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Asian parents always think you're fat..

Nheex3Nheex3 Posts: 159Member


edited April 2011 in fitness & sports
unless you're stick skinny.
okay, so i've been exercising, and i was doing the 8 minute ab workout, proudly growing lines on the side. i showed my dad all happy like 'YAY LOOK IM GROWING ABS DADDY!' , instead of going 'YOU GO GIRL.' he says 'LOL THATS A LINE OF FAT, LOL YOURE FAT.'
Am I the only one with parents like this?


  • MannosukeMannosuke Posts: 12,760Member


    Maybe it is a line of fat LOL!

    They seem pretty chill.
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  • hisharihishari Posts: 1,779Member


    I have abs and everyone compliments me......except my parents. Yes, to them it's also a line of fat :(
  • rachilderachilde United StatesPosts: 2,332Member
    My parents think I'm too thin. Nonetheless, most Asian parents aren't going to be all sunshine and bubblegum with their children and it usually takes a thick hide to live in an Asian family because no one's going to pull any punches or make knock-knock jokes just because you're younger. I've gotten used to it and I really enjoy living in such an honest atmosphere. I think I'm better natured because my parents made fun of me and I made fun of my parents! Laughing back and poking fun in return definitely beats wilting at every joke and comment!
  • ichigoiruka18ichigoiruka18 Posts: 105Member
    hmm..not that extreme, but I do get the occasional "you have to watch what you eat or else you're going to get fat." from my mom and grandma
    My mom asked me my weight one time, and she replied with 'ok, but dont get any heavier than that."
    idk, it's kinda really annoying/depressing that the people who put my down the most about how I look are my parents...
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  • musicloverx3musicloverx3 Posts: 135Member
    [font="'Century Gothic"]Haha, I find this thread really amusing, because this same problems plagues a lot of my other Asian friends. In my family, though, it's kind of the opposite! I'm currently 5'6, 128 pounds, and I'm trying to get rid of these last 8 pounds, but part of the reason why I can't do it is because my mom is always going "OMG YOU'RE TOO SKINNY, YOU'RE ALL BONES, STOP TRYING TO LOSE WEIGHT!" xD but yeah, generally speaking, Asian parents have a much different perception of thinness than other parents. [/font]
  • Nheex3Nheex3 Posts: 159Member


    ichigoiruka18 wrote on 26 November 2010 - 12:19 AM:

    idk, it's kinda really annoying/depressing that the people who put my down the most about how I look are my parents...

    Agreed! I always ask my friends if I look fat and they'd be like 'NAWW, YOU AIN'T FAT GIRL.' Part of me thinks its just their way of being generous, the other part of me is thinking maybe its true and I'm not considerably fat, in America anyway.

    And as a previous poster said, i guess it IS good to live in a blunt honest atmosphere.

    And well, I do poke fun at my dad too, only to get back at him. I called him old and fat. :)
  • AyumiExclusiveAyumiExclusive Posts: 260Member
    My parents are like that and it sucks . I'm the skinniest out of all my friends , my waist is 23 I weigh 115 at 5'4 .. so I'm average/normal but my parents say " Is your stomach getting bigger? " .. " Don't eat , your thighs are already big " " Why are you eating? You wanna be fat? "

    I went through an eating disorder phase when I was 13 cause of them and all I got was " As long as you take your vitamins "

    UGHHH . -_-
  • suebaeesuebaee United StatesPosts: 426Member
    My parents are like that too! Well more like my mom. Like when it comes to food, she'll feed me so much. But then when we're like casually just chilling out, she'll poke my fat and tell me how I need to loose weight. I hate it :(
  • fabrications.fabrications. i'm a ghost noPosts: 3,546Member


    ahh...yes, my parents have always told me I'm fat too. My brothers too. But then again when I was younger I really was fat or chubby. lol. I mean I grew up and the baby fat started going away and it feels like I'm more proportional now. People are like, "You're not fat, you just have curves," or some girls say, "wish I had your rack" <_< but maybe they're just being nice cause my family tells me everyday that I'm fat. :ph34r:
  • AnnalalaAnnalala AustraliaPosts: 24Member
    Bleegh, same with me.
    58kg: Parents think I should stop eating so much.
    52kg: Your bones a sticking out, you're too skinny!
    Considering that I'm 5"4, I'm no where NEAR skinny <_<

  • iPhetsiPhets Perth, AustraliaPosts: 4,235Member
    my mom thinks im secretly starving myself
    if only she would open her eyes ..and see me pigging out on everything ...everyday.
    and i find it funny how she always calls me anorexic when im eating in front of her too
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  • Love_LightsLove_Lights Posts: 623Member


    My grandma and aunts always tell me , "eat up, eat up!" :D and after they feed me until i'm ready to burst wow! you got fat! hopefully you will grow and it will stretch out :]
    Me: :| Gee thanks

    My brother and me always tell the other you're fat and ugly ughhhhhhh!!!!! And I think it mostly depends on parents on what we are eating like if we go out to eat or they cooked but if I stay inside all day they ask me if I want to take up a sport or go running

    As the poster above me said I think Asian parents just want you to be healthy and strong and be able to work and be independent :]

  • edited November 2010
    Goodness gracious, no, you're not alone. I'm 5'6, and as far back as I can recall, I weighed anywhere from 105-110 lbs. A week ago, I stepped on the scale and found out that I weighed 120. Even though I'm pretty sure that's normal for my height, my dad was mortified and gasped, when he found out how much I weighed. The world was suddenly going to come to an end. He told me I was in need of a dire workout and needed a stricter diet. He claimed that my face was beginning to look bloated and that he had been meaning to tell me. Apparently, the perfect opportunity arose, when I weighed myself on the scale, and he happened to catch sight of it. How convenient. I just laughed it off, because I know that it was just his way of saying I care about your health. In the past, my doctor constantly told me I needed to gain 15 to 20 pounds, and without intending to, I unknowingly did. Normally, I'd find it impossible to gain weight, but my weight stabilized, and now I'm stuck at 120. I guess my metabolism finally slowed down. I just find it funny that, prior to the weight gain, my dad told me to disregard the doctor. He said that Asian standards were different from American standards, and that for me to weigh anymore than 110 would be "less than ideal"--later blatantly elaborating on how that would make me fall under the category of fat.
    Though, there are still times when my mother can't seem to make up her mind. One minute, I'm eating to much; the next, I'm not eating enough.
    It's like there's no middle ground--either I weigh too much or don't weigh enough.
  • KurisuKurisu San Diego, CAPosts: 1,141Member


    I've had weight issues all my life - I still do - and I do partially blame it on my father. I had thicker legs and arms, so when I was younger (elementary school), my father made fun of my arms and legs a lot, he would hold my wrist or look at my ankles and show me how his arms and let's were smaller than mine! See, my father was probably 5'0" at the time and I think my mom was 5'3". Anyway, in middle school I adopted a pescetarian diet (fish being my main source of protein). My boyfriend also battled weight issues (he had a chubby childhood) and was scrutinized by his sister. So yea, we both are really critical about our weight compared to our height. My mother still complains to me that I'm too "thin" in front my father, and he stopped picking on my weight and thick arms/legs in the last couple years. I guess I am still affected by his words that I am "thick", even though he tells me nowadays that I need to eat more. I avoided him when I used to be on birth control (gained 5-10 lbs) because I was afraid of his criticism (even though he hasn't criticized my "thickness" for a few years now). I've recently gone back to my normal weight in the past month, but my mom's worried about me. ;/ also, I've been really stressed out lately, so my appetite hasn't been the best...

    For the record I'm 5'0" and 90 lbs. I'm afraid to tell my mother because I remember the last time she went with me to the doctor (6 years ago), I was reallllly sick and weighed 85lbs. She'll probably be more worried ^^;;
    I'm really thankful that you're alive. The news about you is my reason for living. We should meet at least once while living. No matter what you're doing be healthy and always live happily. For you being born, for meeting you... I'm so thankful.
  • K-A-Z-EK-A-Z-E Posts: 23Member
    edited November 2010
    No diet, normal eating (2 meals a day: for breakfast a piece of bread or the leftovers from dinner and for dinner that what mom cooks. I usually don't eat much, no time.)

    Mom puts on very less food on the plate for me. They eat meat with rice/potatoes/noodles and I get meat with salad. (I don't like salad!)
    While eating:
    Mom: "Don't eat so much! Look how fat you got!" (I was normal, definitely not fat.)
    And she always complains when seeing me eating something.

    When I do a diet:

    Mom always cooks and gives me very fatty food to eat. She cooks breakfast, lunch and dinner for me. (Usually only dinner.) Always stuff with lots of calories and always giant amounts to eat. She buys my favorite chips, chocolate, cake, sweets...things that only I like to eat and she puts them into my room.
    While eating:
    Mom: "Finished? Here is some more for you. And eat a bit more of that. Oh, and I bought some cake! You can have 2 pieces after dinner."

    So in fact if I want to loose some weight, I just don't do a diet haha. xD
  • miarinmiarin Posts: 165Member
    JapaneseObesession wrote on 26 November 2010 - 05:52 PM:

    "..yeah, but you look so sad when you're not eating cookies"

    THAT IS SO CUTE *squel*

    My parents never really comment about our weight. Mainly because they are the ones encouraging us to eat so much lol! My dad gave me a 2 hour lecture on the dangers of dieting after I missed one meal :P
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