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Jyp's Wonder Girls (원더걸스) Official Thread 2



  • I.Said.GoodbyeI.Said.Goodbye I LOVE KYB MAX JJ AustraliaPosts: 7,454Member



    poor sohee! that shows you how much work the girls have been doing.

    even yubin tweeted a while ago that she doesn't want to go on planes anymore..

    they must be tired and this year is only going to get tougher.
  • MickyluloveskpopMickyluloveskpop Posts: 150Member
    ngaw thanx for the english article and omg sunye ost was in ep 3 of dream high !! so happy! kekeke so cute that yoobin is learning the guitar, hope hse can perform one day with the guitar and show use her skills!
  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    vietboi_tuan wrote on 12 January 2011 - 07:05 AM:

    The situation with the JYPE and J.Tune is very confusing... Don't really care as long as it doesn't affect the girls American debut and comeback.

    It will affect WG's American plans. Profits are paramount for listed companies, otherwise the public shareholders will mutiny.
    There will be a new management dynamic, so the onus is on striking a better balance between artistic integrity & corporate interests than, say SM Town.
    Here is the current organizational structure, as far as I know:
    J.Tune Corporation consists of 2 subsidiaries: J.Tune Entertainment (RAIN, missA, actor Yun Jung Hoon) & J.Tune Camp (MBLAQ). Their website lists separate offices.
    J.Tune Entertainment is already listed on the Korean stock exchange; they can raise money by issuing new stocks.
    That's why JYPE bought in, to get into KOSDAQ via the so-called 'backdoor listing' method.
    missA has already swapped companies. The other JYP Nation artistes, inc. WG & JYP himself, are expected to do the same in time, i.e. cross over into J.Tune Entertainment (which will be nominally renamed 'JYP Entertainment (Ltd)' or the equivalent of 'JYP Entertainment PLC', supposedly next month but I think the KOSDAQ may delay as it evaluates the legal details).
    The remaining JYPE (privately-owned company) will likely either cease business or be sold off, depending on what investments are left (eg. real-estate properties, Korean dramas, maybe music catalog).
    I also read that the JYPE investors bought "only" about a 18% stake (various numbers were reported, but within the range) into J.Tune Entertainment. It makes them the biggest single shareholder but, for now, their corporate plans (inc. WG's American budget) must take into account the other, smaller stakeholders who own the remaining 82% shares.
    Incidentally, RAIN had sold off his stake in mid-2010 so he is really back to being an artiste-employee again. This decision kinda invalidates the speculation that he asked JYP to take charge of J.Tune in case he gets called up for military service.
    Meanwhile, J.Tune Camp's fate is in limbo. For now, MBLAQ only issued a statement saying they are not involved in the merger.
    (Fashion affiliate J.Tune Creative, whom RAIN & some investors sued for alleged embezzlement last year, is apparently under J.Tune Entertainment.)

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    WG got a mention in the CES coverage in the print version of Straits Times Digital Life over here.
    I'll see if I can upload a scan later, since their online edition did not report it.

  • wonderr23wonderr23 SUNlight Posts: 1,378Member
    Sohee's DAZED Issue(That's a wonder of you) is one of 2010's best at DAZED Korea. She's at number 7.

    [IMG]http://i56.Richard Simmons/v7dpci.jpg[/IMG]
  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    WG's Special Edition album finished a close 4th Taiwan's G-Music JKpop sales charts for 2010.
    The competition was very tight at the top, with only a 0.76 percent maximum difference between the top 5 artistes.
    Apple Daily had previously reported the top 5 as follows: Suju (57k), WG (50k), It's Beautiful OST (40k), SNSD (37k), Shinee (30k).

    Source: http://www.g-music.c.../ranking-3.html

  • uchix_francoisuchix_francois Posts: 365Member
    Maybe is :wub:

    Sohee has jet leg ? lol I thought she only has those sexy legs for dance, not for fly... yeah they must be very tired about get on and off the plane almost everyday now... hopefully they'd got enough time to rest now in NY while preparing for the new album...
  • *bluebutterfly**bluebutterfly* EnglandPosts: 1,156Member
    edited January 2011
    I just saw this on daum, and thought it was pretty funny seeing how many posters there are on one street of the Wonder Girls. They are everywhere lol.

  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    Sohee tweeted about jet lag half a day ago. Ditto Sunye on the morning after the Monster Cable event.
    Sohee also mentioned 'new hotel' in her tweet. Ditto Jane Kim ('hotel') 2 hours after her.
    In between, Jane checked in twice via 4SQ that she was in Beverly Hills (Crustacean Restaurant) & then LA's Koreatown (Loft Cafe).
    Is WG with her? Are they in Los Angeles? If so, what for?

    - - - - - - - - - -

    WG mention in Straits Times's Digital Life supplement in SG today.


  • yummy_swgyummy_swg Posts: 104Member
    The truth behind Wonder Girls 'retro angels' image by @TH_Wonderfuls
    English Translation by @HadesHadez ^_^ enjoy!

    Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow & Always. Still Pearl Burgundy.
  • uchix_francoisuchix_francois Posts: 365Member
    edited January 2011
    ROFL hilarious !!! love the "Threaten", "cool Don Mandoo" and "The End" part...
    plus the 'uuh... I'm the boss here' , that pic never fail to make me grin like an idiot...
  • slrigrednowslrigrednow \(",)/ WonderlandPosts: 2,275Member


    cr. Jane's twitter

    new Real WG video

    Preparation for Sin City's Performance
    cr. wondergirls@YT
  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    JYP China posted an update: WG will be in Liaoning, China this weekend.
    They mentioned the LiaoningTV telecast is live, as opposed to recorded.
    If true, then it's 2 weeks before CNY Eve (Feb 2).
    Wow, JYPE must really want the money to have the girls fly across the world for a performance.
    Wonder if the girls can stopover later in Korea, which is a short flight from Liaoning.


    LaioningTV's WG stage is already ready & shared on Weibo last night.

    Cr: as tagged

  • wonderful ♡wonderful ♡ Posts: 472Member
    where is this from? they look really good here!
  • ahaaha Posts: 1,747Member


    ^ they all look beautiful in this pic

    yenny abit strange ,i love her hair -not too yellow ^^
    lim and minnie have same hair but different color hahah

    they go china again .. wow

  • YW1801YW1801 SingaporePosts: 266Member
    Is it just me or do Sunye and Sohee's heads look stretched? :(
  • MariloriMarilori The Banana Club New York CityPosts: 761Member
    edited January 2011
    That photo was Photoshopped, the original was posted a few posts before. Some people are going around photoshopping their photos since their event in Paris. That's really upsetting and getting out of hand, are girls are already gorgeous no need to alter anything.

    The original was posted by ll_borderline on page 1451

  • onedaymaniaconedaymaniac the SUNPosts: 1,086Member


    edited January 2011
    kenshin_kauru wrote on 13 January 2011 - 01:51 PM:

    Sunye is an angel. Got fan account abt her made donation.

    Katyhwang post it at Sunye baidu.
    & Granny help me to translate it in english.

    should be from 2009, not sure if you guys have seen it before"


    a few days ago i went to volunteer to do some charity work at the hospital
    i overheard that WG was also here a few days ago
    there is one member called sunye
    gave a kid who were born with deformed fingers 10million won for his surgery fees
    now this kid had his operation
    he can move his little finger and index finger now
    but the rest of the fingers still cant work cos of some problems with his nerve
    in conclusion, she is a good person

    Originally from here:'

    10million won is such a big amount of money. I'm so touched. Kinda made me speechless. I bet she did many more good deeds that we fans don't know. :tears:
    cr:kenshin n ricecakey@sunye thread
    Wonder Girls
    goldenGAZEashenloMarilori[Deleted User]Mia_Miafutonick
  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    I did some sleuthing on my own since the China WFs are completely baffled about the JiangsuTV trip.
    The WG stage photo was tweeted by a 明星转起来 ('Stars Turn up') show emcee, it airs live on Saturday night 10:10 pm local time.
    I found this show's portal at Sohu but there is no mention that they are doing a CNY special.
    Separately, China media reports mentioned sporadically that LiaoningTV is doing (will start) CNY recordings with booked guests from 1/15.
    Dunno which show WG will be on, maybe both.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -

    New JYP Nation photo.
    (Everyone is commenting how JYP has his hand ominously on Jo Kwon's shoulder!)

    Source: http://onlyj2k.tumbl...3075/jyp-nation

    - - - - - - - -

    Naver bloggers are still uploading TeamPlay concert pics:

    - - - - - - -

    Today-yesterday (Jan 13) is Park Jin Young's birthday.
    KARA Goo Hara's, too. Best wishes to both!


  • qoxieqoxie Posts: 2,781Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2011
    Wonder Girls Fan Meeting @ Las Vegas

    원더걸스 라스베가스 팬미팅

    There is another earlier fancam at the same channel; I've watched it but heads-up to those who haven't.

  • PlayGirl12PlayGirl12 Posts: 20Member
    an arab and english song :w00t:
    from arab fans to WGs and 2PM :wub:
    I really like it :blush:

    Wonderful | Kiss Me | Cassiopeia | Play Girl | Shawols | Sone | Kamilia | 4nia |  Say A | V.I.P
    Marilori[Deleted User]
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