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How Old Is Your Computer?



  • AntzAntz 211107 ? Perth, AustraliaPosts: 16,953Member


    Dell desktop is about... 3 years old?
    My dell laptop is almost 1 year old image
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  • cookiemonstercookiemonster super eye candy~ soompi.Posts: 3,092Member


    Desktop - almost 4 years
    Laptop - 11 months
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  • 18succubus18succubus 잃었다Posts: 306Member


    our desktop was bought 2006 = 3 yrs, while this hand-me-down laptop was bought 2005 = 4 yrs. image
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  • SeiiryuuSeiiryuu In BigBang studio :DPosts: 1,063Member


    My glorious laptop stays for 3 years & half, and still doing a great job image
    even its HDD only 70gig. *sigh*

    I'm thinking of changing to new one, but I just couldn't leave the old one. It's resistible image
    image image
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  • hikkihikki TokyoPosts: 112Member
    My newest computer is 2 months old. - core i7 950
    Laptop is 1.5yrs old. - centrino duo
    2nd Desktop is 2.5yrs old - Core2 E6600
    3rd desktop is 5yrs old. - P4 3.06ghz
  • BishieAddictBishieAddict Over the RainbowPosts: 4,500Friend of Soompi
    edited August 2009
    2 years. It still works great (i got it around the time quad processors just came out). I got it with the intent of using a lot of graphics for computer drafting - it it still got a decent graphics card.
    lol the one at work is faster though (has double the ram and is using XP instead of vista)
  • lordbordemlordbordem Le Penguin Officiel Posts: 1,161Friend of Soompi


    i have a old Pentium 1 computer back from 1994 that still works image

    Besides that the actual computers that do run, my file server is 6 years old and going, HTPC is 4 years and laptop is a 2 years, also have a IPAQ which is 3 years old.


  • Meme___2605Meme___2605 B2UTY Willy WonkaPosts: 519Member
    1 yr it march 2008 image
  • ViviiVivii MontrealPosts: 416Member
    i just bought my laptop!! hehe 4 days old image *excited*
  • XangelXtranXXangelXtranX I heart heart! Posts: 1,522Member
  • maninwhitecoatmaninwhitecoat Posts: 129Member
    5 years and running windows 7 image
  • iyaiyayeoiyaiyayeo Posts: 295Member
    this is new..about 3months, i think. we've been using laptops after our first desktop has depreciated over time. now, we have a new one.
  • mkayimcherrymkayimcherry Portland, ORPosts: 679Member
    My desktop is about 2 years old.
    My laptop is a couple of weeks short of being 2 months.
  • jangnerijangneri Posts: 605Member
    My desktop PC is around 3 months old and laptop is around 6 months old.
    I think they're long overdue since I had been using my old one for 5-6 years.
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  • EklipzeEklipze das wsup CaliforniaPosts: 87Member
    I built my computer in January, but my parts are definitely older than that.. so about 6 months to a year or so old?

    My computer runs better than most of the computers that come out today though.
  • LAHN-ahLAHN-ah Posts: 2New Member
    My desktop is 5 years old, it still works great.
    My laptop is about 8 months old image
  • sarangmeusarangmeu Posts: 236Member
    Desktop is about 4 years old.
    Laptop is about 2 years old
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    My laptop is 6yrs old. Works ok, can't multi-task very well, and it's been heating up bad...
    I finally bought a new one for college that should come in 2 weeks.
  • jew-leejew-lee Posts: 640Member
    My laptop is about 2 years old now.
    Its been a long time since i had my laptop.

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  • openseaopensea Posts: 11Member
    ancient like mainframes
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