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~핑클~FINKL [all the way from 1998 to now]

menospeak1011menospeak1011 Posts: 62Member
edited June 2006 in k-pop
FIN.K.L - 핑클
Fine Killing Liberty

IPB Image

IPB Image


Lee Hyori
IPB Image
IPB Image

Position: Leader
Nickname: Chori
Birthday: May 10, 1979
Birthplace: Choong Book (South Korea)
Height: 166 cm.
Weight: 47 kg.
Blood Type: A
Religion: Christian
Family: Mom, Dad, 1 brother, & 2 sisters
School: Gook Min University (graduated in 2006)

Ock Juhyun
IPB Image
IPB Image

Position: Lead Vocals
Nickname: Ok Ko Di
Birthday: March 20, 1980
Birthplace: Seoul
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: ?
Blood Type: O
Religion: Christian
Family: Mom, Dad, 2 brothers
School: Kyung Hee University (graduated in 2005)

Sung Yuri (her color is white... but b/c it blends in w/ the background...its grey)
IPB Image
IPB Image

Position: Vocals
Nickname: Shil, Shilee, Tokki
Birthday: March 3, 1981
Birthplace: Germany
Height: 168 cm.
Weight: 47 kg.
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Family: Mom, Dad, 1 older brother
School: Kyung Hee University (graduated in 2005)

Lee Jin
IPB Image
IPB Image

Position: Vocals
Nickname: Mak Dae Gi (stick)
Birthday: March 21, 1980
Birthplace: Kyoung Gi Do Su Won
Height: 167 cm.
Weight: 47 kg.
Blood Type: B
Religion: Christian
Family: Mom, Dad, 1 older brother, 1 older sister
School: Kyung Gi University

Fin.K.L stands for "Fine Killing Liberty", which loosely translates into the "fin" i.e. the end of liberty killing which means that the girls will stand up against and put an end to anything that will kill (our) liberty. The name was made up by fans via the Internet in Korea even before the members of this DSP Entertainment managed group were chosen.

Ock Juhyun was the first member chosen to join the not yet official group. After Juhyun won a singing contest on the radio singing Mariah Carey's "Hero", she was chosen to be the first member, and to this day, of the group, she remains the strongest vocally. Lee Jin joined next, after Juhyun invited her to audition for the casting director. Jin was signed immediately after she sang Eco's "Haeng Bok Han Na Reul". Afterwards, while drawing some sketches in the park, Sung Yuri was discovered and invited to join. At first, it seemed that Fin.K.L would have no Yuri, as her family was against their smart student daughter throwing away her studies, but luckily for us they gave in. Finally, Lee Hyori, who would become the group leader, due to her being the oldest, was discovered while taking sticker pictures with her friends. By January 1998, with the group chosen and a name ready, Fin.K.L. was ready for the road to stardom.

Fin.K.L debuted officially on May 22, 1998. Although the trend of late 90's K-pop was to have groups sing cute, catchy music, Fin.K.L's initial strength was in strong R&B ballads headed by Ock Ju-Hyun's powerful vocals, shown by their first single, “Blue Rain” (the title song from the album). Their first single was received quite well but it was not until their second release from their first album, "To My Boyfriend", did Fin.K.L truly prove their popularity. "To My Boyfriend" became the first of their numerous number 1 hits. S.E.S, the girl group consisting of Shoo, Eugene and Sea (Bada) were their main rivals and some even say that Fin.K.L was only created by DSP to bring competition against their rival company, that of S.E.S. Yet, the girls remain good friends, with Shoo being especially close to Yuri and Jin. They capped off their first album activities with a third single, “Ruby”, which was a sad lament over a lost love, and giving that love up for the good of everyone involved. This is fairly rare for a Korean group, as they typically release only one or two singles. What made Fin.K.L even more special is that they actually made a video for a fourth single, “Shadow” (which was eventually just left as a video and not promoted). During their first album, Fin.K.L was able to visit Tokyo, Japan and released a photo album entitled "Autumn Presents In Tokyo.”

Fin.K.L’s success followed in the next year with their second album, White. Two hit songs from this album were “Forever Love” and “Pride.” Again, Fin.K.L appealed to the teenagers with pure and cute images. During their second album, they also planned a trip to Taiwan where they performed "To My Boyfriend", "Ruby" and "Go" to a huge crowd of Chinese fans, most of whom did not understand the lyrics, which demonstrates Fin.K.L's worldwide appeal. While in Taiwan, Fin.K.L was also able to meet with Taiwanese singer, Yuki Hsu, who did Mandarin covers of Fin.K.L's "To My Boyfriend" and "Ruby". A photo album of Fin.K.L's adventures in Taiwan was also released. In late 1999, Fin.K.L was awarded 2 Daesangs, which is the equivalent of the Grammy for "Artist of the year". This was a feat not even their rivals, SES, had accomplished.

The period between Fin.K.L's second release "White" and that of their third release "S.P.E.C.I.A.L" was only a short seven months. The trend of K-pop in 2000 was to release a decimalized album titles to signify limited release and so was the case with Fin.K.L’s third release, their 2.5 album. The album contained many hits that added to Fin.K.L's popularity: "To My Prince", "Time Of The Mask", "White", and a remake of "Like An Indian Doll," a song made popular by Nami in 1989. This year, 1999, also marked the year of Fin.K.L's first live concert which was released in VCD and VHS format, both of which are no longer for sale.

Fin.K.L's second live concert came only a year later and included such memorable performances as Hyori's "Genie In A Bottle" and Yuri's "Baby, One More Time". Later that year, marked the release of their third album "Now", which was quite distinct in its more mature portrayal of Fin.K.L. Unlike the previous catchy tunes and cute outfit, Fin.K.L members were dressed in semi-formal attire for its hit single “Now” (same name as the album) performances. “Feel Your Love”, another hit single from this album, was performed with winter school uniforms that signified transformation from a girl to womanhood.

Again, as with their 2.5 album, their 3.5 album "Memories & Melodies" came only a short seven months after their previous release. This special concept album consisted of remakes of hits from the 80's and the 90's and was very well received. Instead of teenage listeners, this album appealed to adults in their 20's and 30's by arousing nostalgia. Compiled of oldie hits, Fin.K.L performed these songs with a new flavor, adding their own special touch. Two popular songs from this album were “You Wouldn’t Know”, a remake of the 1981 hit by Hye Eun-Yi, and “As of Right Now”, a remake of the 1996 hit by Lee Ye-Rin.

Their last album, Forever, was released in 2002 and the title track of the same name was a smooth, silky ballad that showcased each girl's individual vocal strengths. The music video of this song not only displayed their vocal talents but their acting talents as well.. By May 2002, only two months after the release, the girls stopped activities on this album.

Following their fourth album, came the period that I like to call "Together But Apart". The idea of "Together But Apart" is that although only rarely do the girls come together in the same room or event, as they are pursuing solo activities, in their hearts and in the hearts of their fans, the girls are together in their mind and spirit as Fin.K.L, even though they are apart in activities.

After a three year hiatus, Fin.K.L returns at the end of 2005 to release a digital single titled “Fine Killing Liberty”, accompanied by a sexy music video, and two other tracks, “Butterfly”, which has an uptempo, r&b vibe and “I’m Crazy About You”, a ballad written by member Sung Yuri. Due to the lack of promotion, the digital single failed to make a dent in the charts. Instead of ignoring the single, though, they have since released a DVD with all of their music videos that also had the "Fine Killing Liberty" single in CD form. Currently, Fin.K.L has no plans for a fifth album.

Fan mail:
Fin.K.L c/o Daesung Entertainment
Seochogu Yangjaedong
Seocho-Gu P.O. Box 358
Seoul, Korea 137-603


1st album – Blue Rain
Released: May 26, 1998

IPB Image

1) Blue Rain
2) Love’s Fragrance
3) Shadow
4) Ruby
5) Handwriting
6) To My Boyfriend
7) Temptation
8) Wink
9) Happy Promise
10) Go
11) Blue Day

2nd album – White
Released: May 1, 1999

IPB Image

1) Forever Love
2) Waiting For You
3) The Beginning
4) The Story Inside The Drawer
5) Oh! Boy
6) I’m Right Now
7) So Then We
8) Pride
9) Still In Love
10) Kiss Me? Alright
11) Glass
12) My Prayer

2.5 album – S.P.E.C.I.A.L
Released: December 1, 1999

IPB Image

1) To My Prince
2) Time of the Mask
3) White
4) Blind Love
5) Prayer
6) Rose
7) Hidden Shadow
8) Just For A Second
9) Poison
10) Tonight
11) Your Memory
12) Maybe
13) Like An Indian Doll

3rd album – Now
Released: October 1, 2000

IPB Image

1) Now
2) Feel Your Love
3) Eternal Love
4) My Love
5) Waiting For What
6) One Fine Day
7) Love’s Foundation
8) First Kiss
9) Pure Love
10) I Love School
11) Sting…
12) Please Remember Me
13) Dear Man

3.5 album – Memories and Melodies
Released: April 17, 2001

IPB Image

1) Behind You
2) As Of Right Now
3) You Wouldn’t Know
4) Pupils
5) Jealousy
6) If You Give Me Your Heart
7) Just One More Time
8) A Longing Wish
9) The Perfume Inside Time
10) I Can See It
11) Love Is Like Glass
12) You’re Laughing Like A Doll But…

4th album – Forever
Released: March 11, 2002

IPB Image

1) Goodbye
2) Forever
3) Change
4) If You’re Like Me
5) Never
6) Happy
7) Fortune
8) You’re My Boy
9) Bell
10) So For Your Love
11) Me In You
12) The Saddest Thing In The World
13) Don’t Go Away
14) Turning Away
15) One More Time

Fin.K.L Forever DVD
Released: December 6, 2005

IPB Image

*a mini-CD + 2 DVD combo that gathers the group’s biggest highlights from 1998 - 2005. The deluxe release offers the following exclusive material:

1) Special Music + Story DVD (approximately 260 minutes) including:
* 10 music videos + 12 popular SBS songs
* Exclusive Fin.K.L Interview
* Fin.K.L Appearances in Now + CF Model

2) Special CD with 3 new songs including:
* Fine Killing Liberty
* Butterfly
* I’m Crazy About You

3) Deluxe Photo Album (approximately 80 pages)

IPB ImageIPB Image

*To view performances of Fin.K.L or of the individual members, please check out

*CREDITS TO: finklitis, yahoo korea, empas, naver for additional information on Fin.K.L

*Last Updated on June 19, 2006

*additional info can be found on page 6

this post is credited to "crybabytt" who has worked hard to compile everything... i'm just editing =]


  • shinhyunshinhyun Posts: 1,085Member


    chyeaaah FINKL members
    are all pretty successful in their solo careers xD

    banner credits to me
  • iDpEaCeBoAiDpEaCeBoA OREGONPosts: 70Member
    Hm, so when are they coming back?
    And are they coming back with a full album? Like..would it be their 6th or so album?
    AHH..they're my favorite girl group<3
    IPB Image
    (avatar credits to JENNY*; banner credits to ____)
  • KuYA IIKuYA II Posts: 5,627Member


    i heard it was just a digital single, and that they will just release the MV instead.

    I don't think they're doing a comeback performance or anything.

    Well..not that i know of *shrugs*
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  • eymieeymie irvine, caPosts: 118Member
    wee im excited xD friday correct?? image
  • .:LaUrEn.:.:LaUrEn.: Posts: 1,677Member
    i'm SOOOOOO excited about finkl's upcoming digital single and mv!!! they're all such gorgeous girls, and they all seem to have great personalities too.
  • a_n_g_e_l_aa_n_g_e_l_a Posts: 78Member
    yeah... they are coming bacck... with new digital single. =) miss them
  • aymaxaymax &quot;pri-va-cy&quot; islePosts: 160Member
    oh yeah. i heard they're back! cool. even though i dont really enjoy listening to their songs but ^^ wow....they're back again.
  • elizabethelizabeth NowherePosts: 9,943Member


    edited October 2005
    Now that they're doing their own thing and since so many things are going on I don't know if they'll catch up to the old things they use to do. I wish them luck and in everything they do.
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  • snoopysnoopy Posts: 1,721Friend of Soompi



    We only get to see them through their MV

    And they are not releasing a CD.

    But their digital single will be provided with downloadable sites only.
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  • *star**star* -HURT- .S.H.E.Wonderland.Posts: 1,998Member


    ^really they are not perfoming!!
    aaww...i didnt noe that *cries*
    haizz....hope i can watch their MV!
  • luv4seasonsluv4seasons Posts: 242Member
    gosh i wish they were performing~
    they were my favorite kpop girl band and still are.
    they were better together as a group tho.
  • rapunzel283rapunzel283 Posts: 5,134Friend of Soompi


  • karensocalkarensocal Posts: 240Member
    but do u guys know when they album out?

    i cant wait ^^
  • azurelazurel Posts: 401Member
    i'm really excited about the new digital singer
    hopefully the girls can bring us new surprises
    Azurel's Cyworld

    IPB Image isn't she cute??
  • shinirzashinirza mickyland...Posts: 1,301Member
    when are they going to release the new album plus the MV? i hop they'll be on x-man soon
  • sixth.sixth. ? Posts: 3,575Member

  • rapunzel283rapunzel283 Posts: 5,134Friend of Soompi


    I'm pretty sure they said the release date of their album was gonna be this Friday [the 7th O_O...]

    Except there's been no other news. O_O...

  • a_lot_dumba_lot_dumb In front of the computer.Posts: 439Member


    They should just release an album
    i don't think they're going to bE too unsuccessful!!
    Loving: Shin Hye Sung, BuZz, Tei
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  • athenaathena Posts: 756Member


    i heard theyre going for the sexy image, which i think they shouldnt do because all the female singers and groups are going for that image. Except that im sure they can pull it off very well since they are older than the other girl groups.
  • whiterose.whiterose. Posts: 1,432Member
    QUOTE(.:LaUrEn.: @ Oct 5 2005, 12:26 AM) »
    i'm SOOOOOO excited about finkl's upcoming digital single and mv!!! they're all such gorgeous girls, and they all seem to have great personalities too.

    yeahh. i loved them since foreverr;D along with my shinhwa sexy beasts<3
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