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Charismatic, asian eyes vs ulzzang eyes



  • zebragalzebragal Posts: 4Member
    Like someone previously said, it depends on the rest of the person's features.

    For example, BEG's Ga-In looks beautiful with her no-fold asian eyes and I wouldn't want her any other way.

    But then people like Hwang Jung-Eum or Ayumi look very pretty with their huge doll eyes too.

    Personally I have no preference, as long as it compliments and suits their face.
  • I_play_with_dollsI_play_with_dolls c: under your bedPosts: 2,789Member


    Actually I'm more attracted people with the smaller cat, slit eyes or whatever the hell you want to call it.
  • SarangHeyo &lt;3SarangHeyo <3 I LOVE DBSK. Lala land with Jae Joong&#33; &lt;3Posts: 443Member
    i like the eyes in Happipplrock's dp.
    i prefer ulzzang eyes over so called asian eyes. (i personally have not seen many asians that do not have double eyelids including myself)
    i wish i had those eyes but instead i have these .... i dont even know. its not 'asian eyes' because those are too small for me, but im also not.. big like ulzzangs. i have small white size eyes?
  • ukn0w.ukn0w. Posts: 5Member
    hm, but ulzzang eyes are all from makeup and stuff.
  • kimmi.kamikimmi.kami Sunshine Posts: 2,048Member
    I like ulzzang eyes , looks better to me .

  • LiIyLiIy Posts: 605Member
    edited March 2010
    With the right style of makeup, most eye types will look good. For example:

    stereotypical Asian eyes


    desirable eyes by most Asians (ulzzang?)

    But without makeup bigger eyes tend to look better:


    Which is why I prefer naturally big eyes simply because they don't require as much maintenance, haha.
  • yumixyumix TXPosts: 380Member


    the only difference i see in the 2nd pic is more "open" and awake, but other than that i dont see it as a huge OMG.
    Its true, single lidders are more harder to take care of since putting on make up is more of a hassle, but with right techniques it can come out pretty.
  • peppermintsugarpeppermintsugar Posts: 5,693Friend of Soompi
    Thanks to Lily's post, I understand better, but I think I prefer the smaller eye better. Since I've been lurking the Ulzzang thread a lot lately, I can say that the Ulzzang I think has the prettiest eyes is Park Yong Hee, and her eyes are like the first picture Lily posted.
    I actually use my eyeliner to make my eyes look smaller and slantier, haha.
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  • HemeraHemera Posts: 4,350Member


    in terms of shape..i love mika nakashima and kim jaejoong's eyes..moderately sized and elongated

    but when it comes down to it...any shape, crease or no's really what you emit from your eyes that make them beautiful. i've seen many people with large eyes that looks emotionless and dead...and people with small eyes that are so damn gorgeous.
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  • MorbiMorbi T to the O-R-O-N-T-OPosts: 979Member


    yuna kim has really pretty slanted eyes

    but generally speaking, more asians like the round bigger eyes
    while other races tend to like the slantier eyes.
    i think it's cuz they notice no difference in asian eyes whether they're big or small...unless they're REALLY big. LOL.
  • AngelAngel Posts: 1,061Member
    Yeah, for me not every girl I find with big eyes are pretty as hard as it is to believe. Some just don't stand out. I USE to like the big dolly eye look, now I like the wider but slanted look, kinda like angelina jolie.
  • soompier1soompier1 Posts: 2,187Member


    ^ angelina jolie's eyes are slanty but there are still large

    I don't think one is inherently better than the other, if a girl makes it work it will look good
    I also agree with Lily's post about large eyes being lower maintenance. My friend's eyes are narrow and wide and she looks gorgeous with make up, but without make up they don't look prominent on her face because of the small size. Large eyes look presentable either way IMO

    QUOTE (ukn0w. @ Mar 19 2010, 09:54 PM) »
    hm, but ulzzang eyes are all from makeup and stuff.

    girls with smaller eyes also wear makeup
  • marjgarciamarjgarcia Posts: 232Member


    edited March 2010

    uhmm..i really dont get what ulzzang mean.,hehe
    but i think i prefer to have an asian eyes?? imageP

    by the,i posted some pics of mine..(actually eyes only..i cut it eh.)

    what can you say??

    [did i break the rule?]
  • JesikJesik TexasPosts: 415Member


    I like kim tae hee's eyes. image

    They look very bright and lively imageD
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  • Aki_Aki_ LondonPosts: 835Member
    image doesnt it really depend on the face of the person?? i mean there are some people who have angled, sharp features which support the "charismatic" (lol) eyes or sensual smexy intense look, while others look good because they have more cutish looking features hence the ulzzang big doe eyes would look better on them.
  • IchiaruIchiaru lurk. lurk.Posts: 260Member
    I love long narrow big eyes. LMAO does that make sense? Where the ends of the eye on the outer corner are longer and sharper.. and straight to slanted down eyes
    Ichiaru ~
  • dietPilldietPill Posts: 284Member
    for me, it doesn't matter what kind of eyes as long as it's attached to a face with a great smile =D
  • unrvldunrvld -- Posts: 715Member


    for guys, i like slanted single eyelids more for some reason like lee junki's or jay park's. i find it their eyes to be really charismatic.
    for girls, it depends..
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  • !annaaA.!annaaA. UKPosts: 683Member
    Uhh, super slanty/asian looking eyes are very hard to pull off.
    Whereas 'ulzzang' eyes (which I'm assuming means circle lenses) I find really fake looking sometimes...
    I'm kinda picky I guess. As long as the diameter of the lens isn't HUGE and the colour is subtle/blended looking then I'd vote 'ulzzang eyes'.

    It really depends on the rest of the face. Can't I just vote average eyes .-. ?
  • WitchGoddessWitchGoddess ???! Posts: 4,829Member
    It really depends on how the rest of the face looks. lol.
    You can have either type and look good or bad and it depends on your face shape, nose, etc
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