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People Who Look At U From Head To Toe

chopstick^^chopstick^^ Posts: 1,414Member
Have this ever happened to u? ... or have u ever did this to someone? .. why? ..

I think girl's are the one who seem to do this.

If i admire someone's beauty, i normally just look at their face, but not stare from head to toe/toe to head.


  • slynnslynn Washington statePosts: 429Member
    Well it's a good way to check someone out.
  • precious4eprecious4e Posts: 5,980Member


    edited March 2009
    You do this either because you think they are cute/pretty and you want to admire their outfit/physique OR you don't like the person and you're looking them over to find some flaws so that you can ridicule them in your head.

    I usually look people over if I like their outfits but not in a long freaky way. Just a quick glance.
    Though I admit sometimes I do it for the latter reason (who doesn't? lol)
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  • RhiencieRhiencie 2PM Posts: 159Member
    i personally don't like being looked at that way,
    therefore i wouldn't do that to anyone.
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  • ShadowMax76ShadowMax76 themurderedpacifist Posts: 3,060Member
    guys probably don't go all head to toe
    just stop at two things. hahaha~

    _ o_O' plus doesn't that make ya feel like you're being undressed... ?
  • xxiaoMEIxxiaoMEI smiles all round CanadaPosts: 1,051Member
    edited March 2009
    No, I dont do that to anyone o_o
    BUT I REMEMBER, I was a trip in Quebec City and you know those people that draw portraits/cartoons of people in the streets? YEAH this dude was doing that to me and then I ran the heck away.
    stay lovely.
  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    I usually take those kind of stares offensive. I mean, if you really admire someone's beauty or whatsoever, you can just stare at them in awe. There's over hundreds of ways to express it. Please, look at the brighter side!
  • candacethsucandacethsu San Franci$coPosts: 491Member
    edited March 2009
    Haha, me and my friends joke around that it's the 'checking you out' look. I've seen people do it, they seem to judge by appearances first and yadadadada. I don't really mind, as long as it's not some weird creepsters.
  • celerycelery Posts: 466Member
    I'm guilty of that sometimes.
    If someone catches my eye, I'll look at them discretely from head-to-toe.
    Especially when somebody has a well put together outfit, I try to absorb everything I see.

    Yeahh. :/
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  • 0oyokisuo00oyokisuo0 ? ?MUSIC? ? La JollaPosts: 5,124Friend of Soompi
    edited March 2009
    i hate it when strangers do it, i mean if you want to stare at least do it discretely, dont just look at me up and down like im blind! especially when those middle-aged / old ladies do it.......>(
  • Lavender.SkyLavender.Sky lalalaPosts: 2,234Member
    QUOTE (slynn @ Mar 10 2009, 10:46 PM) »
    Well it's a good way to check someone out.

    loll yes
  • PogichinoyPogichinoy I ♥ SydneyPosts: 7,272Member


    It happens to me and my gf. We're looked at head to toe by girls and guys.

    I figure its either because they like what they see or they're jealous.

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  • l3ooshl3oosh ??oosh? TXPosts: 1,263Member
    Actually, I hate it when ANYONE does it. That's why I never ask my friends for their opinions on my new dress or new outfit, etc. I feel a bit too self-conscious and, like someone else said, naked.

    I never notice when guys do the whole-body look thing, but my friends tell me it happens to me a couple of times. I do, however, notice it when girls do it. I can't tell what they're thinking when I make eye contact for that fleeting millisecond before they look away though.
  • blisskissblisskiss Posts: 899Member
    ahahahaha.... I glanced at this thread and for a second I got really confused because "from head to toe" is the name of my blog. o_o

    ANYWAY, I disliked getting looked at from head to toe from anyone. It makes me feel a little violated. Except when it is my husband. Puahaha...
  • ephemeral.ephemeral. Lelouch, Luffy, Gintama <3 Posts: 4,517Member
    I quickly glance if I like their outfit.
    Not in the creepy stalk-ish way, I hope. (x
    I mean, I hate getting stares like that.
    /oct 23 2009 formerly endless.Dream.
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  • zhujializhujiali San FranciscoPosts: 1,200Member


    I do it to check out their outfit and body shape and to see if they're good looking or not for both guys and girls
  • JerseyLadiJerseyLadi NJPosts: 98Member
    I look ONLY at girls head to toe. IDK why. I try to do it discretly but my boyfriend always catches me and of course he thinks i'm a in closet lesbian. People probably think i'm being a pinkberry cuz I look intimidating but no, I admire beauty in females a LOT more then males. Sooo I stare at a lot of girls i think are pretty anddd yea.

    When I go to the mall my boyfriend always tells me girls stare at me up and down. I'm too busy looking in stores so I don't stare at malls but yeah I just think it's because my boyfriend is white.... :/... and they've never seen a interracial couple or something.

    But when we go out to eat I always look at girls. Just to admire their features or sense of clothes etc. even if they're not the prettiest girls in the world I always find something pretty about them.
  • pinkpunchpinkpunch Posts: 100Member
    It is the checking out look...people usually do that if they think you are good looking/are looking at your outfit as well.
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  • Cheri.B*Cheri.B* Posts: 1,604Friend of Soompi
    I do it from time to time, but I didn't do it to make anyone feel unconscious.
    I know how it feels but that's how some people are.
    It's just some mindless habit of mine. I like looking at pretty things.
  • iridescentiridescent Posts: 2,486Friend of Soompi


    edited March 2009
    I don't do it but I like it. I figure it's better to be noticed than ignored? (though the me in high school would totally disagree) Maybe the people around here just do it with a nice look on their face or something. image People tend to baby me even while ogling me and it makes me happy, probably for some sad, sad reason, but if it's a sad reason that makes me happy, I don't really mind.
  • super cool snailsuper cool snail I can see you. Posts: 336Member
    My friend does that with the nastiest face to girls as to insult them
    Kinda funny when she does it because she's the fat one that no about of makeup and fashion can cover up.
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