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Have You Ever Shoplifted?

jei kaRRrjei kaRRr outerspacePosts: 200Member
edited August 2008 in general discussion
did you feel guilty afterwards?
Sorry if there was already a topic about this? I googled it and nothing came up so...ta-da!

Anyway, how many soompiers out there have ever shoplifted at least once in their life? Did your guilty conscience force you to go back to the store and buy double the amount of something just to make up for the shoplifting?

I'm guilty of shoplifting during my oh-so-rebellious-i-want-to-be-just-as-cool-as-them stage in 7th grade LOL. It wasn't anything serious though. The priciest thing was probably some lame armwarmer that was way overpriced to begin with. Mainly it was candy and gel bracelets (Hot Topic has really Richard Simmons security, though I've noticed they've started tagging everything nowadays image) And I never really felt guilty about it afterwards. The last time I ever took anything was in 7th grade which was 4 years ago. I've grown up enough to realize that taking things from small businesses is pretty harsh to the owners. Plus sooner or later I would've gotten caught so I might as well stop before there's ever a chance, right? Though sometimes there's still that temptation to just take it when there's no tags whatsoever on a certain item (i.e. sunglasses, bracelets, etc.) :X but really? I don't think I'd ever do it again. I hope. image I just have this thing for free things that call out to me! Free is always nice right? XD

edit: i was just a kid, so don't think I'm a bad person or anything! I seriously pay for everything nowadays T_T

Share your stories, lovelies!
And don't worry, I won't tell on you image


  • gomu-bandgomu-band Posts: 175Member
    i never shoplifted before in my life..

    and how are items considered not tagged free?

    seems like you still have your shoplifting tendencies...

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  • SillyyJennSillyyJenn Posts: 2,572Member


    yes i have. it was when i was really young. 8/10-ish? dunno.
    felt really guilty and never stole from a store again ><

  • PDURRRPDURRR a dull boy. Your Wildest Dreams.Posts: 7,610Moderator


    edited August 2008
    i have....i didn't really feel guilty because
    this other shirt i actually bought....was crappy and leaked dye or it evened out lolll

    but yeah...i don't steal anymore ...i'm not a minor anymore anyways..
  • smile*smile* >:] VancouverPosts: 560Member
    nope. never.
    unless you call 'sampling' @ the bulk section in the grocery store which EVERYONE does..even families&old people =.=;


  • gyeonxx123gyeonxx123 LAPosts: 874Member


    stealing never did and never will.
    i get guilty just thinking about it.
    shivers just think about it just now...
  • CitrusFlowerCitrusFlower land of sweet berryPosts: 5,971Member
    Yes, When I was in elementary school they had a book sale and their were so many stuff I cna't afford so that was the result. image Of course, I regret it now and I no longer steal. In fact now I'm the one trying to prevent my friend from stealing
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  • jei kaRRrjei kaRRr outerspacePosts: 200Member
    QUOTE (gomu-band @ Aug 22 2008, 06:59 PM) »
    i never shoplifted before in my life..

    and how are items considered not tagged free?

    seems like you still have your shoplifting tendencies...

    Haha totally meant free as in me not paying anything.
  • LK.LK. Diva*sizzle* Posts: 2,642Member

    HAHAH omgsh --;

    Yeah I have , during my Year 9 days , I thought I was soo cool for shoplifting at different shops .

    I even shoplifted food and chocolates then .. yeahh I was soo cool --; haha ~ .

    But yes its bad , DON'T DO IT ! D:

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  • ohchellsohchells insanity far from your face&#33;Posts: 5,064Friend of Soompi


    QUOTE (Pandapple @ Aug 22 2008, 07:18 PM) »
    Yes, When I was in elementary school they had a book sale and their were so many stuff I cna't afford so that was the result. image Of course, I regret it now and I no longer steal. In fact now I'm the one trying to prevent my friend from stealing

    OMG Me too! I used to in 4th grade, so bad but yeah. Eventually the school found out and we (my friends and i) were in major trouble. I know people that steal clothes and stuff, and I just think to myself if my dad didn't give me that major lashing, I would probably be one of them.
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  • CourtkneeCourtknee Posts: 1,316Member
    Yeah .__.

    My friends have done it before =__=
    I freaked out. LOL.
  • misstiemmisstiem Posts: 245Member
    Never did never will. Don't think i even have the guts to lol
    Jeremiah 29:11
  • MichelleysMichelleys ??????? Cerritos, CAPosts: 2,340Member
    Yeah I have. Back during middle school when my friends did it. I stole pins from hot topic. Then I stole stuff from Knotts Berry Farm too because my friend said that it's freaking easy.
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  • hyuhinhyuhin CaliforniaPosts: 251Member
    Nope never, but my friends have
  • XIAHT!CXIAHT!C ??? ????? junsu oppa&#39;s heart&lt;3Posts: 2,601Member
    Nothing ever image
    I don't know many people who ever have either. XD
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  • belle_kd1413belle_kd1413 I run away from reality. HogwartsPosts: 4,415Member


    uhhmm, not on my mom and i were in this bookshop, i was lookin at this pen and my mom went "come upstairs with me, i gotta get sumthin." so i was like "ok" i pocketed the pen afterwards..and then i only remembered when we were 50 feet away from the store.

    my friend accidentally pocketed chips so she went back after a few days to the store and bought the same chips and left them. XD.

  • neshpaneshpa sixty - onePosts: 2,601Member


    I have, but they were really small things. Like an eyeliner sharpener and charms for my phone.
    First time I first so guilty and anxious before I even walked out of the store. Second time I felt the same except a little more toned down. Third was like whatever.

    Don't think I'll ever steal something bigger than a pen though.
    Three of my friends went through this phase of stealing a lot of stuff.
    One got caught and was sent to a police station. Don't really know what happened after that.
    The other two no longer steal ... though I'm pretty sure one of them does sometimes.

    I've been with them when they stole items and they made it look so easy ... I was like, hm ...
  • mango-ieemango-iee lala ? ~ New York CityPosts: 6,004Member
    Yeah, I shoplifted once when I was 10 years old.
    My mom knew that I shoplifted too...cause she told me to "put it in your pocket quickly before anyone sees it" (My mom actually told me to steal it)
    Beside, the bracelet didn't have a price tag on it, so we just out like nothing happen.
    I hid the bracelet in my pants. xD

    shooting stars... for us..

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  • dave4418dave4418 CanadaPosts: 158Member
    edited August 2008
    lol. So many similarities here. I too shoplifted when I was a kid. Once. It was some toy magnet or something. Felt horrible about it and actually put the stolen booty in the garbage. Never did it again.

    Alot of Asians own stores, as my parents did. If your parents owned a store, think about how you'd feel if someone stole from their store.

    It's so wrong, and God sees it.
    Just some thoughts: We Asians need to be more assertive and not passive. We need to be united as a race if we are to get anywhere. Be careful of the stock market. Don't think it's easy money. It's deceptive and can be more dangerous than the casino.
  • chimerical.chimerical. NOMNOMNOM 626Posts: 1,780Friend of Soompi
    yeah when i was younger, i stole a rainbow charm from nordstroms ;__;
    and also a mini photo album thing from mervyns but that was an accident @__@
  • DezielDeziel CanadaPosts: 971Member


    edited August 2008
    I remember doing it once, but I forgot what I stole or when it was... So I guess I'm not guilty enough to care?

    I remember it was something cheap though... But I forget. =x


    100 dollars from the cash register from where I worked.

    1) I blame the boss for not having security cameras and being so open about it.
    2) I blame him for cheating me off my tips. (When I was a busboy.)
    3) I should be getting at least 20 dollars tips as a bus boy every night, instead he keeps the money for his own profit. I worked as a busboy for 5 months and 3 days a week... So stealing 100 dollars wasn't so bad...
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