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EXCLUSIVE Big Bang Comeback on Soompi sponsored by YG

soompsoomp "that's soomptastic!"soompitown!Posts: 1,520Administrator


edited March 2011 in k-pop
Album previews/Interviews/Features/Fan Shout Out/Contests/Prizes !

Dear Soompi VIP’s!

We have exciting news for you!  YG has chosen Soompi to spread the good news of Big Bang to all their international fans around the world!  Join us in celebrating their long-awaited comeback on February 24th (digital release) with our exclusive content and contest.

All the Big Bang Goodies on Soompi:

Still to come:

  • A chance to win personalized autographed CD’s and video shout-outs by Big Bang [ENTER THE CONTEST NOW!] - LAST DAY TO ENTER!
  • Interviews with Big Bang & the people who work with them behind the scenes (including Shaun Evaristo)!
  • Some surprises.....? :D

Spread the love!

Download the entire album from iTunes:

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  • li_nikoruli_nikoru Posts: 187Member
    edited February 2011
    This comeback is really the definition of EPIC!!

    Thank you BigBang, YG & Soompi for making everything so awesome!!
  • Sheshe5Sheshe5 Posts: 180Member

  • HeeHee Posts: 249Member
    This is truly amazing^^

    We are to promote Big Bangs comeback!!!

    Thank you soompi and YG!!!!<3
    81779058.gif...and ...gd2y.gif
  • terumachanterumachan Posts: 3New Member
    edited February 2011
    Shout-out to YGE & Soompi!you guys rocks!
  • stayygoldennstayygoldenn Posts: 46Member
    International fans finally get some perks! Yay Soompi~!
  • juang_bbjuang_bb USAPosts: 1,801Member


    amazing!! gotta go but will comeback here later...

    just wanna post a shoutout to SOOMPI and YG!!! you guys are awesome!!

    time for BIGBANG to feel their iVIPs LOVE! :wub:
    ♥♥♥ love & support DAESUNG ♥♥♥
  • palebluedot13palebluedot13 Posts: 13Member
    Holy... I am literally spazzing here. GAH. This is so exciting!!!!! Like G-Dragon says, "Big Bang the Best."
  • kathy_kates_23kathy_kates_23 Posts: 11Member
    really great finally Int'l fans can join with them

    u guys really awesome !!!

    thx so much
  • rectitude*rectitude* SUNSHINE ♥ Posts: 7,326Friend of Soompi


    This is so awesome and amazing. Thanks to Soompi international fans' love can be shown to Big Bang. <33
  • amaxing_graceamaxing_grace pa, usaPosts: 504Member
    omggg this is totally awesome! I'm really excited for soompi and big bang! yesssss i'm jumping up and down in my seat in anticipation!@?!@#$@#%@#$
  • Elle.SerafinaElle.Serafina Posts: 1Member
     This is E.P.I.C.!!!

    Soompi & YG  Rocks!!!!

  • K-MK-M Posts: 10Member
    What you do for the fans is really incredible!blush.gif
    Thank you to the team Soompi and YG!
    This comeback will be the most beautiful of the year lol!
  • xei-xeixei-xei Posts: 26Member
    i rarely comment here in Soompi cause i just lurk most of the time but i just want to say this is awesome!
    finally iVIPs get some special treats from YG!
    Soompi and YG rocks! \m/
  • toozdae08toozdae08 Posts: 1,346Member
    wow, this is beyond epic.

    Sooooooo excited. 1 MORE DAY TO GO!!! BIG BANG IS BACK!!
  • wutermelonbubblegumwutermelonbubblegum Posts: 21Member
    edited February 2011
    . . . . 

  • ultrabunnyultrabunny Posts: 542Member
    thank you so much soompi! THIS IS AMAZING!!
  • DelphineDelmarDelphineDelmar Posts: 15Member


    I can't wait,guys!Actually,it's not that I miss them that much,after the GD/T.O.P. double combo XD,or Ri's release,but yet :)))))
    OK,just a day to go :P Hang on.
    Somewhere nowhere is where I am
  • ailannguyenailannguyen Ontario, CanadaPosts: 555Member


    OMG, this is dope! I'm so going for the contest, already thinking of video ideas, gonna go crazy when I do it though.. I want to win this one.. bad. Haha

  • momo08momo08 Montreal CanadaPosts: 1,544Member


    truly awesome!!! YGE really knows how to appreciate us fans!!
    YG/Soompi partnership is amazing! BB hurry up!!
  • vvipjamievvipjamie Posts: 41Member


    this is frickin' awesomeeee!!!
    Big Bang - Wonder Girls - 2NE1 - IU - Gina Choi
    [font="'Lucida Console"]SEUNG RI BIAS <3 G-RI shipper <3[/font]
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