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The Korean Underground

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Is dead?
[edit 12/2010]
Dunno what happened to the K-underground forum... it might not have been that active, but it still seemed like a useful and accessible resource.

Instead you guys wanna sticky this list from 2005 in the main forum with all outdated links and messed up quoting? So it seems to me like you're basically removing all the context and focus which existed in the old forum and just kinda throwing up random and chaotic info. Guess whoever made that decision has different ideas about how to organize information.

Anyway, the links to dead sites in the original post were bugging me so I cleaned them up. Here's the list, minus the links. In case you want to know what we were listening to in 2005 and earlier (actually the original post here was a save/repost of a sticky from the pre-2005-crash forum:

3rd Line Butterfly (3호선 버터플라이 )
Asoto Union (아소토 유니온)
Blue Dawn (푸른새벽)
Byul (별)
Chococream Rolls (쵸코크림 롤스)
Cocore (코코어)
Crash (크래쉬)
Crying Nut (크라잉넛)
Delispice (델리스파이스)
Dorothy in Wonderland (도로시)
Eve (이브)
Every single day ()
Fortune Cookie (포츈 쿠키)
Ftone Sound (에프톤 사운드)
Jeju Sonyun (재주소년)
JunJa Yang/Dencihinji' (전자양)
Holymarsh (홀리마쉬)
Huckblerry Finn 허클베리 핀
Humming Urban Stereo
Hwang Bo Ryeong (황보령)
Lee Dao (이다오)
Lee Yoon Jung (이윤정)
Linus' Blanket (라이너스의 담요)
Lucid Fall (루시드 폴)
Merry Go Round (메리 고 라운드)
Modern Juice (모던쥬스)
Mot (못)
My Aunt Mary
Nastyona (네스티요나)
Nenoon (네눈박이 나무밑 쑤시기)
No Brain (노브레인)
Peter Pan Complex (피터팬 컴플랙스)
Pia (피아)
Plastic People (플라스틱 피플)
Rainy Sun (레이니 선)
Schizo (스키조)
Seoul Electric Band (서울전자음악단)
Sister's Barber Shop (언니네이발관)
Slow 6 (슬로우 쥰)
Small Acacia Band (소규모 아카시아 밴드)
Swallow (스왈로우)
Sweater (스웨터)
Taboo (타부)
Tearliner (티어라이너)
Thomas Cook (토마스 쿡)
The The (더더)
We've Got Underwear and Lots of Girls (우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네)
Wiretap in My Ear (내 귀에 도청장치)
Witches (위치스)
Wonder Bird (원더버드)


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