain, I much prefer spending the day flitting around the shops at leisure before winding up on a comfy sofa in Costa. As the others have said, people watching can be quite good fun, and it's just nice to sit with a huge hot chocolate with marshmallows on top watching everyone else hurrying about while you chill out.

    HERMIT wrote on 29 May 2011 - 05:41 PM:

    Oooh, rather than a newspaper, I usually just have my cell phone out to make it look like I'm texting or playing a game or something.
    That way, if a cute girl walks or jogs by, I could even snap a quick picture or maybe make a video clip.

    Wait, is that people-watching - or just stalking?
    Never mind. (Probably doesn't even count as doing something by myself since there's probably about 6 other guys in the park doing the same thing as me.)

    You kill me. Hahaha.
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  • Tamago86Tamago86 世も末フゥ~!! Posts: 3,560Friend of Soompi
    Going to the gym, reading, cooking, computer games & online games (sometimes MMO with friends, does that count as alone or not..?)
    For some reason I get really lonely when I travel alone to places..I don't have much trouble moving to a new place or country and making friends, but for example I wouldn't want to travel on vacation to Europe etc. for a week by myself..such experiences for me are more fulfilling when shared with someone else.
    Sometimes it's really hard to see everything you want to see when you are with other people though
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  • AziraphaleAziraphale STOP CAT ABUSE!! Posts: 7,288Member


    edited May 2011
    I prefer to do things alone. Reading, sightseeing, cinema... if I can do it alone, I'll do it alone. I do enjoy the occasional outing with friends, but I find it really tiresome to constantly accommodate other people. Except for work trips, all my vacations have been done alone, it's like I almost dread someone asking if they can come along.
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  • emensityemensity fairybread land&#33;~Posts: 190Member
    driving...i love driving without a passenger with windows down and music up =D
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  • maboroshimaboroshi CaliforniaPosts: 830Friend of Soompi


    - listening to music, and taking long walks
    - walking the dog
    - taking pictures

  • itrayyaitrayya latchkey princess. California.Posts: 7,221Friend of Soompi


    im such a homebody, i can basically survive weeks in the house without going out.

    - watch movies.
    - clean the house/ bathroom.
    - rearrange room.
    - crochet.
    - read books.
    - exercise.
    - watch cable tv [there's always something new to learn on the Discovery ch.]
    - write letter to friends/ cousins.
    - go to the theatre.
    - shopping.
    - take care of my garden :)
    - sleep.
    - listen to music.
  • Myss BlewmMyss Blewm Futbol = <3 Posts: 4,057Member
    Watching a film I feel is best viewed when I'm alone as opposed to having to put up with my younger brother MST-ing the eff out of it or feeling bad that I dragged a friend along who didn't really want to see it in the first place, shopping, driving on small roads in the plains, reading books, writing, picking up new hobbies and dropping them a month or so later, surf the net (mostly lurk around Wiki and IMDB reading trivia on films I've recently watched)...enjoy some peace and quiet.
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  • WingedbunnyWingedbunny Posts: 606Member


    I like being alone too. I prefer cleaning my room until it's nice and tidy and then watching my favorite anime or tv show. I'm not alone often though so i make the best of it when i get the time to get some rest and privacy!
  • papermoon1papermoon1 Posts: 214Member
    i wouldnt consider myself anti-social, but i do spend some good private time alone.

    fishing i do almost daily. ive been taking my lunch breaks at the lake and just chill out for awhile. on the weekends, i seldom rent a boat by myself, set up my rods and just read a good book(i NEVER, ever read). in the end, its really not about catching fish

    other times alone, i build things. sort of a secret hobby of mine. anything from legos/knex to carpentry to automotive mechanics.

    at night, i usually smoke alone and watch a movie or something until i fall asleep. i need a gf...
  • kimbomynizzokimbomynizzo San Diego, CAPosts: 349Member


    I find going to the gym, studying, and watching a movie at home is best done solo. But thats obviously just my preference.

    I dont know how some of you mentioned going to the actual theatres to watch a movie is enjoyable solo, that to me seems like a group thing/10th date.
  • knockblockknockblock Posts: 3,758Member


    edited June 2011
    Going out to places to explore. Wherever it may be. See what interesting developments happen in the day. Create conversation with strangers talking with them. Except all of these mean nothing if you don't get to know people. Which has been the case with me. I wish I knew certain people I met more than I did. As it feels empty.
  • i&lt;3rameni&lt;3ramen the fresh the city of rosesPosts: 547Member
    this is what i generally do when i have some "me" time
    - drives out to the country or backroads to find some nice scenery
    - starting learning some photography of just random places and things since you can make any picture look awesome
    - find some viewpoint spots where you can just relax and take in the surroundings
    - start up small various projects
    - try to find some "hole in the wall" food spots that are actually bomb diggity
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  • twaybladetwayblade Valar Morghulis Posts: 563Member


    kissez* wrote on 28 May 2011 - 04:52 PM:

    I want to take up fishing, maybe...

    love fly-fishing. just me and my dog (RIP brother). 

    [img]http://i51.Richard Simmons/33oqlxe.jpg[/img]

    [img]http://i56.Richard Simmons/vo8imx.jpg[/img]

    i go snowboarding by myself half the time. definitely prefer working out by myself. only time i need a spotter is for bench but i can manage without one. 
  • erureerure photography junkie CaliforniaPosts: 5,927Friend of Soompi


    edited June 2011
    I love going to the movie theater alone. I don't really care if other people think that it's weird of me to go see a movie by myself -- I can focus a lot better on the movie when I'm alone. I also like eating out at restaurants even by myself, because sometimes it's a hassle to try to synchronize your times with a friend. Other things I like to do are driving, shopping, going out to do some street photography in SF, and reading a good book. I also like to hang out and watch movies on blu-ray at home or play some games on my ps3 and xbox 360.
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