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I Don't Like My High School Because...

DoDamDoDam Posts: 288Member
edited November 2008 in school zone
It's not bad or anything... But...
Gah.. Does anyone else feel like they just don't really like their high school?

I mean it's not a bad high school. But seriously... Should've gone to a different one.

Man going to a Christian school sucks... Seriously. I mean there's nothing wrong with the school. But being not affiliated with any religions and half the activies are being religious really just... blows.

I'm barely active in the school because everything there is like well, preachy.

Somehow I feel that when my uncle told my dad this school is a great school, he left out that it was a christian school.

ㄱ.ㄱ I don't want my high school memories being memories of being preach preach preach preach.
Too late now...

I hate how all my friends have dances, clubs (real clubs like Key Club), and Leadership Class with lessons that don't allude to flipping Moses all the time... ㄱ.ㄱ what's up with mennonites and dancing?
Rant rant rant.
Seriously, I have no pride in my high school. Chapels are useless waste of time that can be used for something useful such as learning or clarifying questions. I hate how tests periods are shortened because of chapel. I hate how devotions takes up test periods too.

At least this is my last year. Then I can totally forget about the high school.


  • emceejemceej beach, californiaPosts: 6,429Friend of Soompi


    ugh. same here. going to my high school was a big mistake.

    - there's no sports
    - no prom
    - it's a very small school
    - rarely any asian
    - there's very limited amount of clubs ><
  • silentxtearssilentxtears soompi.landPosts: 4,370Friend of Soompi


    What about starting more clubs/activities? You could always change stuff image It may seem hard but in the long run you can actually make a change. My school used to be a school with a horrible reputation. But letting it be never helped. Get involved anyhow and start clubs of your interest. It wouldn't hurt if only a few people joined at the beginning. It's usually like that at the beginning, but it'll grow.
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  • 350125go350125go Posts: 333Member
    Everyone hates their high school. It's how you're supposed to feel.
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  • *beccas*beccas Posts: 310Member
    i totally hate my high school.

    the thing is, we have a 60% population of asians, more than 50% consisting of only KOREANS.
    yes so basically my school is dominated by koreans. we barely have any african americans and mexicans.
    whites consist of only 27% of our population.

    our quad is dominated by koreans. its not that i hate koreans, its just that i dont want to feel like i live in korea cuz of all the koreans.
    if i wanted to see a place full of koreans i would just go to korea.

    oh and our school doesnt have much school spirit and our ASB sucks. the advisor only chose juniors and mostly sophmores because
    he said that seniors ditched too much. but the juniors cant do anything for crap.

    but whatever since i dont really care about my school. i just want to graduate and leave for college!
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  • celerycelery Posts: 466Member
    i hate it and i really regret not choosing to go to a private school.

    *the education level sucks.
    *the teachers don't teach anything(even AP/enriched ones) & play favourites.
    *the students are completely retarded and low-classed.
    *the academic kids think they're all that.

    ohmy, i wish i'd gone to a private school.
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  • x_MiSSANNx_MiSSANN Dallas, TxPosts: 723Member


    i hate my high school (then again so does most people)...

    -too many loud smelly students (I swear they don't take showers or brush their teeth)
    -retarded good for nothing idiots
    -nerds are mean x]
    -retarded school rules (can't leave class to go to the restroom)
    -i just hate people at my school period image
    -pda happens in every corner and hallway
    -fobs yelling their affection down the hall and cursing at each other
    -racism (ooh poo)

    I can not stand people who have no business in school that goes to school. I mean its a waste of tax payers money to put these idiots in school. They go to school to basically talk to their moron friends, smoke, sell drugs, or make out with their girlfriends. See no business in school! Good thing all my classes are close so I don't have to deal with all this as much as I use to.
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  • p a r q u e.p a r q u e. Posts: 2,367Member


    The only reason I don't like my school is because annoying little teeny boppers follow the baseball kids around.
    Oh, and kids who are weedheads/troublemakers bring down the image for our school. Stupid people these days.
  • toocutedoggytoocutedoggy D B S K &#39; s W O R L DPosts: 444Member


    oh gosh

    - Office staff isn't friendly - very useless
    - Vice Principal - complete NIGHTMARE Bit*ch
    - ugly and OLD school....
    - strict school - eventhough it's public high ......
    - ppl are RUDE
    - too much FOB .... (is not like i dun like FOB, they just overdressed ><)
    - raise the standard higher than other schools ....just b/c we have IB programs in our school ....
    - MEAN teacher - super HARD marker ..... we rarely have ppl getting over 80% in some class....@____@
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  • kfreakkfreak concrete jungle where dreams are made ofPosts: 6,637Member


    edited March 2009
    there's only 2 things that i hate about my HS.
    1. No sports. There's afterschool activities or sports club, but no official sports.
    2. it's pretty ugly...

    not really my dream HS.
    i applied it because i know i won't get in, but eventually i did (never gotten that lucky before..)
    my dream HS is more like High School Musical (the nice beautiful, clean hallways)... lol..
  • be_mellowbe_mellow HibernationPosts: 977Member


    I hate mine cuz none of the teachers can teach. The people sux and I don't even wanna bother to meet them. It's like a zoo....I'm glad it's overrrrr......I'm saying this even though it's been 3 years.....
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  • Shikabane HimeShikabane Hime Posts: 2,093Banned
    My high school sucked cause there weren't many asian girls image image image
  • xturntofadexturntofade USAPosts: 161Member
    Well, I go to a Christian school where we have chapels once a week and a cathedral service once a week. && It's all girls. {{I am NOT religious}} But, I like it. I don't feel like religion is really shoved at me. My school is a really tight community which can get annoying some times but idk...

    However, I wish my school were more diverse &&
  • SupremacySupremacy Posts: 1,047Member


    -98% of girls are ugly
    -Too much nerds
    -Too much asian(esp koreans)
    -too much cocky asians
    -some staff members are pinkberryes
    -cutting is harder now since they got smarter. There's like a sunshine dean every period looking out for ppl and if they alrdy know who you are and know your schedule, then your screwed
  • kikkiekikkie Girl. L.A., CaliforniaPosts: 1,808Member


    I guess I'm okay with my high school, but if you're not taking an AP class, the kids are john teshing stupid. You either deal with a large amount of work or stupid people.

    And students can't get away with mini cooper anymore. In my freshman year, the seniors were able to go wild and often bought beach balls and silly string into rallies, but it's gotten so strict that none of the seniors do it anymore.

    Although majority of the students are stupid and probably going to drop out and our API scores are at around 650 or so (which is pretty damn low), our school ends up looking so much more advanced and maintained than the smarter schools in richer cities. It's the only good part.
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  • prechuz_aznprechuz_azn Posts: 3,043Member


    -Too many cliques
    -People are spazzes
    -People do not care if other people's classes is ON THE OTHER SIDE of the damn building.
    -People do not approach you, you must approach the people for any social fulfillment
    -Smart people act like they run the world
    -People are way too into school, it's ridiculous
    -African American population are nice but effin' loud and obnoxious.
    -Asians hang with only Asians unless you join theater.

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  • vinnvinn los angelesPosts: 461Member
    too many problems

    -93% mexican. kinda whatever about it
    -teachers suck
    -administration sucks
    -kid got stabbed in nov
    -kid shot himself like 2 weeks ago
    -a/c is on when its freezing
    -one person/group ends up running all the clubs
    -food sucks
    -dumb block/bell schedule which had to be reedited at the middle of the year because it didnt meet district standards
    -isolated....on top of a hill
  • ohcrap12345ohcrap12345 Posts: 118Banned
    QUOTE (vinn @ Dec 18 2008, 08:31 PM) »
    too many problems

    -93% mexican. kinda whatever about it
    -teachers suck
    -administration sucks
    -kid got stabbed in nov
    -kid shot himself like 2 weeks ago
    -a/c is on when its freezing
    -one person/group ends up running all the clubs
    -food sucks
    -dumb block/bell schedule which had to be reedited at the middle of the year because it didnt meet district standards
    -isolated....on top of a hill

    93% mexican? your in LA ... what else can I say

    the reason why i hate my hs:
    -all white kids, no asians hispanics or blacks. so no diversity
    -food is overpriced
    -the kids are racist and say racial slurs like it's nothing
    -almost everyone is a lil' wayne fan and do not know good music
    -too many ignorant kids
    -the fking kids here need a mouthwash or somethin cuz their breathes be stankin
    -no one that shares the same interests me
    -no krns
    -no chinese
    -too many white druggies, potheads, and Richard Simmons who ruin their life by doing the stupidest mini cooper
    -everyone seems to wear the same mini cooper like hollister
  • DaikiraiDaikirai New YorkPosts: 1,800Member

    -No snow days. Even when it's blizzarding outside.
    -Too cheap to spend money.
    -No homecoming dance.
    -Food sucks.
    -Dominantly white.
    -No hot asian guys.
    -School is freezing cold.
  • ~Sen~~Sen~ me x u Posts: 596Member
    I feel so sorry for you guys...

    My HS sounds like a heaven compared to all of yours...
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  • ishougen2ishougen2 Posts: 25Member
    I actually really love my high school. Sure, it's got the things everyone hates (stupid people, smelly people, administration that's too uptight, etcetc) but once you get past all of the cliques it's pretty awesome. I used to go to a school in a small farming town, and that one was terrible - everyone was closeminded, religious, and generally ignorant. I moved to the city and started attending a "arts" school, and it really is my dream school. I know I can't get everything I want, but the teachers are good, the people I meet are interesting, and there are lots of things to do. Maybe I'm just lucky ><;
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