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Having A Bad Day? Wanna Rant? Right This Way!



  • SeriahSeriah IglooPosts: 78Member
    aishhhhh i should really think before i act, now i'm stuck in this stupid situation.
    and WTF. 9 pages of writing?! pooop, i don't have time for that. asdfjkl;

  • mextaus.mextaus. Posts: 1,167Member


    why?why?why? WHY ME?
    i hate this dumb day
    having all this work
    and some stupid guy made me get a knee injury with it
    if my mom finds out that note in my planner...
    im so screwed , i hate deadlines
    +and now people acting like they care when they don't
    my life is turning on me, too many problems in one day
    why so soon? >< i hate when other people are right
  • Star!StungStar!Stung Dark Side AvenuePosts: 1,470Member


    You think you're all so cool, saying someone is stupid or 'noob' or that they suck at life. You insult so often, you think they're compliments. Your words start losing meaning to yourself but to those who hear them just laugh at your immaturity. Maybe that's why so many people like you kind of people, there are so many of you in such a small school.

    And my brother, I can't believe I talked to him like I was his best friend. He's just a fake like the rest of my class.
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • Honey.beeHoney.bee ? beepPosts: 6,094Member


    When are you gonna come? Did you ran away or somethin'. -_-
  • belle_kd1413belle_kd1413 I run away from reality. HogwartsPosts: 4,415Member


    edited March 2009
    Everyday is a constant battle.
    I keep a fake smile on every moment.
    I want to break down and run away from it all.
    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • HongHong Posts: 91Member
    why the hell did you have to do that? now what am i going? im seriously losing it and going crazy, what an awful year. nothing good has been happening to me, when will things look up? i wanna shoot someone in the face
  • xxpiinkifiedxxpiinkified under your bed :OPosts: 2,042Member
    longest and worst freaking week of my life.
    and now, a rainy weekend. great. JUST GREAT.
    . . . . . why cant I love you in slow motion, take my time ..?
  • julieeeejulieeee SYDNEYPosts: 1,442Member


    you think your all that huh?
    stop showing offffffff.
  • liynaliyna Posts: 2Member
    today i have a game match between my group and others group outside our university..that game is damn stupid..i hate this group..this group
    and my group go to final match...we were so scared .....coz u all's now the final match .....that group plays like they are the referee..always shout that we plays suck......gosh...i hate that group...they thinks that they are we decided to play all the end we just got the second places... u knows what our batch at there did not gives their support to us...i did not know why they behaved like that..
    the other group that came outside our university gives s full support..i did not know what happen to them..i hates them.... image
  • to.angieto.angie (????)? ??? C a n a d a !Posts: 484Member
    edited March 2009
    Sigh, how did I randomly get a headache? My head is throbbing.. AH, it's alive~
    And why do I keep biting my tongue?! It freaking hurts!
    ..Another thing, why do I keep misplacing my chopsticks? Where did they go @__@..
  • jaekajaeka y u m e ! Posts: 2,142Member
    Perfect ending to a perfect day yesterday.

    Phone fell in the bath. :|

    Spare me.
  • ovovoovoovovoovo Posts: 2,975Member


    Crazy pinkberry, control your effing temper please!

  • yabastayabasta South PacificPosts: 788Member


    Goddamn my sister just made me so goddamn angry. All she had to do was send in the goddamn mail on time, but no. She bloody didn't. God, it just ... grargh!!!

    And omg, what the hell is up with my friend getting tossed drunk at my place and starting a fight with the other blokes? Jesus! We almost had the goddamn cops coming down - he's 21 and he can't respect other people's goddamn rules and personal space. What a joke of a human being.

    In fact, both my sister and my friend are total scum of the earth. Utter excuses of human beings that fail to see that they live in a society filled with other people that they HAVE to respect. When will they just grow up and learn to be a mature human being? They think they're rebels (which makes the situation worse - i.e. they don't know that what they're doing is wrong) and that everyone else is too comformist. The truth is, they freak out when there is a real rebel, or a really original person in their midst.

    Gosh, I hate people like that. Utter, self-obsessed, can't get their priorities straight, obnoxious sorry excuses for human beings. I hope they all die early and their kids never be able to reproduce.


    Noor IsmahwatiI
  • DannielDanniel bleeeeeh&#33;&#33;~Posts: 207Member
    edited March 2009
    Why don't you see it?
    Why don't you open your eyes?
    Why doesn't anyone even notice.
    Is it so hard to miss?
    It hurts so much I find that hard to believe.

    I'm tired of it.
    I want this all to end.

    What a wonderful world.
  • witcherywitchery ailurophile Sydney~Posts: 5,011Friend of Soompi


    john tesh readings!
    john tesh finance!
    john tesh so depressing how I hate every single subject I have T_T
    john tesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • xxctxxxxctxx ~*~Do you exist?~*~ Over the rainbow and in your armsPosts: 1,325Member
    edited September 2009
    Stressy day.
    Achy body...
  • crackers&amp;cheesecrackers&amp;cheese EarthPosts: 1,093Member
    edited March 2009
    ahhhhh/ i'm going to fail my test and quiz tmr, especially the test X( along with the other 4 tests/quizzes i have on the next few days.. daaaaaaaahhhhhhh.. can't wait till this frickin' week is over. =___+
  • maydai3333maydai3333 FloridaPosts: 1,738Friend of Soompi


    I cant believe my car broke down in the middle of the highway. Please dont let repairs be expensive. *prays*
    BIG BANG <333
  • HobbyManiacHobbyManiac Posts: 113Member
    Why do people gossip?

    Is it to get security based on other's torment?
    Then screw them. They are trash.

    Next time I see those people, I'm telling them.

    Gosh, I hate people like that. Utter, self-obsessed, can't get their priorities straight, obnoxious sorry excuses for human beings.
  • selvaspeedyselvaspeedy SOMEwherePosts: 2,478Member


    edited March 2009
    image why I'm so lazy?! I'm missing my classes on purpose and I don't study?! I don't know what I'm gonna do this year! it doesn't look good at all!!! I was supposed to wake up early in the morning today and go to college! I did wake up, but then I didn't go to college image and I have no idea why I didn't!! cause I'm so freakin lazy image
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