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Insanity Workout - Get Fit In 60 DAYS

zoopiazoopia Posts: 488Member
edited February 2012 in fitness & sports
Burn at least 1000 calories per workout...!
I just saw the commercial for it like 2 minutes ago and looked it up... looks like another version of P90x but instead of 90 days its 60 days to see results... so I'm guessing its more intense?

Official site:

*note - please purchase the product to support them if you end up with great results! =) *

Because soompi does not allow copyrighted materials the links are in this blog:
Edit: Links removed

password: tryinsanityworkout

* These links are not mine! They have been uploaded by various people and collected into one post.

If anyone wants to provide mirrors feel free to do so, just let me know so I can add it to the blog post!


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