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Hot Boy Band : Hit-5 (handsome Idol Teenagers 5)



  • Bboy TYSBboy TYS Posts: 159Member
    edited November 2008
    lol hit5. i wonder what it stands for too.
  • Kim Yeong InKim Yeong In TVXQ <3 SS501<3 SHINee<3 MalaysiaPosts: 140Member
    QUOTE (Bboy TYS @ Nov 7 2008, 08:59 AM) »
    lol hit5. i wonder what it stands for too.

    HIT-5 stands for Hot Idol Teenagers of 5~~ image
    They are so cute~~
    Hope they will sucess ful in China!! ^^
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  • lovetoday.lovetoday. Posts: 4,174Banned


    what handsome fellow.
    i love how most of them like yunho & taeyang.

    & fans hair is just so purple, i want it.
  • kandikandi Posts: 3,789Member
    really good looking boys.
    the name reminds me of Hi5! (kiddie show)
    i dont like their song though >.<
    i remember seeing fan in the chinese net idol thread
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  • YukitaYukita LA/SGV/OC Meetup Coordinator 8) CaliforniaPosts: 3,064Friend of Soompi


    first video reminds me of rising sun video
    and they totally look like bootleg dbsk
    they're good looking though ahah
  • jazlynjazlyn Boojae love ? Mraw~Posts: 152Member
    edited November 2008
    New boyband? They are sooo hot <3

    Lol yang fan does look a bit like Wu Zun in his self cams. Gao Yu has really really nice long asian eyes. (:

    They all look pretty much the same to me i think i'm mixing a lot of them up. XD The fact that all of 'em likes DBSK makes ME like them more image
  • mintcrackermintcracker Posts: 7,301Member


    sure they're really hot

    but can they sing?? As in live??

    fahrenheit are talentless, so I'm thinking they're goin to be like that too

    prettyboys with no talent image
  • pockyminniepockyminnie ?. . . it's you Posts: 497Member
    they're all really good-looking
    the song is not bad and not amazing
    it's just okay,
    but i do like them better than fahrenheit

    oh yeah, the predebut pictures are gorgeous!
    they looks like net idols
    were they??
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  • x kisekiboshix kisekiboshi Posts: 1,502Member


    Dangg, these boys are hot. Haha
    The song doesn't want me to get up and dance, but it's not a terrible song.
    I think it's one of those songs that have to grow on you.
    But I do love the rap part in the song. :]
  • `LANE`LANE ? ???? philadelphiaPosts: 8,227Friend of Soompi


    damnnnnnnnn kido & fan are so hot ! image

    but beforehand, i will let you know i bought this brand new for almost $400

    http://i41.Richard Simmons/33kvj15.jpg
  • c_gunawan541c_gunawan541 Cool Holy Pig Pig FarmPosts: 3,173Member


    Woo... they're kinda hot. I see potential, judging from their song, i think their singing skill isn't bad!!!
    Gotta listen to other songs from them.

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  • bacongau333bacongau333 Posts: 52Member
  • ladyfeiladyfei sydneyy&lt;3Posts: 609Member
    theyre all so handsome!
    looking forward for new things from em hehe.
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  • jhojho zBanned Toronto, CanadaPosts: 4,856Friend of Soompi
    Wow, so many new Chinese idol groups.
  • Moonlight BlissMoonlight Bliss CaliforniaPosts: 74Member
    edited November 2008
    I'm really rooting for them. xD
    I have not seen any Chinese (not Taiwanese) boy bands before. o.O
    Although that might because I have been so out of Chinese music...
  • brightlightbrightlight Posts: 539Member
    edited November 2008
    QUOTE (emptysky @ Nov 4 2008, 04:05 PM) »
    they maybe pretty eye candies but I doubt they will become really famous in China.
    Idol groups from China don't do very well.

    Surprisingly, they are all fans of DBSK and Big Bang. I guess China is trying to do that pretty boy image similar to Korea.

    anyways good luck to them.

    p.s. i feel like they will vanish pretty soon.

    that's not true...

    BOBO has a huge fan following (but then, they did win a competition). They even beat SJ-M in viewership ratings.

    It's simply because there haven't been that many until recently...(has there been any?)

    HIT-5...definitely eye-candies...but I'm not sure about their talents.

    Top Combine has several talented members, and aren't bad looking. With the backing of Hunan tv, I think they'll stay afloat for a while, too.

    I still think BOBO has the most potential, though. They're both extremely good-looking, and after training all over Asia, they can dance and sing fairly well. They also are actually best friends...unlike most Taiwanese groups...the only thing that's going against them is their numerous below-average fans...
    image image
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  • a m i ea m i e ` ★ ☆ ★ + Van. CADPosts: 201Member
    I wish them luck~
    They all are okay-ish talented, but REALLY HOT.
    And they dance better than Fahrenheit.

    I like how Kido enjoys Naruto & Bleach :3
    The sun is gone, but I have a light.
  • _ping__ping_ Only 13 ? GermanyPosts: 1,277Friend of Soompi
    ZE MEI DAO is mine ♥ xD
    he is so hot <33

    harr they're all so handsome *__*

    i stalked them for a long time xD

    a lot of people say,that fan looks like wuzu (fahreheit) xD
  • 크라운유리크라운유리 Posts: 778Member
    They Look cuter then Top Combine (no offense). Handome Idol Teenager...not bad name.
  • onewithoutloveonewithoutlove my house ^__^Posts: 658Member


    haha yangfan reminds me of hongki
    which means im attracted to him ^___^ hehe
    so cuteeee
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