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How Old Is Your Computer?

My desktop is like 1 year old. I bought it for 500$. It is way better than what I used to have before.


  • babiloveyoobabiloveyoo New JerseyPosts: 6,222Member
    I bought my Dell desktop 7or 6 months ago and I like it lols. ( I forgot how much it was)
  • ickbooickboo somewherePosts: 463Member
    my dell laptop is 6 years old and still running fine...but i want a new, cooler one. lol.
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  • jpg_omgwtfbbqjpg_omgwtfbbq Posts: 76Member
    I forget but Moore's law says its around 5 years old -.o
  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    my desktop is around 4 years old already and my laptop is only a year old.
  • my_monkeymy_monkey Posts: 429Member


    my custom rig is about 1 and a half or so. still runs almost like new.
  • JentageJentage Fangirls = Stupidity at its best. New York CityPosts: 1,443Banned
    My laptop is 1 day old. image
  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    my desktop i upgraded it in 07 so its like 2 years old, the case is like 6 years old

    my laptop is like 2 weeks old :]
  • disfunktional.disfunktional. ►silent tiger. mushroom townPosts: 7,040Friend of Soompi
    3 days old =D

    my cpu that crashed last month was 3 1/2 years old and my laptop is 2 years old =)
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  • Regina RaeRegina Rae Posts: 4,249Banned
    About a half a year old. So, still pretty new.
    Love live Regina Rae
  • Chalk-BanditsChalk-Bandits Posts: 2,821Member
    Only 8 months old...kind of young.
  • san-ni-ichisan-ni-ichi Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 305Member
    My laptop is around 5 years old now >_>
    Probably gonna get a new one next yr image
  • EHNerJIEHNerJI 내꺼하자. ♥ Posts: 8,487Member


    I think my computer is about 8 months old?
    Not sure, I can't really remember haha.
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  • itaintvinhsfaultitaintvinhsfault san jose, caliPosts: 223Member
    my hp 3 years old..i think
  • twix0rztwix0rz United StatesPosts: 1,258Member


    Less then half a year old. Yay for new computers. XD My old one that died was 5 yrs old.
  • Sam SikSam Sik Seomate CanadaPosts: 2,207Member
    My self built computer is about 2 years old. I guess its worthy of some part upgrades in about 1 or 2 years.

  • dragonfruitdragonfruit NYPosts: 287Member


    dell desktop
    4 years or so?
    i think its dieing on me ;-;
    it randomly freezes and lags weirdly
    and the button for the screen is slanted
    i gots to push it up a little so i can press it XD
    SHINee forever &always (:
  • x kisekiboshix kisekiboshi Posts: 1,502Member


    my hp laptop is 5 days old. i like it, but i wish the hard drive was bigger and on the keyboard you can see the fingerprints.

    my hp desktop is like almost 5 years old. it loads up slow & the sound card stops working sometimes, but other than that, it's been pretty good to me.
  • hannieoonhannieoon CaliforniaPosts: 1,032Member
    Mine is a year and a half and it was for abour . But I want a mini laptop I can carry around so I can write anywhere, anytime image
  • la foliela folie Posts: 4,346Friend of Soompi


    My current PC is about..7-8 years old lol with some upgrades here and there but it's not very efficient anymore.

    My Mac is 17 days old.

  • AiMangoAiMango honeypunch. 519Posts: 2,197Member
    this laptop is over a year old. its still running smoothly ^^
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