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Should I Be Worried About This?

The GF said she was just heading out with her girl friends to have dinner and stuff. My friend calls me up and says he bumped into her at a club surrounded by guys getting hit on. Her friends (the non skanky ones) weren't there, while only the wilder ones were. Her table is covered in empty bottles and shot glasses. I've been calling her most of the night and she turned her phone off throughout.

I don't even know what plausible explanation there can be or what I should be thinking. What do you guys think?


  • MNLV27MNLV27 Just keep swimming... Posts: 1,371Member


    Just wait til the next day, don't jump to conclusions and don't act irrational to her when you're talking. Just simply ask her what happened and see how she answers you. Then from her answer, you decide whether you believe her or not.

  • ShadowMax76ShadowMax76 themurderedpacifist Posts: 3,060Member
    doesn't matter what we think; thinking makes things worse.
    therefore the old adage:

    "woo. confrontations~ "
  • sunstorisunstori Australia~ :DPosts: 221Member
    Totally understandable that you are worried.

    Maybe she has a perfect explanation for this. So let her explain. And don't verbally abuse her when you confront her otherwise she'd get annoyed and not tell you what happened.

    Ask her later.
  • Snowy_AngelSnowy_Angel Victoria, AustraliaPosts: 517Member


    ask her, let her explain, as stated above a few times, take it from there and see whether you should believe her or not.

    credits babii3xquiisit3

  • babyricebabyrice Brisbane, AustraliaPosts: 34Member
    edited March 2009
    Maybe she did just went out for dinner with her gfs but then her gfs wanted to do something fun after? and usually if theres a goodlooking group of chicks in a club....guys are not far behind image and being in a club ... mostly everyone drinks.

    Just stay calm and casually pop out the Q: hey my friend saw u at the club etc....
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  • JtrangJtrang SeattlePosts: 22Member
    Do you trust her? If you trust her, then I don't think there is need to worry. Wait till she gets back, then try to talk to her about it and go from there.
  • damyoungjidamyoungji Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,245Member


    I know quite a few people have said stuff about trust, but heck .. Most people are not like that.

    Confront her about it. She lied and you deserve an answer. I am sure that if she was in your shoes, she would have been curious, too.

    Sure, we can all act like we don't care and that we trust the person, but deep down inside, we all know that we are dying to figure out what happened.
  • RegretsRegrets Posts: 414Member
    don't jump into conclusions JUST yet.
    Wait and see..
    If only things were different </3.
  • jadeooojadeooo happy foodie CAPosts: 2,472Member
    ask what happened casually
    see if she lies about going to the club. if she lies, somethings up.
    skanky girls = bad influence
  • The Pink PandaThe Pink Panda The 21st century cure Neverwaking DreamPosts: 815Member
    hope it's worked out for you but maybe she just wanted to go clubbing and knew you'd get upset about it and so didn't tell you? though imo it's always better to tell the truth but if she didn't do anything too bad then you should let it slide
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