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★彡yg ♪♬♪ The Official Big Bang [빅뱅] Thread ver. 2



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    [ENG] 110405 Big Bang - UV Syndrome

    Credit: WeezingKoffing
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    G-Dragon's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition


    W: When you were doing an interview for your solo album 2 years ago, this is what you wrote. ‘G-Dragon is not an idol. He’s an icon.’ When I see Big Bang now, I think you guys passed the image of idol.
    GD: I think people’s view of us and our place within the 2 years and 3 months have changed. All that time, the age average have decreased and we have aged a little bit more. I’m kind of embarrassed to be called an idol and I think we’re currently on our way to becoming a musician.

    W: After ‘Lies,’ the hook songs were overflowing and you came back by throwing away that style. As a producer for this new album, did you think that you had to make music that was different from your common idol songs?
    GD: I did think that we had to be different. We could have taken the easy way, but I thought we shouldn’t, so we continuously changed the song which took a long time. The title song, ‘Tonight,’ was actually made one and a half years ago and we spent all that time changing it. While resting, I watched a lot of music programs and it wasn’t the certain style of music, but the time spent on the whole song in general was too fast which made me feel a bit disappointed. Before, when I listened to a song, that song would become the memory that I had during that time. But these days, the songs don’t have a lingering scent or leave a certain memory for the listeners. I wanted to make those kind of songs. A song that will be loved by many and also becomes a memory for the listeners. Because we went through this process, people become more attached to this album.

    W: I think this is an album where all five of your individual skills and abilities were shown. As a producer, what were you trying to pick out from the members?
    GD: It’s the same for me as well as the members, but before, within Big Bang, one person was the center. But as the members did their individual activities, they were able to obtain their own color for sure. I thought right now was the time for the five of us to gather together because we’re at our highest. I collaborated with them like a star to star feeling, so I worked with them with the thought that I couldn’t let one be buried among the others. The ability to not let one’s part flood away. As individuals, our music style and skills have to be alive so that we can see the effect each of our synergy has and also for the flow of the entire song, I saw it as doing our best. For example, in Daesung’s case, compared to the other members, it has been a while since many have seen him, so he tried to show that he definitely changed. Daesung’s strength is his husky voice and depending on how you listen to it, it can be a bright voice or it can be the voice of a bad guy. In order to capture that voice, we fixed ‘Cafe’ a lot. Because we were satisfied with the results of the song, I felt Daesung’s part was poured out.

    W:I feel like the title song, ‘Tonight,’ was arranged minimally but at the same time you gave it a sense of fun and seems like you prepared a lot for that.
    GD: The way people listen to music have changed to mobile these days, so we made a section for ringtones and coloring. For those who listen to the music that way, it’s not only the chorus but I wanted people to like each of the member’s parts as well. The dilemma of what to show on stage, performance-wise, is reflected in some parts of the song. When it explodes, it should definitely explode and when we go up again, I wanted to give off the feeling that this part is the climax. For the part where the guitar solo comes up, since I’ve done a lot of concerts, it was an idea that was influenced by concerts. I had the thought of wanting to show an upgraded performance to reflect my experience in holding many concerts.

    W: When you were a duo with TOP, I felt like you were trying to show that you were doing music because it’s fun for you. Now that that time has passed, what part of you have changed now that you’re back to being Big Bang?
    GD: Like the song, ‘Knock Out,’ I wanted to experiment many songs within Big Bang. I saw that even the song like ‘Knock Out’ can be loved by people in Korea and felt hope that this kind of music can become a trend one day. A conflict can happen easily within the group, musically. But for us, we’re able to relieve that conflict through unit activities and solo activities. There are songs that we’re able to do as Big Bang and songs we can do when we’re doing solo activities.

    W: You slightly touched on mobile use, do you tend to worry about the system of the music industry?
    GD: Because the board is spinning so fast, this situation can be difficult for those who are working with music. Even though we worked 2 years to release this album when we perform on music programs for 3 weeks or even for a month, we have to change the song. If not, then we have no way of promoting our songs and that’s how the system works. Within those 3 weeks, the writers are judged on everything so I’m sure there are parts where they feel that it’s unfair. Many idol teams believe the reason that you can become popular by relying on one song and so they tend to rely on the writers a lot. That’s why they tend to clash a lot, which is a problem. I tend to think about this kind of things a lot because I feel vexed.

    W: You seem to have become more of an adult now than when you came out with a solo album 2 years ago. Do you feel that yourself?
    GD: I can only feel about these kinds of things if that’s how other people see me as (laughs). I think I’m feeling the same things the people in their 20′s feel at that age so I think I’m going out well.

    W: But that age group date a lot right?
    GD: Dating is dating, but I experienced a lot of pain while I was doing my solo activities. I thought about a lot of things, and as I cleaned up those pains, I think I became a bit more free. I was much younger when I was doing my solo activities and I think there were a lot of things I needed to take care of by myself. If I was in the learning position before, now, I think I’m able to enjoy a lot more. Whether it’s on stage or a relationship with someone.

    W: As I was preparing for this interview, I listened to G-Dragon’s first solo album and it’s good. Because this album had a lot of issues, I think it actually received a lot of reviews, musically.
    GD: I also listened to it all of a sudden about a week ago in the car, but I felt embarrassed (laughs). During that time, my confidence was all grouped together. Personally, I think an album is like a journal. When I’m in my 60s, 70′s, I can look back at my album and the lyrics and think back of who I was in love with and can also know about my thought during that time. But my solo album journal is very childish. I’m sure everyone goes through those kinds of times, but I felt a squirming feeling (laughs). I think it’ll be better if I took out those energy. I don’t know when it’s going to be, but I’m thinking about my 2nd solo album and I’m currently preparing for it. Maybe as fast as next year?

    Translated by: solshin3 @

    T.O.P's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition [NEWS]


    I saw you appearing on a talk show. I thought you only matched well as an actor, but your character matches well with variety as well. I saw a very unexpected clumsy side.
    I thought things like that was needed. If Daesung wasn’t part of the program, then I would’ve been scared. Before up till now, I’ve always been scared of going to places where there’s a lot of people I don’t know. But it was okay because 3 of the members were there. I don’t really like to be the type who’s always talking and is always loud in front of people, but I had the idea about getting closer to the audience. I tried to show that I’m not a burdening person, but a soft person.

    So do you think you succeeded?

    I was very distressed afterward because I thought I said a lot of things. I’m the kind of person who feels scared of showing too many things towards people. I’m scared of people knowing a lot of things about me and having them focus on one thing about me. I’m scared of not being able to feel joy in expressing myself willingly.

    Then don’t you think you’re able to express all of that when you’re acting or on stage?

    If I were to appear on a show often and talk and laugh a lot, musically, will I be able to highly affect it? I’m pretty sure when people watch me rap seriously on stage, they’ll think I’m holding down the weight of the stage. That’s the color of my music so that’s why I struggle when I appear on variety shows. It’s not that I’ve been avoiding it purposely, it was just based on my instinct and I’m going to try to hold it in for the time being.

    You’ve gained a lot of popularity through GD&TOP. Who would you choose if you were to pick someone else in the member to partner up with?
    All of the members of Big Bang get along really well and we match well so I think it’ll be fun to pair up with anyone. GD&TOP just naturally came out. We didn’t try to wrap up the album nicely and it turned out to be an organic album, so that’s why the results turned out great. The president liked it as well. If the results are good, we’re showing it as a unit, but the meaning behind it would be much greater if it came out naturally rather than forcing it out. Truthfully, I’m kind of disappointed about not having a break before Big Bang came out. I wanted to show a new character but because of the activity that continued, truthfully, I feel my mental energy is insufficient. If it doesn’t show on stage, I think it’s thanks to the wisdom of age.

    For their 3 year anniversary, Big Bang and Corso Como collaborated and came out with an outfit.
    I definitely liked it because it’s a shop I’ve always liked. I always try to find that store when I go overseas and it’s a place that I shop a lot and because they really like us we were really surprised they wanted to collaborate with us by making a jacket and I was curious as to how the people would take it in. When I saw the design, it linked with Big Bang’s album and it had a fashionable feel so a good synergy came out of it.

    Is there a different standard when you rap in Big Bang and when you rap in GD&TOP?

    If I rapped freely within GD&TOP without thinking about what others thought, within Big Bang, I try to do a fresh rap so that the people can understand and have fun listening to it. I pondered about whether I should do a rap where I can give off a certain synergy when I’m with the other members.

    Acting and rapping, what’s different?
    I think they’re similar. Rappers have their own colors and always try to express their feelings without showing too much emotion. I think acting and rapping is the same in the sense that both need to show off mind blowing feelings. Just like how I don’t do ordinary rap, I try not to do ordinary acting as well and I think that’s my color. I believe, when acting, I should naturally do it the way I want to, just like when I rap. But if I want to do that I know I should have more basics.

    Do you plan on acting anytime soon?
    I don’t want to show a lovey-dovey romance. I don’t think it’s time for me to show the side of me where I express my love. Doesn’t that excitement fade away when you see it too soon? Many people are curious about ‘what kind of feeling does the person, TOP, give off when he’s in love with a woman’ and I want to show that when people ask for it.

    I think they’re already curious, don’t you think? What kind of woman do you like?
    A nice woman

    Source: Ramel @ DCTOP via 21bangs
    Translated by: solshin3 @
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    @angelZ: really? that sounds interesting
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    Why you gotta hate on Big Bang, why? From what I see, this is what you get for being on top. SNSD gets it all the time and now that Big Bang is more active in Korea again, they're getting this. VIPs should all chill to one side and listen to "Stupid Liar". It is so appropriate for this occasion.

    And GD being selfish? Greedy? The greed to do even better and show more sure but to take away from his members? Impossible. I know it isn't the real fans who love Big Bang who are saying this because the real fans know how hard Ji works and what he would do for his members. Just ignore the hate guys. <3

    Ps: AKP is the biggest troll out there.
    Big Bang 1N2D Lee Seung Gi 2NE1
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    Taeyang's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition


    Among the members, you’re the one that showed a lot through music last year. It seemed like you were feeling a bit disappointed for not promoting enough on television and doing enough activities so how would you rate yourself for your first full length album?
    It was the best I could do. I’m sure those who like me wanted to see me more on stage and it’s true that I wanted to show more on stage but now that I come to think of it, I think I did the best that I could.

    What do you think about GD&TOP performing together this year?
    On one side, I was very envious. I was envious because they were together and because they tested out a lot of things on this album. I think in the future, we’ll try those small activities among the members and not only focus on full length albums as a group. I’m saying this for the first time through W interview, but I’ll introduce you to what it’s like to work with Jiyong. I don’t know what kind of song will be made, but we’re looking for something fresh. He’s a friend that’s very determined and since both of our styles are total opposites, I think it’ll be a good match. I’ve only asked for a couple of features after I finish making the song, but if we work together from the beginning, I think something new will definitely come out.

    As a producer, what kind of person is G-Dragon?
    He knows how to use the opinions he gets from many people. Whatever it may be, he opens up a possibility and is able to take it in as his own. I think that’s why he’s able to create many different music. He’s been like that ever since he was a little kid. He always liked new things and wasn’t afraid to try new things. When I go to Jiyong’s room, sometimes there are clothes that I never thought he would have, which surprised me. Among those, there are clothes that I don’t understand and clothes that are tidy. Just from looking at that, I think Jiyong’s clean sensitivity can be seen.

    Then on the other hand, aren’t you persistent with things that you like?

    (Smiles) You’re right. But it’s not because someone forced me, it’s because we all have different tastes. Even if someone told me to do something that rash, I wouldn’t do it. I know what’s good for me and that’s the same with everyone else. Everyone has their own belief and stubbornness within them.

    In the title song, “Tonight,” Taeyang’s voice completes the structure. But it feels like the vocal isn’t as technical as it was during your solo.

    In my solo songs, I try to show everything that I have. On the other hand, when I’m in a group, the overall feel and the harmony of the song is important so I try to focus on that and tend to control my vocals and how I sing. I recorded so many times for Tonight and even made 2 to 3 versions of the song. The transcript of the song changes so much and there was a version where the song had a more sad feeling to it. When we transcribed the song for the last time, we included a more stronger chorus where the electronic feel came alive.

    I heard you went to America not too long ago.
    Ever since last year, I wanted to travel somewhere. After my solo activities finished, I went to Jeju Island with my manager for a short time and then we went to Japan afterward for a week, and this year, we went to America for 3 weeks. I was able to meet my friends, who are dancers, and I was affected a lot by that and became determined. I didn’t take formalized classes, but I was able to recharge the feelings that I wasn’t able to feel while I was performing.

    Taeyang’s performance on stage is obsessively perfect, but it doesn’t seem like you’re enjoying it as much.

    I think that was the case when I was promoting my first solo album. It was very burdening knowing that I had to do everything by myself and it’s something that I can overcome but the situation didn’t allow me to do so, so that’s why it was burdening. I think that’s why people around me felt the same way. After my solo activities came to an end, I thought about a lot of things. I should have enjoyed it more and it seems like I performed with very little ease. Since I experienced that already, if I released another solo album next time, I know not to do that so in that sense, I’m thankful too.

    Then have you become a bit comfortable these days?

    I’m very happy that the five of us are doing it together now. Individually, we need these kinds of time. I’m very thankful that I have a place to lean on.

    Magazine scanned by: DCYB
    Translated by: solshin3 @

    Daesung's Interview on W Korea Magazine April Edition


    W:During this period of time, the other members are busy with their own activities except for Daesung. Still, you seem to desire singing the most.

    DS: I really want to step onto the stage. All this while I am preparing for a solo album, but this is delayed since I have to film for the drama. The filming has just wrapped up a while ago.

    W: So the voice that exploded in the climax of "Cafe" is Daesung's!
    DS: Overall, my voice's condition has a huge influence in it. I can't sing in falsetto. The first verse was supposed to be Youngbae's part - I suggested using my normal voice to sing the second verse, bringing it into the climax. I usually listen to rock-and-roll. Also, since my voice is rich, I can pull off singing smoothly. Before this I have practice how to make my voice stand out. Under Jiyong hyung's guidance, I manage to pull it off relatively well.

    W: As a vocalist, you seem to be like a capable person who can pull of different genres. What kind of music do you want to produce personally?
    DS: I like Urban Sound, Soul, R&B, these genres. The company and I are coordinating to producing songs of these type as well as music that everyone likes.

    W: In "Tonight" MV, you are the only one who come in contact with a woman. When did you start taking on the sexy image in the group?
    DS: The other members often tease me because of this, saying it's not sexy but provocative. They said even if I wear a white vest without any designs and a T shirt I am still very provocative. I want to say that the other members had taken this joke too far, but just not long ago the manager in charge of filming (the MV) also told me my eyes had became provocative, is there anything different about me? Maybe it's because I cut and dyed my hair black...maybe it's because I yearn to perform during the long hiatus (laughs).

    W: After completing the filming for the drama the only thing left is waiting for it to air. If you were to compare between acting and singing, what do you think?
    DS: No matter when acting or singing, it is merely a form of expressing feelings. Just like it is my own story, it's telling something that might happen to me. This is the only area (where acting and singing) is similar. Although this is the first time I challenge acting, acting is still more difficult. Song Ji-na (an author) always said "A person who can't act is an actor". I always keep this in mind. If I am even the slightest bit deliberate, even breathing will seem fake. At first, I thought that I can show my natural self, but I realise this is actually quite difficult! It's different for variety shows, I just need to absorb myself into it (laughs).

    W: Daesung is on variety shows and trot as well giving off friendly vibe, but you seem to yearn on expressing a different side of you.
    DS: There are different sides hidden within every person, and it is the same for me. Normally I am shy and don't talk much; nobody will believe me if I say this, right? Although from now on I want to do music that I like, that is more sincere, I do not plan to erase the behavior that entertained everyone. A lot of people have difficulty finding an attitude that suit themselves, so for me to be able to pull it off is very lucky. I think I need to integrate this with what I want to do, so everyone will not see much difference.

    W: So will you continue maintaining your sexy image? (laughs)
    DS: I am fairly satisfied with this, so lately I try not to smile, not looking at the sides but looking to the front.

    Source: W Korea Magazine via DCDS
    Chinese translation: wings @ DSHolic via baidu BIGBANG
    English translation: J-Lene @ bigbangupdates

    Seungri's Interview on W Magazine Korea


    The people who went to the concert said this. Because SeungRi is the most energetic, he stood out.

    Since I’m the youngest, I have better strength… There are many people who traveled from a far place to see the concert, and in reality, it’s a rare chance for many people to see Big Bang up close so I tend to move around a lot for those people.

    I cried after getting first place at a Lunar New Year Idol Special Program.

    For some reason, I was touched. Since it’s been 2 years and 3 months since I’ve appeared on air, other artists were really close with each other. I was lonely, but since Big Bang doesn’t really appear on those programs, I worked hard and I wanted to break the people’s stereotypes.

    The way you talk on talk shows, you don’t seem like the polite, youngest member of the group.
    If you’re not polite, then you won’t survive in this world. But the character named SeungRi, I think people won’t like it if he was polite or quiet or was even serious or was a reserved person. From the audience’s point of view, I think SeungRi’s character is necessary among the five members of Big Bang cause it’ll make it more fun. I have the heart to make people’s heart feel refreshed without having to pretend. Making it feel refreshed coolly, I think that kind of character fits more with me. My thought was to wrap it up with my witty side so that people don’t see me as a bad person or have a bad attitude. But at times, I do feel scared after seeing some misunderstandings. I think it’s possible for people to turn their backs on you after one simple mistake when they were the ones who told me I was doing a good job.

    SeungRi’s image in “Strong Baby” was strong. The boy who wants to become a man quickly.
    The concept was an adult ceremony, but this grown man wanted to hear that he was sexy. I think that’s cute.

    These days, within Big Bang, Daesung is the sexy one, so aren’t you jealous?

    I’m not jealous. These days, I want to hear that I’m funny more. Wouldn’t you say the sexiness a woman finds in a male would be their humorous side? A guy who’s no fun is not charming at all.

    Did you always have interest in fashion or style?

    Whew. I didn’t even know what Dolce & Gabbana was. Jiyong hyung and TOP hyung always did hip-hop so they were always interested in clothes, but I was just a kid who didn’t know about that stuff and just danced. I just learned one by one as I became part of Big Bang. I want to be a guy who has sense rather than a fashionista. Don’t women like men who dresses well rather than having really good looks?

    It seems like you have a lot of interest about what kind of guys girls would like.

    Of course. That’s the interest all guys have.

    Do you have a designer you like?
    I like John Galliano. A long time ago, they looked like clothes that was hard to wear, but these days there are details that I didn’t think of and they make clothes with special characteristics, making the clothes really cool.

    You must have felt bad about about the recent retirement of Dior.

    I felt we’re all human beings. In the perspective of a designer or an idea, it’s a genius, but because of the lack of mind control, they made a sad mistake but we’re all human beings and we’re eventually going to make some kind of mistake. I believe it’s right to make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen again rather than receiving a punishment for it. Even for the fans who loved Dior, and I’m one of those fans.

    How do you feel about debuting as a professional before becoming an adult?
    If it’s something that I must do, then I think it’s better to start early. If you want to jump into this world, you have to sacrifice a lot of things. At times, I think you have to give up some things in order to achieve your dream. What I’m trying to say is, in order to achieve your future dream, your romance and imagination about it will break. There are times when it’s hard to overcome that.

    What does dark circles mean to SeungRi?

    My steadiness? It will never change.

    I believe each of the member’s individual talent came out in this album. In SeungRi’s part, which side of it do you think was stressed?
    I believe it’s the part where I can take a break. The part where the ears become comfortable. There are times when people will pay attention to the rap and singing parts of the other members, but I say if a voice that’s not burdening is a charm, then I believe it’s a charm.

    You seem to be very selfish. What more do you want to do?
    I need to lessen it a bit. But as time passes, it becomes more fun. I think it would be great if there was a chance where the 3 vocals can come together and sing coolly. I really want to sing.

    Credit Scan by: 구ㅣ요미♡
    Translated by: solshin3 @

    G-Dragon's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition


    Part 1
    GQ: It has already passed 2a.m.
    GD: For me, it is daytime. Since I usually sleep until 10p.m. so now is my golden time for working.

    GQ: I think your working experience would be different from us since you do not wake up and work with bright sunlight outside the window. Waking up at 10p.m., you possibly do not have the feeling of ‘Oh, what a great sleep I have had’ like us.
    GD: I seem to hold a different view from other people. I also want to live my life with regard of the weather changes but since I wake up at night, I cannot feel them most of the time. I would say, these days, once I wake up, I would head back to the studio. No matter whether it is day or night, sunlight cannot penetrate it. Therefore, I kind of feel that I am leading a life which mixed up the right order of day and night.

    GQ: It seems that you do not care much about it.
    GD: I think it is quite suitable for me.

    GQ: The 4th minialbum has been released and ‘Tonight’ is also very popular. Do you feel excited about it?
    GD: To be frank, I think that although it is a crucial stage for us when the song is just released but it is even more important that we keep up our good works afterwards. At the very beginning, people were focusing on our comeback because we carry the name of ‘BIGBANG’, a name that you can never ignore. I hope that as time passes, the love towards us would keep on glowing and I can hear people taking about us everywhere. The feedbacks that we have received are good so far.

    GQ: However, don’t you think that only receiving compliments are not enough? It is said that, ‘A criticism is better than 100 compliments’
    GD: We were a group which attracted criticism at the very first place. I, myself, am a musician who attracted many of these so even if I can receive one sentence of compliment, I would feel very thankful. Whenever people talk about YG, BIGBANG or G-Dragon, they would stick to their bias. I think I really want to get more praises during this period.

    GQ: It is just like ‘I just want to do what I want to do?' And what you want to do, do not depends on the expected feedbacks that you would get.
    GD: Yes… It is more accurate. I personally do not care about what others say about me. If I were easily affected by the feedbacks that we gained, we would not be able to be true to ourselves. It also applies in fashion, even if I wore ridiculous clothes, I would just want to show you my true colours. I believe that people would follow suit of our belief, since I have experienced it myself, I will not change it even in the future.

    GQ: Is it because your fashion sense outwits Seungri's? You have been promoting with a skirt these days, what is the concept behind it? I don’t think it is necessary to do so.
    GD: No matter it is me or BIGBANG, we have attracted a lot of attention in fashion. To be frank, I am pressured by this. We did what we want in GD&T.O.P album but when we work as a group, it seems to be different to some extent. Unlike what we were doing for our solo activties, since BIGBANG is a pop band, we do uphold the thought that we have to try to alter people's perception towards fashion. Therefore, the concept of this promotion is wearing skirts. Instead of explaining our intention verbally, I think it is more comprehensible if you can associate all of our costumes, stages, style and performances as the means to deliver our songs to you.

    GQ: How was ‘Tonight’ produced?
    GD: It took us as long as 1 and a half year to produce it so we call it the song which will never grow old. There was a day when I was at KUSH (E.Knock) hyung's house, before I went home, he suddenly played some melody with his piano for me and said, "These are nice." It was how the main melody of Tonight was born. The framework of the song emerged during that night.

    GQ: So, what had happened in these 1 and a half years?
    GD: Whoever has listened to it said it can be the title song of our new album but we had been thinking whether it would be better to be a solo for Taeyang or the title song for our group. We have done different experiments with the song but we felt something was just missing. Although we originally thought that it should be the title song of BIGBANG, for we had been thinking how we could improve it, we had been delaying. Because it was produced by me, it is just like my baby. However, my feeling was like the song was a boy and he was selected to be the class monitor but later, he was forced to step down since he was not good enough. I did feel sad about it. In this repeated cycle, I started to feel tired of this song for it had been torturing me for too long. I had the feeling that I would not listen to the songs anymore either. I wanted to give up but luckily, it was released successfully at last.

    GQ: When I first listened to ‘Tonight’, I thought you really like to depict a man who enjoys being the leader in his life.
    GD: Yes. I want to describe the life of man who had have great achievements and how he would lead in his relationship. I want to show others how BIGBANG is like now. I want to decribe the feeling of that man, he really wants to be involved in a relationship with a woman but he cannot just share his love with one. The situation is just like what BIGBANG is facing now since we are loved by fans and the public, we cannot just share our love with a woman we love but we do not want to be lonely at the same time.Therefore, we have been in dilemma. We sing about how the man is trying to look for the woman. It carries a feeeling that the man is feeling very lonely amidst the busy city.

    GQ: How about the howl of the wolf?
    GD: About the wolf I think the howl symbolizes how empty the man still feel even though he has already achieved so many things in his life?

    GQ: Whenever I think about BIGBANG, I would think of “Lies’. To put it simply, I think your news songs have to surpass ‘Lies’. You have to jump out of that framework. If we say that ‘Lies’is the song that is suitable for a group of people to listen since it can alter the sad mood, then ‘Tonight’ is a song that we should listen to and think of on own own. Therefore, I think its popularity would surpass ‘Lies’ and it would last longer and reach more people too.
    GD: Thank you for your compliment.

    GQ: What does it matter even when we assocate ‘Lies’ with BIGBANG?
    GD: Yes, it does not matter. What do you think symbolizes us depends on your choice. If you are defining us based on a song, then we would have more chances to show you different sides of us.

    GQ: What did you do during these 2 years and 3 months hiatus?
    GD: Although I am still young but I have also been living for 24 years. The hiatus that we had was really the most precious time that I had in my life. Once we have passed 20 years old, I think it is really the last cross road that we have to face before we become matured. I had been struggling about different things when I was in my teenage years but once I passed 20 years old, it seems that I have found the focus and path of my life.

    GQ: You have found the right track of life already? It is rare that a young person like you can find it at such a early time.
    GD: It is because I have been a singer for 10 years already so I don’t think there are other alternatives for me to change my career. I can only do this job since it is the dream ever since I was young. However, being a Korean singer and idol, I do face a lot of problems too. At the cross road that I have mentioned before, I had been wondering whether I should insist on what I was doing or just gave it up and it ended up with the thought of being a singer lingering in my mind. Hence, I knew my choice then.

    GQ: The solo activities that carried out by individual members have all gained excellent results, no matter whether they were trying to sing, film or take part in variety shows. Now, you are all back together, don’t you have the feeling like, ‘Ha, you are all successful now.’ ?
    GD: Haha.

    GQ: They are popular now and this time, they are once again together. I saw that you said in an interview that it was just like 5 individual artists were working together. This is a good comment but I do think that you should have faced difficulties when you were working together this time, right?
    GD: I think I have already found my way to lead BIGBANG. If I have to lead them, I have to be stronger than them myself. If I was not stronger than the kids, then they would not listen to me anymore. I have to possess the talents that the kids don’t have in order to convince them I have the ability to lead and make them believe my words. For this reason, I have to strive very hard on the things that I insist on. The results that I have achieved are good until now and I am quite confident about it too. I will be 30 years old in just a few years. I don’t know whether I will manage to do it well at that time and I don’t want to think about it now. I am not that kind of person who think about the distant future since I believe only in doing so, I can enjoy the excitement of life at that time.

    GQ: You have not taken any rest before you made your comeback. Immediately after the promotion of GD&T.O.P and V.I.’s solo albums, you guys made your comeback. Is it your original plan?
    GD: Yes, it is our original plan, we want to make 2011 the year of BIGBANG. Our company has put in a lot of efforts into our promotion. We want to be as popular during ‘Lies’, no matter where we go, we can tell that people are listening to our songs and discussing about us. We want to feel that again but we have to wait and see. No matter when we are doing the promotion for GD&T.O.P, V.I or Daesung’s solo, or now that we have to do BIGBANG’s promotion, what we strive at is to keep being active throughout the whole year. We want to see our names very often so we started by introducing GD&T.O.P to you.. Then it was followed by the comeback of a whole group. We are going to Japan soon. Before going there, we would release one more single, then after we finish our Japan tour, we would possibly release 1 more mini album and then a full-length album.

    GQ: So these are all? Have you prepared all of the songs yet?
    GD: Em, I have to work even harder now. Presisent Yang laid out the plan and we want to do so too so we reached a concession. And now, eveything is in the middle of carrying out the plan, if we promote songs one by one without taking a break, we would definitely keep being active. However, if this means I have to produce more songs, then I think more time is needed for me. I have to work harder when I am in Japan.

    GQ: Many artists have been advancing into the Japan market but I don’t know why did you choose to do so. Why do you want to perform on the stages in Japan and advance to their market?
    GD: It has been a long time that I want to explain this in details. Having a market which is several times larger than that of Korea and earning more money are the reasons of why artists going to develop in Japan but what we think is that we are treated as the real artists. Since I cannot forget the feeling of being treated like that, I want to do our activities in Japan. In Korea, there are many situations that the power of the entertainment company and TV station surpasses us but in Japan everything is made for the artists. Since we can enjoy such kinds of treatments, the ambition of achieving good results and giving out good stage performances are growing bigger and bigger. This is the greatest blessing that an artist can ever have. This is the kind of blessing that we cannot buy with money. Whenever we look at our stages, we would feel blissful about having our own stages. Because of this, we cannot stop going to Japan since it is the kind of treatment that we can only taste in Japan. Moreover, we have really grown up a lot ever since we debutted there. Although we are BIGBANG, we could not gain an easy success just by carrying this name. Therefore, we started our promotion by performing in the underground train and we did want to be recommended by other Korean artists too. As a singer, it is a must that we have to lay our foundation step by step in order to walk further.In Korea, we have to show up in many variety shows, so our singing ability cannot be improved there. I think that I don’t want to do so sometimes but if I do not do so, people would think I am weird and alienated from the showbiz. However, the only blessing that can be enjoyed by a singer can be experienced in Japan. I feel good there. When I am in Japan, I feel proud to be a singer and am revitalized.

    GQ: If we talk about popularity, GD always top the list. Your name has appeared for ‘Composer’ and ‘Song Writer’ of all the songs in this mini album. Do you have something to say to us? BIGBANG will come back soon!
    GD: (laugh) That is a must? I cannot entrust it to anyone. The desire of producing all of them by myself is burning inside. I am the kind of person who don’t want people to interrupt my business.

    Part 2
    GQ: You have once said that you had experienced times that you did not know what to strive for when you were with BIGBANG, how about when you were doing your solo activities?
    GD: I am still not very sure is it good to be a singer or not and in Korea, if we want to be famous, somehow we even have to take advantages of those negative comments. I want to be special for myself and for the public, just like how special Lady Gaga is as an icon. I want to be like her since I hope that one day, when people talk about Korean singers in overseas, once they mention the name ‘G-Dragon’, they can discuss lots of things about me since I am that kind of icon too since I have already incorporated different fields of Korea culture together.

    GQ: Korean Dream?
    GD: Haha, yes, I am dreaming it now. The desire of achieving this dream has been lasting from the moment that I created my songs until now.

    GQ: It seems that whatever you do, you will attract criticism. I think it is one of the prerequisites of being an ‘icon’. Those who cannot provoke others’ hatred and negative comments can never become an icon.
    GD: Yes. I do think that being an artist means you know how to get fun out of life and break rules. I do not know whether it applies to acting field too but I know it is true for a singer since I am one. Acting crazier, so that we can be talked about by more people and it is what we call a singer. Although there are different kinds of artists existing in the market, like those who sing soft songs, what I want to be is a rock singer.

    GQ: When you talk about how you want to be a rock star, I immediately associate it with the ‘smashing guitar performance’. In fact, this scene is really impressive in the stage performance of ‘Tonight’ and it really catches our attention, too. Therefore, I think it is a part which you must include in your performance every time. After you had performed several times, it seems that you discovered that it is more dramatic if you can smash it sideward?
    GD: Haha, yes, you are right.

    GQ: There are people who feel it's a pity about the smashed guitars but I don’t think you will take it very seriously.
    GD: Yes, yes.

    GQ: Do you have any idea whom you are writing your songs for in your mind in the beginning of writing the songs? Like, you will distinguish which songs are created for BIGBANG and which are for individual members?
    GD: It is difficult to do so. Sometimes I think what I gave to our individual members are more suitable for BIGBANG. There are times that I really want them to be the songs for BIGBANG but our president would ask me to give them to my members as their solo songs. Such kind of deviation in comments makes me feel confused although they are the songs composed by me. Therefore, the future plan of our songs promotion is drafted by our president and I will only follow his decision. I believe in his decision.

    GQ: As a producer, what do you think of this album when you listen to it now?
    GD: I want to show the individualities of our every member via this album. If I just show my own style, I think people would be disappointed with it. I hope that the voices of my fellow members would not be constrained by the songs too. Moreover, I want to create songs which can deliver the ‘pop’ feelings and it sounds that the album did achieve it.

    GQ: But are there still some regrettable areas? Including those areas that you think you could have done better?
    GD: For me, I think it is because of my character that I did not cooperate with other producers this time. If I were more social, then I would have been able to collaborate with other composers and produce better music. I think I have the tendency of being autistic as I don’t have much social contact with others and whom I always meet is my fellow staff. Therefore, I always want to be more optimistic and meet more friends. And for Taeyang, I think he thinks too much sometimes, if he only focuses on singing, he would do it very well. However, he is just thinking too much and wants to give out his all too earnestly. That is why he cannot achieve the things that he really wants. I think if he can just sings comfortably without thinking too much then he would be able to do incredibly well. When Seungri was doing his solo activities, he showed that he had digested my words well. In the past, he was not able to do so but after he has tried so many new things, he just impressed me with his changes. Moreover, one of the very best things of this album is that Daesung's voice is outstanding. Very often, when people talk about which one is the lead vocal of BIGBANG, they would say, "Is it Taeyang, Seungri or Daesung?" There are so many people think like that; however, there is no such a fixed position in our team, we do not name this one is the lead vocal and that one is not. When I was making this album, there were many times that I thought Daesung should be chosen as the lead singer of the songs. His voice is the most satisfying in this album. His voice just like that of a bad boy which can easily move women and attract them to love him. He did the best job. Since he is too innocent and kind, he used to sing with an innocent voice in the past.

    GQ: Ar… If we judge from the style of doing a concert, it is you, G-Dragon who has the most evil style, right?
    GD: Haha, you might say so. They will not show you their bad side even if they have it but I dare to show it.

    GQ: How about T.O.P?
    GD: For me, T.O.P gives a peaceful feeling and we have just finished our GD&T.O.P activities and we have done it well. We can collaborate with each other well.

    GQ: YG Entertainment has attracted attention from overseas musicians too. As a producer, I think you do have some musicians that you want to work with?
    GD: Definitely, there are so many. I have been producing songs for BIGBANG so I also want to make songs for girl groups or female solo artists. I have produced songs for 2NE1 but I want to make music for a brand new group now. I want them to bring my songs to the stage from the very beginning of their career and not only joining in the middle of their career.

    GQ: BIGBANG has been showing us new sides every now and then and at the same time, there is a new trend in your fandom too. Although you are all in the same group, there are divisions like ‘Our Oppas’ and ‘Your Oppas’ . If they like you as a group, then they call themselves the ‘team-fans’ but if they only like 1 member, then they call themselves ‘solo-fans’. There are some who do not communicate with each other and some who switch their identities.
    GD: I do know about this too. Ar…first of all, I want to thanks my fans for a lot of things but in fact, I do feel dissatisfied with them too. I had been experiencing a lot when we were taking a break and when I was doing my solo activities. No matter whether you like us as a group or individual members, I think it is more meaningful if we can all be together. I don’t think it is a right way that we treat each other hostilely and it is the last thing that I would want to see.

    GQ: I know that the fans are sensitive to the articles which you have talked about Taeyang and other BIGBANG members. Last year, after the news about ‘G-Dragon will feature in the song of Taeyang, ‘I Need a Girl’ was released, the fans of Taeyang and yours showed different attitudes towards it
    GD: To be frank, we did not know how to react at that time either but the most important part is we have to take it easy. I believe our fans can do so too in the future. No matter we are promoting solely or as BIGBANG as a whole, what we want to show you are not only the stages of BIGBANG or individual members but every new things that we are trying. We want you to be happy when you watch our stage performances but not everyone can enjoy it to the same extent.

    GQ: Your company knows about these conflicts too?
    GD: Yes, because we have conflicts among us too (laugh), our company seems to be having quite a headache caused by our fans too.

    GQ: I think YG Entertainment is a company which has gathered all of the hyungs and dongsaengs who love music very much and they all want to make good music.
    GD: Yes, the company is run by all of us and there is more room for improvement. I feel sorry for the fans for our weaknesses too.

    GQ: BIGBANG is the 1st group that we have ever interviewed without their managers during the interview.
    GD: Yes? Why?

    GQ: Their speech has to be monitored!
    GD: Really? Oh, I see.

    GQ: What do you think of YG Entertainment?
    GD: It is the most suitable company for me in all aspects. It provides me with a very good environment to create my music and there are seniors whom I can learn a lot of things from. In the first place, I think I was just running on the path alone but in fact, there are so many people who are working hard with me together. So it is our base which can share our joy and fun. It is our school cum playground.

    GQ: Are there so many works in a playground?
    GD: If I worked in another company and there were such heavy workload in that company, I would definitely fire my complaints but I can stand it when I am in YG since it is a place which enables us to do anything we want and we know each other well. It is just like a big family to me. Instead of saying it is a place for me to work; I would rather describe it as a place where I can find motivation to do my work.

    GQ: Although you have denied the saying that ‘you have issues with each other ‘, there would certainly be some conflicts among the 5 boys, wouldn’t there?
    GD: Sure but we would not be hostile to each other because we respect each other.

    GQ: I see. Who is the one best at fighting?
    GD: (laugh) I think it should be Taeyang? Or T.O.P? There is an incident that I can never forget. When I saw Taeyang at the 1st time, he was just like the ‘jjang’ in the school. When we were still in our junior high, Taeyang came from a family which worked for the government and I knew some friends with similar background. I thought that this kind of kids were very violent so it is why I think he was like a ‘jjang’ at school. (laugh) We came from Seoul and the kids of Seoul seem to be weaker.

    GQ: Taeyang just looked at this side.
    GD: (laugh) After that period, I have been developing an intimate relationship with him. It is well known to everybody. We have never fought with each other and we resolve our conflicts in peaceful way. We are getting closer to each other in this way. Maybe it took us 1 or 2 years to get along well with each other and now, I think as long as we are united, every problem can be solved. It is true not only for us, but also for our company or for the whole world. I really believe that when we are united, we can do everything we want.

    GQ: How do you feel when people compliment you as clever and cunning?
    GD: I feel happy.

    GQ: How about when others misunderstand you?
    GD: I would think whether I should take advantages of my misunderstood words to gain more attention. It is a question that I always wonder.

    GQ: Is the one people seeing really the real G-Dragon? You always seem to be cool in front of the public.
    GD: Yes, especially when girls see me, they do not think that I am handsome but they would like to conquer me. I deliver the feeling that persuades you to take a battle with. However, I like such a strong feeling that I give to you since it is really meaningful.

    GQ: Are you in a relationship now?
    GD: I always hope so, therefore I always live my life as if I were in love. (laugh)

    GQ: Judging from the view of your girls, which parts of you they like and which they detest?
    GD: Instead of loving my look, they love my tone of speaking and my actions more.

    GQ: Does it mean that you would kiss them and do something like that to show your love?
    GD: (laugh) kiss? Yes, I am good at kissing. They said that I am good at kissing.

    Korea Original: DCGD via missarrogant18 @twitterKorean
    Chinese translation: 小7 @GDFW via baidu BIGBANG
    English translation: Rice @ bigbangupdates

    Seungri's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition


    Part 1
    GQ: Dark circles under your eyes…
    VI: I always look tired, but I’m not. I just look like I am.

    GQ:You never thought about doing any more solo promotions? ‘어쩌라고.’(What Can I Do?) seems like it’s still really popular.
    VI: No, I never thought about extending the promotions. Maybe I’ve matured but I feel that a shorter and more powerful promotion is better.

    GQ: Maturity…as in your music?
    VI: Hm…it’s the first time for me to produce my own songs and write my own lyrics and looking back at it shows how much work I’ve put in. I can feel that I’m a singer because of the impression it’s left me. Everything I do is more memorable and I understand music more than ever now. It’s not a burden to me.

    GQ: Is Justin Timberlake still your idol? You used the phrase “sexy back” in one of VVIP’s verses.
    VI: You can write that it’s because I still like Justin. Sexy back means sexiness. Did Strong Baby give off the same sexy feeling as my song now? I write it according to the feeling I get.

    GQ: You thrust your hips a lot in this dance choreography
    VI: I wanted to show that ‘I’m sexy’. I wanted to do things that other male solo artists hadn’t done before, such as choreography that has a tempting allure. The eyes, hands and body movements are important to make the dance sexier. I wanted to do things that had never been seen before so a lot of research went into it. Oh, even though I like Justin, but during Strong Baby I did more research on Craig David for reference.

    GQ: Daniel Craig has a fantastic body and oozes out male appeal
    VI: Yeah, because he’s the new James Bond. I did a lot of research on him too but during the promotions, I focused mainly on Johnny Depp. There’s a mysterious charm about him just by the way he looks, talks and moves.

    GQ: Like that bad boy/rebel image?
    VI: Yeah, yeah..Women like this kind of rebel image in men because there’s a thrill in it, especially for those who are tired and burdened with their lives. I think so too because who wouldn’t like this type of men? It’s a person who has both an interesting personality and charm to them and that’s why I chose this image.

    GQ: What would happen if you grew a moustache?
    VI: I thought about that since my hair grows fast. I could if I wanted to, but I’m the maknae in the group. Growing a moustache wouldn’t really coordinate with the group dynamics.

    Part 2
    GQ: G.O.D.’s Kim Tae Woo is also the maknae though
    VI: Yeah, but he’s different. I still want to be the cute maknae of the group so rather than growing out my moustache and saying that I’ve matured and that “I’m a man”, I would rather show people how I’ve grown up little by little through my personality. I want to hear people say, “Oh, he’s matured. He’s a grown up now”.

    GQ: Your body looks bigger and stronger & you look taller off stage. You don’t look like a teenager either. Is it because you wear insoles…
    VI: Haha, please emphasize that I look taller (in the magazine)! Everyone’s talking about insoles nowadays, saying that it’s a male necessity. To tell you the truth, I always use it because for people like me that started dancing at a very young age, it’s more stable for me if my heel is pushed back a little. I wear it because it can make me dance better. But of course, since I wear it, my legs look longer too...

    GQ: Are you satisfied with your solo album?
    VI: I’m 80% satisfied with it. If I had more time, I would be able to perform better

    GQ: Compared to your songs, did you feel more regret about your performances?
    VI: Yes, very much.

    GQ: Your performance on stage looks a bit rigid. It looks like a really well prepared dance choreography that you’ve practiced endlessly. What about the dance moves that you do on the spot?
    VI: If I had more time, I could’ve utilized the stage more and turned it into my own but since I used all my energy writing and producing songs, my mind was blank when it came to my performances. That’s what I regret the most.

    GQ: To be exact, it seems that there’s a feeling of being compressed
    VI: That’s because the members of my group are the ones who know me the best. They’ve watched me grow the most, so only my hyungs can see the things that other people can’t. It may not just be 1 thing, but 10 other things. I want to be able to fill in all the voids. I want people to say, “Ah Seungri will do whatever he can.” I want to become this type of person: “Once Seungri has said it, he will go ahead and change/do it.”

    GQ: A perfect Seungri..
    VI: You will be free once you are perfect. The gauge will keep rising until it hits 100 and then it will be free. If I can let people see a Seungri without any faults for once, then everything I do after that will be a perfect Seungri. For example, when someone does something really, really good one time but has a little mishap later, people will still say, “Ah, that person is not like that. He’s a good person. Don’t you know what he did last time?” It will become like that. Once you have achieved perfection, the rest will be “free”. After that, you can do whatever you want so in order to reach my 100 potential, I have to have a resilient attitude.

    Part 3
    GQ: The clubs are starting to play your songs. How does it feel hearing your songs at the clubs?
    VI: It’s weird. When I enter a club and hear my song being played, I feel like it’s not really my song and when I see people dancing to my song, I feel like jumping up on stage and treating them to drinks.

    GQ: We hear that you pass out once you drink.
    VI: I’m not the type that won’t drink but I will drink once in awhile. I seem to drink a lot nowadays and I end up being really cute. I’ll greet other people and will even introduce people I don’t know to others, like asking them, “What’s your name?”, “This is XXX”, “Introduce yourself and get to know one another.”

    GQ: Yet you’ve never had a scandal before
    VI: I’m a professional at it, so that’s why I’ve never had scandals before. Have you heard any about me?

    GQ: When you were performing in your musical ‘Sonagi’, you said you saw your ex-girlfriend in the audience but the public never saw her.
    VI: I was careful and professional about it so our relationship was never found out, but perhaps it’s time I had a scandal? Unlike other artists who’ve had scandals before, I won’t hide away from reporters. Instead, I’ll go up to them and tell them directly, “I’m contacting XXX. Release the news”. Once they know that I know, it will just become hearsay. It’s a psychological effect.

    GQ: It seems like everything you say becomes a hot topic, but for others it’s relatively normal. When it’s Seungri’s, it automatically becomes interesting.
    VI: If a person hides the truth or says something fake on variety shows or interviews, it will still be found out no matter how careful they are. I’m not the type of person to act one way in front of the camera and another when it’s off. What you see is what you get. During shows and interviews, I want to tell people exactly how I feel and I thought that if I am honest and straightforward, then people will accept my words for what it is, but that’s not how it works. My way of thinking is too naïve.

    GQ: The actress, Kim Hye Soo once said in our GQ interview that “Being blunt is sexy ‘Oh, Kim Hye Soo is that kind of woman’ Will people accept that? My bluntness becomes stupid when people aren’t prepared to accept my way of speech”
    VI: It’s not a bad thing. Why can’t males and females adults talk about topics like this? God created it for a reason so what can you do? Few years ago, a lot of girls felt embarrassed when people said they’re sexy. They would ask, "What’s wrong with this guy? Is he a pervert?" Nowadays, the reaction is better because lots of people will say thank you after hearing the words, “You’re sexy”.

    Part 4
    GQ: Since you’re so blunt and straightforward, have you heard words that you didn’t like through your company and your peers?
    VI: Hm, how should I say it..if the majority of people said I did something wrong, then I must be wrong, and I will think ‘I didn’t even mean it like that, why are you treating me like this?’ But if a lot of people say that I’m wrong and it’s not good, then it must be not good. I will say, ‘Okay’ and then tell myself that this cannot happen again. I have to grasp it and change it for the better.

    GQ: Why are your members always talking about Seungri?
    VI: To be honest, if I wanted to, I could talk all night about my members too but I won’t do that. I’m the type to tell stories while letting myself go. I can’t talk bad about other people due to my image because people will say “Oh, Seungri is talking about XXX behind his back. Seungri likes doing that”. But when other members talk about me, the situation becomes “Ah, so Seungri is like that”. It becomes so that members can talk about me but I can’t…

    GQ: Why does it become “Ah, so that’s Seungri’s words”
    VI: That’s still a mystery but people think that Seungri has a lot of stories, is interesting and special. Lots of people believe that and when I’m with G-Dragon hyung and T.O.P. hyung, everyone will start talking to me first, haha.

    GQ: It must be tough always being labeled as the backstabber and ‘the maknae that doesn’t know much’, especially when you are making music as a man.
    VI: Oh…yeah. Like that time when T.O.P. hyung talked informally on how I don’t know how to grill meat. I felt sad at one point. Why did he have to say that before my solo album was released? But I guess I have to solve that problem myself. What can I do though, he’s my hyung. I can’t tell him not to talk about me and I can’t get angry. Besides, people need to hear this kind of things to say “Ah that’s Big Bang indeed. The things that Big Bang says are interesting.” The hyungs need my stories otherwise they won’t talk a lot, so tell me what I can do.

    GQ: This will affect your style of music though
    VI: That…that…yes, it will. The effect is there but what can I do? I can’t do anything about it.

    GQ: The problem can’t be solved with a simple explanation either.
    VI: Yeah, even if I explain it now, people will still say “Oh he’s that kind of person”. I can’t take back what was said already.

    GQ: Or you can always not explain and say, “I’m Seungri, the humorous and extraordinary Seungri”
    VI: Oh, that’s correct. You’re right. If I have to explain that “it was a mistake”, then it feels like I’ve lost. I don’t know but it’s a scary feeling.

    GQ: Will you do that from now on?
    VI: I will do it if I have to.

    Part 5
    GQ: What is the appeal of the modest Seungri?
    VI: It would be nice if at least 1/3 of the people in Korea think that I’m modest. Sometimes when I go out and drink with my friends, they will say, “Seungri, don’t be discouraged. I like Seungri. Why do you walk with your head down? Have more confidence, lift your head and walk.” I guess friends understand each other. (To interviewer) Hyung, you’ve seen the entertainment business for so long so you should know how things are. When you see me on T.V, you should know why I’m like that. Oh, I’m getting sad again.

    GQ: Hm, let’s change topics then. Your role is different during your solo album promotions and when you’re back together with the group. In Big Bang, you’re still the maknae.
    VI: That’s a good balance. If I’m more distinct or if I stand out in front of the hyungs then it’s not balanced. I’ve tried that a few times before but it’s not coordinated well.

    GQ: Besides songs and dance, your clothes in the MV stand out the least.
    VI: Oh, yeah, because I’m the maknae. All my clothes are picked by my stylist because I don’t have an eye for fashion.

    GQ: What a surprise! Don’t you shop with G-Dragon?
    VI: I shopped with him a long time ago but now that we live together, I can’t buy clothes with him. Our styles are too different. I like simplicity so it’s…..too different. I want to show people my appeal through my simplicity rather than being ‘I’m good looking; I know how to dress’ that kind of way.

    GQ: Don’t you get jealous of G-Dragon’s position? You’ve also started to write lyrics and make your own music.
    VI: You mean being Big Bang’s producer? I’m not jealous. It’s such a hard and scary position to be in…G-Dragon hyung is under so much pressure and there’s a lot of hard work involved.

    GQ: Yet you’ve been in the same scary position when you were preparing your album.
    VI: It was my own album so there was no burden, but if I had to produce for Big Bang, I will tremble in fear. It’s too frightening because if it’s not done well it’s my fault. How can I take on such a position? Only Jiyong hyung can do it.

    GQ: I suddenly thought about that time during World Cup…
    VI: You mean the elbowing incident? It was a joke but what I want to say now is that I’m a bit sad that everyone failed to see that.

    GQ: It looked real though..
    VI: Looked real huh, haha. was real. I made hyung frustrated when I was cheering behind him. Even though I don’t know if I was hit hard but it didn’t hurt. People then started saying that Big Bang wasn’t getting along and that Seungri was being bullied by the members, things like that.

    Part 6
    GQ: During World Cup…what else?
    VI: I’m a human. When I got hit in front of people of course I was angry so that’s why my expression was like that. (To interviewer) Hyung, aren’t you like that too? Haha. But fighting and arguing amongst brothers are normal. Living together can also cause disagreements. I don’t think it will work if there’s none.

    GQ: What’s the difference between the songs you wrote and the songs that G-dragon wrote?
    VI: Jiyong hyung’s mind can go wild and think a lot of things. This was my first time writing my own lyrics so I only thought about myself, but Jiyong hyung won’t do that. He’ll think, ‘Ah, this type of rap suits T.O.P., this part suits Seungri.’ That’s how he writes lyrics, but I can’t do that yet.

    GQ: When we were doing the photoshoot, you used your iPhone to play music. It seems that you like electronica?
    VI: Yup, I like the type of music that can make my heart beat and the melody that makes me high but this type of music isn’t popular in Korea, haha. It’s good to listen to electronic music when you’re stressed out because you will feel a release afterwards.

    GQ: Haven’t you thought about making this type of music for yourself?
    VI: I don’t like to collect music. I don’t want it if only I liked it. I want to make music that lots of people will love.

    GQ: When we called you just now, you picked up right away
    VI: Me? It’s because I’m not popular.

    GQ: Not popular? Seungri?
    VI: Today is Wednesday right? Lots of people will contact me on Friday night, male and female. Everyone likes me because it’s always a fun time being with me. I’m the life of the party, really. It doesn’t matter the situation because I’ll always bring the mood up.

    GQ: Maybe without much of a substance?
    VI: It doesn’t matter as long as you’re there to enjoy the atmosphere.

    GQ: A natural born entertainer?
    VI: Of course, how else am I an entertainer?

    Source: GQ April Magazine via baidu
    Translation by: Mystifize @ bigbangupdates
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    Taeyang's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition


    GQ: When I read about Taeyang, the words that come up the most are ‘sincerity’ and ‘honesty.’
    It’s something I talked about a lot.

    GQ: Does that govern everything in your life?
    No, that’s not really the case. It’s just one of those things that you’re born with, that can’t be easily changed, you know? It’s not so much that I’m trying hard to be that way. It’s just me, I think.

    GQ: Have there been times when you wanted to change your personality? Some people just act on their impulses while you worry or overthink. And a lot of times, those results are better.
    That’s true. To tell you the truth, I felt that way a little bit after my last solo activities. It wasn’t for very long, and it wasn’t so much that I wanted to change. But I think I gained a certain amount of confidence. It’s not “I have to change something,” but more a feeling of, “Ah, no matter what I try now, I can at least feel confident about this part.” I feel like I’ve gained composure or confidence.

    GQ: A step forward?
    Yes, which is why that time period remains very precious to me. It wasn’t exactly the solo activities themselves, but realizing that getting through those difficult times alone was a step forward. I tend to agonize for a long time over things that you can just take in stride and do, but now… I feel like I’m a little better now.

    GQ: When I watch you on stage, two feelings arise. That [everyone] ought to perform that hard. Or that you are performing too hard. It goes beyond simply working hard – it’s like your life depends on it. There’s pleasure in watching a stage like that, but it’s hard to play [have fun] along with you.
    I think pressure plays a role, too. I don’t know. Like I said earlier, I’ve always lived that way. So I was ruled by the thought that I have to be diligent about anything I do. A little excessively so.

    GQ: You feel it’s excessive yourself?
    I didn’t know then, but I feel like it was excessive when I look back now. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I can be that diligent now about something that I don’t like or that doesn’t really appeal to me.

    GQ: Does that mean you’ve learned to let go a bit?
    You’re right, that’s what I learned. I had this thought a lot after my solo album – that it’ll take a long time until my next album. Because it took a really long time to release my solo album.

    GQ: That’s been the case every time you released solo material, hasn’t it? Redoing half the album after it was completed, for instance.
    That was a sign that I was doing too many things at once. At one time, I thought, “From now on, it’ll take even longer,” but looking at how I’m doing right now, I don’t feel that way anymore. Things are coming along much better musically, and I don’t feel like it’s going to take so long. I think for the next album, I won’t have the kind of feeling I had in the past, and I’ll feel much less pressure, too. I think I’ll be able to enjoy it much more.

    GQ: On the other hand, GD&TOP’s performances feel like they’re really having fun on stage. You’re probably together almost all day – what kind of effect do you have on one another?
    We’re influenced greatly in all things, first of all, because we live together. They’re the friends with whom I share musical conversations most often, especially Ji Yong. Because we have such different dispositions, we can learn a lot from each other. And things that I find difficult to do, given my personality… Even though we do the same thing, Ji Yong would do it very easily, so I think “Ah, that’s something I can learn from him,” and so forth.

    When you think so much, you end up obsessing over every emotion, right? You analyze and analyze, again and again, and in the end you come to a conclusion, but, meanwhile, don’t you miss your chance to date? After all, there’s a timing for everything.
    That’s why I can’t [date].

    GQ: Was it two years ago that we said, “Let’s meet after you’ve experienced many more temptations?”
    I can’t. I don’t think I can.

    GQ: Why not?
    I don’t want to make any conclusions, but I have a tendency to observe people, so even after seeing someone for an hour or two, I find myself analyzing, “Ah, this is this kind of a person.” After all, there are good relationships and not so good relationships. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t want any bad relationships, but I try not to create such situations. But that makes it hard to form deep relationships, especially romantic ones. Now I find myself avoiding people I don’t like without even realizing it. It just seems better than seeing them and being burdened emotionally…

    GQ: I noticed you spoke about your ideal woman in a recent interview. You said you like a western [non-Asian] type.
    What happened was, I don’t have anything specific to say when reporters ask that question. I’ve liked someone very deeply before, but I never particularly thought it was my ideal, appearance wise. Because it was different every time. I mean, there’s no reason when it comes to attraction.

    GQ: It’s just instant, right?
    Right, it’s instant, and it’s circumstance. That’s why it’s hard for me to describe my ideal woman, so there are things I always say in formal interviews. Like, basically, someone who will understand me. You know, the obvious stuff. Someone I can learn a lot from. But then, the reporters ask for “visual” stuff.

    GQ: They ask, “Like who, exactly?”
    They ask this a lot, “Who among celebrities?” I really don’t have anybody. The one thing that’s true is that, ever since I was little, when I watched foreign films, or even when I travel – and this is different from actually liking someone – but I would see western women and think they were very pretty, so that’s why I said that…

    GQ: Western features? Or figure?
    Just the feel, I think.

    GQ: It’s not a physical thing, but more a certain energy, perhaps?
    That’s it.

    GQ: What is the most stimulating thing for Taeyang right now?
    This might be a really boring answer, but I feel the most stimulated when I’m in the studio. The reason I’m in the studio even when I’m not working is because I become inspired watching the hyungs work, and that’s how I start working on my own music, too. Recently, a guitarist was playing in Teddy hyung’s room, and it just caught my attention. Listening to those guitar sounds, I thought, “Ah, I should make a song like this,” so I’m thinking of writing a song that uses guitar. It’s like that.

    GQ: That’s a good answer, but try to think of something outside of the studio.
    I feel motivated when I watch young kids.

    GQ: Teens?
    Yes, teenage kids. Kids who haven’t been tainted.

    GQ: You think you’ve been tarnished somehow?
    I think so.

    GQ: You said that 2009 was a difficult year and that a lot changed thereafter. Was it then that you felt you were tarnished?
    That’s right. I didn’t think so at the time, but now I think that was the case. At the time, I just hated it. I didn’t even know what “it” was. I just hated the situation, and as time passed like that… I actually saw the film, Black Swan, yesterday.

    GQ: You saw a certain similarity?
    It really gave me that feeling. So much.

    GQ: What did you think of that girl – the ballerina who smokes and does drugs?
    Lily? I actually liked her the most.

    GQ: I’m not surprised. That kind of energy? I think I get it. Speaking of situations that don’t appeal to you… How was it with “Secret Big Bang” recently? You were Tae Team Leader, right? I laughed when you said, “I’m a man!”
    You can write this or not, but honestly I did that because of the other guys.

    GQ: Because everyone else was working so hard?
    Haha. As you can see, my part is really small. I had the least filming to do, too. I told them from the start that I don’t know about this parody, about why we even have to do it. Honestly, there were other members who felt that way, too. It’s just one of those things we ended up having to do, and I never expected it to air on television.

    GQ: You didn’t know it would be broadcast?
    I thought it would just be for the concert. I actually never even saw “Secret Garden.” They told me what kind of a role it was, so I started preparing. Then they told me I had to wear a wig, and I said I wouldn’t wear it, that there was no way I’d wear it. I went at it with the staff for about 30 minutes, “I’m not going to do it. I won’t do it.” They finally said, “Fine, don’t wear it if you don’t want to.” But when I got there, Ji Yong was already in drag. It just seemed wrong to refuse then, so I went along without complaint.

    GQ: At first, I thought Big Bang took the easy way out with this album. But the more I listen to it, I think it’s clever. Do you like it?
    In terms of satisfaction, it’s my favorite Big Bang album so far. We spent a little more time and effort on it. We had a lot of discussions among the five members. Anytime you put a lot of effort into something, regardless of whether the result is good or bad, it means a lot to you. I think this Big Bang album has that kind of meaning.

    GQ: G-Dragon once said, “In the beginning, I thought we just had to appeal to the Korean public. But now, I think we have to make it suitable for the entire world.” He also said that he can do it.
    (Gesturing toward G-Dragon) That’s him… I couldn’t do it. I… how should I say it… I’m still trying to make music that I can be more satisfied with.

    GQ: Do you get the sense that if you’re satisfied, the public won’t be?
    That’s not necessarily the case, but I don’t know. So far, I think…

    GQ: You still want to satisfy your own desires?
    Yes, if it’s something I like more, I get the feeling it’ll be harder for the public to appreciate yet. At least – yet. I don’t know. Whether that’s just the Korean public, or even how the international public would respond -that’s something I don’t know.

    GQ: Don’t concern yourself over things like that.
    I don’t anymore.

    GQ: It’s best to just do it. Who would complain anyhow? You’re Taeyang. Haha.
    But I think what Ji Yong said, about trying to adapt to not just the Korean, but the international tastes, is really nice. I often had similar thoughts while preparing my solo album. Even if it’s not greatly recognized in Korea, I wanted to show people in other countries, “Wow, there’s someone in Korea who makes music like this.” From that perspective, I think Ji Yong and I communicate a lot better than before.

    GQ: It was great to see you dance while waiting for the shoot. What are you like in clubs?
    I just dance. I don’t drink.

    GQ: Have you ever lost yourself or felt high?
    A lot of times.

    GQ: Without even drinking?
    Yes. One thing I want to say is that I don’t need alcohol to get to that point. Dancing is more than enough. I think that’s why I love dancing so much.

    GQ: Fifteen minutes of dancing trumps a bottle of whiskey? Then what about singing? Do you sing while thinking of the public or the audience?
    When I’m singing alone, I truly become the lead/main character of the song. Especially if the lyrics are sad…

    GQ: What if it were a song like, “Yesterday I took drugs, and today I raped someone and drank alcohol”?
    Right, just like that. Honestly, when I’m alone I think I get even more absorbed in songs like that. Especially when I’m in the shower, it’s almost like I’m making a music video. Those are the times I like the best.

    GQ: I suddenly feel swept by loneliness. How do you feel about interviews? No matter how good the atmosphere is, you can’t be 100 percent truthful. It’s an inherent limitation of having a recording device present.
    That’s right. I think interviews in general aren’t a good match with me. The reason I prefer magazine interviews like this is because, rather than following a planned script, you can speak comfortably with each other and have serious conversations. And depending on the situation, I can communicate my thoughts 100 percent. It may not happen every time, but I like that I can reveal my feelings at least a little more.

    GQ: Do you ever think you would like people to view you a certain way?
    About two years ago? I think that thought was really central at the time.

    GQ: At the time, what kind of person did you want to be viewed as?
    Just the honest and upstanding image that people had of me. I think I was stuck in that mold without even knowing it. I would try to say things that fit that image a little better instead of just saying what I really felt. Looking back now, it was all… I think it’s better to show my true self.

    GQ: You’re sick and tired of it now?
    Yes, I can’t do it anymore. But, honestly, at the time I wasn’t trying to be like that. It just sort of happened. I thought the situation called for it.

    GQ: Sometimes, when you feel like you’ve changed, the past can come back to haunt you. Do you have any regrets?
    Since the moment I decided to become a singer and became a trainee, I’ve never regretted anything.

    GQ: Have you ever envisioned a different hairstyle?
    I’ve never once imagined a different style since getting this cut. That’s why I can’t change it now.

    GQ: Why is it only long in the center?
    That’s because… It would be strange if the sides were long and there was nothing in the middle. Haha.

    GQ: How far do you want to go, musically?
    I want to reach the sky.

    GQ: All the way to your death?
    Well, that’s probably not possible but…

    GQ: What kind of song will you be singing at age forty?
    I guess I’ll still be doing my music.

    GQ: By then, will you drink occasionally?
    It doesn’t feel particularly good to drink.

    GQ: I keep getting the urge to talk about women.
    Go ahead and ask.

    GQ: Say you met a really attractive girl, someone with the kind of energy you want. If you miss her today, you’ll never see her again. What would you do?
    But I think if it’s someone I really like, I’m not so lacking in confidence that I couldn’t approach her.

    GQ: Then what would you say?
    I’ll be like, “Do you like puppies?”

    GQ: Haha.
    Because I love dogs so much.

    GQ: Then I’ll ask a little more plainly. You want to spend the night with that sexy lady over there. What do you do?
    … That’s really hard. I don’t know what I would say. Teach me.

    GQ: Um, well… Do you have any desires/greed outside of music? I want to see a dark side of you before we end this interview. What’s the thing you’ve wanted to possess the most? An instrument, perhaps?
    Haha, no. I want to learn them, but I don’t have a desire to own them. Actually, that was my worry until pretty recently. I’m making money now, and I’ve even bought a car. I used to save up for months in order to buy an item of clothing I wanted, and I don’t do that anymore. That’s a little bit worrying.

    GQ: You really do worry over nothing.
    But if we’re talking about material possessions, one thing I’ve always wanted since I was young is a house with a yard. I want to raise a big dog there – an Italian dog called the Cane Corso. It’s like the Japanese Tosa. Totally black, big with a really cool silhouette.

    GQ: What kind of advice does G-Dragon give you?
    It’s more like he gets frustrated with me. Before it was, “Why are you like this?” Now he says, “So does that make you happy?” Haha, I think he gets really frustrated.

    GQ: Most recently, what made him say that?
    To tell you the truth, we’re guys, so, for instance, when we’re done with work and our schedules work out. He wants to go out, have some drinks and check out the girls. But I say, “Then I’m not going.” From his point of view, it’s frustrating. I can totally understand, because I want to hang out with him, and I’m sure he really wants to hang out with me in those settings.

    GQ: Then you really don’t go? Aren’t you even curious? You won’t know until you go.
    I feel like I know what kind of feeling/atmosphere it’ll be. I already sense that it’ll be unappealing.

    GQ: Music and dance – maybe you’ve already experienced too extreme a pleasure.
    That’s the biggest thing for me. I even think the love that exists in this world is imperfect. I realized that a little early. Having met a lot of people, observed a lot of people, I realized that the perfect love that I envisioned doesn’t exist.

    GQ: Isn’t there something appealing about the uncertainty, itself, though?
    Uncertainty doesn’t attract me, I think.

    GQ: Then perfection only?

    Editor: Jung Woo Sung
    Translations by Sylvia@ALWAYSTAEYANG.COM
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    Daesung's Interview for GQ Magazine April Edition


    I saw the schedule that the fans organized. You’ve become a sandwich from drama filming, to variety show filming and now the activities with Big Bang.
    The drama, ‘What’s Up’ is now done, so it’s a little bit okay. When I was really busy, I would sleep for about 2 hours and during my sleep I would think, “Ah, it’s going to be really hard for me wake up tomorrow.”

    When you have a tiring morning like that, what do you think about to get yourself up?
    When you’re sleep talking, you continuously say “5 more minutes, 5 more minutes”. I’m already awake and if someone comes 5 minutes later to wake me up, I’m sure they’ll feel pretty annoyed, so that’s what I think about. I also think “Let’s not be woken up by someone else, but be woken up by myself.” And truthfully, since Seungri and I are the youngest members, we have to get into the habit of the start of washing, so that the others come out one by one. We have to finish quickly.

    Try complaining a little.
    Truthfully, I complained a lot a long time ago. But there was a turning point. It was when I got into an accident last year. Before that, I was in the musical, ‘Cats,’ did MC, appeared on variety shows, performed as Big Bang and it was just a busy time for me so I complained during that time. But after the accident, I couldn’t taste the food for about a month or two, I couldn’t smell anything and I couldn’t even talk. During that time, umm…I don’t know if this will be featured on the interview or not but I repented a lot.

    Because I complained with the excuse of being busy, I became careless. Just once more, at least my real voice, I was fine with my taste or senses not returning, but if only I got my voice back, from now on, no matter how busy I am, I prayed that I would live without any complaints. And so 2 to 3 months later, I got my voice back.

    Do you believe it was the power of prayer?

    Well, the doctor said as time passes, that it would slowly come back. heh heh. Anyways, since I had that kind of experience, no matter how busy I am, I live by thinking back to that moment.

    So you don’t use vulgar language?
    I think about my complaints to myself. I would say something like, “Everything is just so hard.” I’m the type that doesn’t really talk much whether I’m in a good or bad mood.

    You’re going to go bald if you keep doing that.
    I went to the clinic not too long ago and the doctor did various tests and told me I had anger within my heart. So I said, “Anger? Me?” Then he replied by saying, “It seems like you’ve bottled up a lot of things within you.” (laughs)

    What did you bottle up inside? Does your heart feel suffocated when you think about things these days?
    Um, I’m not sure. Concerns you say…ah…ha…What should I say…you see…

    The members often said you don’t really talk about yourself on variety shows so you must feel suffocated.
    Ah, I guess I’m just not cut out for it. This personality is really…I don’t really talk to others about my concerns. The biggest reason is, I feel bad.

    To whom?
    I would feel bad towards the person who’s listening, don’t you think? I mean, I’m sure this person has enough concerns in their life and I’m sure they’re busy with those so if I tell them about mine to this person, then that person has to push their concerns aside and would have to try to help mine.

    You can always listen to each others’ concerns and try to figure it out together because it’s not like you have to be on their case like when you’re borrowing money and it can be something really simple.
    Before, I used to listen to the concerns of others. Then, the people around me often said, “You only listen to my concerns, but I don’t know anything about you.” Others even said, “I thought you were a warm person, but as I got to know you, you’re a cold person.” They said they saw a different side of me and sometimes said I overdo things. That’s why these days I try to talk to people about my concerns.

    Don’t you feel a bit disappointed from watching on the sidelines?
    Not at all. I think I lack confidence when it comes to solo activities. A lot of people have asked if I was sad about it. Every time I would just say I’m not sad, it’s just I’m not confident in doing that yet. I want to do it when I’m in a prepared state.

    You’ve gained a lot as Big Bang and you’ve been recognized by many already. Don’t you think you’re thinking too short of yourself?
    As soon as I debuted, I injured my vocal chords. That’s why 8 out of 10 times, I sang out of tune on stage. When Big Bang debuted, we wanted to break the stereotypical idol image and that was our concept, but I lacked in skills so I got scolded a lot. Truthfully, they didn’t scold me that much. I was the one who kept on digging my own grave. That’s when I had stage fright. I often think, to this day, if I’ll be able to do well on stage by myself. I think I want to build myself up a bit more and then go on stage.

    You can build yourself up by going up against it.
    Rather than standing on stage filled with anxiety and then making a mistake and getting stage fright again, I think it would be better if I take as much time as I need. If I had confidence, I would be able to do well even if I didn’t sing well. You probably don’t know what that means right? What I’m saying is, if I had confidence, the people listening would say, “wow, he has energy and feel to it,” and so even if I don’t do well, I’m still doing well, but if I lacked confidence, I wouldn’t do well even if I am doing well.

    I’m sure the fans have a curious heart regarding your solo activities, but more than that, they’re worried that Daesung is in a situation where he’s not able to do things he wants to do. The fans wrote, ‘A request regarding the singer, Kang Daesung,’ did you see it? It was a request about how YG should support your singer activity and to be more considerate.
    Oh, right. I know about that. Oh, I really have nothing to say about that. What can I say about that. (laughs) It’s all my fault. The agency isn’t blocking me or anything of that sort. They’re more like, “If there’s something you’d rather do then do it, we’ll support you to the best of our abilities.” First, I want to work hard in production, so that the president will be satisfied and an album will be able to come out. Compared to the other members, I have more things.

    More things?
    I have more work to do. I do variety, luckily, I was able to do a drama, and I’ve done musicals a couple of time. In a way, you can say I’m blessed. But because of those things, I’ve become a bit busy.

    Usually, a masterpiece would come out when one’s busy right? So when will it really come out?
    (Placing the recorder close as if it was a mic) To all the fans, I’m sorry for making your necks fall off. (T/N: Metaphoric Speech. He doesn’t mean the part about the neck literally) I’ll make sure to push your neck in deep enough so please just wait a big longer. For now, I want to concentrate everything while promoting as Big Bang. Soon, I’ll come out with one too.

    What kind of music are you going to show?
    I’m balancing it out a bit right now. The thoughts that the agency and that I have personally, is…ah, it’s a secret. Even if I wanted to say it, it’s really a secret. I’ll tell you later. (smiles)

    Why are you being like this, seriously. Is the range of balancing things out wide?
    Yes. I like music that are deep and moving. What I mean by deep is…towards the popular…ah, truthfully, I don’t think this should go out in the article. I don’t think I’m able to control whether it’s popular or not. I’m only thinking about myself, the agency have to think about the image that the people are thinking about and we have to match those two together so I think that’s why our thoughts are clashing against each other.

    What kind of color would you categorize the music you want to do?
    Kind of a brownish color. Right now, the company is taking that and trying to change it to a brownish orange color.

    Do you have a brownish music on your iPhone?
    Yes. I tend to listen to a lot of R&B and Jazz. One time, TOP really wanted to listen to hip-hop and because his player ran out of battery, he took mine. As soon as he listened to it, he said, “whew.” It’s because there was no hip-hop. (laughs) Anyways, I consider these kinds of music a brownish color. I think the ability to lead this into the road where everyone will like it is needed. That’s why, the brownish color won’t be removed at all, but on top of the brownish orange color, the brownish will be added to guide in that direction.

    It’ll be good if the song brought your distinct voice in any way. I found a voice that I wanted to listen to more of on this album. Personally, which song were you satisfied with your voice?
    Personally, ‘Cafe.’ Originally, it wasn’t my part. Most of the parts in the song are sung in high tone. I can’t really sing that high. My voice becomes hoarse quick and within the 24 hours, my voice is warmed up good for an hour. Even though my voice is like that, I like singing in high tone. I like listening to it and singing it. We first recorded my singing in high tone, but no matter how many times I tried, it just wouldn’t come out right. So I suggested I do the 2nd verse. Luckily, it matched well so I like it.

    Isn’t it fun to be on stage these days? It shows.
    Because I was hungry to be on stage. I think the other members felt it earlier. I’m now able to feel an accomplishment. Before, I felt like going on stage was like doing homework. But this time, when I stand on stage, I really like it and that’s the only thought that goes through my head. As I’m singing and when I turn around and look at the stage, I say, “Ah, I really like this.”

    The music video was very hot…
    Ahahaha. That scene? As soon as we landed in America, I was told I had to film a scene on a bed with a female model. I thought about it at first. I knew it was going to be awkward, and then the filming atmosphere isn’t going to be good and then it’s going to get edited out. So I said, if I’m going to to do this, might as well do it right so that it won’t be edited out so I closed my eyes tightly and filmed it.

    It doesn’t seem that way cause you’ve got sexier these days. Maybe you’ve become more manlier?
    Really? Rather than hearing that I’m sexy, the members keep telling me that I’m provocative. Seriously, no matter what I wear, they say I’m provocative. I first thought they were joking around. A couple of days ago, during a photo shoot, the director told me my eyes were provocative, all of a sudden! I guess I have become provocative. I guess I have something in me.

    Is there something that you’re doing?
    I don’t do anything. It’s a very awkward question to ask at 2 o’clock in the morning. Oh, my friend said I lack love. He’s studying psychology and whenever I talk, he’s always doing something. He would either keep folding the paper that’s here, or tear tissues, he just can’t stay still. He said that’s the sign of lack of love. (laughs) But when I think about it, I understand it perfectly, but at the same time I think I’m not in the situation where I would lack love…

    Your ideal type has been the same for a couple of years, “Someone who will only love me and has a pretty smile” and you can see through that.
    (smiles) Seems that way right? I wonder how many years its been since I haven’t changed it? An ideal type changes after going out with someone and then breaking up, but I haven’t gotten near that point and I’m not in the position where I can go up to them first.

    Why don’t you try going places. Where do you usually hang out?
    I’m usually at home. When I don’t have any schedule, I stay home and download movies. I don’t really like going outside. I like to listen to music, sleep, and eat by myself. I’m the type that doesn’t like being a burden to others and getting burdened on myself by others.

    What’s wrong with burdening others and hearing things you don’t want to hear? If you get used to hearing it, it can get more comfortable for you.
    When others say, “This happened because of him,” and I hear that, I get, oh man, really upset. I think it could also be because of my father. Ever since I was little, I had the thought, “I can’t show my weak side to others.” There was a lot of tension within my house as well.

    One time, Hyori called you an ‘edgy guy.’ That’s a Daesung that’s different from now right?
    That was when I first met Jung Jaehyung with Hyori and then the next day I went to his house without notice and that’s why she called me that. Now that I think about it, it was an act that wasn’t like me truthfully. (smiles) I think it was because I was being selfish about my solo album production. I don’t know how I did it.

    From now on, if you didn’t care about what others said or thought, what would you want to do?
    Hmm…I want to drink alcohol as much as I want, up to the point where I can’t remember a thing. Then I want to show off my drunk habits that’s hard to see to others. I learned how to drink from Hyori. From the ‘Family Outing’ family. That’s why, every time we went out to drink, I was always the youngest and I would always drink with my mind intact because I have to clean up afterward. I want to know the feeling of your mind going blank. What’s it like?

    Hmm, it’s not a good feeling. It’s the end of burdening. But because of that, I want to suggest to you to try to see what it’s like for your mind to go blank.
    I think I’ll be able to do it if I didn’t have any schedule for a week. When I drink alcohol, my voice condition becomes bad for about a month. Since it’ll bring great harm during a show or recording, I think I’ll need about a week.

    Don’t you drink with your junior singers?
    I don’t have any good junior singer friends. My connections are mostly from the ‘Family Outing,’ family and ‘Night After Night’ family.

    When you’re doing a variety show, do you feel stressed because of the song, stage, Big Bang, and your voice?
    They’re all good seniors. But when I’m there, there’s a different stress that I have on a variety show. Truthfully, variety is a game that brings headaches. It’s seriously a thinking game. When you watch it on television, I just go my own way, laugh and talk a lot but in reality, I have a lot to think about at the studio. Starting from when I should start talking to my facial expressions.

    What kind of plans did you make for the thinking game?
    It’s something that I think about while I’m talking and it’s good to make it so that the other person isn’t offended and everyone can laugh about it. If the other person brought me down and if it’s funny, other people will think it’s really funny, but I won’t feel good about it. That’s why, if everyone laughed with a good feeling, I think the price of that laughter will be worth more.

    Your words are penetrating through the bones. A couple of days ago, there was an issue on ‘Night After Night.’ The guests and the MCs were saying not so good things about your looks and because of that, the fans disapproved to the writers. Eventually, the writers apologized. At first I thought, was that really necessary but then I thought, it could be a situation where you wouldn’t feel good. What do you think?
    Ah, well for me, I don’t feel bad at all. What you said just now, it wasn’t meant to be said in that way. Truthfully, why I say that is because I don’t think like that at all. So I just looked over it coolly.

    So you don’t think of yourself as ugly?
    Well I don’t think I’m ugly but I don’t think I’m good looking either. I think I just look like Daesung. That’s why when other people tell stories about how ugly I am and when we all laugh together, I feel good about it and I think positively about it. I seriously have never heard from anyone that I’m ugly but I don’t know why the fans…I guess the fans really think that I’m ugly.

    I’ll give you the mic.
    I don’t feel bad about it, even though others tell me I’m ugly, because in variety shows, I’m definitely not ugly. If you guys think that way, that will make me more miserable. (smiles)

    Haha. This is the last question. 5 years later, at this exact time, what will Daesung be doing?
    Big Bang’s 10th anniversary ‘GQ’ commemoration shoot?

    Being as active?
    Yes. I can’t guarantee anything but because everyone is satisfied with Big Bang’s music and stage.

    Magazine scanned by: Hing Daesung @ Naver Blog
    Translated by: solshin3 @
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    :: where i'm @ & in tumblr-ville ::
  • KeKe7KeKe7 Posts: 172Member
    Dae's Interview

    I’ve got mixed feeling while and after reading his interview. Sometimes I’m glad that he thinks like that and sometimes I am worried about him. Sometimes he really made me tear up.

    I’m glad that we’ve got to know his side of the story – like his fans wrote letters to YG regarding his solo album. I think his fans, who love him wholeheartedly, thought it was be’coz of his company/YG. We really didn’t know that these steps taken would lead to him thinking it was all his fault. I just want to let him know that the fans took this step be’coz they love him so much. We are looking forward very much to his album.

    His thoughts and answers are marvellous and awesome.

    I love you, Daesung.

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    shinhdeplol wrote on 05 April 2011 - 11:04 PM:

    I got a headache after reading that MB article <_< <_< <_< >.<

    Big Bang "Love Song" Spot 1-5 Mash Up

    video source : 나즈키 @ bestiz
    shared by: bigbanghavenYT02 @ YT


    Uhm I have smt to say, hopefully you wont find me too harsh or anything :sweatingbullets:

    1/ Please refrain from posting personal conversations on the thread, its against the rules unfortunately. You can PM each other on soompi instead :).

    2/ Please dont post one-liners. I have seen some posts with the content like "15 minutes" and "7 minutes". I understand the excitement but you should write a bit more to follow the rules :)

    I hope for your understanding ^^

    I'm sorry I didn't know that... :D I'll try to write more when I write XD hehehehehehe... I just wanted to remind everybody how long it was left to hear the new teaser -_-


    I can't wait for the new teaser today!!! Who's gonna be there?? All 5 of them?? Teddy???

    5 more hours to go.. and the only a day for the real stuff!!
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    YG Official Photos

    [IMG]http://i55.Richard Simmons/w7obit.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i51.Richard Simmons/11t5pc4.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i52.Richard Simmons/10s7iu1.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i54.Richard Simmons/2heilqu.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i51.Richard Simmons/2566av5.jpg[/IMG]

    [IMG]http://i54.Richard Simmons/a0uzw8.jpg[/IMG]

    please don't steal my icons and banners without my consent. thanks!
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    BIGBANG on COME TO PLAY w/ subs!

    wooohooo! It came out pretty fast :)!!! So excited to watch now XD 
    Daesung & BIGBANG, I am waiting for you.
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    [PHOTOS] Unseen polaroids of TOP and Dae?


    C: top-supporters // BBCN // BABYMISO @ baidu


    C: daum // // BABYMISO @ baidu


    What do you think of GDYB's hairstyles here? :P


    C: 핫애플 @ bestiz
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    Forgive me for this, I really want to move on now but I can't help but rant my thoughts on some matter that I read from the comments on diff. BB blogs and a few here also.

    I'm LOVIN' the concept photos. Laidback and more "Simol" LOL.
    Can't wait for the 3 new songs! The countdown timer of glows! COOL! B)
    off to watch CTP w/ subs!
    ★ BIG BANG is VIP ★


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    YB looks so cute here :wub:


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    princess_vip wrote on 06 April 2011 - 10:33 AM:

    BIGBANG on COME TO PLAY w/ subs!

    wooohooo! It came out pretty fast :)!!! So excited to watch now XD 
    thank you so much^^

    @syao_sid: +1..that is a good & rational rant

    can't wait for the last teaser today :]


    The Glowing Countdown Timer on Bigbang's official website :


    â™›BIGBANG IS V.I.Pâ™›
    Tonight is such a beautiful night★ ☆..BIG SHOW 2011♥♥●•٠· ̇
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    [CAPS]110406 UV Syndrome begins - Daesung


    C: s에쓰@DCDS // 菘菘蓝 @ smileholic

    - - -

    GRI GRI GRI!!!!! :wub: :wub:


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    No matter what.

    I don't give a john tesh*n rat's as* to KBS. I hate YG for the bad politics the company gets involved in. So from this point onwards, I will just:


    No matter what.
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    Who looks the best with purple hair? :D I wonder why the fan doesnt PTS Dae's photo...


    C: 죵이뱅기 @ bestiz


    C: 180888 @ tumblr


    ^ YG uploaded this 7 hrs ago :P

    C: BIGBANG's YT channel

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    im liking this LOVE SONG very much!!! 1 DAY TO GO VIPS!!! :D

    i thought YB's pronounciation was a bit awkward in THIS, but it's all cool. loving it! :D

    thanks for the subbed CTP episode! i :tears: during the part of their moms' letters. LOL boy did they flatter TOP so much in that episode! :lol: look at his smirk, SR's jabjabjab and TOP being the strong hook knocking out ladies was hilarious! and i LOL'd so much at SR's and the young stylist's convo... SR: Who do you like most? STYLIST: TOP oppa... and SR getting all frustrated.. "EVERY WOMAN LIKES TOP" oh SR, you speak the truth! and look at TOP's grin right there. the boy KNOWS he's HOT!!! B) i love their CTP episode, they did great but at the same time it was touching, from when they opened up about how they should last long, to their debut videos especially that part when they won their 1st daesang, to SR telling GD to remember that when he has a hard time..dont forget to look back coz the 4 of them are there, to their moms' letters.

    these boys are so adorable! how can anyone hate on them? oh and we're on the last 93 pages of this thread, instead of going to other places and just reading unfounded hate for the boys, how about we just keep this thread moving so we can also start our THREAD 3 soon! :D

    btw, thanks for DS and TOP's polaroid pics, so cute!!!
    ♥♥♥ love & support DAESUNG ♥♥♥
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    Big Bang tires netizens and industry representatives with their refusal to appear on “Music Bank”

    this article is absolutely ridiculous.
    did he not remember that BB actually performed at Inkigayo and M Countdown, despite not winning?
    it feels like theres this group of people who envies YG and its success, and trying hard to pull it down. get a life.
    on a brighter note, i'm loving the teasers so much! can't wait!

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