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If you could live in another country other than yours, which one would it be?

and why?
Haha.. i'm assuming alot of people will say south korea since there are quite alot of non koreans who are from other countries who are really interested in korean celebrity and entertainment. Anyways! :D i live in Australia, but i would really love to try and live in Japan or Hong Kong!
the reasons are: everything in japan seems so efficient, shorter travel distances, and high school life in japan looks so fun/university life! and it seems so relaxing in those japan movies where they sit by the lake on grass or something haha x) you can do that in australia, but travelling is a pain!!
HK - not too sure about it, but if it was for a short period, i would sooo not mind! even though HK may have its cons, there are definitely pros such as the travelling, THE MTR is so good! that octopus card IS SO EFFICIENT, you can pay your food with it, pay vending machine drinks, as well as train fees! and i love shopping there! so cheap! :) so what about ya'all! hehe


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