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[MANHWA] The Bride Of The Water God



  • happy_starhappy_star Posts: 319Member


    Yay! Thank you so much Chire, Ricepaper image

    the plot is definitely getting more and more interesting

    just something I noticed...the download link for ch55 comes out as error.

    anyway, again Thank you so much image image image
  • HeroineHeroine Posts: 2,835Member


    does anyone know where I can buy this online in korean?
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  • narcissus_himenarcissus_hime Posts: 71Member
    thx a lot chire & ricepaper :x
    cant believe the emperor is Hooye's father :|
  • chirechire Posts: 93Member
    I fixed the DDL link - sorry about that!

    If you're interested in the Korean volumes, Hanbooks has a good package deal:

    I've been eyeing that up for a while even though I can't speak Korean image
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  • ValentinValentin Posts: 64Member
    Actually, I believe Hoo-Ye's mother is a goddess, and not a human. Nakbin referred to herself as a half-ling, and since we know her father is the emperor god, that must mean that her mother was/is a human. However, she's also said that she is different from Hoo-Ye, in that he is not a half-ling like her, which must mean that in addition to the emperor god as his father, he must also have a goddess for a mother. I'm curious as to who?

    Also, anyone have a hypothesis as to why the emperor has black wings? None of the other gods, except for the wind god (the one who was exiled to the mountains, and who is in love with Mura), appear to have wings. Might they represent something significant?
  • happy_starhappy_star Posts: 319Member


    Yay, volume 8 of the Bride of the Water God has been released!
  • SoberanaMaldadSoberanaMaldad Posts: 6Member
    edited March 2009
    Nice! Tnx for the info, and tnx chire & ricepaper!!
    I can't believe too the Emperor is Hoo-yeh's father, but this explain more things about the history
  • miss_prada_gmiss_prada_g Miss Prada G MarylandPosts: 13Member
    Wait...I thought Hooye's father was the wind god...or something of that sort. Remember the chapter where Habaek and Soah was in the forest and a god appeared before Habaek and saved him and came to find him later on. He plotted with Mura to get Nakbin and Hooye in exchange for helping Mura get a chance with Habaek by not having Nakbin marry Habaek. :x N'est pas?
  • happy_starhappy_star Posts: 319Member


    New preview is up on Wink:

    hmmm, it almost looks like Soah is getting ready to be married...again ^^
  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    QUOTE (happy_star @ Mar 17 2009, 11:43 AM) »
    hmmm, it almost looks like Soah is getting ready to be married...again ^^

    May be this time is Hooye?!
  • uhohhitzkcuhohhitzkc Long Island, New YorkPosts: 287Member
    saw this post the otherday and decided to check it out (: i read it and its AWESOME!! im so hooked >.< lol
  • garnet07garnet07 CA, USAPosts: 249Member


    Yah, if only I could understand Korean then I would go out and buy the raws. Thank god for scanlations!!
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  • jooluvjooluv South KoreaPosts: 537Member


    i want volume 8 so bad!!
    Nakbin/Yeohwa's getting annoying
    I think Yohee's cute
    want to know more about her past (:

  • Nana.YahXDNana.YahXD vegasPosts: 1,350Member


    edited March 2009
    ah LOl stumbled across this thread today and after seeing the pictures i just had to check it
    out and after reading the first couple of chapters i got soo addicted LOL im already waiting for chapter 56 to come out! D:
    i love the connection that Soah and HaBeak have but i wonder why he wont tell her that he is Mui
    man the art in this manwha is amazing the details and the characters are just WOW
    i used to think that Goong had the best art LOL ...
    I hope to see more soon
    so addicted image; imma buy like all of the books when i go to korea lOL XD
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  • komakikomaki Posts: 56Member
    edited April 2009
    The plot is getting quite interesting. I've been a fan of this manhwa for a long time now. In fact, I've been keeping track of this manhwa even after entropy released their last chapter. I'm up to chapter 63 of this manhwa and I'm just getting more confused. Anyways, based on chapter 56-62 I can say that Habaek/Mui is still in love with Soah. He’s just forgotten his memories of her. For example, in chapter 60, Mui couldn’t take his eyes away from her when she was dancing in front of the Emperor. Nakbin was present and one can tell that she was jealous like hell. Another time was when she was pushed into the water and he saved her. I believe it was chapter 62, after he saved her he kissed her when she was unconscious.

  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    Can you please give me some more spoilers~
    so is the current Nakbin the real Nabkin?
    and also, is Soah going to get marry again, and if so, who would be the person?
    Why does Soah dance in front of the emperor, what is Soah's position right now(eg, Hooye's wife or something like that?)??? and why does Soah agree to stay with the emperor?
  • TeqqTeqq Posts: 47Member
    He hasn't forgotten memories of her. He's been posing as an amnesiac and when he rescues her from drowning he says "Didn't I say to trust me no matter what?" He encounters Hooye after rescuing her and putting her to bed and Hooye says he would appreciate it if Habaek wasn't visiting his bride like that. Blahblahbalh. The one posing as Nakbin right now is Yuhwang, not Nakbin. However, then Hooye tells Habaek, "and what would you do if Nakbin really was here?" And around the March 15th issue or so, the emperor finishes his flashback to when Mui had been born (and designated "Habaek" as an indication of him being a water god). At the end of his flashback, Chunwoo (also known as Mokrang), asks him (the emperor) if he was all right since he had been spacing out for so long after having summoned her. That issue ends with him addressing Nakbin (not the Nakbin-fake-who-is-Yuhwang) and the figure drawn is a figure in shadows who looks like Nakbin and whose face is hidden. I haven't read the April 1st issue yet. I will tonight.

    Oh, and the flashback explains why Mui's mother (Habaek's mother) is in the predicament she is in and why Mui is so important to the emperor...rather.. why his mother is. And that his birth name is Mui and he was designated Habaek by the then-titular-emperor.. don't know how the gods' realms are split up because the old emperor still exists and is STILL the opponent/rival of the emperor-we-all-know-and-hate.. so I don't know if there are multiple emperors or if an unrevealed part of history has the younger brother overthrowing the older one and the older one still being powerful enough to be a threat..
  • butterballbutterball Posts: 692Member


    Teqq.your summary is the best! pls keep us updated with this story and goong too image
  • rianna2008rianna2008 Posts: 34Member
    Thanks for your awesome summary! It sure does keep me up to date as what's going on!! image
    I wonder why does Soah agree to marry Hooye...
    and I kind of forget who is Yuhwang...
    Also, now it is really making me sick after I find out that the current Nakbin is not the real one....beacuse that' mean Mui is doing "that" with some unknown person all that time T__T ....
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