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[동방신기] Dbsk, Tvxq, Thsk Official Thread 4

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Name: 동방신기 Dong Bang Shin Ki
Other Forms of Name: DBSK and DBSG (Used in Korea), THSK (Used in Japan), TVXQ and TVfXQ (Used in China and Internationally)
Name in Hanja: 東方神起
Pronunciation: Doong-bong-shin-ki
Debut: TVXQ debuted on December 26th, 2003 at Britney Spears and BoA's showcase concert. They performed 'Holy Night', and their debut song <Hug>
Members: 영웅재중 Young Woong JaeJoong | 유노윤호 U-Know Yunho | 믹키유천 Micky Yoochun | 시아준수 Xiah Junsu | 최강창민 ChoiKang Changmin
Korean Company: (SM 엔터테인먼트) SM Entertainment
Japanese Company: Avex Entertainment
Official Korean Fanclub: Cassiopeia
Official Japanese Fanclub: Big East
Official Balloon Color: Pearl Red
Official Korean Websites: TVXQ Official Website
Official Foreign Websites: THSK Official Japanese Website

Name: Jung Yunho (정윤호)
Stage Name: U-Know
Vocal Position: Bass
Group Position: Leader
Birthday: February 6th, 1986
Height: 184cm (~6'1 ft)
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: A
Birth Family: Mom, Dad, & One Younger Sister
Hobbies: Dancing & Writing
Religion: Christian
Education: Myongji University
Close Friends: Sugar & Heechul (Super Junior)
Favorite Number: 5
Favorite Food: Pork rib soup (Korea), Fried beef shredded soup (Japan), anything with soup.
Favorite Singers/Celebs: Jung Ji Hyun, Eugene (SES), HOT
Favorite Sport: Taekwondo
Favorite Colors: Green
  • Before debuting under TVXQ, he was a backup dancer for Dana's 2002 single, "Diamond". He was also featured in the music video.
  • Composed, arranged, and sang "Spokesman" with Donghae of Super Junior, which was performed in the 2nd Live Asia tour concert - 'O'.
  • Featured in New Non-stop 4 & 6
  • Sang Japanese solo "Crazy Life", which was featured in the "Close to you / Crazy Life" single, the fourth installment of the group's "TRICK" series.
  • Wrote the rap lyrics for "Wrong Number",one of the tracks in their fourth korean album "MIROTIC" with Hero.
  • Wrote the rap lyrics for "Love after Love",one of the tracks in their second korean album "Rising Sun" together with Micky and Xiah.
  • Wrote the rap lyrics for "Love Bye Love", one of the tracks in their fourth korean abum "MIROTIC" with Xiah.
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to “CHEKMATE”

Name: Shim Changmin (심창민)
Stage Name: Max
Vocal Position: High
Group Position: The Scary Maknae
Birthday: February 18th, 1988
Height: 186cm (~6'1 ft)
Weight: 61kg
Blood Type: B
Birth Family: Mom, Dad, & Two Younger Sisters
Hobbies: Gaming & Eating
Religion: Buddhism
Education: Kyunghee University
Close Friends: Mainly High School Friends, Eeteuk (Super Junior)
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Food: Almost everything
Favorite Singers/Celebs: Brian Mcknight, Shin Hyesung, Kangta, Yolanda Adams, Han Ga In, HOT
Favorite Sport: Baseball or Basketball
Favorite Colors: White
Dog: Mangdung
  • Wrote the lyrics for "Evergreen" in SM Town 2007 album.
  • Sang Japanese solo "Wild Soul", which was featured in the "Two hearts / WILD SOUL" single, the first installment of the group's "TRICK" series.
  • Wrote the Korean lyrics for "Love in the Ice".

Name: Kim Jaejoong (김재중)
Stage Name: Hero
Vocal Position: Lead
Group Position: Mother
Birthday: January 26th, 1986 (Real Birthday is February 4, 1986, confirmed by his mother)
Height: 180cm
Weight: 63kg
Blood Type: O
Birth Family: Mom, Dad, Younger Sister & Younger Brother
Adoptive Family: Mom, Dad, & 8 Sisters
Hobbies: Cooking, Weight Training, and Composing
Religion: Christian
Education: Graduated from high school, but no information as to university.
Close Friends: Kim Hyun Joong (SS501), BoA, TOP (Big Bang)
Favorite Number: 2, 7, and 333333333333... (infinite)
Favorite Food: ---
Favorite Singers/Celebs: KangTa, Yoo Young Jin, Fany, WheeSung, Yumi, Yolanda Adams, HOT
Favorite Sport: Badminton
Favorite Colors: Black and red
Dog: Vick
  • Sang "Greeting" (인사) which was featured on the A Millionaire's First Love soundtrack.
  • Collaborated with The Grace for "Just for One Day", which was featured in The Grace's first Japanese full-length studio album, Graceful 4.
  • Composed "Kissしたまま、さよなら" with Yuchun.
  • Sang Japanese solo "MAZE", which was featured in the "Keyword / Maze" single, the fifth and last installment of the group's "TRICK" series.
  • Sang Korean solo "잊혀진계절 (Forgotten Season)", a remake of the original song by Lee Yong, which was a famous hit in the 1980s. His solo is included in TVXQ's 4th album MIROTIC (Track 11).
  • Wrote the lyrics for the his rapping refrain in "Wrong Number".
  • Acting as the leading role in the teledrama "Heaven's Postman".
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to "사랑아 울지마 (Do Not Cry My Lover)
  • Wrote and composed 忘れないで (Don't Forget)
  • Arranged and composed 9095

Name: Park Yoochun (박유천)
Stage Name: Micky
Vocal Position: Mid-Low
Group Position: Mediator
Birthday: June 4th, 1986
Height: 180cm
Weight: 64kg
Blood Type: O
Family: Mom, Dad, & Younger Brother
Hobbies: Composing & Piano
Religion: Christian
Education: Kyunghee University
Close Friends: Kim Hyun Joong (SS501)
Favorite Number: ---
Favorite Food: Jaejoong's Kimchi Jjigae
Favorite Singers/Celebs: HOT, Brian McKnight
Favorite Sport: Basketball
Favorite Colors: ---
Dog: Harang
  • Wrote "Space" 공간 (하늘과 바다사이, Whisper Of..), a narration for the third Korean single "Hi Ya Ya 여름날"
  • Composed his solo "Fox Rain" (여우비)
  • Wrote the lyrics for "Holding Back The Tears/그리고…", which was featured on the Vacation OST original soundtrack
  • Wrote the lyrics of and composed the Japanese solo song "My Girlfriend", which was featured in the "Runaway / My Girlfriend" single, the second installment of the group's "TRICK" series
  • Appeared in Magolpi's debut music video "Flight Girl" (비행소녀)
  • Was featured singer in DJ Makai's song, "Tokyo Lovelight"
  • Composed "Kissしたまま、さよなら" with Jaejoong
  • Composed "Evergreen" for Winter Album 2007 of SM Town.
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to Kiss The Baby Sky, the theme song for "Zoom In", a Japanese program
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to "사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)"
  • Rearranged “Rainy Night” for Junsu

Name: Kim Junsu (김준수)
Stage Name: Xiah
Vocal Position: Mid-High
Group Position: Moodmaker
Birthday: December 15th, 1986 (Registered on January 1, 1987 )
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Blood Type: B
Family: Mom, Dad, & Twin Brother
Hobbies: Soccer & Gaming
Religion: Christian
Education: Myongji University
Close Friends: Junho (Twin) & Eunhyuk (Super Junior)
Favorite Number: 2
Favorite Food: Sausage, Chicken, Almost Everything
Favorite Singers/Celebs: HOT, Kangta, N'SYNC
Favorite Sport: Soccer
Favorite Colors: Blue and purple
Dog: Xiahki/Shaki/Shiaki
  • Has a solo "Beautiful Thing" featured on the Vacation original soundtrack.
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to "White Lies"
  • Composed, wrote, and sang "My Page", which was performed in the 2nd Live Asia Tour Concert - 'O'.
  • Performed and toured around Korea as member of the promotional group Anyband with BoA, Tablo of Epik High, and Jin Bora. The project band was formed by Samsung's Anycall, and had several singles: "TPL (Talk, Play, Love)," "Promise U", "Daydream"
  • Had a duet with Zhang Liyin, "Timeless". He was also featured in the second part of the two-part "Timeless" music videos
  • Composed the Japanese solo "Rainy Night", which was featured in the "If...!? / Rainy Night" single, the third installment of the group's "TRICK" series
  • Wrote the lyrics for the song "노을..바라보다 (Picture of You)" from the fourth Korean album, 'MIROTIC'
  • Composed and wrote the lyrics to “XIAHTIC”


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    [img]http://i42.Richard Simmons/2qn08c1.png[/img]

    • [SINGLE] Hug
      Copies sold: 236,835 (still charting)

      01 Hug ♫ 02 My Little Princess ♫ 03 Oh Holy Night (Feat. BoA) ♫ 04 My Little Princess (Acapella) ♫ 05 Hug (Instrumental)

    • [SINGLE] The Way U Are
      Copies sold: 299,807 (still charting)

      01 The Way U Are ♫ 02 Whatever They Say ♫ 03 옹달샘 이야기 1 (Mountain Spring Story 1) ♫ 04 옹달샘 (Mountain Spring)
      05 옹달샘 이야기 2 (Mountain Spring Story 2) ♫ 06 Whatever They Say (Instrumental)

      01 Hot Mail with SMTown ♫ 02 Drive ♫ 09 Through The Forest

    • [ALBUM] Tri-Angle
      Copies sold: 307,697 (still charting)

      01 믿어요 ♫ 02 Thanks To ♫ 03 Tri-Angle (Feat. BoA & TRAX) ♫ 04 내 여자친구가 되어줄래? ♫ 05 Whatever They Say (Acapella)
      06 Million Men ♫ 07 지금처럼 (Like Now) ♫ 08 I Never Let Go ♫ 09 꼬마야 (Hey, Kid) ♫ 10 넌 언제나 (You Always) ♫ 11 Hug
      12 My Little Princess ♫ 13 The Way U Are ♫ 14 Tri-Angle (동방신기 Ver.)

    • [COMPILATION] Christmas Gift from 동방신기
      Copies sold: 79,510

      01 Jesus, Joy Of Man's Desiring (Acapella) ♫ 02 The First Noel ♫ 03 마법의 성 (Magic Castle) ♫ 04 기도문 (Prayer)
      05 글로리아 높으신 이의 탄생 ♫ 06 Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town ♫ 07 고요한 밤 거룩한 밤 (Silent Night, Holy Night)
      08 마법의 성 (Magic Castle) (Instrumental)

    [img]http://i39.Richard Simmons/i6xzjo.png[/img]

    • [SINGLE] Stay With Me Tonight
      Copies sold: (Japan) 9,818; (Korea) 28,298

      01 Stay With Me Tonight ♫ 02 Try My Love ♫ 03 Stay With Me Tonight (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 Try My Love (Less Vocal)
      DVD Stay With Me Tonight (Video Clip)

    • [SINGLE] Hi Ya Ya
      Copies sold: 81,022 (still charting)

      01 Hi Ya Ya 여름날 (Hi Ya Ya Summer Day) ♫ 02 공간 (하늘과 바다사이, Whisper Of..) ♫ 03 너희들 것이니까 (I Wish...)
      4 지금처럼 (Like Now) (Piano Ver.) ♫ 05 너희들 것이니까 (I Wish...) (Instrumental)

    • [SINGLE] Somebody to Love
      Copies sold: (Japan) 10,496; (Korea) 24,413

      01 Somebody To Love ♫ 02 言葉はいらない ♫ 03 Somebody To Love (Acapella) ♫ 04 Somebody To Love (Less Vocal)
      05 言葉はいらない (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Somebody to Love (Video Clip) / 02 Interview

    • [ALBUM] Rising Sun
      Copies sold: 293,094 (still charting)

      01 Tonight ♫ 02 Beautiful Life ♫ 03 Rising Sun (순수) ♫ 04 바보 (Unforgettable) ♫ 05 네가 허락할테니 (Love Is Never Gone)
      06 Love After Love ♫ 07 Dangerous Mind ♫ 08 One ♫ 09 Love Is... ♫ 10 Free Your Mind (Feat. TRAX)
      11 작은 고백 (Your Love Is All I Need) ♫ 12 약속했던 그때에 (Always There…)

    • [SINGLE] My Destiny
      Copies sold: (Japan) 14,729; (Korea) 23,362

      01 My Destiny ♫ 02 Eternal ♫ 03 My Destiny (Acapella) ♫ 04 My Destiny (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 Eternal (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 My Destiny (Video Clip) / 02 Interview

    • [COLLABORATION] Show Me Your Love (TVXQ & Super Junior)
      Copies sold: 66,048

      01 Show Me Your Love ♫ 02 I Wanna Hold You ♫ 03 오늘만은 (I'm Your Man) ♫ 04 Show Me Your Love (Instrumental)

    [img]http://i43.Richard Simmons/20gm8uf.png[/img]
    [img]http://i42.Richard Simmons/fmq92q.png[/img]

    • [DVD] All About 東方神起
      Best Selling DVD in 2006

    • [OST] A Millionaire's First Love OST
      01 Insa (Jaejoong) ♫ 02 Insa (TVXQ)

    • [SINGLE] "明日は来るから" (Asu Wa Kuru Kara)
      Copies sold: (Japan) 10,816; (Korea) 21,596

      01 明日は来るから ♫ 02 The Way U Are (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 03 明日は来るから (ヴォーカル&ピアノVer.)
      04 明日は来るから (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 The Way U Are (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 明日は来るから (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Interview

    • [ALBUM] Heart, Mind and Soul
      Copies sold: (Japan) 57,320; (Korea) 31,366

      01 Introlude ♫ 02 言葉はいらない (Kotoba Wa Iranai) ♫ 03 明日は来るから (Asu Wa Kuru Kara) ♫ 04 Somebody to Love
      05 My Destiny ♫ 06 HUG (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 07 Break Up The Shell ♫ 08 Stay With Me Tonight
      09 愛せない愛したい (Aisenai Aish!tai) ♫ 10 One (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 11 Rising Sun (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 12 Eternal
      13 Heart, Mind and Soul ♫ 14 Stay with me tonight (Acapella)* ♫ 15 Somebody to love (Acapella)*
      16 My Destiny (Acapella)* ♫ 17 明日は来るから (Asu Wa Kuru Kara) (Vocal & Piano Ver.)*
      DVD 01 Stay With Me Tonight PV ♫ 02 Somebody To Love PV ♫ 03 My Destiny PV ♫ 04 明日は来るから PV
      05 Rising Sun MV (Korean) ♫ 06 Tonight MV (Korean)
      * - CD version only

    • [DVD] 東方神起 History in Japan Vol. 1

    • [SINGLE] Rising Sun / Heart, Mind and Soul
      Copies sold: (Japan) 13,802; (Korea) 21,596

      01 Rising Sun (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 02 Heart, Mind and Soul ♫ 03 Heart, Mind and Soul (Acapella)
      04 Rising Sun (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 Heart, Mind and Soul (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Rising Sun (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Interview

    • [SINGLE] Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang (Fighting Spirit of the East)
      2006 World Cup Korea Official Image Song
      Copies sold: 25,524

      01 Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Original Ver.) ♫ 02 Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (2 Step Ver.)
      03 Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Vibe 7 Ver.) ♫ 04 Fighting Spirit of Dong Bang 동방의 투혼 (Instrumental)

      01 Red Sun with SMTown ♫ 02 Oasis

    • [SINGLE] Begin
      Copies sold: (Japan) 17,283; (Korea) 13,011

      01 Begin ♫ 02 High Time ♫ 03 Begin (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 High Time (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01Begin (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Interview

    • [OST] Vacation
      Copies sold: 23,659

      01 Holding Back the Tears ♫ 02 Beautiful Thing by Xiah Junsu ♫ 03 Holding Back the Tears (Instrumental)
      04 Beautiful Thing (Harmonica)

    • [SINGLE] Sky
      Copies sold: (Japan) 26,890; (Korea) 10,952

      01 Sky ♫ 02 NO PAIN NO GAIN ♫ 03 明日は来るから (2 Future club mix) ♫ 04 Sky (Less Vocal)
      05 NO PAIN NO GAIN (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Sky (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [ALBUM] "O" 正.反.合.
      Copies sold: 404,719+ (still charting)
      Versions: A, B, C, D

      01 "O"-正.反.合. ♫ 02 세상에 단 하나뿐인 마음 (You're My Miracle) ♫ 03 Hey! Girl ♫ 04 Get Me Some ♫ 05 I'll Be There
      06 네 곁에 숨쉴 수 있다면 (White Lie)* ♫ 07 Remember ♫ 08 이제 막 시작된 이야기 (The Story Has Just Begun) ♫ 09 ON & ON
      10 Phantom 환영 (幻影) ♫ 11 You only love ♫ 12 풍선 (Balloons)

      VER. B - DVD 01 Wallpapers/images and special video material ("O"-正.反.合. Music Video)

      VER. C - DVD 01 Talk(1) 극장드라마 'Vacation' Introduction ♫ 02 극장드라마 'Vacation' (Full Ver.)
      03 Talk(2) 극장드라마 'Vacation' NG Special Behind ♫ 04 극장드라마 'Vacation' NG Special

      VER. D - DVD 01 Talk(1) The 3rd Album “O”-正.反.合. Showcase Introduction
      02 The 3rd Album "O"-正.反.合. Showcase (No Cut Ver.) ♫ 03 Talk(2) 'Hug' Memory ♫ 04 'Hug' Music Video
      05 Talk(3) 'The Way U Are' Memory ♫ 06 'The Way U Are' Music Video ♫ 07 Talk(4) '믿어요(I Believe)' Memory
      08 '믿어요(I Believe)' Music Video ♫ 09 Talk(5) 'TRI-ANGLE' Memory ♫ 10 'TRI-ANGLE' Music Video
      11 Talk(6) 'Rising Sun' Memory ♫ 12 'Rising Sun' Music Video ♫ 13 Talk(7) "O"-正.反.合. Memory
      14 "O"-正.反.合. Music Video ♫ 15 Talk(8) '풍선(Balloons)' Memory ♫ 16 '풍선(Balloons) Music Video
      17 Balloons MV Making ♫ 18 동방신기's Exclusive Story 2 : Our Secret Code++

    • [DVD] 1st Live Tour 2006 ~Heart, Mind and Soul~
      Copies sold: Sold: 32,331

    • [SINGLE] Miss You / "O"-正.反.合.
      Copies sold: (Japan) 29,226; (Korea) 11,645

      01 miss you ♫ 02 "O"‐正.反.合. ♫ 03 Sky (TVP UTA'S MIX) ♫ 04 Sky (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 "O"‐正.反.合. (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 miss you (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

      01 Snow Dream with SMTown ♫ 02 When We'll Be Together

    [img]http://i43.Richard Simmons/91c6d4.png[/img]
    [img]http://i42.Richard Simmons/2rxfbdy.png[/img]

    • [DVD] 東方神起 1st Live Concert "Rising Sun" DVD

    • [SINGLE] Step by Step
      Copies sold: (Japan) 29,144; (Korea) 13,468

      01 Step By Step ♫ 02 PROUD ♫ 03 PROUD (Acappella) ♫ 04 Step By Step (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 PROUD (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Step by Step (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [OST] Goong S
      05 Remember

    • [OST] Blue Wolf - To the Ends of the Earth and Sea Music Collection
      13 I'll Be There

    • [SINGLE] Choosey Lover
      Copies sold: (Japan) 28,116; (Korea) 9,354

      01 Choosey Lover ♫ 02 Choosey Lover -R.Yamaki's Groove Mix- ♫ 03 Choosey Lover (Less Vocal)

    • [OST] Disneymania presents POP PARADE JAPAN
      13 A Whole New World

    • [ALBUM] Five in the Black
      Copies sold: (Japan) 84,298; (Korea) 28,484

      01 ZION ♫ 02 Sky ♫ 03 Begin ♫ 04 Choosey Lover ♫ 05 High time ♫ 06 DEAD END ♫ 07 PROUD ♫ 08 約束
      09 Miss You ♫ 10 "O"-正.反.合. (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 11 I'll be there (Japanese Ver.) ♫ 12 Step by Step ♫ 13 Hello again
      Bonus tracks: Begin (Acapella)* ♫ Miss You (Ballad Ver.)*
      Special track: A Whole New World*
      15 Somebody to love (Acapella)* ♫ 16 My Destiny (Acapella)* ♫ 17 明日は来るから Asu Wa Kuru Kara (Vocal & Piano Ver.)*

      DVD 01 Rising Sun PV ♫ 02 Begin PV ♫ 03 Sky PV ♫ 04 miss you PV ♫ 05 "O"-正.反.合. PV ♫ 06 Step by Step PV
      07 Choosey Lover PV ♫ 08 Off Shot Movie ※初回盤のみ
      * - CD version only

    • [DVD] 東方神起 History in Japan Vol. 2
      Copies sold: Sold: 20,085

    • [OST] Air City
      01 Harudal ♫ 02 All in Vain

    • [SINGLE] Lovin' You
      Copies sold: (Japan) 49,495; (Korea) 10,714

      01 Lovin' You ♫ 02 五線紙 ♫ 03 約束 extra NSB mix ♫ 04 Lovin' You (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 五線紙 (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Lovin' You (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [DVD] 2nd Asia Tour Concert 'O' Live Album

      02 Let's Go On A Trip (With SM Town) ♫ 05 White Summer Christmas

    • [DVD] Rhythm Nation 2006 -The biggest indoor music festival-

    • [DVD] A-nation '07 BEST HIT LIVE

    • [SINGLE] SUMMER ~ Summer Dream / Song For You / Love In The Ice
      Copies sold: (Japan) 124,529; (Korea) 16,536

      01 Summer Dream ♫ 02 Song for you ♫ 03 Love in the Ice ♫ 04 Summer Dream (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 HUG (Acapella Version)
      06 Song for you (Less Vocal) ♫ 07 Love in the Ice (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Summer Dream (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [SINGLE] SHINE / Ride On
      Copies sold: (Japan) 41,978; (Korea) 12,355

      01 SHINE ♫ 02 Ride On ♫ 03 Lovin' you (Haru's "deep water" mix) ♫ 04 SHINE (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 Ride On (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 SHINE (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [DVD] 2nd LIVE TOUR 2007 - Five in the Black
      Copies sold: 71,407

    • [DVD] All About 東方神起 Season 2
      Copies sold: (Japan) 22,529
      Best selling DVD in 2007 (Korea)

    • [SINGLE] "여행기" (Yeo Haeng Gi)
      01 여행기 (Traveling)

    • [OST] The Legend
      19 A Thousand Years Love Song

    • [DVD] NONSTOP Hits TVXQ vol. 1

    • [DVD] A-Nation Best Hit Live

    • [COLLABORATION SINGLE] Last Angel (Koda Kumi)
      01 Last Angel (Feat. TVXQ)

    • [COLLABORATION SINGLE] Anyband (Feat. Xiah Junsu, Tablo, BoA, Jin Bora)
      01 Talk, Play, Love ♫ 02 Promise

    • [SINGLE] Forever Love
      Copies sold: (Japan) 50,781; (Korea) 9,494

      01 Forever Love ♫ 02 Day Moon ♫ 03 Forever Love (Acapella) ♫ 04 Forever Love (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 Day Moon (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Forever Love (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [COLLABORATION] Graceful 4 (Tenjochiki)
      03 Just For One Day (Feat. Kim Jaejoong)

    • [DVD] Best Live DVD

    • [DVD] 2nd Asia Tour concert- "O" DVD

      01 ONLY LOVE (with SMTown) ♫ 03 Evergreen
      Bonus track: Traveling

    • [SINGLE] Together
      Copies sold: (Japan) (Japan) 39,595; (Korea) 6,235

      01 Together ♫ 02 Together (Kids Chorus Ver.) ♫ 03 Forever Love (Bell'n'Snow Edit) ♫ 04 Together (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Together (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    [img]http://i39.Richard Simmons/ojfsw5.png[/img]
    [img]http://i44.Richard Simmons/21a0aq8.png[/img]

    • [SINGLE] Purple Line
      Copies sold: (Japan) 48,253; (Korea) 18,869

      01 Purple Line ♫ 02 DEAD END (STY Gin n' Tonic mix) ♫ 03 ZION (Zero G Remix) ♫ 04 Purple Line (Less Vocal)
      05 DEAD END - STY Gin n' Tonic mix - (Less Vocal) ♫ Korean CD Ver. Only - Purple Line (Korean Ver.)
      DVD 01 Asia Tour Bangkok Show Off Shot Movie ♫ 02 Asia Tour Bangkok Show SPECIAL Off Shot Movie

    • [ALBUM] T
      Copies sold: (Japan) 153,695; (Korea) 30,689

      CD 1 01 TRICK ♫ 02 No? ♫ 03 Purple Line ♫ 04 Forever Love ♫ 05 Summer Dream ♫ 06 Ride On ♫ 07 DARKNESS EYES
      08 Lovin' You ♫ 09 Rainbow ♫ 10 SHINE ♫ 11 LAST ANGEL (Tohoshinki Ver.) ♫ 12 CLAP! ♫ 13 Love in the Ice
      14 Forever Love (Acapella)* ♫ 15 Lovin' You (Haru's "deep water" mix)*
      Bonus track: Together

      CD 2** 01 Song for you ♫ 02 Day Moon ~ハルダル~ ♫ 03 Beautiful Life (Japanese Version)
      04 You’re my miracle (Japanese Version) ♫ 05 Kissしたまま、さよなら

      DVD 1**/*** 01 Lovin' You PV ♫ 02 Summer Dream PV ♫ 03 SHINE PV ♫ 04 Forever Love PV ♫ 05 Together PV
      06 Off Shot Movie ※初回盤のみ (**)

      DVD 2 *** 01 Soul Power Tokyo Summit 2007 -TOHOSHINKI ♫ 02 2nd LIVE TOUR Five in the Black Special Edition
      * (*) CD Version Only
      * (**) CD+DVD Version Only
      * (***) 2CD+2DVD Version Only

    • [TRICK SINGLE] Two hearts / WILD SOUL
      Copies sold: (Japan) 23,329; (Korea) 10,523

      01 Two hearts ♫ 02 WILD SOUL (Changmin) ♫ 03 Two hearts (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 WILD SOUL (Less Vocal)

    • [TRICK SINGLE] Runaway / My Girlfriend
      Copies sold: (Japan) 27,958; (Korea) 11,266

      01 Runaway ♫ 02 My Girlfriend (Yoochun) ♫ 03 Runaway (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 My Girlfriend (Less Vocal)

    • [TRICK SINGLE] If...?! / Rainy Night
      Copies sold: (Japan) 27,472; (Korea) 13,518

      01 If...?! ♫ 02 Rainy Night (Junsu) ♫ 03 If...?! (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 Rainy Night (Less Vocal)

    • [TRICK SINGLE] Close To You / Crazy Life
      Copies sold: (Japan) 20,379; (Korea) 11,939

      01 Close To You ♫ 02 Crazy Life (Yunho) ♫ 03 Close To You (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 Crazy Life (Less Vocal)

    • [TRICK SINGLE] Keyword / Maze
      Copies sold: (Japan) 26,899; (Korea) 12,582

      01 Keyword ♫ 02 Maze (Jaejoong) ♫ 03 Keyword (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 Maze (Less Vocal)

    • [DVD] 東方神起 History in Japan Vol. 3
      Copies sold: 52,767

    • [SINGLE] Beautiful You
      Copies sold: (Japan) 121,771; (Korea) 9,831

      CD+DVD A 01 Beautiful You ♫ 02 千年恋歌 ♫ 03 Beautiful You (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)

      CD B 01 Beautiful You ♫ 02 千年恋歌 ♫ 03 CLAP! (SOUL of SOUL remix) ♫ 04 Beautiful You (Less Vocal)
      05 千年恋うた (Less Vocal)

      CD+DVD C 01 Beautiful You ♫ 02 千年恋歌 ♫ 03 千年恋歌 -Korean Ver.- (천년연가) ♫ 04 千年恋歌 (Japanese Karaoke)
      05 千年恋歌(Korean Karaoke) ♫ 06 Beautiful You (Less Vocal) ♫ 07 千年恋歌 (Less Vocal)

      DVD 01 Beautiful You (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie(*) ♫ 03 千年恋うた (Video Clip)(**)
      04 TV Spot for "The Legend" (**)
      * - CD+DVD A only
      * - CD+DVD C only

    • [SINGLE] どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
      Copies sold: (Japan) 120,890; (Korea) 10,473

      CD 01 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? ♫ 02 Box in the ship
      03 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (アカペラ)* ♫ 04 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Less Vocal)
      05 Box in the ship (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie(※初回限定盤のみ収録)

    • [DVD] Summer Freak by A-Nation

    • [DVD] 3rd Live Tour T
      Copies sold: 70,488

    • [COLLABORATION] Stars (DJ Makai)
      02 Tokyo Lovelight (Feat. Yoochun)

    • [ALBUM] Mirotic
      Copies sold: 549,720 (still charting)

      CD 01 주문 (MIROTIC) ♫ 02 Wrong Number ♫ 03 노을..바라보다 (Picture Of You) ♫ 04 CRAZY LOVE
      05 HEY! (Don't Bring Me Down) ♫ 06 넌 나의 노래 (You're My Melody) ♫ 07 무지개 (RAINBOW) ♫ 08 낙원 (PARADISE)
      09 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl?) ♫ 10 Flower Lady ♫ 11 잊혀진계절 (Forgotten Season) * ♫ 12 Love In The Ice (Korean Ver.)*
      13 사랑아 울지마 (Do Not Cry My Lover)** ♫ 14 소원 (Wish)** ♫ 15 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)** ♫ 16 Don't Say Goodbye **
      (*) Not included in VER. B
      (**) Included only on VER. C

      VER. B - DVD 01 Directed by HERO (Interviewee : U-Know) ♫ 02 Directed by U-Know (Interviewee : MAX)
      03 Directed by MAX (Interviewee : Xiah) ♫ 04 Directed by Xiah (Interviewee : Micky)
      05 Directed by Micky (Interviewee : HERO) ♫ 06 Directed by TVXQ! – Talk about ‘MIROTIC’
      07 Directed by TVXQ! – Surprise Project

    • [SINGLE] Jumon
      Copies sold: (Japan) 91,270; (Korea) N/A

      01 呪文 (MIROTIC) ♫ 02どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (THE LEVEL remix) ♫ 03 呪文 -MIROTIC-(Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 呪文 -MIROTIC- (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    [img]http://i43.Richard Simmons/op093o.png[/img]

    • [SINGLE] Bolero / Kiss the Baby Sky / 忘れないで
      Copies sold: (Japan) 110,717; (Korea) 23,000+

      01 Bolero ♫ 02 Kiss the Baby Sky ♫ 03 忘れないで ♫ 04 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (Royal Mirrorball Mix)
      05 Bolero (Less Vocal) ♫ 06 Kiss The Baby Sky (Less Vocal) ♫ 07忘れないで(Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Bolero (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [SINGLE] Survivor
      Copies sold: (Japan) 97,878; (Korea) 10,469

      01 Survivor ♫ 02 Take Your Hands ♫ 03 Survivor (Less Vocal) ♫ 04 Take Your Hands (Less Vocal)
      05 Survivor -Seven Seas Premium-*
      DVD 01 Survivor (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    • [ALBUM] The Secret Code
      Copies sold: (Japan) 307,230; (Korea) 28,000+

      01 Secret Game ♫ 02 FORCE ♫ 03 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? ♫ 04 Nobody Knows ♫ 05 Beautiful You
      06 忘れないで ♫ 07 9095 ♫ 08 呪文 -MIROTIC- ♫ 09 TAXI ♫ 10 Stand Up! ♫ 11 Survivor ♫ 12 Kiss The Baby Sky
      13 Bolero ♫ 14 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?(アカペラ) (Bonus Tr.)+
      [Non-stop Mix]*
      SHINE ♫ Close to you ♫ ZION ♫ WILD SOUL ♫ Purple Line ♫ Runaway ♫ LAST ANGEL -TOHOSHINKI Ver.-
      Two hearts ♫ Rainy Night ♫ DARKNESS EYES ♫ Lovin' You ♫ Keyword ♫ NO? ♫ My Girlfriend ♫ If...!? ♫ DEAD END
      CLAP! ♫ Crazy Life ♫ Ride On ♫ Choosey Lover ♫ TRICK ♫ Maze

      CD 2** 01 ウィーアー! ♫ 02 Take Your Hands REMIX- ♫ 03 Box In The Ship
      04 千年恋歌 ♫ 05 Purple Line (Bonus Tr.)

      DVD 1** Purple Line PV ♫ 02 Beautiful you PV ♫ 03 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? PV
      04 呪文 -MIROTIC- PV ♫ 05 Bolero PV ♫ 06 Survivor PV ♫ 07 Kiss The Baby Sky PV
      08 3rd LIVE TOUR 2008 ~T~ ダイジェスト映像+副音声(メンバーと関根勤さんによるトーク
      09 Off Shot Movie -(ジャケット撮影+Kiss The Baby Sky PV撮影)
      + CD version only
      * 2CD version only
      **CD + DVD version only

    • [SINGLE] Share The World
      Copies sold: (Japan) 179,124; (Korea) 8,432

      01 Share The World ♫ 02 ウィーアー! (We Are) ♫ 03 明日は来るから ♫ 04 Share The World (Less Vocal)
      05 ウィーアー! (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Share The World (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie

    • [SINGLE] Stand By U
      Copies sold: (Japan) 231,400; (Korea) 7,342

      01 Stand By U ♫ 02 Tea For Two ♫ 03 Sky (Bonus Track) ♫ 04 Stand By U -LUV BEHIND THE MLD MIX-*
      05 Stand By U (Less Vocal) ♫ 06 Tea For Two (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Stand By U (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    • [DVD] All About 東方神起 Season 3
      Release Date: August 14, 2009
      Copies sold: (Japan) 76,542

    • [SINGLE] COLORS ~Melody & Harmony~ / Shelter
      Copies sold: (Japan) 176,616

      01 COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜 ♫ 02 Shelter
      03 COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜 At 4th Live Tour 2009 - The Secret Code Final in Tokyo Dome*
      04 COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜 (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 Shelter (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 COLORS 〜Melody and Harmony〜 (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    • [DVD] 4th Live Tour 2009 ~The Secret Code~
      Copies sold: 220,780

    • [DVD] 東方神起 History in Japan Vol. 4
      Copies sold: 110,491

    • [DVD] 3rd Asia Tour concert - Mirotic


      Copies sold: (Japan) 283,501

      01 BREAK OUT! ♫ 02 XIAHTIC / JUNSU from 東方神起 ♫ 03 BREAK OUT ! -Remix-*
      04 BREAK OUT ! (Less Vocal) ♫ XIAHTIC (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 BREAK OUT! (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    • [COMPILATION] Best Selection 2010
      Copies sold: (Japan) 434,941

      CD 1 01 呪文 -MIROTIC- ♫ 02 Share The World ♫ 03 My Destiny ♫ 04 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?
      05 Purple Line ♫ 06 Stand By U ♫ 07 Stay With Me Tonight ♫ 08 明日は来るから ♫ 09 "O"-正.反.合.
      10 Sky ♫ 11 Somebody To Love ♫ 12 Lovin' You ♫ 13 Rising Sun ♫ 14 Summer Dream ♫ 15 Bolero
      16 Begin

      CD 2(***) 01 Forever Love ♫ 02 SHINE ♫ 03 Love In The Ice
      04 Beautiful You ♫ 05 HUG ♫ 06 甘く果てしなく ♫ 07 時ヲ止メテ
      08 With All My Heart ~君が踊る、夏~ ♫ 09 BREAK OUT!

      DVD Tohoshinki Karaoke Selection(**)
      01 Share The World PV ♫ 02 どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? (4th LIVE TOUR Ver.)
      03 呪文 -MIROTIC- (4th LIVE TOUR Ver.) ♫ 04 Bolero (4th LIVE TOUR Ver.)
      05 Summer Dream (3rd LIVE TOUR Ver.) ♫ 06 Stand by U (PV Member Ver.)
      07 Rising Sun (2nd LIVE TOUR Ver.) ♫ 08 Love in the Ice (3rd LIVE TOUR Ver.)
      09 BREAK OUT! PV (Bonus)

      DVD Live Digest(***)
      01 TRICK ♫ 02 Rising Sun 03 "O"-正.反.合.♫ 04 Stay With Me Tonight ♫ 05 Choosey Lover
      06 Begin ♫ 07 HUG ♫ 08 明日は来るから ♫ 09 ZION ♫ 10 Break Up The Shell ♫ 11 High Time
      12 Purple Line ♫ 13 呪文 -MIROTIC- ♫ 14 The Way U Are ♫ 15 Survivor ♫ 16 Somebody To Love
      17 Off Shot Movie (First Video Award)

      * (*) CD Version Only
      * (**) CD+DVD Version Only
      * (***) 2CD+DVD Version Only

    • [SINGLE] Toki wo Tomete
      Release date: March 24, 2010

      01 時ヲ止メテ ♫ 02 CHECKMATE / YUNHO from 東方神起 ♫ 03 N/A*
      04 時ヲ止メテ (Less Vocal) ♫ CHECKMATE (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 時ヲ止メテ (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    • [ALBUM] Nonstop Hits TVXQ Vol. 2
      Copies sold: (Japan) 37,832

    • [SINGLE] XIAH (Junsu)
      Release date: May 26, 2010

      01 Intoxication ♫ 02 悲しみのゆくえ* ♫ 03 君がいれば ~Beautiful Love~
      04 Intoxication (Less Vocal) ♫ 05 君がいれば ~Beautiful Love~ (Less Vocal)
      DVD 01 Intoxication (Video Clip) ♫ 02 Off Shot Movie
      * - CD version only

    Music Videos and Promotional Videos
    _ Click on the title to watch the video (Korean MV are red, Japanese PV are black)

    Official Photo Albums/Books

    • Travel Sketches in L.A.
      Release Date: February 7, 2005

    • Summer Paradise in Bora Bora
      Release Date: June 30, 2005

    • The Prince in Prague
      Release Date: December 9, 2006

    • Bonjour Paris
      Release Date: November 22, 2007

    • A Week Holiday (United States)
      Release Date: July 21, 2008

    • 1st Artist Book ~Tomorrow: 000777~
      Release Date: March 25, 2006

    • 2nd Artist Book ~Shine~
      Release Date: September 11, 2007

    Official Story Books

    • 1st Story Book ~HUG~
      Release Date: March 30, 2004

    • 2nd Story Book ~The Way U Are~
      Release Date: August 21, 2004

    • 3rd Story Book ~TVFXQ! Special Photo Essay in L.A
      Release Date: November 20, 2004

    • 4th Story Book ~Rising Sun: Five Secret Story~
      Release Date: November 28, 2005

    • 2nd Asia Tour Concert "O" Documentary Book
      Release Date: April 10, 2007

    • 3rd Asia Tour Concert "Mirotic" In Seoul 2009 Concert Book
      Release Date: April 20, 2009

    • Please Be Mine : All About TVXQ Season 3 Making Book
      Release Date: July 15, 2009

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    They dreamt. They fought. They believed in their dreams and in themselves. Before they met, they were five dreaming boys. When they are together, they are one. Their name: 동방, Rising Gods of the East.

    Since their debut in 2003 with the song "Hug", the five-member South Korean group has demonstrated that they have amazing talent on and off stage. With beautiful voices, powerful dances, an amazing image, sweet harmonizations, and great personalities, 동방 has put itself in the top of the music industry since the beginning.

    Releasing four albums in South Korea - since 2004 to 2008 -, they have changed the way of music in their homeland, beating every chart and winning every award. Moreover, they have gained huge popularity, with their official Korean fan club, "Cassiopeia", becoming the biggest fanclub in the world.

    But, as with every artist, 동방 wanted to try breaking into another big market: Japan. The beginning was hard and painful, but they fought and worked hard. In the end, what they achieved was the title of "the first foreign artist" (in Japan) to experience such success. Their long and difficult Japanese career has taken them through the release of three albums and have three sold out live tours.

    Their numerous accomplishments in South Korea, Japan and other countries in Asia bestowed upon them the title of "the best group of Asia". This heavy claim drew many eyes from all over the world towards 동방. However, fans did not fall under the 동방 Fever because of their achievements. No... Rather, it was something with more meaning. It was the hard work, the sweat, the love, the teamwork, the sheer inspiration that DBSK shed - all these things and more, have made millions fall in love again and love with this absolutely amazing acapella idol group.


    He was born with the name Jung Yunho on February 6th, 1986, in Gwangju with a staggered tooth and blood type A. He grew up to be 6’1 feet (186 cm), strikingly handsome, and friendly beyond reasoning. Jung Yunho, who is known to be competitive, never turns down a challenge. He is also known to be extremely generous. He resends all of his birthday gifts back to the fans, asking them to show him their love and support by buying 동방's newest album. He also expressed that he would like the gifts to be given to people who need them more. Compassion has always been one of Yunho's strong points. Even on his break in 2009, he went to his old high school and sponsored 6 students with full scholarships to go to college. Yunho now attends Myongji University and has a younger sister.

    Yunho also has insecurities regarding his weight. When he was younger, he used to be a chubby kid. He took taekwondo, which allowed him to lose his weight, but his moobs (man boobs) were still present. Even today, Yunho admits he worries about his man boobs and constantly goes on diets to regulate his weight. Jung Yunho also has many scars that are on his face. One scar is on the left side of his face, which was due to falling off a building when his mother was playing with him on a stroller. His mom left to pick on the phone and he fell, face first onto broken glass, at the age of 2. Another scar is located on his forehead which was caused by the library shelf falling on his face while trying to get out a book. Lastly, the scar on his neck is there because when he was younger, he had to have surgery on his vocal cords because a weird infection struck there. He gave up singing after that because it was too difficult to sing for him. He later branched out to dancing, which became his new love.

    It was the opportunity of a lifetime when he had the chance to try out for SM Entertainment. He auditioned as a dancer and got accepted at age 13, the second to join SM out of the five boys of 동방. But what to do? He had to adjust from his Gwangju accent to the normal Seoul accent. After successfully doing that, he first appeared in Dana’s (who is now in The Grace) “Diamond” MV as her rapper and backup dancer.

    While choosing who goes in one group, Lee Soo Man originally decided that Jung Yunho was to be in a group with some members of Super Junior and Hero Jaejoong called “Four Seasons”. It all worked out at the end when Yunho finally ended up in a group called 동방. He picked out his own stage name, U-know Yunho. “You-Know” means he will always know the member. Of course there has to be a leader. But someone had to rise up to take the role of being the leader. Although not the oldest, Yunho bravely volunteered to lead DBSK.

    Even after joining the group, the hardships didn't ended. In 2006, after releasing the 3rd album “O – Jung.Ban.Hub”, Yunho was poisoned with a cyanoacrylate drink by an anti-fan. 동방 was filming “Yeo 6” (also named Heroine 6), when fans bought them food and drinks to eat during the filming. Unsuspectingly, Yunho willingly drank the bottle the anti-fan offered him, and barfed up blood as his lips slowly stuck together. He immediately went to the hospital and had to stop his activities until he got well. It was later discovered that the rims of the drink had super glue on it. The girl was later convicted but was let off and Yunho did not press any charges against her. 동방 also had to perform their hit song “O – Jung.Ban.Hub” once without Yunho.

    Yunho also said his favorite number is number 5 because 동방 has 5 members. His favorite actresses are Jung Ji Hyun(My Sassy Girl) and Eugene (SES). He also said his favorite movie is “My Sassy Girl”, which he watched over one hundred times. His favorite song is also from “My Sassy Girl”, called I BELIEVE (He also sang this song on Mnet My Favorite in 2008). Relatable, friendly, and charismatic, Yunho has often claimed he wants to raise a normal and happy family. No doubt he would be the best father he sets out to be.


    Since Changmin was born on February 18th, 1988, he is the youngest member within the group. Because of this, SM originally started him off with the “cute” image when 동방 debuted. Later, it was found this sort of charm was more suitable for Junsu. Changmin became known for being smart, witty, and... Tall. Though he is normally quiet and reserved in interviews, Changmin doesn't hesitate to show his good-humored sarcasm or bluntness when answering UFO replies.

    Changmin’s dream as a child was to be a TV announcer. He lived with his family in Seoul but was nearly kicked out of his house one day in second grade as he had to “relieve” himself and ended up peeing from the roof on the woman living downstairs! It was at an SM audition where Changmin was picked for his powerful voice, which initiated his training. The time and effort required as a trainee was taxing, because it forced him to be away from his family and miss out on student life. Changmin has said before that he is sad he never got to experience that. He has found quirky ways of getting rid of his loneliness though. For example, when 동방 were first in Japan, he used to pretend a slipper was a phone and tried to find a signal by waving it in the air!

    Changmin has shown that he does have a sensitive side, too, explaining he often watches dramas and cries. The first time that he was publicly seen crying was at the Mnet Korean Music Festival. He later admitted this was because of the pressure of their Mirotic Comeback, and also because of his thoughts concerning his ex-girlfriends. Many people thought that Changmin had never been kissed by a girl before - imagine their surprise when the maknae revealed his first kiss on MBC's Come to Play! This may not be such a shock to some, considering 동방 said he was the Casanova of the group. They say that Changmin can look at one hundred girls as their bus passes by and remember which girls had pretty clothes on. Also, it seems that Changmin holds onto love for awhile because when his favorite female celebrity, Han Ga In, got married, he was saddened. He changed his computer background of Han Ga In to a 동방 one, but less than a month later, Han Ga In was back.

    Changmin has matured greatly over the years. He has been working hard with both his body and his mind. He carries around weights and spends a lot of time learning and mastering the Japanese language. Our maknae has also made time to volunteer during his vacations, working in soup kitchens and going to the East Sea once to help clean up a major oil spillage.

    Because he is the youngest, Changmin finds it difficult to voice his frustrations and anger. The other members say he is very scary when he loses his temper, but those instances are rare cases. One of Changmin's greatest attributes is his coolness. He can play it rough with the boys and give Jaejoong a “one-touch”, and also be the member who Yunho can turn to with his problems. This is the Changmin we have come to know, cherish, and love.


    On January 26th, 1986, one of Asia's top singers was born in Chungcheongnam-do, Gongju, South Korea. Kim Jaejoong, or Youngwoong (Hero) Jaejoong, grew up to become the lead singer of one of Asia’s top group, 동방. He is known among many of his fans for his smooth, husky voice and beautiful, yet crisp looks.

    People always say that the first impression is important. However, when it comes to Kim Jaejoong, you should cross out that thought. He has said several times that he is horrible at first impressions. You see, Jaejoong exudes a cold and mysterious vibe, suiting his mesmerizing eyes and pouty lips. His cold stare actually serves as a shield for his shyness (he often covers his mouth with his hand when he is laughing). Behind his beautiful physical appearance, Jaejoong is a very blunt and straightforward person who loves honest and deep conversations. Despite his distant appearance, Jaejoong is actually a warm and charming young man. As the oldest member of the group, Jaejoong also plays the “mother” role of the group by cooking and tidying up their living space.

    Having grown up in a family with eight sisters, it’s easy to see where his cleaning/cooking habits originated from. However, his eight sisters are not his biological sisters. Originally born as Han Jaejoon, Jaejoong had to be let go by his mother because she couldn’t take care of him properly. His adoption was unknown to Jaejoong. Many year later, problems arose with his army service, when it was found out that he was registered under TWO names, Han Jaejoon and Kim Jaejoong. (Also, it was discovered that Jaejoong’s real birthday is February 4th, 1986). There was a custody battle between his biological father and mother, but it soon blew over. Jaejoong now acknowledges both his adopted family and his biological family, but he will always be known as “Kim Jaejoong.”

    Our seemingly perfect Jaejoong made a mistake in spring 2006, when he got caught for a DUI incident. He couldn’t participate in their activities for a month, thus making the group perform with only four members. He promised that this wouldn’t happen again (though he enjoys drinks from time to time, he is careful not to drive).

    Jaejoong enjoys weightlifting, the results of which he frequently flaunted during 동방's “MIROTIC” promotion. In addition, he has written and composed several songs, including “Don’t Cry My Lover” in the MIROTIC album and “Don’t Forget (Wasurenaide)” on their Bolero/Kiss the Baby Sky/Wasurenaide single. This man, lyrist, composer, singer, and dancer, once said he wanted to marry a fan. And honestly, with his mesmerizing eyes, pouty lips, and breathtaking voice, how could you refuse?


    Born on June 4th, 1986, Park Yoochun grew up in Seoul, Korea, but moved to the United States as "Micky" with his parents when he was in the sixth grade. He related his turbulent childhood on a show and shared the many hardships he and his family faced while living there that ultimately led to the separation of his mother and father. After living in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years, he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to train under SM Entertainment.

    With a natural talent for composing and playing the piano, he says he has written more than 50 songs, some of which have been recorded and released by 동방. Being the mid-low vocals for the group, Yoochun can be sexy and cute at the same time. He can be the sentimental and mellow singer/songwriter to some people and can also be the charming and gorgeous dancer of 동방. His manly, husky voice and his fun-loving personality have managed to hold captive the many hearts of fans from around the world.

    Yoochun likes the cold, and is known to open the windows in the members' room at night, leaving the others to close it for him. Aside from his passion for music, he also has a love for speed driving as a way to reduce his stress. And despite having asthma and a previous allergy to dogs, he doesn't let his weaknesses get him down. He is now the proud owner of two dogs, Harang (a Siberian husky) and Shyong and continues to reassure the fans that he is taking care of his health. Yet despite everything he has now, Yoochun never forgot his beloved family and had them move in with him in Korea. He bought a big house (called as "Goong" by many) that he worked very hard to get. His younger brother, Yoohwan, and his mother live with him at his house, along with his pets.

    Yoochun joined 동방 a year before their set debut. Upon being accepted, Micky Yoochun was set to conquer the airwaves along with the rest of the 동방 members. From that day five years ago til now, Yoochun has proved that anyone can achieve their dreams with a lot of perseverance and sacrifice. The 동방 members continue to shine brighter still, conquering the music charts of Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, China as well as overseas' countries Mexico, Peru, Brazil and France. The immense number of their supporters and the awards they have garnered throughout the years is enough proof that 동방 is Asia's Number One group and they're still going strong.


    Kim Junsu was born to a pizza restaurant owner, and a former Miss Korea on December 15th of 1986. Younger by two seconds to his fraternal twin brother, Junho, he is the middle-high vocalist in Asia's #1 Idol group, 동방. Labeled as the bright and innocent angel of the group, this lively and charismatic member maintains the balance and order when difficulties arise. He is definitely 동방's ray of sunshine. Junsu is the member with the calmest temper when huge problems surface, yet the one who becomes easily angered over little situations. He is the bubbly, cheerful member with the smallest attention span. His countenance tends to change as soon as he steps on-stage. His sweet innocence gives way to a hot, sexy, and seductive charisma, and as soon as he walks back off stage, his adorable and naive personality kicks back in. He enjoys writing poems, and hopes to some day have his writings published in a book.

    Junsu and his twin are very close - they have never fought before, and love to talk to each other for long hours on the phone. They both enjoy sports: Junsu, soccer, and Junho, baseball. Junsu's name was given to him by his father because he was said to be the prettier of the two, and Junho the manlier. His former dream was to be an athlete, and he has stated before that if he was not a singer he would be a professional soccer player. He has proven himself through various shows and games that his dream of playing professional soccer could have easily come true.

    The first member to join 동방 was Kim Junsu. He began his career under SM Entertainment long before the group was even formed. He began at age 12 after auditioning in a televised talent search where the judges consisted of popular band members Moon Hee Jun and Kangta of H.O.T. Junsu's vocals were acknowledged, and his six years of training began. However, after three years of vigorous training, a problem began to surface. Junsu's puberty began to set in, altering his voice drastically. This gave Junsu many frustrations as he was unable to sing until the unusually long cycle ended. Junsu also stated in an interview on Mnet's Starwatch that during this hardship he had a tough time, and was very angry with himself. The doctor told him not to yell or even talk, but he would only yell and talk more in the bitterness of wanting his voice back. He even went to the rooftop and screamed and cried, begging God for his voice back. Miraculously, his wish was granted, and Junsu once said he wonders if all that screaming is why his voice is so husky now.

    Finally, after 6 years, a group by the name of 동방 was formed, and Kim Junsu debuted as Xiah. His stage name was personally chosen by him, with a special meaning. His name is short for Asia, which is pronounced ah-shee-ah in Korean. He chose to use the short term for Asia, implicating that not only did he want to become a star of Korea, but of the entire Asian continent. Kim (Xiah) Junsu has proved endless times that he and his group members are Asia's #1 stars. 동방 continues to take the world by storm with their perseverance, humble spirits, wonderful personalities, and overall amazing talents.


    • SBS Gayo Awards (March 28): Popular Song First Debut (Hug)
    • Mnet KM Music Video Festival (December): Best Music Video Award for New Group (Hug)
    • KBS Popular Music Award: Best New Artist
    • MBC Top 10 Music Festival: Best New Artist
    • Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Best Group Award
    • Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Music Video Award
    • Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: CF Model Award
    • Go News Netizen YunAae Daesang: Asia Star Award
    • Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Best Music Video (Rising Sun)
    • Mnet KM Music Video Festival: People’s Choice Award
    • Mnet KM Music Video Festival: Artist of the Year
    • Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Music Group
    • Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ten Most Popular Song
    • Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Most Popular Advertisement Model
    • Korean Chinese Custom Ceremony: China-Ideal Man Category
    • Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Music Video (Rising Sun)
    • Channel[V] Thailand Music Video Awards: Best Asian Artist
    • Virgin Hitz Awards (October 28): Popular Vote Asia Artist
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Best Group
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Artist of the Year
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25):
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 25): Mnet Plus Mobile People's Choice Award
    • MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Daesang
    • MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Bonsang
    • MTV 16th Music Seoul Festival (December 1): Mobile Popular Vote
    • 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Daesang
    • 21st Golden Disk Awards (December 14): Bonsang
    • SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Daesang
    • SBS Gayo Awards (December 29): Bonsang
    • SEED Awards, Thailand (January 31): Best Asian Singer Award
    • MTV Video Music Awards Japan (May 26): Best Buzz Asia in Korea
    • 14th Annual Korea Entertainment Masterpiece Award Ceremony (October 6): International Popularity Award
    • Best Hits 2007 Japan (November 26): Gold Artist Award
    • MTV Video Music Awards Japan: Best Collaboration Video Award (LAST ANGEL by Koda Kumi feat. TVXQ)
    • Asia Song Festival 2008 (October 4): Asia's Top Singer Award
    • 15th Korea Entertainment Awards (November 13) : Most Popular Artist Award
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Daesang: Album Of The Year (The 4th Album "MIROTIC")
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Best Style Award
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Mobile Popularity Award
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Auction Netizen's Choice Award
    • Mnet KM Music Festival (November 15): Overseas Viewer Award
    • Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Daesang (Artist of The Year)
    • Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Bonsang
    • Golden Disk Awards (December 10): Disk Yepp Popularity Award
    • 16th Annual Korean Entertainment Awards (December 12): New Generation Daesang
    • Music Bank (Year-End Special) - MVP Award
    • Melon Awards : Best Artist and Music Video of The Year
    • 18th Seoul Music Awards (February 12): Mobile Popularity Award
    • 18th Seoul Music Awards (February 12): Bonsang

    Written by Fobbiyo (Yunho), Ringy (Changmin), squeaky (Jaejoong), tvxqslave (Yoochun), rainhero18 (Junsu)
    Editting by zhuuzhuusoba
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    Variety / Performances
    _Only the newest links available

    09.01.01 Zoom in Super [ENG SUB]
    Zoom in Super Part 1
    Credits: ichigoKJJ@youtube

    09.01.03 Mecha Mecha Iketeru {NO SUB}
    Mecha Mecha Iketeru
    Credits: hikiluku@youtube

    09.01.27 M-On Music Machine [JaeJoong And Yoochun] [ENG SUB]
    M-On Music Machine Part 1
    Credits: yun206@youtube

    09.02.05 Channel-a [NO SUB]
    Pingpong & Bowling Part 1
    Credits: ichigoKJJ@youtube

    09.02.05 Channel-a [ENG SUB]
    Bowling Part 1
    Credits: ichigoKJJ@youtube

    09.02.07 Music Fair - Opening + Talk
    Opening + Talk
    Credits: karupin23@youtube

    09.03.22 Oshareism [ENG SUB]
    Oshareism [Part 1]
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.03.24 Hanamaru Cafe [ENG SUB]
    Hanamaru Cafe [Part 1]
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.03.24 Space Shower Music Update [ENG SUB]
    Music Update [Part 1]
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.03.29 Music Lovers [ENG SUB]
    Music lovers [Part 1]
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.03.30 Shabekuri [ENG SUB]
    Shabekuri [Part 1]
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.05.22 Mirai Souzoudo [ENG SUB]
    Mirai Souzoudo [Part 1]
    Credits: DBSKnightsBlog5@youtube

    09.06.20 Music Fair [ENG SUB]
    Music Fair - talk
    Credits: daxlover72@youtube

    09.06.25 Tokyo Friend Park II [ENG SUB]
    Tokyo Friend Park II [Part 1]
    Credits: windsoulx04@youtube

    09.07.03 Music Fighter [ENG SUB]
    Talk + Stand By U
    Credits: DBSKnightsBlog3@youtube

    [NEW TO OLD]

    Available at GOE-SS' Clubbox

    Clubbox | Website | LJ Community | FansubWiki | Staff Forum | "Heaven's Postman"
    Releases{GOE-SS} 09.08.04 NTV Oha!4 - THSK Lawsuit News{GOE-SS} 09.08.04 FujiTV Tokudane - THSK Lawsuit New{GOE-SS} 09.08.04 NTV Miyaneya - THSK Lawsuit News {GOE-SS} 09.08.03 NTV Sukkiri - THSK Lawsuit News{GOE-SS} 09.08.01 A-nation 09 Mobile Video Message{GOE-SS} 09.07.31 MBC Section TV - Yunho Evisu Photo Sketch{GOE-SS} 09.07.31 MBC TVian - Making of Heading to the Ground {GOE-SS} 09.07.17 MBC Special - DBSK Cut{GOE-SS} 09.07.14 Y Star Seolheim CF Making {GOE-SS} 09.07.04-05 Message from THSK in Tokyo Dome{GOE-SS} 09.07.04 Ch.5 i-TEEN - TVXQ Mirotic Tour in Bangkok {GOE-SS} 09.07.03 Music Station -THSK {GOE-SS} 09.06.28 MJTV PickUp Artist - THSK comment{GOE-SS} 09.06.28 Ch.9 Nine Entertain - Mirotic Tour in Bangkok 2009{GOE-SS} 09.06.28 TINU - Mirotic Tour in Bangkok{GOE-SS} 09.06.27 Ch.3 SEE SAN Update - Mirotic Tour in Bangkok PressCon{GOE-SS} 09.06.27 TINU - Mirotic Tour in Bangkok PressCon{GOE-SS} 09.06.25 Tokyo Park Friends II{GOE-SS} 09.05.22 NTV Mirai Sozodo - THSK{GOE-SS} 09.05.07 Channel A - THSK Cut{GOE-SS} 09.04.30 BS Asahi Omini cooperama Unreleased scene{GOE-SS} 09.04.25 Music Fair 21 - THSK Cut{GOE-SS} 09.04.11 KHB Hirumanian - Tohoshinki Interview{GOE-SS} 09.04.07-11 Asahi TV Ontama Part (1-5){GOE-SS} 09.04.08 Miyaneya - Toyko Dome + Share The World{GOE-SS} 09.04.06 M-on Interview{GOE-SS} 09.04.05 Kanzai TV - Otoemon{GOE-SS} 09.03.30 NTV Shabekuri - THSK Cut{GOE-SS} 09.03.29 NTV Music Lovers{GOE-SS} 09.03.25 NEWS You Plus Talk - Interview{GOE-SS} 09.03.25 Zoom In Super - Studio Tour{GOE-SS} 09.03.24 NTV Radio De Culture{GOE-SS} 09.03.23 FBS Night Shuffle - ChunMinSu{GOE-SS} 09.03.23 Sukkiri News - Subaru PressCon{GOE-SS} 09.03.23 NTV Miyaneya{GOE-SS} 09.03.23 NTV Zoom in Super{GOE-SS} 09.03.22 Oshareism - THSK Special{GOE-SS} 09.03.22 ONTAMA 09 - Talk + Performances{GOE-SS} 09.03.21 TNC Momochihama D.X. Store{GOE-SS} 09.03.20 FujiTV Our Music{GOE-SS} 09.03.19 What's in Web - The Secret Code Promotion{GOE-SS} 09.03.18 M-On Artist File SP Interview{GOE-SS} 09.03.14 CHUKYO TV - The Secret Code Promotion{GOE-SS} 09.03.14 Fukuoka TNC Chikappa{GOE-SS} 09.03.06 TV Asahi Music Station - THSK Cut {GOE-SS} 09.03.05 THSK The Secret Code Promotion Camp{GOE-SS} 09.03.05 Sohu Korea - 3rd Asia Tour Concert {GOE-SS} 09.03.04 Sohu Korea - TVXQ Backstage Interview{GOE-SS} 09.03.02 Fuji TV - SMAPxSMAP - THSK Cut{GOE-SS} 09.02.28 Ch.5 Kamikaze Club - SMTOWN LIVE'08 in Bangkok{GOE-SS} 09.02.21 KBS2 Mirotic Concert Interview{GOE-SS} 09.02.14 Ch.5 i-TEEN Activity - SMTOWN Bangkok 08{GOE-SS} 09.02.08 Ch.9 Dao Kra Jaai - SMTOWN Bangkok 08{GOE-SS} 09.02.08 Ch.7 Sen Tarng Ban Terng - SMTOWN Bangkok 08{GOE-SS} 09.02.08 True Vision Inside News Live - SMTOWN Bangkok 08{GOE-SS} 09.01.27 M - ON! Music Machine - JJ & YC{GOE-SS} 09.01.26 Fuji TV HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP{GOE-SS} 09.01.19 Biglobe - 25th Single Bolero Interview{GOE-SS} 09.01.05 TVXQ - HAHAHA CF Girls School Attack Version{GOE-SS} 09.01.01 Zoom in Super the New Year Special

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    How to Download and Watch TVants
    (Click on the thumbnails)
    1. Go to

    2. Click on the red button to start the download.

    3. When the download box appears click 'Save', and save it to a desired folder.

    4. After the download, go to the folder you have saved Tvants to, and double-click on the icon. Then complete the instructions as required to install the program.

    5. When Tvants is installed, find Tvants from 'All Programs' and click on the icon.

    6. The program will pop-up.

    7. On the 'Search' panel, type in the channel you want. For example, SBS, and click 'Search TV'. Once the search has been completed, double-click on the first channel on the list. And the channel will appear. Wait for the green bar at the bottom to load, and once it has been loaded, you will be able to watch the channel.

    TVants FAQ

    Q: The channel I've selected is only showing a black screen?
    A: Some channels put out a blank stream between events, this is not normally a problem and you will see the program when it starts. It can also be due to internet connection problems.

    Q: The channel I've selected doesn't even start to buffer?
    A: This can be due to slow internet connection speed or that the channel you selected only broadcast at certain times of the day.

    Q: Why is the channel playing at a jerky rate (stopping and starting)?
    A: Some channels are high bandwidth (500 kbps+) which means that you will need a lot of good sources to view a smooth picture. Network conditions and the number of users close to you can affect this. The best solution is to try another channel.

    Common Channels:
    SBS CJB TV, KNN SBS, CJB SBS - (Inkigayo)
    KBS-1, KBS-2 - (Music Bank)
    MBC - (Music Core)

    GOE;SS Clubbox Tutorial Link

    How To Use Clubbox

    How To Make Your Own Clubbox


    Q: What is Cassiopeia?
    A: Cassiopeia is the official Korean, Chinese, Thailand, Malaysian and Global fan club for TVXQ. It is a constellation of five stars that form a "W" on the night sky. Coincidentally, the word "TVfXQ" also forms a "W" when traced on a computer keyboard. Cassiopeia is regarded as "The Queen". During TVXQ’s Korean comeback for their fourth studio album, their comeback was called, "The Return of the King".

    Q: How come TVXQ has so many names?
    A: They have different names in different countries. In South Korea, they are called Dong Bang Shin Gi (DBSG) or Dong Bang Shin Ki (DBSK) (as "K" usually sounds like "G" in Korean). In Japan, they are known as Tohoshinki abbreviated as THSK. While in Chinese countries, they are known as Tong Vfang Xien Qi abbreviated as TVfXQ. They are known as TVXQ internationally. The English translation of their name is Rising Gods of the East.

    Q: How come Xiah Junsu has two birthday’s?
    A: His parents registered him on January 1st, but he was actually born on December 15th.

    Q: How come Youngwoong Jaejoong has two birthday’s?
    A: His adoptive parents registered him on January 26th, but later his birth mother revealed that he was actually born on Feburary 4th.

    Q: Why is December 23rd called TVXQ Day?
    A: During a virtual presidential election by MTV Korea, they were voted as the "President of the Republic of Korean Music", among thirty other candidates by netizens. Because of this win, MTV and Boombox declared December 23rd as “TVXQ Day”.

    Q: Which members have piercings?
    A: All of the members now have ear piercings. Changmin, who wore clip-ons during the "Always There" MV got his ears pierced in 2008. Also, Jaejoong has piercings on both his ears, nipples and his belly. It's been speculated that he took off his nipple piercing but still has the belly button piercing.

    Q: Which members have tattoos?
    A: Yoochun had a fake tattoo on his shoulder during the 2nd Asia Tour "O". However, he does have two tattoos (that we know of). One that says ‘TVfXQ MYC’ on his lower back and one on his ankle that his brother also shares. See here and here.

    Jaejoong's tattoo was evolved throughout the years. It started with "TVfXQ Soul" etched across the expanse of his back. He added two treble clefs on both ends in script, "Hope to the end" underneath "TVfXQ Soul". The treble clefs read, "The pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor" (left) and "A song will outlive sermons in the memory" (right). After that, it seems like he added wings to his tattoo. Starting at this, then to this, and finally this.

    Q: Did Jaejoong get caught for DUI (Driving Under the Influence)?
    A: Yes, he was arrested for DUI (Driving Under the Influence) on April 7th at 1:20 AM, after having some drinks with his friends at Seoul Samsungdong. He was returning to his apartment driving his friends' father’s BMW, when he got caught by a police officer stationed at the Ramada Renaissance Hotel. His level of alcohol was 0.071% and was brought in Seoul KangNam Police Station for violation of The Road Traffic Law. Due to this incident, his license got suspended for 100 days and he was not allowed to participate in all DBSK activities for a while. On April 9th, Jaejoong apologized for his DUI at the the BBQ concert at Seoul Olympic Park Stadium. (See here or here) The fans accepted his apology and he finally made his comeback.

    Q: Is Jaejoong adopted?
    A: Yes, he is adopted. According to his mom, he was adopted at the age of four.
    In November 2006, an article was published that a man by the last name of Han filed a lawsuit against Jaejoong's current legal guardians. He claimed that he was Jaejoong’s biological father, and thus wanted parental rights. The reason for the lawsuit was "for not going through the proper procedures before registering [Jaejoong] in [the legal guardians'] custody." All of the media’s attention caused Jaejoong a lot of pain. Members said he cried a lot during those times. On November 22nd, Han cancelled the lawsuit saying that he does not want to hurt his sons' feelings anymore. All is well now. Jaejoong has good relationships with both his adoptive parents and real mother. Both sets of his parents now treat each other like family. He vigorously expressed his will to live by the name of “Kim Jaejoong” and not by his birth name, "Han Jaejoon" (한재준). His biological mother revealed the whole story on her blog. Jaejoong's Biological Mother Blog Entry P1 and Jaejoong's Biological Mother Blog Entry P2


    Yoochun dropped the fanletter on purpose. See Here.
    Answer: We may not know if Yoochun really meant to drop the letter. Remember that they are extremely tired when traveling between countries. It seems unlikely that they were watching out for a single letter that was dropped on to the floor. Yoochun knows that littering at an airport is not allowed.

    Changmin hit a pregnant woman at the airport. See Here.
    Answer: There are many versions of this rumor popping up, with no actual evidence. Cassiopeia would like to drop this, so it doesn't cause any stress to Changmin and to the other members. The fans have faith that Changmin will never hit a woman.

    Members going solo
    Answer: For now, there are no reports from their agency that they are indeed going solo permanently. As artists, they are entitled to have their personal endeavors. If their contract is still active, they can't go solo. The Blue Ocean Strategy (2005-2006) was abandoned by the agency because of the fans' dedication and determination to make TVXQ stay as a whole.

    • Yoochun and Jaejoong's Soulmate Tattoos.
    Answer: They don't have soulmate tattoos. Yoochun has 2 tattoos, one on his lower back that says "TVfXQ MYC" and one on his right leg (it resembles a feather that symbolizes brotherhood in Indian-American symbolism). On the other hand, Jaejoong's tattoo, started as "TVfXQ SOUL". He added two treble clefs on both ends in script, "Hope to the end" underneath "TVfXQ Soul". The treble clefs read, "the pleasures of the mighty are the tears of the poor" (left) and "A song will outlive sermons in the memory" (right). After that, it seems like he added wings to his tattoo.

    • Jaejoong and Yunho being in a relationship. Jaejoong being gay. See here.
    Answer: They are very close to each other. It's the same for all five of them. All of Jaejoong and Yunho’s actions that may imply a deeper relationship are either viewed by foreigners, due to cultural differences, or as fan service. Jaejoong being effeminate and gentle may make foreigners view him as a homosexual which is all due to cultural differences.

    • Lee Soo Man hitting Changmin, putting TVXQ on slave contracts.
    Answer: There was no official statement regarding this incident. The boys have total respect for the person who created their group. As it is widely known, Mr. Lee is a family man and hitting one of his signed artists seems absurd. The slave contracts have been questioned and pulled out by the Korean ministry residing over this matter.

    • SM having a ‘Five-Year’ limit on all their artists.
    Answer: Everyone says that SM has this 5-year curse on their artists. TVXQ has already been a group for over 5 years. As of now, there are no reports of them disbanding. They are even part of SM Entertainment as stockholders now.

    • Changmin having the least number of fans.
    Answer: The reports saying this seem to have come out due to a fan account stating that once during a fan signing event, the number of fans lining up for Changmin was lesser than the rest. Also, a fan said, "I don't want to get Changmin oppa's signature" within his earshot when she was ‘forced’ into his line. Cassiopeia has issued a letter for Changmin which is dated February 2007, that all the reports of him having the least number of fans are untrue. Cassiopeia stated that "all 930,000 hearts of Cassiopeia is for you. Jaejoong oppa has 930,000 fans, Yunho oppa has 930,000 fans, Yoochun oppa has 930,000, Junsu oppa has 930,000 fans and Changmin oppa has 930,000 fans as well". Fans have their preferred member, but to say that you are a TVXQ fan comes with a certain fondness for all five of them.

    • Jaejoong and Junsu don't along and they are rivals.
    Answer: Don't believe this! People always compare these two members because they are considered the best singers in the group. They might not show the public they're closest friends, but this does not mean they don't get along. Jaejoong has praised Junsu's singing plenty of times. In the Starwatch 24 interview, Jaejoong even mentioned he asked Junsu to teach him how to "express the lyrics/words of the song more". This issue/rumor might only be circulating among fans and the boys themselves are not aware that such rivalry exists.

    • All members of TVXQ smoke!
    Answer: Junsu and Changmin do not smoke, while Yunho, Micky and Jaejoong smokes/have smoked. There are various accounts saying that Yunho has quit and that Micky and Jaejoong are the only ones who still smoke. Recent magazine interviews of Jaejoong confirms his smoking habit. SM apparently told Yoochun to stop smoking since it affects his voice but in Jaejoong's case, it seems it doesn't affect his voice at all. Smoking is bad for your health but what the boys do in their private life is their decision.

    • Jaejoong has had eye/nose surgery.
    Answer: Jaejoong has denied this rumor before and said that he didn't have double eyelids until he was older. A person’s outer appearance changes as they get older. As you can see, he still looks relatively the same as he did 6 years ago (minus the change in hair and style). He said that if he did have surgery, he would tell their fans. Others still don't believe this after comparing his debut photos to his recent photos. Some say it’s obvious he had surgery; others say that he just looks tired and said make up does wonders.


    Misarang Imsil Cheese Pizza
    Address: 205 Ire21twobuilding 741-3 Janghang-dong Ilsadonggu Goyang-city Kyunggi-do S, Korea
    Tel Number: 031-924-7681

    Hanilkwan <-- this is Chun's grandparent's restaurant.
    Address: 119-1, Cheongjin-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, S,Korea
    Tel Number: (02) 732-3735
    Open: 10:30-21:00
    Holidays: Lunar New Year's Day / Korean Thanksgiving Day /1st Sat of Jun
    Directions: Jonggak Stn. (Line 1, Exit 1) 100m away
    Main Service: Traditional Korean food such as galbi, bulgogi,naengmyeon and galbitang

    S.M. Entertainment
    KOSDAQ: 041510
    Address:521,Hanyang Apt., Apgujeong 2-Dong, Kangnam-gu, Seoul
    Tel Number: 02-6240-9800
    President: Kim,Yeong Min
    Shareholders: Lee Sooman (26.7), AVEX Group Holdings (16.9)

    Rhythm Zone (AVEX Group)
    Address:Aoyama, Tokyo, Japan
    President: Masato Matsuura (CEO), Ryuhei Chiba (Co-CEO)

    TVants Tutorial written and updated by Senorita_, Mayz
    CB Tutorial by badstar
    Rumors, and FAQ by gelliegellie, tvxqslave and arr80
    ________________________ThThe Spectacular 9 ______________________
    ShenluTorJun28.gif ShenluTorJun29.gif
    ©Tor and ©Super Hallie

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    About The Map

    The editing of the world map is now completed, and now completely safe. Be aware that the map is only capable of showing a number of people on 1 page, so a different page will mean a whole new list.
    Link To Map

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    Location (this will not be shared with anyone!): [City and Country, please]
    Other comments:


    Junsu’s bestfriend is his twin brother, Junho. He calls him everyday, even when he is overseas.Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Hyunjoon (from SS501) are all great friends. They never bring other people along when they are having a night out together.Junsu can easily be swayed by other people.Changmin likes to drink alone in the playground in front of their house.Junsu doesn’t have a sense of style. When buying clothes, he’d buy the whole outfit off of the mannequin. He even finds changing clothes troublesome.Junsu loves to eat everything with chicken.Yunho has been collecting coins for 3 years as a hobby.Junsu’s scariest experience was when he heard Changmin sleep talking.Junsu and Changmin are friendly “rivals”. They like to tease each other a lot. It's just how they show their love to each other.Yunho and Changmin want to meet the President of the United States, Obama. Junsu’s most embarrassing moment was in the first grade when he saw his female classmates in a public bath while accompanying his mom.For a new look, Junsu wants to try shaving off all of his hair.Changmin, Yoochun and Junsu want to go an onsen if they were reborn as a girl.If any of the members found 1 million yen on the ground, they'd give it to the police. However, Yoochun would put it in the bank and save it.The members are never afraid when Junsu goes missing. They always know exactly where to find him – the closest PC room for video/computer games. Yunho tends to sleep with his mouth wide open. The members say it’s a problem he’ll never be able to fix. Jaejoong finds that very embarrassing when they are on a plane, so he does Yunho a favor and covers his face with a blanket. Changmin doesn't like the idea of being a brother in law to one of the members He says he wants his sisters to find good men. He says, "It's not that the members are bad – I just want my sisters to find good men."Yunho appears manly, but when the cameras are off, he acts the cutest.Yoochun loves watching girls wash the dishes.JJ has a habit of sticking out his tongue.Yunho's ID for the game, Tetris, is actually U-Know Yunho.Junsu believed in Santa until the 2nd year of middle school. When his mother finally told him Santa wasn't real, he couldn't eat for a week.Junsu uses 3 rooms at their apartment. His musical instruments are in Yunho’s room, his personal computer is in the living room and the Manager’s room is where he sleeps.Jaejoong has always felt embarrassed when people called him "Hero" in the States.Jaejoong likes to sleep in the living room – he says he likes to wake up to the sound of people walking around in the morning. Yoochun always tempts the members to eat midnight snacks with him.Jaejoong once ate all of the food given to Micky by his fanclub without letting him know.Jaejoong stole Changmin’s first kiss while Changmin was sleeping. When Changmin found out, he cried.Jaejoong likes aggressive girls – with pretty hands and feet.Junsu is constantly teased by the members on his English skills/proficiency.Jaejoong likes to capture unguarded moments of the other members (like showering or wearing only boxers). He explained that he loves the members so much that he wants something special or unique, that only he's able to see, to remember them with.Yoochun loves Detective Conan. He has to watch it before going to bed. Otherwise, he cannot sleep.Yunho cried many times watching My Sassy Girl. The lead female character, Jeon Ji Hyun, is his ideal woman in that movie. When asked to show his own unique style of singing at the SM Auditions, Jaejoong sang the National Anthem 3 octaves higher.Changmin is youngest, but he has a mature side.Jaejoong has a reputation of being a tough guy in his hometown, Chungnam.Xiamoli ( 샤몰이 / Shamori ) is a term the Korean fans coined up. It has been around a while, and it means to "bully" or "pick on" ( 몰이 ) on Sha/Xiah (샤). The members keep doing it to Junsu because they like his reactions.



    Shop Name: Best Top Entertainment
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, VCDs, Movies, Dramas, Anime, Concerts
    Address/Location: Lot 21/48-50 Hill Street Cabramatta NSW 2166
    Comments: VERY OVERPRICED. Has both the 100% authentic versions and the extremely played down cheap versions.

    Shop Name: FEVER
    What they sell: DBSK merchandise
    Address/Location: Level 2, Market City entrance from Thomas St.
    Comments: Not sure if this place sells any legit things, but lots of fakes and DBSK stuff.

    Shop Name: Hansol Bookshop
    What they sell: CDs, Posters, Photobooks, Calendars, DBSK Merchandise
    Address/Location: Chatswood's Lemon Grove, Level 3

    Shop Name: Hansol Bookshop
    What they sell: CDs, Korean imports
    Address/Location: Burwood Rd Belmore, NSW
    Comments: Reasonable prices.

    Shop Name: Jongro Books
    Address/Location: Level 1, Lemon Grove Shopping Centre Chatswood NSW

    Shop Name: Kinokuniya
    What they sell: Japanese and Chinese Magazines, Japanese imports, Anime DVDs, Books, Novels (English)
    Address/Location: The Galleries Victoria, Level 2, 500 George St, Sydney, NSW

    Shop Name: Morning Glory
    What they sell: CDs
    Address/Location: Shop 1/22 Goulburn Street Haymarket NSW 2000
    Comments: Sells recent releases from popular singers. Can be really random but you might find some DBSK releases here.

    Shop Name: Rong Bao Tang
    What they sell: Asian CDs, Asian DVDs, Anime, Dramas, Posters, Photobooks, Calendars, DBSK Merchandise
    Address/Location: 50 Dixon St. (Chinatown)

    Shop Name: Rong Bao Tang
    What they sell: CDs, Posters, Photobooks, Calendars, DBSK Merchandise
    Address/Location: Shp3/ 203 Thomas St. Haymarket NSW, 2000 (Opposite Paddy's Markets)

    Shop Name: Seo's Bookland
    What they sell: CDs (albums & singles), DVDs (Korean concerts & others) DBSK merchandise, Magazines, Posters, Stickers, Books, Japanese imports
    Address/Location: Suite 2, 79-81 Rowe Street Eastwood NSW
    Contact Information: Tel: (02) 9804 8096
    Comments: Cheap authentic Korean CDs+merchandise, Reliable and trustworthy, Japanese imports quite expensive, Takes orders and tries to fulfill your needs, Recommended.

    Australia- Melbourne

    Shop Name: Art Box
    What they sell: CDs (at the counter)
    Address/Location: Target Shopping Centre, in the city.

    Shop Name: Art Box
    What they sell: CDs (at the counter)
    Address/Location: BoxHill

    Shop Name: Kanga Kanga
    What they sell: Japanese magazines
    Address/Location: Around the corner from Sunstar.

    Shop Name: INITIAL D
    What they sell: CDs
    Address/Location: 22/222 Russell Street Melbourne VIC 3000
    Comments: Might have closed down.

    Shop Name: Sunstar Ent.
    What they sell: Korean and Japanese Imports
    Address/Location: 185 Bourke St


    Shop Name: Flying Sky CD + DVDs
    What they sell: Chinese imports, DBSK’s Japanese singles
    Address/Location: Moonta Street (China Town) off of Grote Street in the City. (Past the Hong Kong Grocery Store, the clothes store and the hairdressers'.)
    Comments: Mainly Chinese versions of the merchandise.


    Shop Name: K.R Media
    What they sell: Handmade merchandise, books, notepads, official and unofficial posters, socks, pillows, CDs, DVDs, calendars, photobooks, key chains, necklaces, bags etc.
    Address/Location: Crystal Mall 4500 Kingsway, Burnaby, BC
    Comments: You can preorder or order if you give them your phone number. Always have new things to sell


    Shop Name: Asian Avenue
    What they sell: Posters, Calendars
    Address/Location: Sunway Pyramid

    Shop Name: Classic
    Address/Location: Times Square, 3rd floor (Jalan Imbi, Kuala Lumpur)

    Shop Name: Hong Kong Video Center
    Address/Location: No 10, Lebuh Kurau 3, Taman Chai Leng, Perai Pulau Pinang 13700
    Contact Information: Tel: 04-390 4942

    Shop Name: Hong Kong Video Center
    Address/Location: Taman Mutiara, Bukit Mertajam
    Contact Information: Tel: 045395541

    Shop Name: Hong Kong Video Center
    Address/Location: Taman Mutiara, Bukit Mertajam
    Contact Information: Tel: 045381570

    Shop Name: My Star Collection
    What they sell: Non official DBSK magazines, Photobooks, DBSK lightsticks, Member fanclub goods, DBSK pillows-notebooks-pen-keyrings, Official DVDs, Albums, Singles, Photobooks, Necklaces
    Address/Location: Berjaya Times Square, 5th Floor, Lot 05-36 (Jalan Imbi 55100, Kuala Lumpur)
    Contact Information: Tel: +603 2144 7017, Fax: 603-21 48 9994, Email, Website
    Comments: It’s like a DBSK shop, recommended.

    Shop Name: Rock Corner Music
    What they sell: Singles, Albums
    Address/Location: Mid Valley Megamall, top floor (Kuala Lumpur)
    Contact Information: +603 2284 1423

    Shop Name: Rock Corner Music
    What they sell: Singles, Albums
    Address/Location: Mid Valley Megamall, top floor (Kuala Lumpur)
    Contact Information: +603 2284 1423

    Shop Name: S&M Shopping Arcade
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, Photobooks
    Address/Location: Jalan Cheng Lock, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
    Comments: Entire 3rd floor is dedicated to Korean, Japanese and Chinese merchandise. Unsure if they are the Japanese/Korean version or Taiwan/Hong Kong version. Prices are generally cheaper.

    Shop Name: Tower Records
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs
    Address/Location: One Utama Shopping Mall


    Shop Name: CDrama
    What they sell: Singles, Albums, DVDs
    Contact Information: Website

    Shop Name: Comics Connection
    What they sell: Official photobooks, posters, Korean and Japanese magazines, stickers, photos, mugs, puzzles, keychains, screen covers, and unofficial merchandise
    Address/Location: 39 Ubi Road 1 #04-00 Singapore 408695
    Contact Information: Website

    Shop Name: HMV
    What they sell: Singles, Album
    Address/Location: City Link Mall 1 Raffles Link B1-47Singapore 039393
    Comments: Take the MRT station to City Hall

    Shop Name: HMV
    What they sell: Singles, Album
    Address/Location: 260, Orchard Road, #01-11, The Heeren,Singapore 238855

    Shop Name: Kinokuniya Book store
    What they sell: Japanese magazines
    Address/Location: 391 Orchard Road Ngee Ann City #03-10/15 Takashimaya Shopping Centre Singapore 238872
    Comments: Outside of Takashimaya on the 3rd floor

    Shop Name: Okashi Candy 'N' Gift
    What they sell: Celebrity postcards, laminated photos
    Address/Location: Bugis Junction #B1-03a
    Comments: Also have Japanese sweets

    Shop Name: MJ Multimedia
    What they sell: CDs
    Address/Location: 1 HarbourFront Wlk #02-24 VivoCity Singapore 098585
    Comments: Not many CDs

    Shop Name: Sembawang Music Centre
    What they sell: Singles, Albums, DVDs
    Contact Information: Website

    Shop Name: SolMart
    What they sell: Korean magazines
    Address/Location: 8 Grange Road, #B1-08 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, Singapore 239695
    Contact Information: Tel: 6734-0477, Email
    Comments: Opposite of Hereen


    • Shop Name: DJ SIAM
      What they sell: Imports from Korea, Thailand version of CDs
      Address/Location: Siam Square Soi. 4

    • Shop Name: Gram Music Shop
      What they sell: Music CDs
      Address/Location: Siam Paragon 4th floor
      Comments: Has almost every DBSK/THSK music piece

    • Shop Name: Shops in Bonanza & 29 Plaza
      What they sell: Imports from Korea
      Address/Location: Siam Paragon 4th floor
      Comments: Opposite MBK Center

    • Shop Name: Shops in Lido Muliplex Building
      Address/Location: Siam Square

    United States-NYC

    Shop Name: Asahiya Bookstore
    What they sell: Japanese magazines
    Address/Location: 360 Madison Avenue, New York, NY 10017 (Entrance on E 45th St bet. 5th and Madison Avenues)
    Contact Information: Tel: 212-883-0011
    Comments: Call and ask first.

    Shop Name: Kinokuniya
    What they sell: Japanese magazines-books-pens-mangas, DBSK singles and albums
    Address/Location: 1073 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10018
    Contact Information: Tel: 212-869-1700,Fax: 212-869-1703, Store hours: 10:00am - 8:00pm (Mon-Sat)/ Sun 11:00am - 7:30pm (Sun),Email
    Comments: Has a few DBSK singles and albums, but expensive. Lots of Japanese magazines.

    United States-CA/LA

    Shop Name: Choi's Records
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, Posters
    Address/Location: 3250 W Olympic Blvd. #400, Los Angeles, CA 90006

    Shop Name: Garam Music
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, Posters
    Address/Location: Hanmi Plaza 12352 Brookhurst St. Garden Grove, CA 92840

    Shop Name: Hankook Supermarket
    What they sell: CDs, Calendar, Posters
    Address/Location: 1092 E El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087
    Comments: Has the latest Korean merchandise. Located in the back of the market

    Shop Name: Kinokuniya
    What they sell: Magazines, Singles, Photobooks
    Address/Location: 123 Astronaut E S Onizuka #205 Los Angeles, CA 90012
    Comments: Has Tohoshinki and Japanese related products

    Shop Name: Music Plaza
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, Posters
    Address/Location: 928 S Western AVE #301, Los Angeles, CA 90006

    Shop Name: Music Town
    What they sell: CDs, DVDs, Posters, Calendars
    Address/Location: 9580 Garden Grove Blvd Ste 300, Garden Grove, CA 92844
    Comments: In Arirang Market. Same places as The Korean Times office address is 9562 Garden Grove Blvd # A, Garden Grove, CA.

    Online Shops

    ORICON FRIENDLY (Official Retailers)
    CD Japan
    HMV Japan

    KOREAN CHART FRIENDLY (Official Retailers)
    DVD Heaven
    EClick Korea

    Asian DB
    DVD Asian

    ONLINE SHOPS (Unofficial Seller Sites)
    DB Junior

    Map put together by RaIn33 and kimigasuki
    Fun facts by gelliegellie, arr80, and ohhlalakelly
    Information from TVXQAustralia, *aniz*, coquettishhearts, alexiss, jaeyoungg, natnatnaz, pomi3, ekah_jaejoong, ducky2ky, Hui, Devillusion, Yunholover90, Janie_jones, Forgivenx, mutsumutsu, HYPERGURLY^^
    Organized by RaIn33, heelsoverheads, ohhlalakelly
    Together with TVXQ
    take me off pm lists please, soompi leave.
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    To 동방기...

    Thank you for singing,
    for dancing,
    for working hard,
    for caring for your fans,
    for keeping strong,
    for being who you are.
    We believe in you!

    To Nakuru...

    Thank you for your patience, time, and wisdom! We really appreciate it!

    To Shenlu...

    Thank you for the awesome graphics for this thread! You made it look very beautiful~

    Thank You...

    heelsoverheads, ang3lsoul, RaIn33, arr80, gelliegellie,
    tvxqslave, shangomar, `ANITA, Senorita_, Mayz, Jezz@ss,
    mizzxtiffany, WendiiE, ekah_jaejoong, kimigasuki, rainhero18,
    Ringy, fobbiyo, lizsch, squeaky, ohhlalakelly, and zhuuzhuusoba,
    for making this thread possible.
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    The old DBSK thread has been retired after reaching 2000 pages. This one will be the active thread.
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    4th THREAD OMG.

    OK my mouth just dropped!!!
    I didnt read through everything yet.
    I will after i finish this post =]

    The graphics are beautiful,
    everything is so detailed.

    AOE, really you guys did such a wonderful job with this 4th one.

    *claps hands*

    lets continue the dongbang madness!!!

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    //edit: Man, it's nicer than what I imagined it to be. Thanks to everyone who worked on the thread<3 It was fun working with you guys!!

    Now we gotta wait for that album!
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    Whoa, a new thread=quadruple fun!!!
    Hope everyone finds the new thread cool.^^
    And more people!!!XD

    I'll take this post to express my many thanks to:
    Nakuru for being so patient with us..For everything, really!AOE couldnt have made these without you!XD

    To the beloved angels:
    i had a blast spazzing and working with you... Great to know i have friends who love DBSK as much as i do^^

    Even TVXQ boys are celebrating with us, look!!!(to make it less of a spam^^)

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    New thread!
    Nice opening, the graphics and contents are amazing

    LOL, I was nearly the last comment. Anyhow, how come there are so many pages to back track today?
    The bill boards look hot!
    Glad Avex is doing some promotion.

    Edit: wow, just backtracked and realised that there were tons of spam XD

    Anyhow, about them going back to Korea.
    Well, firstly I prefer them doing Japanese activities since I like J-ent. Also, people who commented that Japanese shows are boring, have you actually seen some of the shows? Japan is famous world wide for its wacky variety programs. The reason interviews are difficult with the boys is that their Japanese is not very fluent and seems very awkward at time. Not to mention the size of the music industry...
    I suppose the Korean fans will be excited but I don't understand the dislike towards mini-albums everyone has been displaying. Producing a full album requires a lot of time which they just don't have at the moment. I want them to really concentrate on Japan and work their way up.
    As an international fan, it doesn't really affect me where they are since I can still receive updates...
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    Everyone, please don't forget to check out OneTVXQ (:
    Aside from the 4th soompi TVXQ thread, let's use this place too to show everyone that TVXQ's fans are one <3

    One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ.


    Nope, soompi can't embed YT videos XD

    Spread the word~
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    OMG.. 4th official thread???? brb to edit..
    i have to go to school..
    i promise i'll be back to avoid spamming

    edit: ooo~ this 4th thread is more greater than i think. thanks for the hard work guys.
    and wow, 6+ pages for 1 day? so fast dong bang fans ^^


    Please join It will open tomorrow (March 6, 2009).
    Thank you~

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    Congrats for the new thread! Yay!

    I've been a silent reader in the last thread, but I promise I'll try to be more active in this one.

    I know I should share something with you, but since I rely on you for all the photos, vids, news, updates, etc (BTW, thank you for that image ), I don't have anything new.


    And to AOE thanks for all your hard work!


    QUOTE (gelliegellie @ Mar 4 2009, 02:05 PM) »

    OMG, that was so funny! lol

    I really love that corner!
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    Congrats for the 4th thread!
    DBSK thread has given me many beautiful memories image

    Let's create even more wonderful memories here <3

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    new thread!!!!!!!
    let's go go go go
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    congrats for the new thread! can't believe it's now they're 4th thread..
    well 4th album = 4th thread? LOL anyways~ this is really great! dbsk hwaiting!
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