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Charismatic, asian eyes vs ulzzang eyes

xdanceonx3xdanceonx3 Posts: 372Member
What type of eyes do you find most attractive?
Just wondering on what you find most attractive: asian, slanted, charismatic type of eyes or ulzzang type of pretty eyes?

I know people who think the asian narrow type of eyes are more attractive while some love the larger perfect shaped ulzzang eyes.

I personally like the ulzzang type of eyes...i wish i had them ...cuz i got the asian narrow eyes and i don't like them T_T


  • hisharihishari Posts: 1,779Member


    I have the larger shaped eyes. Does that mean i'm not charismatic?
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  • peppermintsugarpeppermintsugar Posts: 5,693Friend of Soompi
    I don't understand the difference, since Ulzzangs are Korean, and therefore Asian.
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  • tehlovelykotehlovelyko Posts: 85Member
    umm are you saying like lucy liu type of eyes or qiqi (ulzzang) type of eyes? i like ulzzang's eyes better...
  • darlingdarling meow SocalPosts: 1,271Friend of Soompi
    I think I know what you mean. I like both types, though generally I lean more towards the round, bigger eyes. I think it comes down to the rest of the person's features and how the eye shape works to compliment them.
  • RadishRadish ☉͜☉ Posts: 1,195Member
    edited March 2010
    Ulzzang eyes... Do you mean the ulzzang look they create when they wear lenses + makeup + and stre~tch open their eyes for the camera?

    I prefer normal, in-between to narrow/slanty eyes, as long the person doesn't look like his/her eyeballs are going to pop out. Eyes that fit the rest of the face are the best.
  • MeiHeartsMeiHearts JM~ Posts: 3,300Member


    i think it depends on the person.. large eyes suit some more while smaller eyes suit others image but generally i prefer larger eyes haha
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  • evz88evz88 Posts: 817Member


    edited March 2010
    i know this girl who has slanted eyes and they look really pretty on her because her other features compliment her eyes, however in general i guess i prefer the ulzzang eyes. i reckon its really hard for people to pull of slanty eyes because only a few look good with them and people with big eyes usually don't look too bad no matter what their other features look like.
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  • JJ.biasedJJ.biased Loving Dbsk Posts: 2,286Member
    I like ulzzang eyes except if it's too big especially with huge circle lens then ew :|
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  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    I know this really pretty girl with small, slanty eyes, but the rest of her features, her hair, style etc complement them so perfectly. What's funny is that her facial features are actually generally quite flat, but with everything together she resembles a really beautiful cat. In general I prefer larger eyes, but for those who can pull off the small slanty eyes well, they end up looking very, very stunning.
  • kinellakinella your fav smelly buddy Posts: 440Member
    edited March 2010
    i, white european, prefer asian eyes as they are. i find them, in whatever shape they are, so deep and mysterious. look at BEG's Gain! gosh, sooo pretty.
    i'm superjealous of the shape your eyes' inner corner looks like

    ah! i really don't get why you asian girls are into those circle and coloured lenses and eyes surgery.
    the circle lenses in particular are awful and kinda make you look like something between a scary doll and a kid on dope image
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  • yumixyumix TXPosts: 380Member


    edited March 2010
    Big eyes doesn't necessarily mean = better/prettier/more beautiful
    (I also agree with what my boyfriend said to me haha)

    I've seen alot of asian girls with big eyes and girls with smaller eyes. They're both pretty in their own way;.it depends on how it goes along with the rest of their face features. For example, ga in from brown eyed girls is only single lidded and she has VERY small eyes without all that heavy eyeliner, but she is still very pretty imo.

    Apart from all the whole "big eye trend", I think asian girls should appreciate more the beauty of small/slanted eyes as well just as much as big ones. There is nothing wrong with having small eyes.
  • Regina RaeRegina Rae Posts: 4,249Banned
    I prefer normal Asian eyes.
    Love live Regina Rae
  • freshfresh 980324 Posts: 1,211Friend of Soompi
    It's like comparing apples to oranges. They both have their good points.
    I love the sort of fierce looking eyes like GaIn or Kim Yuna, but at the same time, I love the big innocent eyes of ulzzangs.
  • WENJJANGWENJJANG ?? CaliforniaPosts: 7,127Member


    What do mean uhljjang eyes...because aren't uhljjangs, korean?
    Asian eyes, there really no term for it, why? Because everyone is different!
  • HauntHaunt Posts: 98Member
    I'm Asian born with big eyes. D8
    So ... that doesn't mean I fit under the uhljjang eyes right?
    I'm Vietnamese. @ ____ @

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  • plumeriasplumerias myao .. ( ???)??? PhiladelphiaPosts: 1,526Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2010
    I really really love girls with the smaller slanted cat-ish eyes.
    When the rest of their features compliment them, they're just absolutely drop dead gorgeous to me.
    I love the fierce, sexy look. image

    But also when they have large eyes and their features compliment, they can look equally gorgeous as well.

    Beauty comes in all different forms. image
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  • happipplrockhappipplrock orange countyPosts: 658Member


    i dont like the humongous eyes look, the fake kind that is.
    if your blessed with double lid big eyes then thats beautiful and if you have slanted single lid eyes then thats beautiful too.
    i like both not the ullzang looking one though.
    like ady an and han ji hye are good examples.
  • shoppingfreak614shoppingfreak614 Posts: 328Member
    I like both kinds, but the ulzzang eyes can overkill with lens that looks like its gonna pop out of the eye socket.
    Both kinds can be gorgeous depending on the person who carries it.
    I personally love the slanty - cateye eyes, and create that with eyeliner everyday since i have double eyelids.
    It suits my hair better, and suits my personality better than going for huge eyes.
    Props to people who can pull off both looks though image

    Credit: Anita

  • tofuxxtofuxx brooklynPosts: 1,408Member
    edited March 2010
    most asian eyes i see arent slanted........
    anyway, i know people who have big "asian" eyes where its more long than round. so theyre big but not cute ulzzang type. i think theyre more exotic so i prefer them. idk why but i always draw my fashion models with eyes like that so i must find them more appealing.
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