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{Soompi Fashion Portfolio | | Asian Fashion Modeled On Real Girls & Guys }

kandikandi Posts: 3,789Member
edited June 2012 in beauty & fashion

Soompi Asian Fashion Portfoliio

It's always a risk of quality and style when purchasing off CCT. Those adorable models can really make the clothes more appealing but what will it look like on a normal girl for daily wear or on special occasions?

I think we should make our own collection. So any items you got off rowky, lemoncookie, gmarket, zipa, cct etc post the net image and an image with you modelling or just a picture of the item in natural lighting.

Soompi Reviews: Wholesale Websites
A blog with wholesale websites reviews by Soompi members --- Soompi Reviews: Wholesale Websites
If anyone would like to submit their reviews, please do so by filling out this form --> CLICK

Tumblr review submissions
New Images : you can post them here in the thread as per usual, or if you wish you can post it to tumblr. Please do each item as one post and tag the catergory and market place appropriately (eg, #gmarket, #shirt).

Lovely soompi uploaders
♥ Poop-Shoop-A-Loop (suggested and set up tumblr)
♥ Kitty07 - (to do pg 20 -50, 150 -180)
♥ monkey_24 - (to do pg 70 -100)
♥ azncece - (to do pg 101 - 150)
♥ kandi (pg 1-19, 51-65, pg (381 - )
♥ GreenTeaTime (pg 180 - 230)
♥ Toadie (pg 240 - 300, 301 - 330)
♥ imtoghai (pg 331-350)
♥imsosorrybutiloveyou (pg 351 - 380)
*Note uploaders have no time limits to complete uploading and can choose the number of pages they want to do.

How to post reviews
  • Please post a stock photo and real photo of item to be reviewed.
  • Best if modelled on you, but you are allowed to post a photo of the item unmodelled.
  • Note that your image may be posted on tumblr. If you do not wish for this, state it in your post.
  • Comment on your purchased product. Below is coding for things that can be reviewed for items.

[b]Item:[/b]<br />
[b]Item size:[/b]<br />
[b]Store and store link : [/b]<br />
[b]Item measurements : optional [/b]<br />
[b]Height:[/b] optional<br />
[b]Weight[/b]optional<br />
[b]Rating (out of 10) and other comments:[/b]

some examples from


1. Where to shop for asian fashion online?
Check out the Ultimate asian online store list

2. What ways can I buy asian online fashion?
You can do direct purchases from companies or partake in a soompi survey. Note that some sites do not ship internationally out of asia.

3. What are soompi surveys and why would should I participate?

Sometimes sites have a minimum wholesale cost. eg. zipia can be about 300USD minimum. If you don't wish to spend that much and want only a few items you could participate in a soompi survey. A survey is when people pool into make the purchase minimum amount. Based on soompi rules, the survey starter must purchase all confirmed request items before collecting money from you. For more info click here.
*Note. this is at your own risk, try checking whitelist of survey starter before being part of a survey.

4. How do I purchase from (insert store name)?

Answers and tutorials can be found here.

5. Where can I get some inspiration for outfits?
Check out the fob style thread or the official what did you wear today thread.

Store Reviews
by dainanda123

This onle wholesale store offeres great  merchandise. It is on the pricy side. Generally speaking, purchasing from Zipia is like buying from stores like H&M, Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and so on. Another good thing about Zipia is that it offers great clothing options not just for females, but have a great selection for the guys as well. Items from Zipia are nearly exact, if not exact to the actual stock picture. The clothes are made out of quality fabric, shoes are durable and the accessories are great too. With ordering shoes, you might want to size up or down depending on style. There is one thing that makes Zipia a little bit less grand, it's the minimum payment amount. You have to spend a minimum of 500 dollars.

Gmarket is also known as the Korean Ebay. It offers a lot of things. Since it is like ebay, we should be aware that the quality varies. Gmarket offers many different styles of clothing, and the fabric is great for most pieces. The shoes from Gmarket also great but can vary from seller to seller. If ordering, you may need to size up or down. Like Zipia, Gmarket's items look exactly like the stock picture. Since this site isn't a wholesale site, there's no spending minimum.What's to love about Gmarket is the prices!But, shipping may be a little high. You can find great pieces for cheap. The only downside to this site is that even though there is a English version, most of it is in Korean.

Wholesale dress
This is a wholesale store. It offers many different pieces of clothing for reasonable prices.The shipping is also reasonable. With Wholesale Dress, its like the luck of the draw. Items of clothing can look exactly like the stock photo, or end up being terrible. On clothing description for most items it states that there might be a difference in length. A lot of the times, the stock photo is a photo copied from actual brands, so the clothes that you might get aren't the actual thing, there just a remade version. It's really a hit or miss. Quality of the clothes vary.
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  • vickiixtinhyvickiixtinhy OttawaPosts: 909Member
    edited January 2009
    This is really smart image I'll be back to Upload up some pictures!


    I don't have the CCT photo. Overall I was disappointed in the quality, very cheap fabric and not very much detailing.

    Black Cardigan from a Taiwanese Auction Site, not the best craftsman ship, but i REALLY love the fit of it and its really slimming
  • kathykathy SoCalPosts: 1,804Friend of Soompi


    ^ I agree, I think this is a great idea!

    I've had to resell so many things from cct because the fit/sizes were all different from what they looked like =/

  • Rik-URik-U MontrealPosts: 307Member
    wow this is a great idea!
    I'm not asian but I love asian fashion and knowing what the real thing would look like is a big factor when you buy online.

    h a l l e l u j a h c h a n c e

  • lostieeelostieee :) Posts: 586Member
    This thread is gold for impulse shoppers like myself image
  • angelic_betrayalangelic_betrayal New York CityPosts: 2,007Member
    edited January 2009
    Awesome idea image I'm always really tempted to order from surveys but I'm scared the quality is crappy image
    This will come in handy image

    *EDIT* Maybe you should make a photobucket or something where you can organize the albums by shop/brand so its easier image
  • rainbow_nonstoprainbow_nonstop Love is.... NYPosts: 4,120Friend of Soompi
    QUOTE (lostieee @ Jan 19 2009, 07:17 PM) »
    This thread is gold for impulse shoppers like myself image


  • mopwnsmopwns Mrs. 용준형 HyukJae&#39;s bed.Posts: 1,073Member


    check out

  • [RingoStarx3][RingoStarx3] CaliforniaPosts: 2,148Friend of Soompi


    edited January 2009
    aww im was gonna make a thread on this but you beat me =[ oh well.. lol =D
    most of my cct ideams look fine on me. But the qualitly on th chiffon made ideams are poor qualitly cause when i wash them they rip RWAR!!

    CCT Paid tank, this was pretty and okay good qualitly. I don't have cct's photo
    cause i bought this like 2 years ago.
    taiwanese auction
    cute dress =] good quality! I look so dark before >.<
    CCT/BlytheZoo really cute and fits nicely looks the same as pic.
    CCT really light material =[
  • xjuiiccyxjuiiccy ????? Nana~ SFPosts: 929Member
    Wow, this is really really awesome .
    Whoever thought of this is smart LOL~
    image image

    所以你一定要好好珍惜 -- 無論遇到任何问题
    都不要輕易放弃 ~~ 只要你爱他就任何问题都可以解决

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  • dorkafied!dorkafied! meow. CANADA EY. Posts: 4,999Member


    i LOVE this thread; very smart. Will share some of my own
    later x)

  • bluenettebluenette I <3 my Shih-Tzu Dong Bang LandPosts: 2,180Member


    this is an awesome idea!!!!
    and people should also state their weight and height too.
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    maybe you guys can also put some measurements of the clothing up too with the photos because their sizes vary and "freesize" is vague.
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  • brnizbrniz Posts: 1,138Member
    those shoes are sooo cute!!
  • snowytearzsnowytearz Amazing! BRISBANE !Posts: 2,737Member


    edited January 2009
    ooooh very nice idea~!
    But I'm never buying from CCT Fashion again.
    Bought a belt and it eventually broke in half after just a couple of wears.
    I also bought a shirt...thinking it was like a dress/shirt...turns out to be just a long shirt and must be worn with pants or else you can see undies T_T
    Material was made out of calico =\

    Edit 25th Jan:
    Here's the photo of the belt. I couldn't find the photo of it online
    but you can see the break in the 2nd photo.

  • joychin89joychin89 <3 <3 <3 EarthPosts: 3,973Member
    That is a really good idea XD. I don't have a modelled pic but i do have one(but black in colour) of these side zipper sweater and the quality is great! I was really surprised too. It looks exactly like in the picture except for the thickness. I really love this.

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  • lovesicleslovesicles Posts: 2,825Member
    could you change it so it's things from all asian sites? image
    like as well.
    that would be even more awesome.

    but this is an awesome idea.
    oh hi.
  • mayholicmayholic worst fob ever H-TOWNNPosts: 646Member
    wow, awesome idea.
    well. i learned something. free size for this one item doesn't fit me well. haha.
  • kandikandi Posts: 3,789Member
    QUOTE (lovesicles @ Jan 20 2009, 12:19 AM) »
    could you change it so it's things from all asian sites? image
    like as well.
    that would be even more awesome.

    but this is an awesome idea.

    the site given only shows cct modelled but we can make our own soompi portfolio with real pics from all asian sites.
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  • &lt;3 Kim&lt;3 Kim ~~~ AustraliaPosts: 7,678Friend of Soompi


    I'll try take some photos when I get back on holiday xD
    I bought a few items on CCT before, didn't like the quality, didn't look that good on me ><
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  • tofu plushietofu plushie Posts: 3,172Member
    That's a smart idea^^ Sometimes I buy clothes from the surveys but, they end up not looking good on me. I will be watching this thread =)
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